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Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] | Real Racing 2 from Electronic Arts

Rep: (3259)
Real racing 2
Version: 1123

Last update of the game in the header:19.01.2014

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HTC Sensation XE Screenshots

Want to test your driver skills?
Play the game for free. Take and download one of the best races on mobile platforms! Feel the taste of adrenaline, upgrade to the full version and play at your pleasure. Ride on 30 perfectly detailed cars in 15 amazing places and go through career mode.
Play Real Racing 2 for FREE
Get behind the wheel in fast racing mode and fight 15 opponents. Gnaw nails to the finish, because if you lose, then you screw up the whole world.
In the full version you can:
  • Test your racing abilities in a tournament in which 16 highly skilled drivers participate
  • Choose your car from the proposed, such as: 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLaren MP4-12C and others!
  • Walk a long way from novice to pro in career mode. There is also a fast race and time mode.
  • Racing takes place in 15 beautiful places, ride day and night!
  • Controlling tapas or accelerometers depending on your preferences

Are you ready for the race now? Get behind the wheel, start the engine and go!

Just before asking something, read the FAQ!
Game FAQ
Q: And why Real Racing 2 from Electronic Arts? After all, it must be from Firemint !? Is this exactly the same game?
A: Yes, the same one, Electronic Arts bought Firemint or this game. First comes the EA logo, and then Firemint.

Q: Does the game require ARMv7?
A: The game works on budget with ARMv6, but the performance is not very high and there are bugs. Compatibility can be seen on the market, but even there if it writes that it is not compatible, there is a chance that it will work.

Q: Is the graphics the same as on the apple?
A: No, the graphics are a bit worse judging by the reviews.Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10459624)

Q: Is the game free?
A: Formally, yes, but the first race is free, after its completion a video clip will appear, and after it the game will tell me to buy it, if you don’t buy it, you will leave the game, and the next time all progress is reset, you will have to start your career all over again, but just again the first race and so on in a circle.

Q: Is there a hacked one?
ABOUT:Yes, our great magician ~ Nops ~ hacked the game, but in order for it to become full, you need to run it with the Internet turned off and for the first time you need to run it twice, then it will become full, you will always have to play without the Internet.Now with the updated hacking, you can run the game with the Internet turned on, it will still be complete, as if you bought it. You can upgrade right over the old one, all the progress will remain and you will not need to download the cache again.

Q: Why does the cache swing through the game so slowly or not at all?
A: There are some problems so far, download from the forum, the cache weighs more than 1GB in unpacked form. Please stop writing about your interest, how many have downloaded, this is not the necessary information on the topic!

Q: How to switch the camera view in the game?
A: You need to click in the upper right corner of the display! The camera icon will appear on the right, and the pause icon will appear on the left.

Q: I crash out of the game when choosing a BMW, what should I do?
A: You need to download files that did not download completely. Archive//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1351807/m3g.rar(13.14 MB) Unzip contents by sdcard \ Android \ data \ com.ea.game.realracing2_row \ files \ res path

Q: The game crashes after loading or after two races, why?
A: Most likely you downloaded a broken cache, which file was not fully downloaded, you need to download a new one, another one, or yourself via Wi-Fi.

Q: There is no game on the Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0, why?
A: The game is not yet optimized for Android 4.0, on your devices.

ZY FAQ compiled and compiled^^ TeRMiT ^^and addedV.Sherbakov

Note: Version 000315 is made for another region, everything in it is absolutely the same except for the cache and the path to it, you do not need it, enough to post it and press complaints on it. Thank you for understanding.

Android Market Web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...racing2_OTD_row

Attached Image Attached Image review on ARMv6

Additional Information
Features: 3D, G-sensor
Russian interface: Not
Solving problems with views of the Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 12211340)

Link to the post with all the broken versions !!!
Link to the post on which devices launched the 000366 HD version and launch methods
Version 000851 adreno MiPad4 : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post vasiliywifi # 83765396)
Version 1123 : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 28612833)
Russifier text. Version: 2.1
//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1424767/text_en_2.1.zip(20.14 KB)Changes
Throw in Android / data / com.ea.game.realracing2_row / files / res or Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10495516)
Version 000597 (htc hd2) : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 15577356)
APK + cache 000597 (for adreno) : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 15577356)
Launch on Samsung Galaxy S4 : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 29145588)
Previous versions of the crack

