TitanIM | client for social network VKontakte (Harmattan)

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Attached ImageVersion: 0.1.7
Last update of the program in the header:27.06.2013 (not a release date)

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The only alternative client for the most popular social network VKontakte from a domestic developer. Constantly developing and acquiring new functionality. Well suited for those whom the official client seems ponderous and cumbersome.

  • News and Comments
  • Wall and friends
  • Private messages
  • News Publishing
  • Photo
  • Global Search Audio Records
  • Languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian, Byelorussian

  • Photo posting
  • News Channel Integration
  • Background notification of new posts
  • Bugs fixed

Homepage: vk.com/titanim
Russian interface: Yes
Download: Ovi Store
Download: Version 0.1.7 PRO http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1800314/titanim_0_360525.1.5_armel.deb
Past versions:

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Reason for editing: updated to 0.1.5

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* Lord_Skiminok13,
This one also did not go far) groups are not supported in it, and the music has fallen off.

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* amigo157
that means it's still pointless)

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I set two-stage autopization on VKontakte, now I can’t log in, backup passwords do not work.

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* Jay-nik
The application comes from the time when the VK was a tube, what to expect then. Then if you fix the handles

Rep: (14)
* amigo157
I hoped that one-time passwords would work, but it didn’t work even with them.

Although Google Mail has a similar two-step authentication, there one-time password immediately earned by IMAP.

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recently started flying out at work

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* n e w b i e,
Describe how it flies. The concept is extensible ...

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* amigo157 sure, the problem is common, not only I encountered something like this. Previously, the application all the time hung in the background and there were no problems. Somewhere a week ago, something like this began to happen, in the process of answering or some kind of activity / not activity, it says that the server is unavailable and crashes, and then logs on again. Sometimes it crashes and hangs at the input of a login / password, close the application, open it, automatic login is performed without a request

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I support, there was such a problem too!

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By the way. Did you know no? What can I add a news feed from VKontakte to the channel on the desktop? For example, open vk.com/ in your native browsersavagemessiahzine.comand change (add rss to the address bar). it ended up like vkrss.com/savagemessiahzine.com. And immediately a subscription to the channel appears. And the VK application is not necessary in order to fill the channel. You can also experiment with other sites! ;)

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it ended up like vkrss.com/savagemessiahzine.com. And immediately a subscription to the channel appears.

alas ... but the service has now become paid ...

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He returned to the topic of subscriptions to topics in VK in the tape ...

issue price 200r per year or 1000 forever ... decided to try)))

if anyone needs it -https://vkrss.com/f/86418575weekly probe free

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about CHATS in VK -Extraplugins (Post by Alexxxl # 69595196)

Rep: (473)
has anyone died of titanium?

Rep: (9)
* Alexxxl, , died, already a week for sure

Rep: (37)
* n e w b i e, more than 3 for sure (it would be necessary to revive it

Rep: (473)
See again API changed ((

Rep: (184)
* Alexxxl writes installation is interrupted

Rep: (473)
* DroidUset , he died a long time ago, you can’t even try to put it

Rep: (184)
* Alexxxl , generally there is no client for VK?

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