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Catalog of popular Android programs

Catalog of popular programs | SEARCH software for Android OS | Digest of programs for Android OS | Catalog of Android programs | Set "must have"

Find programs that are not in the directory can be in the main directorySoftware catalog - Androidor inGoogle play

There is a main directory and Google Play, why do we need another one?
The catalog of this topic does not contain all the programs, but only the most discussed and claimed ones in the required category. All applications are sorted and filtered. You want to find a good archiver, or player, now for this you do not have to study the main large directory in search of suitable software. In addition, any forum user can take part in editing the catalog. You can create, add and edit an existing category of applications. No application, inaccurate description, correct!

Recommendations for use
If you know the name of the application, use the search by topic, if you are looking for an application by type, it is most convenient to do this in the content. The most popular applications are at the top of the list. To search the page, you can use the browser’s built-in search by pressing ctrl + f on the keyboard. To avoid problems when installing applications and reading descriptions to them, please read the following topics:Android OS FAQ, Android - Glossary, Terms and jargon

Important information on finding software for GPS - navigation!
Software for GPS - navigation should be found in the profile sectionGPS Programs, Maps
Please note that not all forum users have access to this section. Required group "Friendsavagemessiahzine.com" and higher.

Theme Rules
  1. Any user can create a category (message) of applications.
  2. The category should consist of at least 5 programs.
  3. In categories are required:
    - Links to topicssavagemessiahzine.com
    - Official application names
    - Brief description with pronounced features
  4. In the collections are prohibited:
    - Direct download links
    - Links to third-party sites (including official sites and the Google play market)
    - QR codes
    - Any pictures - increase the volume of messages and make it difficult to load the page; only one picture in the category header is allowed, no larger than 60x60 pixels. Pictures are not needed because there is no sense in them in the general catalog, a person chooses according to functionality fluently and how the program looks to him does not matter. If he found something sensible, he can always open a topic and see all the necessary information including the appearance of the program. In addition, the appearance of applications is constantly changing and in the catalog to maintain the relevance of the appearance of programs will be almost unreal.
    - Screenshots (screenshot) - periodically updated, not needed in the directory, as they are present in the subject.
    - Different types and colors of fonts, with the exception of the selection of important or common links
  5. All non-thematic messages will be deleted, be careful.
  6. Moderators and curators of the topic have the right to edit or delete any message according to the rules of the topic and forum.
  7. If you have any questions, you can contact any section moderator.
How to add a new category of applications?
If you want to add a new category of applications, read the rules below and use the template. Rules for creating a new category:
  1. When creating or editing a category, use the templates below. Observe uniformity in design.
  2. Select an application category. Examples:
    - Instant Messaging Clients
    - GO Developer
    - Transfer applications to the memory card
    The name of the category should be stated very clearly. Attempts to create a selection of "10 best applications according to my favorite," and indeed any personal build is prohibited. If you doubt the uniqueness of your category, ask in the topic of discussion.
  3. The initial number of applications in the created category is at least 5. Try to have the new category cover as many applications posted on the forum as possible. Try to identify the main applications that have their own features that are popular on the forum, are often updated and have a large number of settings, or they are simply convenient to use.
  4. No need to copy the application description from the topic header! Take the initiative It will be much more valuable if you yourself write a couple of lines, highlighting the main functions,distinguishing programfrom analogs. We work for the convenience of all users. The description should be brief, maximum a couple of lines (about 40 words).
  5. Try to make a message correctly, strictly competently.
  6. At the top of the list, locate the most popular (for example, the number of pages in the topic), customizable and advanced programs.
How to edit an existing application category?
If you want to add an application to an existing category:
Create a new message in the subject of the template, click the "complaint" and specify a link to the category that you want to add.

The message should contain only new applications and only on one category subject, do not write a title, it is easier to distinguish a new category from an old one. If you want to add applications for different categories, create a separate message for each category.
Category Template
Your comments.

[size = 4] [CENTER] Category name [/ CENTER] [/ size]

[LIST = 1] [*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the first program [/ url] - Description of the first program
[*] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263737""The name of the second program [/ url] - Description of the second program [/ LIST]

The capabilities of applications indicated in the catalog and their appearance are valid as of the date the message was created (edited). Changes are possible in new versions, follow the link, check for a new version. If the description, name or appearance of the application is different from what is in the message, please click the complaint button and let us know what exactly is wrong.

