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Catalog of popular Android programs

Catalog of popular programs | SEARCH software for Android OS | Digest of programs for Android OS | Catalog of Android programs | Set "must have"

Find programs that are not in the directory can be in the main directorySoftware catalog - Androidor inGoogle play

There is a main directory and Google Play, why do we need another one?
The catalog of this topic does not contain all the programs, but only the most discussed and claimed ones in the required category. All applications are sorted and filtered. You want to find a good archiver, or player, now for this you do not have to study the main large directory in search of suitable software. In addition, any forum user can take part in editing the catalog. You can create, add and edit an existing category of applications. No application, inaccurate description, correct!

Recommendations for use
If you know the name of the application, use the search by topic, if you are looking for an application by type, it is most convenient to do this in the content. The most popular applications are at the top of the list. To search the page, you can use the browser’s built-in search by pressing ctrl + f on the keyboard. To avoid problems when installing applications and reading descriptions to them, please read the following topics:Android OS FAQ, Android - Glossary, Terms and jargon

Important information on finding software for GPS - navigation!
Software for GPS - navigation should be found in the profile sectionGPS Programs, Maps
Please note that not all forum users have access to this section. Required group "Friendsavagemessiahzine.com" and higher.

Theme Rules
  1. Any user can create a category (message) of applications.
  2. The category should consist of at least 5 programs.
  3. In categories are required:
    - Links to topicssavagemessiahzine.com
    - Official application names
    - Brief description with pronounced features
  4. In the collections are prohibited:
    - Direct download links
    - Links to third-party sites (including official sites and the Google play market)
    - QR codes
    - Any pictures - increase the volume of messages and make it difficult to load the page; only one picture in the category header is allowed, no larger than 60x60 pixels. Pictures are not needed because there is no sense in them in the general catalog, a person chooses according to functionality fluently and how the program looks to him does not matter. If he found something sensible, he can always open a topic and see all the necessary information including the appearance of the program. In addition, the appearance of applications is constantly changing and in the catalog to maintain the relevance of the appearance of programs will be almost unreal.
    - Screenshots (screenshot) - periodically updated, not needed in the directory, as they are present in the subject.
    - Different types and colors of fonts, with the exception of the selection of important or common links
  5. All non-thematic messages will be deleted, be careful.
  6. Moderators and curators of the topic have the right to edit or delete any message according to the rules of the topic and forum.
  7. If you have any questions, you can contact any section moderator.
How to add a new category of applications?
If you want to add a new category of applications, read the rules below and use the template. Rules for creating a new category:
  1. When creating or editing a category, use the templates below. Observe uniformity in design.
  2. Select an application category. Examples:
    - Instant Messaging Clients
    - GO Developer
    - Transfer applications to the memory card
    The name of the category should be stated very clearly. Attempts to create a selection of "10 best applications according to my favorite," and indeed any personal build is prohibited. If you doubt the uniqueness of your category, ask in the topic of discussion.
  3. The initial number of applications in the created category is at least 5. Try to have the new category cover as many applications posted on the forum as possible. Try to identify the main applications that have their own features that are popular on the forum, are often updated and have a large number of settings, or they are simply convenient to use.
  4. No need to copy the application description from the topic header! Take the initiative It will be much more valuable if you yourself write a couple of lines, highlighting the main functions,distinguishing programfrom analogs. We work for the convenience of all users. The description should be brief, maximum a couple of lines (about 40 words).
  5. Try to make a message correctly, strictly competently.
  6. At the top of the list, locate the most popular (for example, the number of pages in the topic), customizable and advanced programs.
How to edit an existing application category?
If you want to add an application to an existing category:
Create a new message in the subject of the template, click the "complaint" and specify a link to the category that you want to add.

The message should contain only new applications and only on one category subject, do not write a title, it is easier to distinguish a new category from an old one. If you want to add applications for different categories, create a separate message for each category.
Category Template
Your comments.

[size = 4] [CENTER] Category name [/ CENTER] [/ size]

[LIST = 1] [*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the first program [/ url] - Description of the first program
[*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the second program [/ url] - Description of the second program [/ LIST]

The capabilities of applications indicated in the catalog and their appearance are valid as of the date the message was created (edited). Changes are possible in new versions, follow the link, check for a new version. If the description, name or appearance of the application is different from what is in the message, please click the complaint button and let us know what exactly is wrong.

