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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog


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Last update of the program in the header:19.07.2012

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Microsoft's SkyDrive application allows you to store files and access them from virtually any device. With Windows Phone, you can open SkyDrive directly from the Office Center or the Image Center. The system can automatically upload photos to SkyDrive to facilitate access to them.
SkyDrive for Windows Phone now also allows you to manage and share files — all from a single application. You can:
• view all your documents in SkyDrive, including the files to which you have been granted access;
• view recently opened documents;
• upload your photos;
• send links to files by e-mail;
• create folders, and delete files and folders.

Program author: Microsoft Corporation

Russian interface: Yes

XAP: Attached fileSkyDrive_v2.2.0.0.xap (1.68 MB)

Previous versions:

WP7 Market: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-RU/apps/ad5...02-ffe7f4182ba8

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Reason for editing: v.2.2

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Please tell me how to get rid of this error?
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This topic discusses the SkyDrive for WindowsPhone 7.

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Unstable application. :( Who wanted to fill in a couple of pictures with your phone, so loading lasts for 15 minutes, trying to restart the program, turn off the Internet. But even with disconnected data, write to me, that is loading.

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as a pdf to see? writes are not authorized to view this content
adobu reader installed

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does not scan a Word document, please tell me what to do ??

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Hello everyone. In the Internet I have found the information that through SkyDrive, you can synchronize messages and save them in SkyDrive'e. The problem is that it is not clear where they were in the SkyDrive find them. Inside, there is a tab "Mail", but I produces errors about Office 356 and Outlook. I had the idea to register an account in Outlook (for typing emails and password for Microsoft), but did not want to be connected (to register, log) to the Outlook (feeling as if the password is not correct). In general, the question is:How to look through SkyDrive phone messages?Files, photos, music flip turns. Phone HTC 8x, WP-8.

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It seems to me in any way. They are stored separately, it would be logical

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What the program does not want to completely fill the photos from your phone -_-

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How to fill in fb2 format book in skaydrayv? I downloaded the book through the opera she is now in the document folder in May as I throw it in the cloud? And then I have a manager does not read the file format and the books in txt format is not downloaded and opened ...

Phone lyumiya 710 ful unlock stitched ultrakem out there pomoymu

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Put the SkyDrive app for the company, and to submit to the book files.

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And how to do it? Is there any reader who opens a book file by a manager? Without there download from internet and as a result there is no shaking or select from a library bespontovoy ..

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zadrochinforyou @ 04.04.2013, 16:21*
Is there any reader who opens a book file by a manager?

For WP8 long gone, but there will be. For WP7 does not have and never will. Restrictions!

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I downloaded fb2 how do I open this book
More precisely what? Phone hacked ..

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zadrochinforyou @ 04.04.2013, 17:43*
More precisely what?

the choice is hugeReading, dictionaries, encyclopedias

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I threw a Word file on skaydrayv. On the phone does not open the writing can not be loaded: You do not have permission to download this file. Try to ask for help to whoever is responsible for this site. Does anyone know what it is and how to open? WP 7.8

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Probably the file has an attribute "Read Only", and even possibly in the office is not established pairing with SkyDrive.

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And how it is possible to download all the pictures from your phone? except that no one poking) lyumiya vp7,5 800

or if someone knows tell me the same thing with any other service, I will be very grateful

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Directly from the phone, most likely no way. Only through the computer ... I threw off all the pictures on a computer, then it is left on the server itself, and there is a technical matter, create a folder or in a ready =>add =>highlight and right =>open. So Makar unlimited number can throw. And with the phone is unlikely, the file manager is not present))) here and throw in one. But in the application, you can move and delete a lot at once, only the boxes need to be put.

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Version latest version of WP7):
Attached fileOneDive_v2.3.1.0_elcajontecnologico.com.xap(1.69 MB)

My mod
- transparent tiles and icon
Attached fileOneDrive mod.xap(1.69 MB)

Thread with new versions:
OneDrive [WM10]

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