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Google Galaxy Nexus - Firmware

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Google Galaxy Nexus - Firmware
PictureSamsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung GT-I9250
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Important information!
Attention: There is an oral statement of Samsung SC that using programs that create a swapfile (swap file) on our device using internal memory may result in its failure.
Also, personally from myself, I do not recommend formatting the system in f2fs. Too often there are messages about memory problems after this action.
"Why only me without JellyBean 4.3?"
Dear user, if you are faced with this problem, do not panic. Just follow the following points:

    1. You need to know the name of our update provider. (There are several ways to choose from how to do this)
    a) Supplier information is contained in Google Maps.Settings->About the program->Device
    b) You can download and install the utilityGN Official Update Checker.
    c) Or you can useQuadrant standart. Go toSystem informationand see what is written next toProduct(thankDRULEZZZ )
    2. You learned the name of the supplier, namely) If the program displays the word"yakju" or "takju" then try speed up getting updates .b) If the program displays not yakju , you should set 4.3 yourself. How to do it - spoiler "Instructions" In the future, all updates will come through the air and put themselves with your permission.
Question: What isyakjuand why is everything so confusing? Answer: Galaxy Nexus phones get updates either from Google directly or from Samsung. yakju - This is a phone marking, indicating that it receives updates directly from Google, all other words (derived from yakju , eg yakjuxw ) denote getting updates from Samsung. However, Samsung for some reason rolls out the firmware much later than Google. Question: Does the update somehow depend on the place of purchase (PCT or gray)? Answer: Not. It doesn't matter where the device was purchased or even made.
Drivers and Utilities
Basic instructions:
  1. Instructions for beginners, including:
    • Unlocking bootloader;
    • Getting a root;
    • Installing custom recovery;
    • Change the update provider;
    • Return to the factory state on any version of the firmware;
    • Manual upgrade to any firmware version.
  2. Installing the official image without erasing data (for example, 4.2, the bootloader is already open)
  3. Change vendor with Nexus Root Toolkit
  4. One-click recovery installation
  5. Full backup / system recovery for non-rooted devices with a blocked bootloader
  6. ADB Backup - Myth or Reality? (backup of user data)
  7. Installing third-party firmware / kernel / radio module / modification.
  8. Firmware backup of the official image via CWM
  9. Install OTA update
  10. Working with the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit (for example, v7.8)
  11. Route + twrp_2.3.2.1 recovery + off-firmware 4.2.1 in one click
  12. Dual boot instruction (Android + Android, Android + Ubuntu Touch)
  13. Formatting memory in f2fs
Other instructions:
  1. Add paths to adb and fastboot utilities in Path (access via command line from any directory)
  2. Recovery of the killed bootloader
  3. Accelerate the creation / restoration of nandroid backup in CWM
  4. Processor Undervoltage Information
  5. Create IMEI backup
  6. Repair IMEI
  7. Repair IMEI from backup
  8. SIM Unlock Application
  9. IMEI Repairfromtrue-satan
  10. One of the options to restore the firmware after complete data cleaningfromalsamoy
Frequently used adb commands:
    More detailed list of ADB / Fastboot commands
  1. adb install<local>// Install the application from the computer. Only valid .apk
  2. adb push<local><remote>// Copy files from computer to phone. Any files allowed
  3. adb pull<remote><local>// Copy files from phone to computer. Any files allowed<local>- path to a file on a computer, for example c: androidgamesgame.apk<remote>- the path to the file on the phone, for example /sdcard/games/game.apk.What is highlighted in green, do not need to be entered into the command line / terminal!
Firmware catalog
Official firmware
Unofficial firmware
Attention! Many references to firmware 4.1.x-4.3.x are irrelevant. Links are left for review.
4.1 - 4.1.2
4.2 - 4.2.2
Google apps

Stitch through CWM or TWRP
Attached fileUPDATE-SuperSU-v1.89.zip(1.13 MB)

(SuperSU for 4.2 is preferable)
Attached filesuperuser_3.0.7_elite_update.zip(733.84 KB)
Radio modules, bootloaders, kernels, recovery
Radio modules and bootloaders
Flash img images via Fastboot
The latest bootloader ->Attached filebootloader-maguro-primemd04.img(2.25 MB)

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primemd04.img
zip for recovery

The latest radio module is>Attached filexxlj1.img(12 MB)

fastboot flash radio xxlj1.img

The firmware of communication modules for GSM versions have several types. The most common:
  • UG - Canada and North America
  • XX- Europe
Before flashing, check your version of the radio module in the Settings - About phone menu
Full list of radio modules
Everything for cores
Survey Screenshots

There is no curator in the subject. If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingRequirements for candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators).
Prior to the appointment of the curator, on filling caps, please contactmoderatorssection through a buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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Reason for editing: Stock kernel for 4.3 (JWR66Y) with TTL commit support

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Put PA 3.10 from 19.03.2013 and Google Apps 4.2.x on 01.03.2013 has not set anything, but already freezes, why so? Wipes are doing everything and Format system ... the core is not changed
And what kernel PA 3.10 from 19.03.2013? And what is the core sabilnee working with him? (Lean did not like, Purity lag)

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Check the ones who went to the last PA! bluetooth you also will not start? : - {

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ringermen @ 19.03.2013, 13:17*
Check who went to the last PA bluetooth you also will not start?

similar (

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nobody66 @ 19.03.2013, 11:51*
So, I dare to suggest that the laws are not here, and just on time is not necessary.

I had the same picture. Somewhere there were a suggestion that it happens in the apparatus of certain features of the series, but the evidence, as always.