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1. Multimedia
  1. Virtual Reality (VR)
  2. Voice recorders
  3. For musicians
  4. Internet radio and music
  5. Cinema and video online
  6. Online tv
  7. Flash Player (SWF)
  8. Audio players
  9. Audiobook players
  10. Video players
  11. Drawing
  12. Hand-drawn animation
  13. Photo and video
  14. Photo editors
  15. Camera Management
  16. Equalizers and sound effects

2. Navigation maps
  1. Compass
  2. Public transport: subway, train, plane

3. Internet and communication
  1. Browsers (Internet browsers)
  2. In contact with
  3. Live Broadcast (live)
  4. "Cloud" data storage and synchronization services
  5. Mail clients
  6. Weather
  7. Traffic accounting
  8. Chat, dating, social networks
  9. YaPlakal. Unofficial clients
  10. IM clients
  11. Instagram
  12. Facebook clients
  13. Telegram
  14. Torrent clients
  15. Twitter clients
  16. Whatsapp

4. Office applications
  1. Alarm clocks
  2. Notes / Reminders
  3. Calculators
  4. Calendars
  5. Value Converters
  6. Work with documents
  7. Schedule, schedule
  8. Recognition of bar, QR and matrix codes
  9. Stopwatches / Timers
  10. Sort applications
  11. Electronic money

5. System applications
    5.1 Calls and SMS
  1. Telephone recording
  2. Dialers
  3. Call & SMS Filtering
  4. Photo caller in full screen
  5. SMS clients
    5.2 Others
  1. ADB and Fastboot
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  3. Wi-Fi analysis and hacking
  4. Archivers
  5. Antivirus
  6. Quick access to settings
  7. 2-step authentication
  8. Remote control equipment (infrared or Wi-Fi)
  9. Record video from the screen
  10. Keyboards
  11. App stores and repositories
  12. Cloning (creating copies of applications, multi-account)
  13. Getting ROOT on device
  14. Work tables
  15. Backup and restore data
  16. The fingerprint scanner
  17. Performance tests
  18. Tele 2
  19. Utilities
  20. Remote device control from computer
  21. Remote control of the computer from the device
  22. Manage running applications
  23. Auto Start Control
  24. File managers
  25. Lock screens
  26. Operating System Emulators

6. Reading, learning, knowledge base
  1. Learning languages
  2. Learning Greek and Ancient Greek Languages
  3. Recipes
  4. Dictionaries and Translators
  5. Reading of books
  6. Reading comics and manga
  7. RSS feed, news aggregation

7. Personal, lifestyle, medicine, sports
  1. Car
    - Auto parts
    - DVRs
    - Computer diagnostics / OBD2 / K-Line
    - Parking
    - Buying / selling
    - Repair and instructions
    - Other
    - Cost accounting
    - Penalties for traffic violations
  2. Astronomy
  3. Contactless payments (NFC)
  4. Tickets and train schedules
  5. Ad blocker
  6. Taxi call
  7. Maintain a shopping list
  8. Divination
  9. Voice assistants
  10. Hotels - choice and booking
  11. Mushrooms
  12. Online shopping
  13. Medication. Home doctor
  14. Numismatics
  15. Package tracking
  16. Hunting and fishing
  17. Search and book tickets
  18. Programs for girls
  19. Programs for cyclists
  20. Guidebooks
  21. Speedcuber
  22. Sports and health
  23. TV programs
  24. Transport Cards
  25. Accounting and financial management
  26. Football

8. Games
  1. Hacking games
  2. Everything related to games
  3. Game Console Emulators

9. Categories by developers
  1. Yandex
  2. GO Dev Team
  3. OEM Software Huawei

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Public transport: subway, train, plane

  1. Yandex.Metro- another application from Yandex, which helps to plan trips in the subway. Available maps of most cities of the USSR.
  2. Ru.Metro- the program is a great helper, which will allow you to save a lot of time and not get lost in the subway in Russia and not only.
  3. Metro 24- convenient and functional metro navigator.
  4. aMetro- powerful, very functional and convenient program-navigator on rail transport of almost all cities in the world.