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Attached ImageRemote device control from computer

  1. Airdroid- The best and most stable client for managing the device through a computer browser. It supports a lot of functions such as (messages, contacts, file manager, etc.). Very beautiful and fast.
  2. Websharing- Not a bad client that also knows how to manage your device and its file system through a computer’s browser, and has not a small number of functions and its "sweets". But with a rather primitive interface.
  3. [PC]MyPhoneExplorer Client- The application will provide an opportunity to manage, synchronize contacts, etc. of your device. It has convenient widgets. You can manage the phone through a special program for the PC.
  4. Andro Remote Desktop- Another client to remotely control the device through a browser. It has the function of "read / send SMS, change wallpaper, transfer files in a different direction, and more."
  5. [OEM]Moto Phone Portal- Another application to manage your device and its many functions, such as "sms / contacts / calls / photo / audio", and much more. It has a rather interesting and convenient interface. application port with Motorola Defy.
  6. [PC]Molo Phone Manager- Phone management manager directly from PC. In the program itself, you will see the screen of your own in the emulator, you can take screenshots and shoot video, manage SMS / contact / audio / video / book functions, etc. The ability to connect multiple devices at once.
  7. Web PC Suite- A simple application that helps you manage Android content from the BB over Wi-Fi.
  8. В® MirrorOp Sender- The program allows real-time display of what is happening on the screen of an Android smartphone on a PC monitor. For example, broadcast photos, videos, presentations.

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Ad blocker

  1. В® Adaway- dynamically developing ads filter based on the hosts file. Downloads list updates from multiple sources with automatic check for updates. For especially fastidious programs that refuse to work without access to the URL with advertising, you can activate the built-in HTTP server.
  2. В® AdFree Android- The program removes ads in the browser and other applications. It does this by denying requests to well-known hosts. The program is only for those who have root rights.
  3. В® NetSpector Pro- Ad blocker based on sniffing.
  4. Adblock plus- The application successfully cuts ads that are shown both on the web and in applications.
  5. В® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS- remove ads from apk.
  6. GameSpector- remove advertising links from installed applications.
  7. Adguard- does not require a root

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Attached ImageTelephone recording

  1. Callrecorder- Recording from the line is supported only on phones with root-rights and a kernel that supports two-way recording and the settings should say "Recording conversations through the kernel with support for recording from the line."
  2. Total Recall Call Recorder- Multifunctional voice recorder. Features: Automatic recording of calls, voice notes, meetings, etc., recording in various audio formats with flexible recording scripts, you can even record remotely via SMS or in one click, using the convenient widget, upload to Evernote.
  3. All call recorder- The program provides audio recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls to a 3gp file. Features: Easy setup, display the caller's name when listening to the recorded audio file.
  4. Phone Spy- Record all your phone conversations automatically. Features: Support MP3, audio enhancement function, recording is done from a microphone.
  5. Callrecorder s- Features: widget, support for BT headsets, automatic activation of the speakerphone, recording in WAV, 3GP format, managing the list of entries.
  6. Ultimate voice recorder- A program to record voice notes, conversations. Features: recording not only conversations, but also voice notes.
  7. В® AirVoice- Only for HTC devices. For some models it also allows you to record incoming voice messages (answering machine).
  8. Call recorder- A program to record conversations line of Sony Ericsson Xperia. Features: Russian-language interface, recording in 3gpp format.

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Attached ImageVoice recorders

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder- MP3 voice recorder. Features: real-time MP3 recording, data recording is supported up to 128 kbps, occupies minimal disk space.
  2. Huawei Sound Recorder- A simple voice recorder from Huawei Ascend P1. Features: Russian-language interface, recording in * .amr format, has no settings.
  3. Easy voice recorder- Voice recorder, with a simple and convenient interface. Features: desktop widget, recording formats - WAV, MP4, and 3GP
  4. Recforge- widget on the desktop, recording in WAV, MP3 or OGG formats, recording / converting files (WAV, MP3, OGG), pause / resume, work in the background, recording in 8kHz, 11kHz, 22kHz and 44kHz - 16 bit - mono or stereo.
  5. All that recorder- voice recorder with support for recording in 3GP, WAV, OGG, MP3. Features: desktop widget, background recording, digital filter - AGC (automatic gain control), pause / resume, WAV file converter, folder support.
  6. HiFiCorder: Record MP3 & OGG- Record audio and music HiFi MP3 & OGG CD quality. Features: Russian localization, recording goes in wav format, automatic conversion to ogg with the ability to turn off, pause / resume, selection of recording quality

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Huawei U8860 Honor

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Attached ImageOEM Software Huawei

  1. HiSuite- Sync phone with BB.
  2. Camera from Huawei Ascend P1- Photo creation
  3. HUAWEI Launcher- Simple Launcher.
  4. Keyboard Huawei [/ b]- Keyboard for devices with ICS
  5. Dictaphone- A simple voice recorder. Does not even have settings.
  6. Huawei File Manager- File manager. And cloud service Cloud + Drive.
  7. Music player- Player from Huawei Ascend P1.
  8. Huawei DLNA- Shared media files via Wi-Fi.
  9. Cloud + (HiCloud)- A set of utilities from the company Huawei - a multifunctional cloud service, the Chinese market, Phone Finder.
  10. Huawei backup- Back up: SMS, Contacts, Application and more.
  11. Richpad- A simple notepad with a drawing function.