Before installing, please read the topicInstalling games with cache [FAQ]
All the same caches
Cache forPowervr
SGS:Real Racing 2 [3D] (Post # 10454007)
Nexus S:Real Racing 2 [3D] (Post # 10454074)
LG Optimus 3D:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10455818
LG Optimus Black:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10464532)

Cache forSnapdragon / Adreno
HTC Desire S:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10713602)
HTC Desire HD:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 11696843)
Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 13668602)
Rip cache:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10472442)
HTC EVO 3D, HTC Sensationmaybe other adreno+ most budgets:Real Racing 2 [3D] (Post # 10452394)
HTC wildfire SReal Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14250923)
Cache forTegra
One X:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 15026523)
Tegra 3:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14703202)
LG Optimus 2x:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post)
Motorola ATRIX 4G:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10542298)

Cache forMali
SGS II:Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 10478910)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14321531)
Samsung Galaxy NoteReal Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 11824178)
Cache for Xiaomi Mi-Two (it is possible that it will also fit the Nexus 4 and Asus Padfone 2 and other devices with similar hardware) : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 18634955)
Way: sdcard \ Android \ data \ com.ea.game.realracing2_row

Past versions
Version 000871: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 17861007)
Version 000853 SGSII: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 19112267)
Version 000851 HD Offline + Cash : Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 18843141)
Version 000640 HD: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14981566)
Version 000627: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14941996)
Version 000597: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 14385391)
Version 000540: Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] (Post # 13857595)
Version 000406: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1514693/Real_Racing_2_v1.11.02.000406.apk (2.59 MB)
version: 000314 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1383347/Real_Racing_2_000314.apk (2.08 MB) Full version
version: 000314 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1350413/Real_Racing_2_Cracked_Nops.apk (2.08 MB) Full version
Before starting, you need to turn off the Internet, after the second launch the game will be complete.
version: 000313 Attached fileReal_Racing_2_Cracked_Nops.apk (2.08 MB)
Full version
Before starting, you need to turn off the Internet, after the second launch the game will be complete.

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2) Suggestions / corrections on the header should be sent to the curator in the form of private messages. You can also inform the moderator via the buttonA complaint .

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Rep: (2)
com.ea.game.realracing2_na V000306
Attached filecom.ea.game.realracing2_na.apk(2.08 MB)

Rep: (223)
I want to download the cache! Interestingly this is a good sign!? Is there support for ARMv6?

Rep: (98)
It is free in the market! What the?!

Rep: (3259)
I only shakes slowly

Rep: (632)
Please do not flood.

Rep: (223)
Kesh will hang 449mb

Post has been editedV.Sherbakov - 22.12.11, 06:09

Rep: (46)
Rotor113 @ 12/22/2011, 07:06*
It is free in the market! What the?!

There will be inside the game purchase.

Rep: (11)
Does not download cache 0%

Rep: (6)
Damn, I'll get to the waffle only in the evening (judging by the screenshots, it should be chic. Has anyone already launched this miracle? How does the management?

Rep: (91)
There is no control tachem?

Rep: (0)
I remember playing it on the wheelbarrow, cool game, the graphics are very beautiful)

Rep: (1)
This is a race hit, I went on my iPod and I’m going to go to Andrew. Not that Nfs.

Rep: (35)
On 3g I will swing till the morning

Rep: (84)
He says I’m downloading the magic cache to you 600 meters and it’s worth 0% already thinks about 5 minutes, periodically speaking everything is saved, restart me) Says

Rep: (6)
I have the same(

Rep: (0)
so it is hacked or have to buy later?

Rep: (6)
I do not know the cache does not shake!

Rep: (70)
I join the above-inscribed. Cache does not shake normally.

Rep: (58)
It's good that the game came out on our devices.
It is a pity, but the cache is downloaded very, very slowly. (Although the speed of the Internet is fast) I ask users with SGS II and WiFi to download the cache :)
About the game:
I liked it on i devices, I think it will not look bad on SGS II either.

Rep: (383)
sgs2, 600 meters cache, download 473)

ps: this is the tumble down game to NG)))

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