    Electric trains
  5. Yandex.Electrics- allows you to find out the schedule of trains on the selected date, see the time the flight was at any of the stations along the way. The application does not work without an Internet connection, but thanks to this you can quickly find out about all the changes.
  6. Train schedule- online schedule for major cities of Russia.
  7. Suburban- Schedule of trains for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  8. Smartive travel- online booking of tickets for trains and airplanes.

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  1. Swype - keyboard- Text input with gestures, without lifting your finger from the screen, support for the Russian language.
  2. Smart keyboard- Virtual keyboard with support for many languages ​​and different skins
  3. SwiftKey Keyboard- The new predictive text input system Swiftkey, at the moment Swiftkey supports 35 languages. It is possible to use any two or more languages. Switching the layout is a slide on the space. Analyzes your SMS, email (Gmail), Facebook and Twitter, as well as everything you wrote with it. Which in turn allows you to very correctly select the right words, according to your style of writing.
    and arrows. It will be useful for example to those who use ConnectBot for SSH connections.
  4. TouchPal Keyboard- You can use the blind set on the touch screen, no longer worrying about typos. With the next generation of predictive TouchPal input engine, you can save 60% of keystrokes. You can also slide your fingers across the keyboard using the latest TouchPal Curve technology.
  5. Fleksy keyboard- smart keyboard with excellent recognition, fully sharpened by gesture control.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  6. Go keyboard- Keyboard with interchangeable skins, predictive text input, automatic memorization of frequently entered words and many others
  7. Hacker's Keyboard- a lightweight five-row keyboard with Tab / Esc / Ctrl keys, has a separate numeric block, arrows, it is possible to enable English letters on the Russian layout and vice versa (like on a PC; conveniently when entering passwords), gestures and hard buttons, and lots of other settings . Fast and stable.
  8. HTCTouch Input- On-screen HTC keyboard with intelligent input (RU / EN) and word guessing for all Android devices
  9. A.I.type Keyboard- The program predicts that the user types and suggests the word and the sentence, which help the user to enter only the minimum number of letters. Prediction algorithms are used with preservation of the context and meaning of the text, speeding up typing.
  10. Thumb keyboard- A keyboard with an innovative "separate" layout for tablets and phones. This layout makes typing with your thumbs easier and more natural. In addition, this keyboard has many additional functions.
  11. Jbak2 keyboard- A new version of the popular Jbak keyboard, a very light keyboard with a multi-buffer, templates, tabs, arrows and other utilities. Fully customizable, you can make any layout / skin.
  12. MultiLing Keyboard- Multilingual keyboard (IME). Based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard with additional features.
  13. Game keyboard- Keyboard gamepad with a bunch of settings and remapping of everything
  14. Google keyboard- Typing on Google Keyboard is a pleasure. The function of continuous input will help you quickly type any text: just slide from letter to letter, looking up from the screen only where you need a space (it will be automatically set).
  15. Kii keyboard- Kii Keyboard is a new alternative keyboard for Android. All functions work during the current beta testing period, the program is still quite raw, a lot of work is still needed.
  16. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji- light but powerful keyboard with support for svaypas, T9, a lot of layouts (including, like on a PC), autotext, calculator, copy-paste, floating window mode and full customization.
  17. minuum keyboard- Innovation is in the arrangement of the buttons: the usual QWERTY-keyboard seems to be folded in one row, so that each button has three letters.
  18. External Keyboard Helper Pro- Assistant to connect an external BT / USB keyboard.
  19. Key2Lay: Keyboard for passwords.- Keyboard for passwords. It is convenient to enter Russian words as a password.