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Xiaomi Mi 4c Prime

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Attached ImageInternet radio and music

  1. Coboltfm- An open source application for free listening to the Last.fm radio.
  2. KLastFM Player- free Last.fm player for Android. There is advertising.
  3. Last.fm- Last.fm official client. Personal internet radio. To listen to the radio requires a paid subscription.
  4. Simple Last.fm Scrobbler- Scrobbler listening music, supports Last.fm and Libre.fm.
  5. Tunein radio- convenient listening to Internet radio stations. The database has more than 40 thousand channels.
  6. Game radio- listening to radio stations with music from the games.

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Attached Image
Camera Management

  1. DSLR Controller- Allows you to control Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device.
  2. DSLR Remote- Control DSLR cameras using a simple IR device or cable.
  3. Remote Your Cam USB Pro BETA [/ color]- Remote control of the camera from the tablet.

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Full cat

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Attached Image

Computer diagnostics / OBD2 / K-Line

  1. Check Engine - In Russian- The largest directory of errors OBD-II in Russian with a convenient search by car brand
  2. OBD DROIDSCAN PRO- The program of diagnostics of cars with OBD-II interface.
  3. CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD)- monitoring of car systems with data output on the screen
  4. Torque Pro (OBD2 / Car)- A program for diagnosing vehicles with OBD-II interface.
  5. E OBD2 Facile- Professional utility for diagnosing vehicles with OBD-II interface.
  6. ScanMaster Lite- Car diagnostic software
  7. Carista OBD2- See ALL blocks, errors on them, resets errors.
  8. Autoclub eZWay (OBD2 / elm327)- BC in the phone, travel statistics, history of breakdowns, ratings of the best drivers, fuel consumption control.
  9. ScanMyOpel (OBD2 / car)- The program works with Opel cars, whose engine ECU supports the KWP2000 protocol.
  10. OBD2 Error Code List- A list of error codes for car models.
  11. OBDII diagnostic codes- OBD-2 Error Reference
  12. Where is the OBD2 connector?- Helps to find a diagnostic connector in cars.
  13. DTC Lifan X60- Search and view a description of Lifan X60 error codes.
  14. Carly for BMW- Program for testing computer BMW cars
  15. Carly for VAG- Program for testing computer cars VW, Audi, Skoda
  16. Carly for Mercedes- A program to test the computer car Mercedes
  17. Econ tool- The program is designed to communicate with the Nissan gasoline ECU.
  18. Opendiag mobile- Diagnostics of Russian-made cars.
  19. Easydiag- Diagnostics of most control systems: engine, automatic transmission, ABS / PBS, airbags, cruise control, climate control, air suspension, etc.
  20. DashCommand- A program for diagnosing vehicles with OBD-II interface.
  21. CVTz50 - Variator diagnostics via ELM327 topic deleted
  22. Diagnosis of the WHA ECM using the ELM327- reading / resetting ECM errors, displaying parameters of the ECM January 7.2 / 7.2 +, BOSCH 1.5.4.
  23. AlfaOBD- Data exchange with electronic blocks of cars manufactured by Fiat Group. Detection and erasure of electronic components errors
  24. ELM327 Identifier- Identify the current version of your ELM327 adapter.
  25. Deep OBD (for BMW and VAG)- Detailed analysis for BMW and VAG cars
  26. OBD Auto Doctor Pro- Reading dynamic and saved parameters from vehicle ECUs via OBD-II protocol, resetting errors.
  27. X-431 Pro3- for DBScar Launch devices (iDiag, EasyDiag, Ios, etc.)
  28. Car Scanner ELM OBD2- computer diagnostics of domestic production.

