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> Translation of interpreters - Android | Requests for translation of descriptions of programs / games, lists of changes
04.12.11, 13:01
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Dear users!
If you need a translation of the description of the program or game placed in the sectionAndroid - ProgramsorAndroid - Games, translation of the list of changes in the new version, etc., you can leave here a request for translation by posting a link to the message, which contains the text that requires translation.
    Tip.To get a direct link to the message, you need to click on the message number in its upper right corner.
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If you need a translation of the program itself, refer to the topic.Applications for the Russification of applications.

Dear interpreters!
If you want to take text into the work, first check if someone else is already working on it. If the text has not yet been taken to work, do not forget to unsubscribe in the topic that you will be engaged in them. If you have not received a transfer or warning of forced delayin three days, the text can take anyone else.

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03.05.19, 21:32
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Please translateOpportunitiesin normal Russian languageAlways on AMOLED | Edge Lighting (Post pokpok # 84979878)
05.05.19, 07:47
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* pokpok,

• Samsung One UI Theme
• Auto-rotate function
• Calendar with the ability to add your own notes to dates.
• Support for working with root rights
• Fingerprint support
• Badge notifications
• Tasker support
• Smartphone support for camera cutouts
• Ability to make a quick sketch (sketching) on ​​the screen
• Compatible with all types of screens.
• Curved corners with color adjustment
• View notifications
• Time setting
• Interactive notification icons with hide and reject functions.
• Over 30 watch dials such as S9, S10 and Note 9
• Weather Information
• Adjust screen brightness
• HD Wallpapers
• Launch shortcuts such as calendar, flashlight.
• AOD is fully customizable, allowing you to set the colors, icons, styles, font, and text size.
• Automatic rules that preserve battery life using predefined settings
• Automatic pixel offset to avoid burnout. AMOLED
• Pocket mode that turns off the screen when you put the device in your pocket
• Reminders that allow you to show notes directly on your display
• Keep the screen on or off with a timer or while charging / discharging.
• Ability to use as night hours

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10.05.19, 08:16
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Please translate the description into normal Russian
Computer Launcher (Win X Launcher) (Post pokpok # 85153820)
06.06.19, 21:07
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Dest frame
16.06.19, 02:21

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Please translate the description into Russian
В®Swift Installer

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