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Attached ImageWork tables

  1. Go Launcher EX- An extended version of the alternative desktop Go Launhcer.
  2. Yandex.Shell- New generation user interface with search and other Yandex services.
  3. SPB Shell 3D- The user interface of the new generation.
  4. TSF Shell Pro- customizable and custom desktop. It has many interesting widgets and features.
  5. Apex launcher- A new launcher for ICS, will surprise you with its customization, smoothness and ease of working with it.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  6. Nova launcher- Shell for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x)
  7. Launcher7- Launcher in the style of Windows Phone 7 on the Android OS.
  8. ssLauncher the Original- A very unusual Launcher. Beautiful idea, implementation, smooth animation.
  9. ADWLauncher EX- Desktop from the creator of ADW.Launcher.
  10. Smart launcher- simplicity, low memory consumption and user-friendly user interface.
  11. Touchwiz- Desktop port with Samsung Galaxy S II.
  12. Atom launcher- Launcher from Koreans for ICS. Easy and convenient!
  13. Linpus launcher- launcher is presented as a "desktop", which consists of 9 desktops. Icons are decorated in the style of 3D effects. On each table you can place 5 icons (the number of pages is adjusted in the settings).

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Attached ImageHacking games and applications

  1. LuckyPatcherby ChelpuS - unlink games from checking the license of the market + many other useful features. The most necessary functions work even without root access. The program is made by the great Russian hacker.Chelp
  2. ApkPatcher- unlinking games from license verification right from a PC, can probably untie something that LuckyPatcher could not
  3. В® Freedom- analogueiAPFree / Locallapstore / IAPCrazyfor iOS. This program allows you to bypass the Google Play license check, and thus the user can make purchases within applications for free. The program deceives Google Play, emulating payment for the purchase.
  4. Creehack- Analogue of Freedom without the need for root access.
  5. В® GameSpector- hacking of games and programs through the patching of their data.
  6. В® Jasi Patcher- A new analogue of LuckyPatcher.
  7. В® xmodgames (XXZhushou)- a catalog of modified versions of games.
  8. В® DummySprite- directory of ready-made bots for games.
  9. SaveToGame- You need this program if you do not have a root on the device, but there is a save (made on another device, for example through Titanium Backup) of some game (it may even be someone else's saving), and you want to apply the data of this save on your device without having root rights (so this program embeds the save inside the installation apk file of the game).

  10. В® GameGuardian- The best program for hacking games. Add yourself a bunch of gold, make yourself immortal and everything that you can wish for in games.
  11. В® GameKiller- A distinctive feature of the program are advanced settings.
  12. В® SBgameHacker (Game Hacker)- a powerful cheat tool from the Chinese.
  13. В® Cheat Engine- fresh hacker from the creators of desktop CheatEngine
  14. В® Youxia
  15. В® Scan Memory (aScanmem)- the second progenitor of programs for hacking games.
  16. WPE Pro (Winsock Packet Editor)- online game cracker
  17. В® HaXplorer (aka MHX)
  18. В® Panda Assistant
  19. В® Huluxia
  20. В® Slash Game Buster
  21. В® GameCIH- the progenitor of ArtMoney analogues for android. It is still one of the best programs for hacking games on old devices (with android 4.0.4 and below)
  22. В® Cheater- hacking games by editing their data from / data / data /.
  23. В® Cheat Droid- analogue "Cheater".
  24. ® GMD Speed ​​Time- acceleration of time for passing games.

  25. В® Magisk- a powerful tool to hide the root and unlocked bootloader
  26. В® RootCloak- allow you to hide the root from the games
  27. В® Zuper
  28. Xposed blacklist
  29. В® Security Bypasser- module to hide the root
  30. В® sudohide- the module hides some applications from others
  31. В® ANRC
  32. В® Suhide-lite
  33. В® suhide
  34. В® Hide Rooting
  35. HiddenCore Module

The second part of the collection - Everything related to games
Other programs for hacking specific games can be found in the sectionAndroid - Games>miscellanea

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Attached ImageLock screens

  1. Widgetlocker lockscreen- Support for themes, widgets, the ability to add your own sliders and more.
  2. GO Locker- one of the most popular lokskrinov. Customizable interface, a huge variety of topics.
  3. Holo locker- screen blocker, based on the stock lockscreen Jelly Bean, but running on Android 2.2+.
  4. Swipe- minimalistic and simple locker. More than a million different screensavers, quick access to your favorite applications and more.
  5. MiLocker- lock screen from MIUI firmware. Many topics.
  6. Locker master- a creative screen blocker with ample opportunities and beautiful interactive themes.
  7. Creative locker- very nice locker with support for different themes and backgrounds and weather animation.
  8. LockerPro Lockscreen- neat and convenient lockscreen with notifications.
  9. C Locker- launch programs, music, weather and more in one locker.
  10. Dodol locker - phone decor- a beautiful screen blocker with a variety of themes.
  11. WP7 Lock- Lock in the style of Windows Phone 7.
  12. Cover lock screen- Creative Lockscreen with mode changes depending on location and fast switching between running applications.
  13. Slidelock- minimalistic lockscreen with the ability to display all notifications.