Repair and instructions

  1. Car faults- All faults and solutions
  2. Renault Duster Repair- Program manual for repair and maintenance of Renault Duster
  3. Lada Kalina- Repair, maintenance and diagnostics manual for the Kalina VAZ-11173-11183-11193 with engines 1,4i 1,6i
  4. Repair errors VAZ PRO- A full description of possible problems of VAZ, methods of their self-identification and elimination.
  5. AutoBolt- AvtoBolt - aggregator of requests for auto repair.
  6. Logan, Sandero, Stepway- Repair Manual Renault Logan 2009, Sandero, Sandero Stepway
  7. Renault Logan- Guide to repair, maintenance, diagnostics
  8. Car repair KIA Sportage- Multimedia repair guide
  9. Repair of UAZ 3151- Multimedia repair manual for UAZ 3151 from the magazine "Driving"
  10. Lada granta- Lada Granta repair manual
  11. Lada priora- Repair manual for VAZ-2170 Lada Priora
  12. Instructions Lada Priora (Vaz Priora)- official LADA Priora operating manual (VAZ Priora). The application has a search for sections and within articles.

Auto parts

  1. Car Manager Pro (spare parts)- Electronic directory of auto parts for cars.
  2. Parts and demolition bibinet- Spare parts new and used, auto parsing, tires, wheels.
  3. AUTO DOK- Official autodoc.ru application for the selection and order of spare parts
  4. ZZCar - auto parts search service- zzcar.ru - online platform for finding and selling auto parts
  5. LiveAutoparts - auto parts- Online store of auto parts wholesale and retail
  6. ZZap - Search for parts- Information on suppliers of spare parts for foreign cars
  7. Ferio- Ferio.ru – search for spare parts for auto-disassembly and auto parts stores
  8. EXIST- online store of auto parts and accessories
  9. Auto parts with auto parts- Reduces buyers and sellers of auto parts
  10. Razobral.com- Create a request to search for parts.
  11. Drome Base- Car bulletin board Drom.ru. Spare parts, tires, trucks and special equipment.


  1. Parking Moscow- An application for finding and paying for parking in Moscow.
  2. Anti tow truck- Reduces the possibility of evacuating the car and replaces the alarm with a pager.
  3. Yandex.Parkings- Will help to find and pay for parking in Moscow.
  4. LocTrackCar - Navigation and Parking- A service that will show the location of your car, as well as parking, which are nearby.
  5. City parking Krasnodar- mobile assistant in the parking lots of Krasnodar.
  6. Free parking- Shows places on the map in the form of tags where you can park your car for free.
  7. Parking school- simulator \ simulator parking and maneuvering
  8. Anti-Evacuator- The application is designed to unite car enthusiasts to inform each other about evacuators noticed.
  9. Evacuation .NET- helps to avoid unwanted meetings with the tow truck.
  10. Antievacuator CrocoDie- Crocodie will ensure that your car is not evacuated.
  11. Sensor guard- registers the fact of evacuation / theft and notifies
  12. E112BA - Car evacuation- Sending warning messages to the owners of the vehicles being evacuated
  13. Parks- According to GPS coordinates, it determines whether a given street is included in parks routes.

Cost accounting

  1. Accounting for the cost of the car - a client for Investtocar- Mobile client for car cost accounting site
  2. Car manager- functional (refueling, repair, reminders) program to account for all costs associated with your car. There is an export of data.
  3. Auto Fuel- Consumption statistics from the last charge.
  4. Drivvo - Car Management- Manage and control car expenses.
  5. Car expenses- A convenient application to account for all expenses for your car.
  6. Learn Your Car (LYC) - Auto Cost Control- Accounting for the cost of refueling, repairs, consumables, cost charts, prediction of the next refueling, the journal so
  7. Cost accounting for cars - DriverNotes- Accounting for costs and events of the car.
  8. Car Expenses - Auto Expenses- It will help not only to assess spending on the car, but also to understand when they have exceeded the budget. There is support for dual-fuel cars.
  9. Fuelio- The log of the cost of cars.
  10. aCar - Car Management, Mileage- A program to account for the cost of cars.
  11. Auto Expenses Lite- Auto expenses manager.
  12. My Cars (Fuel logger ++)- Allows you to keep track of the cost of refueling cars. There are statistics and import / export

