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> Toshiba TG01 - WP7 based firmware | New life - the old machine.
24.12.11, 17:14
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Toshiba TG01- WP7 based firmware
Toshiba Tsunagi, NTT DoCoMo PRO series T-01A
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Instructions on firmware
1 If you have a firmware with a radio, not 0321 - we sew (much has been written about this)
2 Install TG_Downloader ->We get and insert the battery ->we clamp buttons CAMERA + POWER ->The white LED lights up.
3 Connect TG01 to the computer and run TG_Downloader in the first window, where you have to select TG01 ... select ALL.
4 In TG_Downloader select the port (Toshiba Download port) ->point to the file WP7boot.bin and search for start ->less than 5 minutes
5 After the end of the firmware process, we take out and insert the battery ->we clamp buttons CAMERA + POWER ->the blue LED lights up ->Install Common downloader V4.7.20 For Android Setup and drivers from the folder (acer driver)
6 We tear off the Common downloader click on the Multi-Downloder tab and point to the folder with the firmware (WP7 where there should be 3 files: partition.mbn NPRG8650.hex and the firmware file itself in * .bin format - which can be downloaded from the file sharing link) ->Click Refresh and Start all. The firmware process takes 20-25 minutes.
Thanks for the sasim_va instruction.


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If someone needs it, I will write instructions in Russian.
The seventh Winda flies on the TG01.
Today everything works except
Cameras, Accelerometer, Headphones

Write wishes.

Flashing will look like this:

1. Firmware rum from radio 0321.
2. Update WM7 Bootloader.
3. Firmware rum.
4. Automatic installation of programs from HTC and Nokia + installation unlocka to install xap files.
5. Install the patch for 3g and stable signal reception.
And rejoice

In a few days I will gather complete instructions and screenshots for flashing.

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07.05.14, 20:26

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pomogite ya ne mogu naiti proshivku s radio 0321 kinte silku please u mena stoit radio 5001.0001.67
20.08.14, 12:34

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Why doesn’t the white diode light up? I just turn on the phone .... what to do?
20.08.14, 13:12

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* dimka6766,
and how should let me guess. You connect the switched off device to the charging and it turns on)

20.08.14, 14:52

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I did as in the instructions in this topic, I take out the battery, insert and clamp the power + camera, and the phone just turns on. what's wrong??? how to be

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