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Space Out [3D] | Three-dimensional breakout for ANDROID with bright colorful graphics

Rep: (92)
Space out
version: 1.52

Last update of the game in the header:23.02.2014

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Three-dimensional arkanoid for ANDROID with bright colorful graphics, addictive gameplay and unique sound.

Android version 1.6 and above


Homepage: http://www.zygogames.com
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.z...Y2VPdXRGdWxsIl0 .

Additional Information
Features: 3D

Russian interface: Unknown

Download: version: 1.52
Space Out [3D] (Post # 18174610)

Past versions

Post has been editedAlex Cross - 23.02.14, 13:12

Rep: (22)
good game! thank)

Rep: (5)

Rep: (1)
Good game! Thank!

Rep: (92)
I try =)

Rep: (232)
so that you made this game ??))) "try": rofl:

Rep: (30)
it is possible ...

Rep: (92)
: D No, just something interesting you try to lay out =)

Rep: (2)
Prikolnulsya igrulya! It's funny!

Rep: (81)
Need ARM 7?

Rep: (4)
hobat111 @ 04.12.2011, 21:08*
Need ARM 7?

Apparently yes, optimuse1 not installed = (

Rep: (92)
Yes ARM7

Rep: (491)
it is a pity that there are only 70 levels, the farewell is pretty fast :(
I liked the toy, in some places it made me nervous))

Rep: (92)
There was a level of karoch round of this planet, I still missed it turned the smartphone)

Rep: (1100)
Space Out v1.51
Attached fileSO.apk(18.93 MB)

Rep: (1)
super game

Rep: (1364)
Space Out v1.52

What's new:
What's in this version: (Updated: Dec 13, 2012)

Fixed issue with screen sleeping immediately after level completion / failure
Fixed issue with screen freezing on some Samsung devices

Attached files

Attached fileSpace Out v1.52.apk(18.94 MB)

Rep: (1)
Cool game. With this schedule during the passage dizzy) made masterful)

Rep: (2)
I went through all 70 levels
There is a good arkonoyd?

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