  1. VideoReg- The program is recorded on the video of your car.
  2. DailyRoads Voyager- Avtoregistrator for Android.
  3. Video Recorder Add-on (VideoReg)- Expansion of functionality and full automation of programs from paragraphs 1 and 2
  4. MyCarRecorder video recorder- Now your smartphone is your black box (Driving recorder) on the car.
  5. Road Recorder PRO- video motion recording with recording location, speed
  6. DriveAssist Video Recorder- Simple and convenient car recorder.
  7. CamOnRoad- Video recorder and navigator
  8. RoadAR smart video recorder- a mobile application that performs the functions of video registration, traffic sign recognition and warning of their area of ​​operation.
  9. Carcamra- The program is designed to configure, control, view data from a video recorder company Xiaomi - Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR.
  10. AutoBoy BlackBox- Video recorder program
  11. CosyDVR- Car recorder.
  12. DriveAssist Video Recorder- Simple and convenient car recorder.
  13. CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD)- The application will turn your Android device into a video recorder, speedometer and navigator.
  14. Taxometer- Fixation of the main parameters of the movement: distance traveled, elapsed time, travel speed, geographical coordinates of route points.
    Record sound and video from a video camera of a mobile device while passing a route.
  15. Axel voyager- The program combines the capabilities of a video recorder, navigator and speedometer with the definition of acceleration speed.
  16. FineVu CR-300HD configuring- Setting up the video recorder FineVu CR-300HD
  17. Autoguard blackbox- Autoregistrar AutoGuard Blackbox records acceleration, level, latitude, altitude and speed every second (and in the background too), creating video files and data files.
  18. LIFEMONITOR: MY MACHINE- Allows you to use your Android device to record the traffic situation and analyze traffic accidents and situations encountered while the vehicle is moving.
  19. Nexar - AI Dashcam- Turn your Android device into a car video recorder with support for additional reality.

Buying / selling

  1. Anti-Sever Auto VIN Check- Search in the base of traffic police, EAISTO, FSSP, RSA, Registry of pledges.
  2. VIN car check based on traffic police DTP- Provides information on the VIN of the car in the databases of accidents, owners, mortgages, OSAGO
  3. Am.ru - buy and sell cars- The official Android app allows you to buy or sell a car in Russia.
  4. Auto RU- Official application Auto.ru - the largest automotive portal in Russia.
  5. A.TUT.BY - cars for sale- search of cars for sale with the help of an advanced and convenient system of selection in all regions of Belarus
  6. Find a car- an application to search for private ads of used and new cars on the platforms Drom, Avito, auto.ru, Ruauto, etc.
  7. Auto Russia- Monitoring ads on the largest automotive portals of Russia
  8. AutoScout24- The largest automobile portal in Europe, offering for sale about 2 million cars.
  9. Auto-help - Auto.Help- Create a contract of sale in your phone, with the possibility of subsequent editing and sending by e-mail.
  10. Drome Base- Car bulletin board Drom.ru. Spare parts, tires, trucks and special equipment.
  11. Drome Auto- purchase / sale of cars through Drom.ru

Penalties for traffic violations

  1. Fines online- Official inspection and payment of traffic police fines with a 50% discount, checking for wines, B / W
  2. Traffic police fines check and payment- Inspection of traffic police fines (traffic police and GIS GMP), Payment of fines
  3. Official traffic fines- Search and payment of fines, notice of fines, a reminder of the extension of insurance.
  4. Fines of traffic rules Russia and Ukraine- Information about fines for traffic violations.
  5. Animated COAP: traffic fines- Animation of the main traffic violations and fines for them with excerpts of their Code of Administrative Offenses
  6. Traffic police fines with photos- Full verification of traffic police fines with photographs of violations. Online payment
  7. A3 system- Payment of services, fines, etc.
  8. Yandex.Fines- The application will tell you what traffic police fines you need to pay
  9. Fines GAI Belarus- allows you to check the fines GAI MIA RB.


  1. Speed ​​tracker- On-board computer
  2. 24/7 parking- Everything you need to know about the car
  3. DRIVE2- client of the popular portal for car enthusiasts Drive2.ru
  4. Room Number- Social network of car owners with registration by license plate.
  5. Drome Garage - car owners club- All the necessary and useful information about your car in one application
  6. Get auto- record in car services, car wash, tire
  7. Auto Repair - CarFix- calculation of the cost of auto repair and writing to auto service online

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Attached Image
Programs for girls

  1. Libra- Weight Manager
  2. Lovecycles- Women's calendar.
  3. Menstrual calendar- Women's calendar. Calculation of menstruation, ovulation, cycle prediction.
  4. Ovuview- Women's calendar. Calculation of menstruation, ovulation, cycle prediction.
  5. Pink pad- Women's calendar.
  6. Safe Sex Calculator- Calculation of the ovulation period
  7. Womanlog- Women's calendar. Calculation of menstruation, ovulation, cycle prediction.
  8. WomanLog Pregnancy- Pregnancy calendar for women
  9. BabyBump (Pregnancy App)- pregnancy management