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File managers

  1. В® Root Explorer- especially for working with system files from under the root user, in Linux style
  2. ES File Explorer- one of the best file managers
  3. Total commander- TC for android.
  4. Astro- A good file manager.
  5. X-plore- one of the best file managers.
  6. Ghost commander- Two-pane file manager with support for zip-archives, FTP, network folders, root-mode and much more. Clear interface, easy operation on devices with different screen sizes and many settings.
  7. File expert- many functions, built-in FTP Server, Web Server, SMB and others.
  8. Fx- File manager with a huge number of features and user-friendly interface.
  9. OI File Manager- the main quality is simplicity

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Attached ImageWork with documents

  1. Smart Office +- It works very quickly with many types of text files.
  2. Softmaker office- very functional office, suitable for editing, the payment for the functionality is the speed of work.
  3. Documents To Go- With the help of the Documents To Go office for Android OS, you can view and edit Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Power Point (.ppt, .pptx) formats and only view PDF files. Supported viewing of files of Microsoft Office 2007 formats.
  4. Quickoffice- Allows you to view and manage MS Office files on your SD card or from your Gmail account. The program works with files Word (* .doc) and Excel (* .xls)
  5. OfficeSuite Pro- support for multiple formats
  6. Polaris Office- Office package from ASUS Transformer and SGSII. Polaris в„ў Office 3.0 - one of the most advanced mobile office solutions with a large number of editing functions and the highest performance.
  7. Thinkfree Office- Work with office documents from Microsoft, view pdf.
  8. Andr Open Office- the port of the well-known Open Office on Android; in active development. A good option for tablets from 9 "and more.
  9. Hancom Office- The best office for the tablet - convenient, fast, functional, with a familiar user-friendly interface.
  10. OliveOffice- viewing and editing files doc / docx, xls / xlsx, ppt / pptx, pdf, chm, mht.
  11. Google docs- GoogleDocs got a full-fledged application for Android, providing users with a bunch of features that are not available through the browser.
  12. WPS Office (Kingsoft Office)- Create, edit and view standard MS Office formats.
  13. Office HD: TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations- Powerful office for tablets with a familiar intuitive interface.
  14. Microsoft Office Mobile- Office software: Word, Excel, Power Point from Microsoft. Support for charts, animations, SmartArt and shapes, access to the cloud.
  15. Word Preview- Beautiful and functional Microsoft Word for tablets on Android

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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4/64

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Attached ImageElectronic money

Like any other money management program, you need to use it carefully.
  1. Visa QIWI Wallet- Payment application for Android opens mobile access to the "QIWI Wallet" from anywhere where wireless communication is available. Pay for the Internet, mobile phone, utility services, television and 1000 other providers in a convenient mode for you - from home, office or on the road - 24 hours a day.
  2. Android Platform- PLATphone provides its customers with a wide range of payment services for paying for everyday services: replenishing a mobile phone account, paying bills and utility bills, paying loans in any bank, paying traffic fines.
  3. WebMoney Keeper Mobile- Manage WM-wallets using Android.
  4. Yandex money- Yandex Wallet with electronic money in your mobile phone.
  5. Wallet One Wallet One- Client for the service "Wallet One" (w1.ru).
  6. Merchant pro- Manage electronic money directly from your phone. Supported: Authorize.net, Quantum, Merchant Plus and Paypal.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4/64

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Attached ImageReading of books

