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Attached ImageVersion: 2.1.1490
Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2016

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At the moment, one of the best audio player with support for all that is needed, a huge number of functions and amazingly smooth, beautiful navigation. The interface is controlled by gestures and is very convenient. There is not just an equalizer, but also a lot of sound settings (in the full version). The player also supports almost all formats and can work with wired headsets (claimed by the author, perhaps not all headsets will work as it should).
Among the shortcomings can be identified, the decent cost of the full version, the lack of the Russian language and the inability to choose a language for downloading information about the artist and album.
In the Lite version, you can temporarily enable full functionality for review.

  • audio library
  • playlist managementfull version
  • swipe control
  • scrobbling Last.fm
  • equalizerfull version
  • loading lyrics
  • download artist and album information
  • loading album cover from online database
  • switching display modes (landscape, portrait and auto)

Russian interface: Not
Homepage: katastrophos.net
Buy: Ovi Store
Download Light version: Ovi Store
Download Light version Version 2.1.1490

About the current build : QuasarMX (Post # 36014993)

old versions:
Attached filequasarmx-lite_1_417970.7.459_armel.deb(2.95 MB)

Download Full version Version 1.7.459
Attached fileQuasarMX_Full_1.6.394.deb(2.89 MB)
Attached fileQuasarMX_Lite_1.6.394_armel.deb(2.89 MB)

Download 0.6.35: Attached filequasarmx_0.6_35_2011_12_29.deb (2.25 MB)

Download 0.8.52: Attached filequasarmx_0.8_52_2012_01_13.deb (2.24 MB)

Download 1.0.106: Attached filequasarmx_1.0_106_armel.deb (2.29 MB)

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QuasarMX v.1.0 (b4)

Download: Attached filequasarmx_1.0_106_armel.deb (2.29 MB)

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Dgonix @ 04/01/2012, 15:01*
QuasarMX v.1.0 (b4)

On the lock screen, learned to draw control?

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QuasarMX v.1.1.180

Changes unknown.

Download: Attached filequasarmx_1_417970.1.180_armel.deb (2.04 MB)

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Dgonix @ 06/01/2012, 12:26*
Changes unknown.

But still cannot control from the lock screen.

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late .. I have long been maemo)

I watch meeColay and other things out of habit .. often I go to tmo .. everything else ..

but there is something a little incomprehensible to him as I look ..

but still hope to grab somewhere n9 zanedorogo.

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project abandoned?

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Troinoy @ 10/15/2012, 11:45*
project abandoned?

according todeveloper twitter then no

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I understand that with energy saving I normally. Just do not understand, do I need to keep the prog running? Or you can run it and then boldly close it, but it will still lead to statistics.
And still, what kind of audio player remembers the last playback place and starts playing when it starts from the same place? For some reason, the sigma player starts playing from the same place, but he does not see the songs that go further in the playing folder. Does everyone have it?

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I will not say for other programs, Battery Usage, will collect statistics, even if it was closed.
But with players, honestly, I don’t know, QuasarMX doesn’t remember exactly (or rather, remembers the last launched track), standard one too ... and SigmaPlayer didn’t use it, because with it, the phone starts to eat a battery of three necks ...: )

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I can’t win control at quasarMX, I choose an album, and he starts only the first song with me, although it’s not worth looping, that is, I can’t understand how normally he can play the folder

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A version 1.6.394 appeared in the store, which got rid of the Beta prefix, but received the Lite prefix and acquired an equalizer. We are testing.

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Not paid? Does anyone have a debit for the cap?

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hooddy @ 01/12/2013, 00:19*
Also appeared in the Store version without prefixes)

You can officially download the Lite version temporarily to the full to test what the author reports directly to the Lite version. In my opinion, the functionality there is far from vital (comfortable work with playlists and some not clear to me Sound tab, the only thing worth is equalizer).
hooddy @ 01/12/2013, 00:19*
Buy, share)))

in view of the above, I consider it not very correct to lay out the paid version here. Let at least a small penny earn, because The player is excellent even in the Lite version with it can only be comparedFlowplayer which I personally like a little bit more.

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hooddy @ 01/12/2013, 02:48*
By the way, he hung with me, here)

and everything works OK for me, though the interface seems overloaded but it turns out that everything is very convenient to do. I even regretted that I boughtFlowplayer but then changed my mind.
By the way, I updated FlowPlayer to the latest version 0.1.5. I advise you to test and buy.

Rep: (12223)
QuasarMX Lite v.1.6.394

Download: Attached filequasarmx-lite_1_417970.6.394_armel.deb (2.89 MB)

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New (light) version added to the header

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hooddy @ 01/12/2013, 04:48*
Mmm, yes, I don’t urge him to post it right away, but if someone buys and shares, I’ll take it with gratitude. I will not buy it, because it's a little expensive, the face is too complicated and I really don’t need its functionality. I've bought the radio of our compatriot, I don’t even know why, from the herd instinct of the feeling of the elbow, but I haven’t listened to the radio for many years already) , and now I don’t remember the name) By the way, it hangs on me, here)


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Perhaps the best player;)

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he never learned two crucial things: do not slow down while working with the browser and control the headset button :)
Takshta yet standard ONLY

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but how awesome it is to lay everything out on the shelves and yet it’s not a sickly amount of sound settings compared to the standard!

By the way about the birds ... I bought the full version ... I devoted a lot of time to the fine settings .. but as always in such cases it happens .. at some point you “make up for so much” that everything seems to be abalted, but you should stop for a couple watch and turn on again as you come to the horror of what they built there ...
Hence the question .. Does anyone have a good selection of parameters for a standard headset?

ps I seriously thought about Cossacks or Sinhayzers))

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