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Attached ImageFor musicians

  1. Guitar Tab Player- Player and search engine guitar tabs. Very simple and fast. Can transpose, change tempo. Works on almost any hardware. Correctly shows and reproduces Guitar Pro effects (descending, ascending slide, legato slide with the transition to the bend, etc.). Not counting the ads is absolutely free.
  2. Tab Master- Player, search engine notes and tablature. Does not work on older devices. Hard to play songs with 4 or more tracks. Not an editor. Conditionally free.
  3. Guitar patner- Editor, search tablature. Somewhat slow on loading long (or with a lot of tracks) songs. In the paid version can edit tabs (including transpose, change tempo). Search tablature on the Internet. Strong restrictions in the free version.
  4. gStrings- one of the best tuners for strings (although not possible strings), if not just the best. It works accurately and reliably. As with a connected microphone / instrument, and without it.
  5. My piano- Piano keyboard with studio sound quality, sound effects and multitouch support.
  6. Musical- Synthesizer piano, percussion instruments, guitar accordes, metronome, training.
  7. Audio Evolution Mobile- Mobile application for recording audio and a sequencer for devices running the Android operating system.
  8. SPC - Music Sketchpad 2- Making your own music

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Programs for cyclists

  1. BikeComputer Pro- Cycle Computer
  2. Endomondo Sports Tracker- your personal trainer
  3. Runtastic Mountain Bike
  4. Runtastic Road Bike
  5. IpBike- Cycle Computer

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Attached ImageTwitter clients

  1. Twitter for Android- Official Twitter client for Android.
  2. Twicca- Minimalistic design. Many features. There is support for add-ons.
  3. Plume for Twitter- multifunctional client for Twitter.
  4. Tweet Topics 2- Easy to use twitter client. It has many options.
  5. Tweet lanes- ICS-style client.
  6. Tweet Scheduler-Twitter Tool- Efficient and at the same time simple client for excellent tweeting and getting great followers on your Twitter feed.
  7. Tweet mobile-The program can work in the background and maintain constant communication with the service. All tweets are updated automatically.
  8. Tweet Analysis for Twitter- client with standard and functional menus.
  9. TweetLine for Android- One of the most beautiful and convenient clients for the social network Twitter. The program interface is made in the style of Ice Cream Sandwich.
  10. UberSocial for Twitter- Full-featured client for Twitter.
  11. TweetCaster for Twitter- It has a beautiful design and can do a lot of things. Including can show dialogues both the followers, and absolutely strangers.
  12. Tweetdeck- Client for Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare networks.
  13. Falcon pro- New, promising twitter client for your Android smartphone or tablet.
  14. Robird- twiter app with Holo style design, smooth animation, fast loading and more.
  15. Tweedle for twitter- The program is made on the principle of the best and fastest Twitter client for Android smartphones. It allows the user to choose any color for more comfortable communication.
  16. Boid for twitter- Supports basic functions, plus you can create multiple accounts. That's all for now. The main feature of this twitter client is probably an adaptation under ICS.
  17. Twidere - Twitter client, в€ћ- Very interesting Twitter client. I really liked the interface, which is made in the style of Ice Cream Sandwich. The client is free, but the menu and settings are very stylish and convenient.
  18. Janetter for Twitter- Twitter client in Holo style.
  19. Carbon for Twitter-Twitter client different from the rest. All content fits on one screen. A screen that does not make you wander around the multitude of others to achieve what you want.
  20. Twigee for Twitter -
  21. Slices for twitter“This is a great new Twitter client with a cutting-edge design, many features and great speed and responsiveness.
  22. Allows you to browse Twitter directories by category, easily browse events, bookmark your favorite tweets, and synchronize with the website.
  23. Twit pro for twitter- Full-featured super-fast, easy-to-use Twitter client.
  24. TwitRocker2 - twitter client- A full-featured Twitter client for the new generation of users. A simple but powerful and flexible user interface makes it very easy for you with huge functions of a large number of tasks.
  25. Robot Bird - Twitter for ICS- The easiest and most useful Twitter client made especially for Ice Cream sandwich (Android 4.0 and higher).
  26. HootSuite (Twitter & Facebook)- A convenient client for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn with simultaneous support for multiple accounts.
  27. Seesmic- Free full-featured twitter client.

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Attached ImageFacebook clients

