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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

Opera Mini

Rep: (3962)
Opera Mini
Version: 5.1

Last update of the program in the header:25.12.2011

Attached Image

Unofficial port of Opera Mini web browser for WP7.

The bootloader version is 1.2, the same as in the port of Opera Mobile 10. Of the innovations:
  • the re-creation of the opera window when launching the launcher, if the opera had already been opened before.
  • got rid of WindowTreeUpdater.dll, now we use system functions directly.
  • font smoothing
  • removed unnecessary system calls
  • timeout is now 3 seconds
  • improved work with the virtual keyboard

Author: ultrashot

Russian interface: Yes

Supports firmware containing either unlock fromDft , or unlock from me ( ultrashot ).
If after the start of the application the browser window does not appear at all - this means that your phone is not fully unlocked (there is no developer unlock). The appearance of errors with the text "Check your unlock state" means either critical errors during the execution of certain operations, or the absence of complete unlock, which is more likely.

Please note that neither the author of this launcher, nor Opera Software are responsible for any damage caused to your device by this application.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VNF_snaaa8
Removing Opera: start the application, click Stop and select "Delete internal Opera folders". Next, remove as usual.

XAP: Attached fileOperaMini5.1.xap (1.38 MB)

Previous versions
Version 5.1 -Attached fileOperaMini.xap(1.13 MB)

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Rep: (938)
Russian interface is available. However, all other languages ​​as well.
Unlock needs a full, interop is not enough.

Post has been editedultrashot - 10.12.11, 17:50

Rep: (-2)
Ehh, it was already delighted: rolleyes:, but on the optimus "Check your unlock state" :(

Rep: (400)
From the firmware laid out in public, it goes and works only on NTS devices on DFT V2 and V3, that is, with full unlock ... so that there are no extra questions

Rep: (7)
What is this nonsense? There is no mention on the official website. This time.
Secondly, after the installation is a timer for 3 seconds. they say "Opera Mini starts in ..." and after three seconds the application closes itself. Firmware - DFT v2

Rep: (854)
Sorry but you know how to read? since when did the official mini-opera have an ultrashot author? This is version 6.5, which you can run with us. True current on dft, which is regrettable: (

Rep: (1082)
Welikoiwanenko @ 12/10/2011, 21:39*
What is this nonsense?

This is not nonsense, this is" port " The Opera.
Zloy Pryanik @ 12/10/2011, 21:42*
since when did the official mini-opera have an ultrashot author?

he is the author of the port.

Posted 10/12/2011, 20:47:

Welikoiwanenko @ 12/10/2011, 21:39*
"Opera Mini starts in ..." and after three seconds the application closes itself. Firmware - DFT v2

try on DFT v3

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Rep: (400)
Absolutely tested on DFT V2 V3, on Mozart and HD7, and on its fully unlocked shivah ... the question is what else can be installed on them, because the same advanced config reproaches the system

Rep: (7)
Now I’ll try to install the dftv2 net clean, if it doesn’t help, dftv3. To confirm - accomplish your goal.

Rep: (938)
I tested the opera on both DFT v2 and DFT v3. On mozart.

Rep: (7)
HD7 pure DFTv2 and v3 - not working.

Rep: (2)
kirk999 @ 12/10/2011, 18:38*
(missing interopt unlock)

and how to make it? I honestly looked for this phrase here and nothing was found: \

Post has been editedAlex - 11.12.11, 09:46

Rep: (29)
Welikoiwanenko @ 12/10/2011, 21:29*
HD7 pure DFTv2 and v3 - not working.

Native card is worth, or changed to a big one? If changed, return the original SD to the home country and try again to flash it.
savagemessiahzine.comCher @ 11.12.2011, 08:41*
honestly looked here for this phrase and nothing was found

Probably because of a typo in the first post :) "interopt unlock" - obviously the letter "T" is superfluous (second "T") ....

Post has been editedAndrewSh - 11.12.11, 11:39

Rep: (938)
savagemessiahzine.comcher @ 11.12.2011, 10:41*
and how to make it? I honestly looked for this phrase here and nothing was found: \

Interop-unlock will not help! I wrote in the second post.

without flashing operanot run now.

Rep: (1)
Everything is working. ask DFTv2, you start the opera, the countdown is 3.2.1, then the opera restarts itself and all the rules on HD7

Rep: (101)
Ultrashot @ 12/11/2011, 13:11*
Without flashing the opera does not start at the moment.

Is it possible in the future?

Rep: (17)
Ho ho!
human browser, did it really wait =)

And how do you type something in the address line?
instead of letters, he only figures.

Post has been editedXSergio66X - 11.12.11, 16:36

Rep: (29)
XSergio66X, everything is fine typing.

Rep: (6)
On the next gen 1.8 did not go, sorry. And how do you port applications from WM6.5 to WP7.5. just when it was engaged in porting to mac os.

Rep: (29)
Gavrila @ 12.12.2011, 08:31*
did not go on your latest firmware .. probably really because of the advanced config ..

We are withferopont th did not lay out their firmware with full unlock in public .... Hello, by the way :) Long time no see :) Since wce ....

Rep: (0)
Omnia 7 will rise?
Steadic unlock is not a ride, I understand correctly?

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