  1. AlReader- famous since Windows Mobile the program for reading books in text formats fb2, txt, epub, html, docx, odt, rtf, mobi, prc and others. Russian developer, active support.
  2. Cool reader- Ported version of the well-known program for reading files: .fb2, .txt, .rtf, .doc, .epub, .chm, etc.
  3. FBReader- A program for reading electronic books. Supports fb2, ePub, txt, pdf formats (there is a Text Reflow mode), djvu, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, html, mobi, xps, odt, audio books in mp3. Many settings, OPDS, TTS, synchronization with the cloud, widget.
  4. Freader- multifunctional reader fb2, ePub, txt, pdf, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, djvu, html, mobi, xps, odt, including those packed in rar / zip archives, and audiobooks in mp3 format. Many settings, built-in translator, OPDS, TTS, synchronization, widget.
  5. Moon + Reader- One of the best readers. Supports epub, pdf, mobi, fb2, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, txt, html formats, including those packed in rar and zip archives. Dictionaries support.
  6. eBookDroid- A program for reading electronic books in PDF, DjVu formats is also supported by fb2 and others.
  7. ezPDF Reader- A great reader pdf-files. Fast, very user-friendly interface, configured to work with text (bookmarks, selection, drawing, detailed search, etc.).
  8. Google Play Books- offline reading books from Google Play and their books in PDF and EPUB formats, synchronization, support for voice reading.
  9. Orion Viewer- Convenient and functional reader pdf, djvu, xps and cbz-files.
  10. Bookari- pdf reader and epub. Very user-friendly interface, handwritten notes, voice reading, etc.
  11. PocketBook Reader- a real "combine" for reading. Reading and notes in books of pdf, djvu, epub, txt, fb2, fb2.zip, txt, chm, html, cbz, cbr, cbt, rtf, mobi, pdb, docx formats, many settings, support for OPDS, widgets.
  12. ReadEra- reader epub, fb2, pdf, djvu, mobi, doc, rtf, txt, chm with a minimum of necessary settings for those who like to "just open and read."
  13. iReader- Reader with support for EBK2, TXT, CHM, PDB, UMD, HTML, EPUB and image files. FB2 - No!
  14. Reader- reader, independently voiced books format FB2, RTF, EPUB, TXT.
  15. SamLib Reader LIKE- comfortable reading of books from the web portal "Samizdat" (download for reading offline, tracking updates of favorite works, convenient communication with authors).
  16. Nomad reader- the easiest reader epub / fb2 / fb2.zip, adapted for devices on E-Ink.
  17. Lirbi Pro for PDF and books- application for reading, viewing books in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ formats.
  18. eReader Prestigio- reader fb2, fb2.zip, epub, mobi, html, txt, pdf, as well as Adobe DRM with flexible settings, widget and access to the online library.
  19. Shuffle Scan PDF Reader- application for reading pdf without a text layer. The main feature is the restructuring of a pdf document to the width of the screen, regardless of the document format (with or without a text layer).
  20. KOReader- cross-platform reader PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBZ, FB2, PDB, TXT, HTML, RTF, CHM, EPUB, DOC and MOBI (including in zip-archives) for E-Ink devices. Supports OPDS, work with Caliber, export to Evernote, there is a Text Reflow mode and synchronization.
  21. eBoox- minimalist fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html reader with intuitively simple settings and cloud support.

    Book Catalogs
  22. Neobook- Catalog of free e-books for android phones and tablets.
  23. Bookshelf- Library application for free download of books and reading. Large collection, search for books by genre / title / author, quick download, bookmarks, favorites, simple visual settings.
  24. Home library- offline library of Russian and foreign classics with a total of about 4,200 books.

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Viruses under the Android OS units, if there are antiviruses, this does not mean that you definitely need to install them, 99% earn money on antivirus. If you have root user rights, this program is dangerous for your phone.
  1. LBE Privacy Guard / LBE Security Master- An application to control the activity of applications and the android system.
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android- solution for home customers to protect mobile devices
  3. Dr.Web- Dr.Web for Android.
  4. Norton mobile security- Good antivirus.
  5. 360 Mobile Safe- Program - all in one
  6. F-Secure Mobile Security- a set of applications for anti-virus protection of your device.

