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Attached ImageVersion: 2.1.1490
Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2016

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At the moment, one of the best audio player with support for all that is needed, a huge number of functions and amazingly smooth, beautiful navigation. The interface is controlled by gestures and is very convenient. There is not just an equalizer, but also a lot of sound settings (in the full version). The player also supports almost all formats and can work with wired headsets (claimed by the author, perhaps not all headsets will work as it should).
Among the shortcomings can be identified, the decent cost of the full version, the lack of the Russian language and the inability to choose a language for downloading information about the artist and album.
In the Lite version, you can temporarily enable full functionality for review.

  • audio library
  • playlist managementfull version
  • swipe control
  • scrobbling Last.fm
  • equalizerfull version
  • loading lyrics
  • download artist and album information
  • loading album cover from online database
  • switching display modes (landscape, portrait and auto)

Russian interface: Not
Homepage: katastrophos.net
Buy: Ovi Store
Download Light version: Ovi Store
Download Light version Version 2.1.1490

About the current build : QuasarMX (Post # 36014993)

old versions:
Attached filequasarmx-lite_1_417970.7.459_armel.deb(2.95 MB)

Download Full version Version 1.7.459
Attached fileQuasarMX_Full_1.6.394.deb(2.89 MB)
Attached fileQuasarMX_Lite_1.6.394_armel.deb(2.89 MB)

Download 0.6.35: Attached filequasarmx_0.6_35_2011_12_29.deb (2.25 MB)

Download 0.8.52: Attached filequasarmx_0.8_52_2012_01_13.deb (2.24 MB)

Download 1.0.106: Attached filequasarmx_1.0_106_armel.deb (2.29 MB)

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Rep: (149)
player of my dreams)))

The main face with a huge cover and a couple of buttons, finally))

sorry it’s harmattan% (((

Rep: (125)
Well here either buy N9, for example, if you feel sorry for the money, or stubbornly try to get Harmattan to work on the N900.
But as for me, I need to wait for the final version, look at the equalizer and it would be nice to unload the interface and add buttons to the window with the cover<<>>. But it's all for my taste.

Rep: (75)
delirious, delirious,
Well, actually, on the off site there is an announcement for May.

Rep: (125)
Sanis, Well then, in general, it's great)

Rep: (268)
I heard that in the future they want to add support for the video.

Rep: (0)
IMHO, the same as some player. Almost one to one functionality

Rep: (125)
appeared on Ovi, added a link.

Rep: (12)
And he does not know how to set the lock button on the window? IMHO, this is a killer feature for those who do not have a headset.

Rep: (125)
Liho-odnoglazoe @ 01/11/2012, 2:17 PM*
And he does not know how to set the lock button on the window?

while it can only standard player.

Rep: (0)
Does it support work with folders?

Rep: (125)
33331931 @ 14.01.2012, 16:47 *
Does it support work with folders?

in what sense? He scans all folders and searches for music in them.

Rep: (0)
nah! scanning is nonsense. Not all music files are properly tagged. opening and playing a folder, you know exactly what will be played. This is needed often enough. especially if a lot of files

Rep: (125)
33331931, in my opinion, it is easier to put things in order in the tags) At the moment, a rather specific function that is not very popular, for example, as handwriting, but there are options in your case, I pointed to them.

Rep: (246)
Playing back folders is a heresy. Heretics will be judged by the Holy Inquisition.

Rep: (125)
33331931, here's an option for you Folders play really paid.

Rep: (100)
The headset does not work at all, dear and from the SE. on a regular player - they work.

Rep: (125)
troinoy Well, he seems like a betta.

Rep: (149)
troinoy Bug report on the blog or somewhere else the author. He is quite responsive.

Rep: (0)
here for you option Folders Play really paid.

And did not meet something similar but free?

Rep: (125)
C.J. @ 02.29.2012, 14:50*
And did not meet something similar but free?

KMPlayertry it.

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