  1. Folio for FacebookBest shell for Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr.
  2. Swipe for FacebookEasy, customizable, and battery-friendly Facebook client.
  3. Friendcaster for FacebookApplication for Facebook.
  4. Facebook for AndroidThe client of the world famous social network.
  5. Facebook chatFacebook mobile application for Android platforms, the program is designed for instant messaging, both personal and group.
  6. Fast For Facebook (Beta)Excellent and functional application for communication on Facebook. Low battery and memory consumption. It is active only when you want. No hidden services or annoying notifications.
  7. Go! Chat for FacebookChat with your friends via Facebook chat. Send photos, voice notes and more.
  8. Facebook Plus - TrazLibroAlternative Facebook client with translator from / to 65 languages ​​(Google Translate must be installed).
  9. ScopeA free multiplatform client that combines several social networks at once (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr).
  10. Flipster for FacebookA great alternative application for using Facebook.
  11. Advanced facebookThere are various ways of focusing on friends, a convenient client.
  12. Friend Me for FacebookTo navigate, use the bar on the left side of the screen containing links to the main sections: News, Profile, Friends, Photos, Groups, Messages, Games (opens the built-in browser) and Notifications, and on top is a button for updating status. In addition, you can post comments and likes on everything in a row.
  13. Chat for Gtalk and FacebookThis is a free chat version for Gtalk and Facebook.
  14. File transfer is supported only between users who use this application.
  15. Notifier Widget for FacebookFacebook notification widget. Just tap on it, and it will show the number of notifications.
  16. photup for FacebookShare your photup photos on Facebook.
  17. GroupvoxThe application allows you to exchange short voice messages live (in the radio mode) with Facebook contacts and within Facebook communities and meetings.
  18. MB Notifications for FacebookThe official Facebook application has one major flaw: no notifications. This application solves this problem.
  19. Talk for facebookConvenient functional client for chatting in the social network Facebook in chat style between participants and friends.
  20. Buffer (Twitter, Facebook)Social media client Twitter and Facebook.
  21. Color for FacebookBeautiful add-on for the social network Facebook.
  22. StreamLife (Facebook, Twitter)The client gives you a quick and easy way to communicate with your friends.
  23. FBM for FacebookThe application is a Facebook implementation for a mobile version of the website with additional features. The program uses the official version of Facebook itself to provide features, such as push notifications.
  24. BabblerClient for Facebook.
  25. Facebook Pages ManagerManage multiple Facebook pages simultaneously and publish content.

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Game Console Emulators

General section - Android - console emulators
    PSX emulators
  1. FPse for Android- PSX emulator. Features: Saving in real time, vibration feedback, emulation of analog sticks by sliding on the screen, support accelerometer, touchscreen and hardware keys, support .pbp .img .iso .bin .cue .nrg .mdf and .Z images, etc.
  2. psx4droid- PSX emulator for Android 1.6 and higher. Features: Supports BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX and Eboot formats (including compressed!), Support for WiiMote joystick, support for trackball, memory card emulation, virtual buttons.
  3. ePSXe

    Gameboy Advance Emulators (GBA)
  4. GBA.emu- Gameboy Advance (GBA)
  5. John GBA
  6. Myboy
  7. VGBA - GameBoy Advance Emulator

    Nintendo DS emulators
  8. nds4droid- Nintendo DS console emulator, requires a very powerful device
  9. Dsoid- Nintendo DS console emulator, has low hardware requirements, but few settings
  10. DSdroid- Nintendo DS set-top box emulator, open source
  11. DraStic- Customizable location and screen size for portrait and landscape modes. Support for controllers, as well as devices such as Xperia Play and NVIDIA Shield, and much more.

    NES emulators
  12. Nesoid- NES emulator. Run games in full screen, support for "light gun" - hunt ducks.

    Emulators SNES
  13. Snesoid- Emulator SNES. On-screen keyboard, save.

    Emulators Sega Genesis
  14. Gensoid- Good Sega Genesis emulator
  15. MD.emu- SMD / Genesis Emulator

    Nintendo64 emulators
  16. Mupen64Plus- Nintendo64 emulator for Android with support for phones on ARMv6.

    PSP emulators
  17. PPSSPP- PSP emulator

  18. RetroArch- multi-console emulator
  19. Dolphin emulator- Nintendo GameCube
  20. UniPatcher- The imposition of patches in IPS format on the ROM-files of games. The program is designed to apply patches in the format of IPS to game ROM-files.
  21. Happy Chick (Android)- This is an emulator of various consoles, consoles with a comprehensive collection of video games.
    from different platforms and generations.

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  1. Zarchchiver- very functional archiver
  2. AndroZip Root File Manager- The program allows you to archive in ZIP, GZIP, TAR. Unzip RAR, 7Z and more.
  3. Powergrasp- Archiver and file manager with support for ZIP, RAR, 7z and tar. Two independent tabs. Tablet support. Pleasant appearance
  4. B1 Free Archiver zip rar unzip- A powerful functional utility for working with large ZIP and RAR archives.
  5. Simple unrar- The application is built to work with Unrar-libraries that provide faster decompression.
  6. RManager- Convenient and functional application for working with RAR, ZIP archives.
  7. iZip- Manager for working with large zip-archives.
  8. Rar for android- Create and view archives.

