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> Catalog of popular programs | Catalog of the most popular and frequently used programs
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Catalog of popular Android programs

Catalog of popular programs | SEARCH software for Android OS | Digest of programs for Android OS | Catalog of Android programs | Set "must have"

Find programs that are not in the directory can be in the main directorySoftware catalog - Androidor inGoogle play

There is a main directory and Google Play, why do we need another one?
The catalog of this topic does not contain all the programs, but only the most discussed and claimed ones in the required category. All applications are sorted and filtered. You want to find a good archiver, or player, now for this you do not have to study the main large directory in search of suitable software. In addition, any forum user can take part in editing the catalog. You can create, add and edit an existing category of applications. No application, inaccurate description, correct!

Recommendations for use
If you know the name of the application, use the search by topic, if you are looking for an application by type, it is most convenient to do this in the content. The most popular applications are at the top of the list. To search the page, you can use the browser’s built-in search by pressing ctrl + f on the keyboard. To avoid problems when installing applications and reading descriptions to them, please read the following topics:Android OS FAQ, Android - Glossary, Terms and jargon

Important information on finding software for GPS - navigation!
Software for GPS - navigation should be found in the profile sectionGPS Programs, Maps
Please note that not all forum users have access to this section. Required group "Friendsavagemessiahzine.com" and higher.

Theme Rules
  1. Any user can create a category (message) of applications.
  2. The category should consist of at least 5 programs.
  3. In categories are required:
    - Links to topicssavagemessiahzine.com
    - Official application names
    - Brief description with pronounced features
  4. In the collections are prohibited:
    - Direct download links
    - Links to third-party sites (including official sites and the Google play market)
    - QR codes
    - Any pictures - increase the volume of messages and make it difficult to load the page; only one picture in the category header is allowed, no larger than 60x60 pixels. Pictures are not needed because there is no sense in them in the general catalog, a person chooses according to functionality fluently and how the program looks to him does not matter. If he found something sensible, he can always open a topic and see all the necessary information including the appearance of the program. In addition, the appearance of applications is constantly changing and in the catalog to maintain the relevance of the appearance of programs will be almost unreal.
    - Screenshots (screenshot) - periodically updated, not needed in the directory, as they are present in the subject.
    - Different types and colors of fonts, with the exception of the selection of important or common links
  5. All non-thematic messages will be deleted, be careful.
  6. Moderators and curators of the topic have the right to edit or delete any message according to the rules of the topic and forum.
  7. If you have any questions, you can contact any section moderator.
How to add a new category of applications?
If you want to add a new category of applications, read the rules below and use the template. Rules for creating a new category:
  1. When creating or editing a category, use the templates below. Observe uniformity in design.
  2. Select an application category. Examples:
    - Instant Messaging Clients
    - GO Developer
    - Transfer applications to the memory card
    The name of the category should be stated very clearly. Attempts to create a selection of "10 best applications according to my favorite," and indeed any personal build is prohibited. If you doubt the uniqueness of your category, ask in the topic of discussion.
  3. The initial number of applications in the created category is at least 5. Try to have the new category cover as many applications posted on the forum as possible. Try to identify the main applications that have their own features that are popular on the forum, are often updated and have a large number of settings, or they are simply convenient to use.
  4. No need to copy the application description from the topic header! Take the initiative It will be much more valuable if you yourself write a couple of lines, highlighting the main functions,distinguishing programfrom analogs. We work for the convenience of all users. The description should be brief, maximum a couple of lines (about 40 words).
  5. Try to make a message correctly, strictly competently.
  6. At the top of the list, locate the most popular (for example, the number of pages in the topic), customizable and advanced programs.
How to edit an existing application category?
If you want to add an application to an existing category:
Create a new message in the subject of the template, click the "complaint" and specify a link to the category that you want to add.

The message should contain only new applications and only on one category subject, do not write a title, it is easier to distinguish a new category from an old one. If you want to add applications for different categories, create a separate message for each category.
Category Template
Your comments.

[size = 4] [CENTER] Category name [/ CENTER] [/ size]

[LIST = 1] [*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the first program [/ url] - Description of the first program
[*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the second program [/ url] - Description of the second program [/ LIST]

The capabilities of applications indicated in the catalog and their appearance are valid as of the date the message was created (edited). Changes are possible in new versions, follow the link, check for a new version. If the description, name or appearance of the application is different from what is in the message, please click the complaint button and let us know what exactly is wrong.

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Looking for a job or employee

Attached Image

  1. Headhunter- job search application
  2. Work searches- Search for suitable job offers by profession, parameters and location.
  3. Kalym - work, part-time job- An application to search for part-time jobs, performers and customers.
  4. Worki - work near the house- job search near the house or placement of vacancies
  5. Superjob- Search and create a resume, job search
  6. Jobs and vacancies Zarplata.ru- Jobs from proven employers.
  7. Find a job- Job search in automatic mode
  8. Jobs.ru - Job Search- search for jobs with the official application of the portal Rabota.ru
  9. Work.ua - Work in Ukraine- Jobs by category.
  10. Yandex.Work- Base of vacancies for which you can apply without a resume.
  11. Praca.by - Job Search in Belarus- Job search in Belarus.
  12. Looking for a job- Job search on the website hh.ru

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Attached Image

  1. Clipboard manager- Clipboard history, search by history, automatic addition of notes
  2. Clip ninja- Clipboard manager and automatic recording of text input
  3. Inputting Plus: Ctrl + Z / F / C / V- When text typing / editing can undo or redo what was done, find and correct the text, show the history of the clipboard.
  4. Native clipboard- Functional clipboard manager in a floating window.
  5. Clipbrd Beta- Sync clipboard between all your devices.
  6. Clip Stack Clipboard Manager- clipboard manager, made in the style of Material Design
  7. Alt-c- shared with PC clipboard
  8. Clipboard pro- A simple floating clipboard manager complete with a mini notepad.
  9. Clipper Floating Clipboard PRO- Work with text on the clipboard
  10. Clipper - Clipboard Manager- A utility that expands the possibilities of working with a standard clipboard
  11. Clipboard Manager: Clipo- Manage clipboard, quick actions depending on its contents
  12. Universal copy- copy text from any application

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Virtual Space Applications

List of virtual programs
1. Universal mods / applications:
  1. Virtual backup- backup and transfer of application data
  2. X-plore File Manager- mod file manager
  3. В® File Manager- mod file manager
  4. В® Root Explorer (File Manager)- mod file manager
  5. File explorer- mod file manager
  6. Total Commander for Android- file manager that allows you to manually specify the path to the data folders of applications in virtual spaces (if you know this path, of course)
  7. В® GameGuardian- hacking games without root rights

2. Mods / applications for certain virtual spaces:
  1. ES File Explorer File Manager- mod file manager
  2. VirtualXposed- mod VirtualXposed for backup and data transfer applications

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