Assemblies of installers for emulators java | all different (Maemo 5 / Harmattan)

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Java programs and games>>

Universal installer for arbitrary MIDlets: Attached filephoneme-qml_0.5.1-full_armel_harmattan.deb (4.95 MB)

There are versions with built-in phoneME and without.
all here (maemo / meego):

My builds of midlet installers for phoneME:

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Is there any java emulator for nokia n9. I'd like to put a qiwi-wallet in the phone.

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There is.
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New Java version of the QIWI payment application Wallet is already available to everyone for the OS(Maemo)

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Added information to the topic header:
Images for emulators>> | Java programs and games>>
See, maybe there you will find useful files.

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New Java version of the payment application QIWI Wallet is already available to everyone for the OS (Maemo)

And where? I tried to start via phoneme - for a second the window gets out and then disappears, no logs, no errors = (
n900 device

upd: no, swears as with the microemulator on java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax.wireless.messaging.Message

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And what should be done to run the whole thing? Just put deb? Does not start. Or do you need to put the virtual machine? Which one? Where to get?

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Great reader -Foliant
Picture Picture Picture Picture

P.S. In the settings you can change the screen orientation and application language.

Download Foliant_armel.deb

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- removed the terminal window
- added a shortcut to Maemo
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Attached Image

Attached filefoliant_armel.deb(566.05 KB)

at the request gathered installer java-chat. MeeGo / Maemo Label
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Attached filegalaxy_armel.deb(1.79 MB)

absolutely new ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru client. MeeGo / Maemo Label
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Attached filemandarin_armel.deb(507.61 KB)

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Installed qip appeared shortcut and it does not start it. explain how to make nadonado

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vovka_ekb, I need to install a phoneme (I can’t give the link, I’m sitting on the phone, look at the forum, there was a topic dedicated to it)

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who can put together a customer talkanaut

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Client to use
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Attached filemystiq_armel.deb(860,09 KB)

Gravity defied
all known java game
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Talkonaut - ICQ is a client with an ergonomic and intuitive interface and high functionality.
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just like mandarin opens for a second and

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the program requires the "unzip" package installed

!For all:
If you do not run the program, this is due to the lack of the package "unzip" in the system. To install it you can:
  1. in the terminal
    rootme (default password)
    apt-get install unzip

  2. either install this package ->Attached fileunzip_5.52_12_armel.deb(174.07 KB)

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unzip is not installed - it writes an invalid installation package (

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then try installing through the terminal.
although it is strange, I took the package off. repository

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Can there be any other solution?

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Students Calculator 2
great calculator
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Attached filestudentscalculator2_armel.deb(85.84 KB)

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TV program schedule.
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Attached Image

Attached fileTVControlJ0610_armel.deb(123.24 KB)

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Added a link to the last phoneME-QML in the header.
In general, they can set an arbitrary midlet.

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