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Attached ImageVersion: 2.1.1490
Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2016

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At the moment, one of the best audio player with support for all that is needed, a huge number of functions and amazingly smooth, beautiful navigation. The interface is controlled by gestures and is very convenient. There is not just an equalizer, but also a lot of sound settings (in the full version). The player also supports almost all formats and can work with wired headsets (claimed by the author, perhaps not all headsets will work as it should).
Among the shortcomings can be identified, the decent cost of the full version, the lack of the Russian language and the inability to choose a language for downloading information about the artist and album.
In the Lite version, you can temporarily enable full functionality for review.

  • audio library
  • playlist managementfull version
  • swipe control
  • scrobbling Last.fm
  • equalizerfull version
  • loading lyrics
  • download artist and album information
  • loading album cover from online database
  • switching display modes (landscape, portrait and auto)

Russian interface: Not
Homepage: katastrophos.net
Buy: Ovi Store
Download Light version: Ovi Store
Download Light version Version 2.1.1490

About the current build : QuasarMX (Post # 36014993)

old versions:
Attached filequasarmx-lite_1_417970.7.459_armel.deb(2.95 MB)

Download Full version Version 1.7.459
Attached fileQuasarMX_Full_1.6.394.deb(2.89 MB)
Attached fileQuasarMX_Lite_1.6.394_armel.deb(2.89 MB)

Download 0.6.35: Attached filequasarmx_0.6_35_2011_12_29.deb (2.25 MB)

Download 0.8.52: Attached filequasarmx_0.8_52_2012_01_13.deb (2.24 MB)

Download 1.0.106: Attached filequasarmx_1.0_106_armel.deb (2.29 MB)

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This is the most royal player, very happy that the developer did not score)
Alternatives to android and Windows at the time of the transition to Migo I did not see))
Still, it would be a little faster for it to run and the Russian tags would be used ... otherwise the id3fixed program was on the android, something like that, she fixed the tags right on the phone, not in the songs, but xs Wasche as), that is, they are All players up to 2-4 reloads were normal, and then reset) so the names themselves remained original

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I, after throwing a new Muzaki, I press on the "three dashes" ->Current playlist ->Rescan folders

By the way! Version updated yesterday!
The changelog didn’t give much attention to the log .. but noticed that he was now friends with Billboard. Immediately tied and now Artinst the name of the song, etc. is displayed on the Seitby screen. pleased ...

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hooddy @ 03/13/2013, 11:15*
- I do not use billboards, without it is not displayed?
- What is Automatic Anti-Clip?

1) I did not try ... I think there will be someone who does not have it and will answer .. Although it is clearly stated in the log - what exactly is a supersized billboard ... tobish exactly a bundle for it
2) Anti-clip is a good thing ...There is a concept in audio systems "Clip", for example, "Amplifier clips" ... this is when the output parameters are at the limit and the power supply is not enough - the amplifier begins to output a signal with non-sickly non-linear distortions, a pair of peak amplitudes can be so much greater. which can easily burn the speakers. The sounds are reminiscent of a stuttering CD.In our case, everything is a bit simpler ... when the volume and parameters of the filters are unnecessarily screwed in - the frank “СЁР” starts in the headphones, especially along the bottoms, the program sees that the output frequency response with a large proportion of distortion and automatically downgrades GAYN. The anti-clip prog was only able to slow down GEIN, I suspect that now she can add it ... or simply switched to a permanent automaton ...

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New version added to the header, thanksDgonix

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I lost sight of it ... For the past six months I have been using the "full" version: huh:
Here ...;)

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Attached fileQuasarMX 1.7.459.deb(2.95 MB)

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Replay Gain can?

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full version - can ...

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I am glad to testify that the project is still alive and developing ...

Latest current version

Light version:Attached filequasarmx-lite_1.8.1008_armel.deb(3.49 MB)

The purchase process is also organized, and even an upgrade on the developers website -https://www.meteorasoftworks.com/

If you bought a quasar in Ovi, then we can upgrade it to the latest version by following these instructions -tyts
You can also buy it directly on the site.
and you can buy in ovi and upgrade to the last ...

Changelog to latest version:
Version 1.8 - r1008 - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 20:04:41 +0000

This release contains lots of optimizations for the Symbian and Harmattan version of QuasarMX. Time of the UI. Audio backend is now fully optimized to use ARM NEON. The Symbian version has been optimized to make better use of ARM VFP. This is the initial release of the SailfishOS and Android port of QuasarMX.