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[ROM] [OTA] [GSM] Android 4.2.2 JDQ39: Rooted Busybox Deodexed / Odexed (On xda theme)



What is odex / deodex firmware
Almost all of APK-files on the system partition in normal (drain) are accompanied by a firmware file ODEX (eg contacts.apk and contacts.odex). Part of the application (namely himself java-code) contains just as odex-file. Therefore, any change of the apk-file must be accompanied by appropriate corrections ODEX-file.
Craftsmen to convert the file in xxxxx.ODEX classes.odex and inserted them into the APK file (ie from contacts.apk and contacts.odex made just contacts.apk enabled him classes.odex), thereby reducing the size of the firmware, and the most important thing - after deodeksirovaniya themselves APK-files can be changed as you like, on the operation of the system is not particularly affected.
What is good - in deodeksirovannoy firmware can easily open the archiver (or Total Commander) APK-file and replace it in the resources (images, etc.) and restore the modified file to place into the firmware. In a typical (ODEX) this may lead to the collapse of the system, because changes are usually necessary to make immediately in 2 files.
On the other hand, is an optimization odeksirovanie the very java-code for a specific device. That is, file * .odex comprises java-recompiling the program code for a specific device, and the file in the File root classes.dex * .apk (deodeksirovanny embodiment) comprises java-code that can be executed on any device.
This is the heart of Android: java-virtual machine "Dalvik". Those. the system will try each time to recompile all classes.dex are all .apk in their absence in dalvik-cache folder. That is why deodexed firmware recommended "clear dalvik-cache" before flashing a new fashion, and that this is connected with a long run deodexed-flashing after the cleaning procedure, the very dalvik-cache.
In addition, one of the reasons was the need deodeksirovaniya services.jar File change - to change the text color (for example, the color of the clock from white to black, etc.), and to deodeksirovat services.jar, you must deodeksirovat all system .apk-files.
And yet, according to observations, odex-firmware generally work faster than their deodex-analogues.

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Another solution to a randomly lag system:
1: Go to the list of applications (in launcher)
2: Click the "recent apps"
3: Turn the phone so that the image is also turned 90 degrees
4: Press the "back" button

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Put the drain 4.2.2, does not work for some reason, to enter into rekaveri ... clamped volume key top + Volume Down + Power book, then choose a recovery volume buttons and confirm the power button, there is a robot with a triangle, then clamp the top of the volume Vol + power to call rekaveri and nothing in the end does not occur. What can be wrong?

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too, nothing happens when you press I (Volume + and Vol. power) .. apparently this feature android 4.2.2 .. I beg your custom rekaveri and everything will work

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Yes, actually it does not need special customization, just needed to change the update provider, that's flashed on the 4.2.2 firmware on home samsungovskoy even higher 4.0.1 has not been updated over the air, was just wondering why it is impossible to enter the rekoveri after flashing

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FTW_260 @ 19.3.2013, 13:21*
Another solution to a randomly lag system:
1: Go to the list of applications (in launcher)
2: Click the "recent apps"
3: Turn the phone so that the image is also turned 90 degrees
4: Press the "back" button

At a given time lag was not observed, conducted the procedure and what do you think? Appeared! Zalagala blind and scrolling, input and output in the application menu, surprisingly) Repetition of these actions from the lag is not saved. That's how it was.

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nobody66, try this .
nart25, where does the kernel at all?

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FTW_260 @ 19.3.2013, 13:58*
nobody66, try this .

I tried, but did not save from lag. It may, of course, after the application needs to restart, but then the sense is no longer bend as reboot and so temporarily get rid of them.

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nobody66 @ 19.03.2013, 15:10*
I tried, but did not save from lag.

Android is and will always lag.
The only normal way is not to score firmware applications (because some fools 100-200 applications install and use up to 20 of them), clean the cache, remember accumulated about 300MB cache and log hard braking even become blind

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nobody66, program requires and rue, and reboot. But it helps for a longer interval than just a reboot.

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rfv500, if you try to go in there rekaveri droid with an exclamation mark, it means that you have to put either rekaveri twrp or cwm

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iGamer777 @ 18.03.2013, 23:35*
Quote (Vlad_VDO @ 18.03.2013, 22:27)
I will tell you the "secret" :) Just open bootloader. 99.99% data is not erased !!! I have tested this samsungovskoy firmware 4.1.1 on 2 phones.
In any case, make sure the backup. But I tell you that this is the samsungovskaya Prosha opens buloader WITHOUT shamanism!
I had yakjuxw and unlock all data erased, if you know. Where did your

You had samsungovskaya firmware 4.1.1 when you open the bootloader?
1. Phone one purchased in August 2012 at an Internet shop in Moscow. Phone "gray". It was all in Russian, even instruction. But the phone according to the seller of informal delivery, intended for Kazakhstan. After the upgrade over the air from Samsung ver 4.1.1 decided to open bootloader. Zabekapit ... However, a backup, as described above, is not required. All left without anything rubbed.
2. The phone purchased in December 2012. The Internet-shop in Moscow. Immediately after the air has been updated to 4.1.1. Set even for the sake of decency one app from the Market for testing will be done or delete + a couple of pictures. I opened the bootloader through fastubut. NOTHING erased!

Now days it is on these phones from Samsung 4.2.1 update. This is because the statistics infa.
pmaker @ 19.03.2013, 07:17*
Quote (Vlad_VDO @ 18.03.2013, 22:27)
Unlock bootloader. 99.99% data is not erased !!!
Good to fill in something.

see above. Not a bit pour.

PS Both described yakjuxw phone

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Vlad_VDO @ 19.03.2013, 15:36*
I opened the bootloader through fastubut. NOTHING erased!

Are you sure that it was closed and the phone had not shilsya?

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nart25, about Linux device I know, that's just me runoff from fulvaypom raised not so long ago. ;)

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Swunk, I know this method is not.

Rep: (39)
who are interested in miui

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