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Attached ImageReading comics and manga

  1. Manga watcher- A utility for reading comics manga on the screen of the Android-communicator. You also get access to the online catalogs of Manga24.com and Mangareader.net, where you can find hundreds of interesting comics, broken into series.
  2. Perfect viewer- A program to read manga. Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF.
  3. Manga what- The best and most convenient way to read your favorite manga. Supports downloading a whole manga head to a device and then reading it with a web.
  4. Comic reader mobi- Excellent program for reading comics and manga. It supports both common cbr and cbz comics formats as well as unpacked images (Jpeg).
  5. Droid comic viewer- A program for reading comics or manga. Able to open CBZ / ZIP, CBR / RAR (beta), ACV, JPEG, PNG, BMP & picture folders.
  6. Vintage Comic Droid- The program gives you free access to the public domain library of comics (NO DC, Marvel, etc.).

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Lenovo Vibe Shot

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Attached ImageGO Dev Team

  1. GO Contacts EX- phone book.
  2. GO Launcher- Desktop.
  3. GO Launcher EX- extended desktop with lots of features and settings.
  4. GO SMS Pro- SMS exchange
  5. GO Weather- weather forecast.
  6. GO Keyboard- keyboard with interchangeable skins, predictive text input, automatic memorization of frequently entered words and other things.
  7. GO Book- reading books in the format EPUB, TXT, UMD, PDF, FB2.
  8. GO Score- using the application, you can find out the current score of sports games.
  9. GO Locker- screen lock.
  10. GO Photo- photo editor - social network.
  11. GO Power Master- View battery events and power settings.

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Attached ImageMaintain a shopping list

  1. Lazyshopper- A functional application that allows you to create and manipulate shopping lists in your smartphone. A distinctive feature of this application is the ease of working with lists, the ability to create templates / recipes, advanced functionality and work with groups of list elements, a beautiful and concise design, fine-tuning for the user.
  2. Go shopping- An application with auto-tips and product categories.
  3. Mighty grocery- The most powerful and at the same time easy to use tool for working with shopping lists on Android.
  4. Drshopper- This is a simple and easy shopping list program.
  5. Base applications (Warehouse)- An application that stores the names of goods and their prices. With it, you can create orders for products, summarize their prices and print.
  6. Buy Baton!- Convenient and easy to use shopping list with sync.
  7. Grocery king- Grocery King is an intuitive and powerful daily shopping list management application. Grocery King offers an easy-to-use interface to quickly create shopping lists and save you time and effort.

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Online tv

  1. SPB TV- Extremely convenient program for viewing IP-TV, optimized for mobile devices.
  2. CrystalTV- Program for watching TV over the Internet.
  3. MTS TV- Internet TV with over 100 television broadcasts for MTS subscribers.
  4. Russian TV 2- 65 Russian-language TV channels online.
  5. TV RAIN- Access to the live Russian TV channel RAIN.
  6. Stream tv- A large number of Russian-language channels. No ads and additional permissions.
  7. Premium TV- A lot of interesting TV channels, TV program for the week and it's all absolutely free.
  8. ProgTV andorid- 600+ Internet TV and 4000+ Radio channels, IPTV including xmltv / jtv, ProgDVB Client, Rodina TV, ...
  9. Parom tv- This is a program for free online viewing of television channels on the Internet
  10. Online TV- 40 TV programs of Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish television in decent quality
  11. Online TV for Android and iOS- The best application of all that exists at the moment for watching TV channels
  12. NTV + Sport- Sports channels from NTV + Online, in excellent quality
  13. Ukraine TV- Client for watching Ukraine’s online TV from tv-cat.appspot.com
  14. Global TV Live- Online TV (more than 500 channels from around the world)
  15. KINO.TRIKOLOR- Free application for Tricolor TV subscribers, a pleasant and useful bonus for watching movie channels on TV
  16. Fly tv- Mobile TV from the company Tattelecom
  17. Russian TV 2- Russian TV online! 65 Russian-language channels. Russian + Ukrainian TV!
  18. Russian TV HD- Watch your favorite TV channels. 100 Russian-language channels in excellent quality
  19. Galaxy TV - Russian TV- The first unique TV application "Galaxy TV" - Russian TV, which will allow you to watch Russian TV and movies anywhere in the world without limit!