Refined item layout;
Improved grouping support;
Better handling of cover art images;
Improved loading performance of groupings;
Covert art view now;
Many performance and efficiency improvements across the board.
New Features:

Fully zoomable user interface;
New Sound tab;
New Stereo enhancer feature;
Added a fully programmable Sleep Timer to the tools section;
Initial translations (https: //translate.kata...quasarmx/quasarmx-app/ ).

Symbian: Fixed out-of-memory condition during scanning;
Lots of bugfixes!

New revised icon / logo;
Free version is now unlockable to the pro version.

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Updated without problems. There was a Russian (and not only) localization. And a lot of things appeared ... The author is a great fellow.

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Latest Beta - Latest pre-release: 1.9.1061 (2014-10-05)


Version 1.9 (Beta) - r1061 - Sun, 05 Oct 2014 22:04:41 +0000

New Features:

Experimental Dynamic Range Compression Filter

SailfishOS: Implemented by the user interface;
Optimized section / group scroller to not interfere with horizontal swiping.

Cover artwork
Fixed crash when playlist could be found (e.g. when SD card was removed);
Fixed crash in file scanner when recursively scanning directories that contain symlink loops;
Symbian: Fixed screen rotation issue;
Symbian: Fixed performance memory texture usage.

In the public domain yet.

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I'm testing the latest beta, there are small shoals, but not critical

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and for sailboat they write?

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Yes, by the way Dynamic Range Compression is likely to be removed.

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Is there a full version for the latest version? (sorry for the tautology)
UPD: Jolla does not support .deb packages

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Odorobo @ 11/22/2014, 9:11 PM*
Is there a full version for the latest version? (sorry for the tautology)

There is, and for Jolla, and for Harmattan. But behind them - to the store, let's not offend the author of this wonderful program.

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Version 1.9 - r1090 - Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:10:00 +0000

light version -Attached filequasarmx-lite_1.9.1090_armel.deb(3.61 MB)

This release contains a lot of bugfixes and some new features.

New Features:

Added a volume balance feature (by popular demand);
If you’re still trying to avoid the problem
Note: The output quality will be affected. There are several enhancers enabled.

The app has been selected as a restart or playlist switching;
Optimized section / group scroller to not interfere with horizontal swiping;
SailfishOS: Implemented by the user interface;
SailfishOS: Implemented a file dialog in native styling. (Hi @iCODeRUS!: D)

Fixed an issue in the balance channel for each channel ("balance bug");
If you’re losing powerhttps: //bugreports.qt-…org/browse/QTBUG-21739 );
Meta-data database;
Fixed a crash when switching between playlists and / or managing them;
Fix files>"Cache & Storage";
It is fixed;
There is a track where the track artist differs from the album artist, ie. on compilations ("Various artists")
Artist grouping is disabled.
This is a trick for you to get overwritten and duplicated;
Fixed a crash when it was found (e.g. when SD card was removed);
Fixed a crash when scanning scanners that contain symlink loops;
SailfishOS: Fixed unlocking of Uitukka release;
SailfishOS: Fixed orientation of splash screen at startup;
SailfishOS: Fixed potential start-up crash;
SailfishOS: Added a work-around for the Qt 5.2.2 libraries used in the Uitukka update, triggered by text translation;
Symbian: Fixed the screen rotation issue;
Symbian: Fixed memory texture;
Windows: Fixed loading, plugins, effectively fixing the internet detection and cover art import.

buy:can be here

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Happy New Year everyone! :-) Umena constantly flies pro version to lite. It is necessary almost every day to turn on the possibilities again. Maybe someone knows how to solve the problem?

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* chemvic, if you bought, contact the author, he is extremely responsive, suddenly he will tell you what. Well, if I didn’t buy it, then the claims, it seems to me, are groundless (it’s not a sin to break the program, but considering that the author seems to even look at this forum .. :))

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I have no complaints :-), I just wanted to find out how things are different with this and who can solve the problem

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* chemvic,
protection like ...
no one broke ...
the older pro versions were lying online, they seemed to work ... on the whole, everything is simple - who needs to buy it .. especially, the program really costs its money!

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