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Rules for the creation and design of topics.

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The format of the name of the topic being created:
  • Topic Title: write the full name of the game without the version
  • Topics Description: type of game (PSP and PSX)

Before you create a theme, make sure that this topic does not exist. To do this, use theSearch.

If you have anything to add to what the game or correction - no need to create a separate topic for this, put everything that you think is necessary in the theme with the game. If you think the addition / correction important, then let moderation section to be added to the first message threads

You can create different themes with one game in different languages, but it is recommended to add links to existing topics with the indication of the language.

It is recommended to add links from topicsmany games for PSP with torrents(If the game there)

The theme itself must be designed according to a template, observing the font size and color:

x.xx version (if there is)

Cover - image size up to 640x480

Image Type: CSO / ISO
Author / Developer: DynamicSystems / 505 Games / 1C Publishing
Tongue: ENG / RUS / JAP / USA / Multi5
File size: 100 Mb CSO ENG / 200Mb ISO RUS
Tested on firmware: 5.00 M33 / 5.50 GEN-D2 / 5.03 GEN-B / official 6.20

game description

game screenshots

[SIZE = 4] [b] [color = blue] Name [/ SIZE] [/ b] [/ color]
[Size = 3] [b] version x.xx [/ b] [/ size] (if any)

[OFFTOP] Cover - image size to 640x480 [/ OFFTOP]

[B] Image type: [/ B] CSO / ISO
[B] Author / Developer: [/ B] DynamicSystems / 505 Games / 1C Publishing
[B] Language: [/ B] ENG / RUS / JAP / USA / Multi5
[B] Size: [/ B] 100 Mb
[B] tested for insertion: [/ B] 5.00 M33 / 5.50 GEN-D2 / 5.03 GEN-B / [COLOR = red] Official 6.20 [/ COLOR]

[b] Description: [/ b]
game description

[B] Screenshots: [/ B]
[Attachment = 341 186: 0001hie.GIF]

[HIDE] [color = blue] [b] Download: [/ b] [/ color]
link 1
reference 2

[B] Password: [/ B] [OFFTOP] if you want [/ OFFTOP] [/ HIDE]

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Everyone who puts the game, check out the new rules of registration of the

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In the "Games for the PSP" added the template to create the - there is no need to manually edit someone else's template and simply fill in the required fields :)

after the creation of themes for the users as well leave open the possibility to edit your post in the normal mode (no template) to add / fix links, description, etc.

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