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Attached ImageAlarm clocks

  1. Sleep as Android- Alarm clock with sleep phases
  2. Alarm Clock Xtreme- many settings and functions
  3. AlarmDroid [Alarm Clock]- widget, talking clock and more
  4. myClock Beta- A very nice-looking alarm clock with all the basic settings.
  5. Wakevoice- Original alarm clock! Through speech synthesis, your application will talk to you.
  6. Alarm Clock Plus- Great alarm clock, no frills.
  7. Alarm clock- Alarm clock, flashlight.
  8. Math Alarm Clock- To turn off the alarm you need to solve a not complicated example.
  9. GM Alarm- Social alarm clock: calls are downloaded from the Internet.

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Attached ImageIM clients

  1. Whatsapp messenger- instant messaging according to its protocol. Supports the transfer of images, audio recordings, video, locations on the map and contact information
  2. Telegram- fast and secure messenger from all existing thanks to the MTProto protocol.
  3. Viber- The program is similar to Skype, which allows you to make free phone calls and send free text messages to other users who have Viber installed.
  4. Skype for Android- One of the most famous programs for video calls.
  5. TeamSpeak 3- Voice communication during the game, just like on a PC.
  6. IMO- free messages and calls to relatives and friends.
  7. 4talk IM- messaging service for smartphones and PCs. Free full communication with sending messages, photos, audio and video files, location coordinates and much more!

  8. Mobile Agent- With the Mobile Agent you can keep in touch with your friends, wherever you are.
  9. IM + All-in-One Mobile Messenger- Multi-protocol instant messaging client.
  10. imo.im- Good IM client.
  11. Trillian- Supports Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo !, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber / XMPP and MySpaceIM. Synchronization of accounts, contacts, avatars, statuses and other things (message history?) With Trillian versions for other platforms.
  12. Fring for Android- Mobile client that supports protocols: ICQ, SIP, GoogleTalk, MSN, Twitter.
  13. Xabber- Universal Jabber client.
  14. jTalk- A good jabber (XMPP, GTalk) client for your device.

  15. ICQ Mobile- Official ICQ client.
  16. Mandarin ICQ -

  17. CSipSimple
  18. Acrobits softphone- reliable and customizable
  19. Sipdroid
  20. Netcall- pretty simple client
  21. Multiphone- Free calls between MultiFon subscribers and low rates for calls

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Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Standart

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Attached ImagePerformance tests

Please note that the actual performance of the device may differ from the performance in synthetic tests, both higher and lower several times, so the results of synthetic tests cannot be used to judge which device or which processor and video card is faster.

  1. AnTutu System Benchmark- Benchmark to test all the basic parameters.
  2. GLBenchmark- program for benchmark OpenGL ES 1.1
  3. NenaMark2- OpenGL ES 2.0 test for the most high-tech devices that uses your video accelerator 100%
  4. Andromesh- Graphic test based on OpenGL 2.0. It also tests CPU, RAM, Flash-card speed and I / O.

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Attached ImageTorrent clients

  1. tTorrent- A torrent client that allows you to download and distribute files from an Android smartphone. There is an integration with search engines to quickly find the files you need.
  2. Swarm- One of the best torrent clients. The main chips: viewing downloaded files with a choice of what to download, a lot of various settings, stability in operation.
  3. Rutracker downloader- The program is designed to search and download content from rutracker.org
  4. ВµTorrent Remote- And remote access and management of ОјTorrent 3.0 Alpha.
  5. BitTorrent Client | aBTC- Full-featured torrent client.
  6. AndTorrent- Simple torrent client for Android 2.x Supports: The priority of downloading files, download directories, connection limit, ordering queue.
  7. AndroidTorrent- Another torrent client for Android.
  8. dTor- dTor-native torrent client. It is possible to download from torrent tracker rutracker.org

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Attached ImageCalculators

  1. Mobi Calculator (Cube Calculator)- A useful, at the same time simple calculator with engineering functions.
  2. Calculator ++- A modern, advanced and easy to use scientific calculator.
  3. handyCalc- a functional and convenient calculator with mathematical expressions math.
  4. Mathlab Graphing Calculator- calculator with a variety of functions and mathematical input

  5. Calculator- iPhone OS style calculator.
  6. Andie graph- Calculator for the real engineer.
  7. Calculator Widget- Calculator in the style of the widget on your desktop.
  8. DTW Algebra- Calculator calculating matrices, integrals or logarithms.

  9. Simple loan calculator- Simple loan calculator, calculator annuity, differential and fixed payment.

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