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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

Opera Mini

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Opera Mini
Version: 5.1

Last update of the program in the header:25.12.2011

Attached Image

Unofficial port of Opera Mini web browser for WP7.

The bootloader version is 1.2, the same as in the port of Opera Mobile 10. Of the innovations:
  • the re-creation of the opera window when launching the launcher, if the opera had already been opened before.
  • got rid of WindowTreeUpdater.dll, now we use system functions directly.
  • font smoothing
  • removed unnecessary system calls
  • timeout is now 3 seconds
  • improved work with the virtual keyboard

Author: ultrashot

Russian interface: Yes

Supports firmware containing either unlock fromDft , or unlock from me ( ultrashot ).
If after the start of the application the browser window does not appear at all - this means that your phone is not fully unlocked (there is no developer unlock). The appearance of errors with the text "Check your unlock state" means either critical errors during the execution of certain operations, or the absence of complete unlock, which is more likely.

Please note that neither the author of this launcher, nor Opera Software are responsible for any damage caused to your device by this application.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VNF_snaaa8
Removing Opera: start the application, click Stop and select "Delete internal Opera folders". Next, remove as usual.

XAP: Attached fileOperaMini5.1.xap (1.38 MB)

Previous versions
Version 5.1 -Attached fileOperaMini.xap(1.13 MB)

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and how can Cyrillic fonts be changed? it hurts so huge!

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Hey. I do not know where to write ... Listen can you know how to do? I Installed the application through the Marketplace and I want to extract the XAP application from the phone to install later ...
How to do it? I have a Samsung focus phone with Full anlock.


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on omnia w does not put?

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How is it different fromOpera Mini ?

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Dimon4ezzz @ 06/28/2014, 10:55*
How does it differ from Opera Mini?

Well, how would different platforms

Posted on 07.15.2014, 10:23:

- By the way, why do developers (and Opera are no exception) so persistently ignore Windows Phone?
- Good question! (Laughs.) Of course, in Opera we always wanted to occupy all the platforms, to offer a solution for them. However, we had to make a choice. From our point of view, Windows Phone has been trying to cope with difficulties for a long time, including the incompatible generations of the operating system, the representative of the Norwegian company explained.
This, he said, was an obstacle that did not allow to direct efforts towards the mobile OS from Microsoft. However, the platform is not forgotten. However, as soon as it will be in the spotlight of Opera, it is difficult to say.

a source

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* _snow_,
Opera is no longer opera, there is no support, mini is working with a friend, servers have collapsed

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Yes, do not mini! Give the usual Opera Mobile with a normal full screen and a layout of sites under a small screen. And nothing more.))

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Opera in Store
http: //www.windowsphon…4ecb-a8fb-9fc817cdab90

Rep: (844)
[WP8] [BETA] Opera Mini
Discussion of the official version moved there.

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refreshed and earned !!! tell me the exit button is there or I just can not find?

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My mod 1.2:
- transparent tiles and icon

Attached fileOpera Mini 5.1 mod.xap(1.36 MB)

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