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  1. GO Weather EX- The program supports tens of thousands of cities around the world. Provides the most accurate weather information anywhere at any time. Gorgeous dynamic background with colorful animation.
  2. Bob's weather- Animated weather forecast with realistic effects of rain and clouds, fully customizable widgets that will give weather information for several days. Beautiful animation and customizable background, the application is free.
  3. Weather bz- A weather app with built-in support for weather widgets on MIUI firmware.
  4. Weather ++- An application that provides you with information about the current weather outside the window and the weather forecast for the coming days.
  5. A weather life- Current weather forecast in various regions and cities of the world. Data on temperature, pressure, visibility, wind strength and humidity with regular updates on the smartphone screen. The most accurate weather conditions in the form of a widget.
  6. Weather-Weather- Functional and easy-to-use application, will always be aware of the current weather conditions. The developers of the Weather application made the interface as simple and intuitive as possible. One-click and a weather report for your region will appear in the status bar.
  7. Linpus Weather- The app will provide you with the most accurate weather information anywhere at any time.
  8. eWeather HD - Weather Forecast and Barometer
  9. wetter.com- Weather Station for your Android device with the display in the form of a widget.

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Chat, dating, social networks

    Social networks
  1. Kate mobile- unofficial client of the social network VKontakte. The most convenient, fast and reliable. Be always in touch with your friends.
  2. Classmates- Official client for the social network Odnoklassniki.
  3. My world- The official client of the project My World from Mail.ru.
  4. Google+- Be always in touch and share the news.
  5. SocialCamp: Facebook & Twitter- Combining different social networks in one application.

    Chats, dating, chat
  6. Chat, dating and chat- The app is the fastest growing social network with millions of participants from all countries. Download the official app for android and join this great community. The program will find those who are best suited for you and allow you to live in society and meet new people, it is completely free.
  7. Russian chat dating- Russian dating chat is an application uniting Russian-speaking users around the world. Meet and communicate in Russian. Find friends around the world. Post your photos and videos, rate and see photos of other users.
  8. I-am- Allows you to see people around, chat with them in a mobile chat to send images, photos and gifts. In order to meet, it is enough to indicate to the interlocutor your location on the map and the program will automatically create a route.
  9. Friend around- FriendVokrug - a convenient service for communication and finding new friends. With it, you can always be in touch with your friends and know what they are doing, easily and naturally make new interesting acquaintances, and also know who is around you now.
  10. Shadow chat- Anonymous chat for two.
  11. Topface - meeting is easy- The world's largest service for dating and rating photos.
  12. CommFortroid- Client chat commfort. This application is the official CommFort’a client for the Android platform.
  13. mobimeet- The most popular mobile dating service in Russia and the CIS. Meet and chat with hundreds of thousands of guys and girls around the clock.

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Online shopping

  1. Official eBay Android App- Now the world famous eBay auction is available from your Android device. You can always buy or sell something, see the status of your order, regardless of your location.
  2. Yandex Market- Mobile Yandex.Market is your product guide and shopping assistant. Take a picture of the barcode of the product or enter its name and you will be able to learn detailed specifications, study the reviews, compare prices in online stores and order your favorite product by phone or through the basket.
  3. DNS Store[/ b] - You can browse DNS store products in a convenient mobile format, quickly search for the right product, check its availability, and make a shopping list.
  4. Online shop Sotmarket- You can view products and make orders in the Sotmarket store directly from your smartphone.
  5. Ozon.ru- Mobile application OZON.ru for Android provides users with a quick search for goods, the ability to read and leave comments on the product and, of course, make purchases on OZON.ru quickly and conveniently.
  6. TechnoPortal- Search products for online stores in Ukraine.

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Mail clients

  1. Pigeon - Email client- A functional email client with a beautiful hologram theme.
  2. Aquamail- automatic configuration of known postal services and much more.
  3. K-10 Mail- combines a great look and a large selection of settings.
  4. K-9 Mail
  5. Yandex Mail- mail client from Yandex to work with the same name mail

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Photo editors

  1. AdobeВ® PhotoshopВ® Touch- the famous photo editor is now on the Android platform!
  2. Aviary Photo Editor- A functional photo editor that we created in order to quickly, easily and without fuss edit photos on the go. We have equipped it with all the necessary tools and a super-intuitive interface, so you can easily figure it out.
  3. Beauty studio- many tools and settings
  4. Pixlr express- the brainchild of Autodesk Inc. All effects from Pixlr-o-matic, all frames from Pixlr-o-matic, a full set of tools: crop, rotate, color, contrast, denoise, touch-up, focal-blur, color splash.

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