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The Sims FreePlay | [IPhone] [iPad] Electronic Arts

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The sims freeplay
Version: 5.22.2

Last update of the game in the header:21.06.2016

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Short description:

Immerse yourself in the new version of Sims!


• Create 16 customized Sims from head to toe
• design dream houses or buy completely finished buildings
• Taking care of pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake
• Build a Sims career and earn Simoleons to improve their situations
• Reach lifestyle goals, then spend them on fashion items
• Live with your Sims in real time


Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (third generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 and above

iTunes Store(Free): https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/the-sims-fr...d466966101?mt=8
Download: version 5.22.2

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A friend is a fan, but she was able to realize how she copes there given that saves are needed all the time.

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I decided to look at users who like this game. : shok:
Well, how do you play this?
Is this something like a 90s Tamagotchi? :)

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nobody wants to sit down? facebook Nataly Bianko

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It would be better to port Makin Magic, it would be very cool.

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Damn, I liked it, but the fact that you need forever access to the Internet is not. I delete it.

Rep: (20)
I can’t understand how to make ice cream? tell me plz)

Rep: (32)
The people, maybe I'm a noob, but how to maintain progress? I downloaded the saves, launched the game, everything turned out, but when I close the game, and then I start, everything starts all over again ... Tell me what to do, I want to play)

Rep: (153)
a new version
What's New in Version 3.2.0

Feel the spirit of Christmas time in The Sims FreePlay ’Holiday Update - and now also for iPhone 5! Only you can help Santa fix his sled for the 12 remaining before Christmas. So immerse yourself in a festive mood and meet holiday news.

• 12 days of Christmas: get ready to earn jewelry and various items (as well as a stunning Christmas package) daily by completing tasks.
• Fishing - fish in the park rare fish, and if you catch all 12 species of fish, get a reward!
• Career of a fashion designer - create new models of clothes on the table of the fashion designer. Create your own fashion line and unlock exclusive models in the costume store.
• More wins - build a Competition Center and test the skills of your characters for 10 new competitions!

Be sure to join us on Facebook and find out what magic the holidays have prepared for us. Thanks for playing!

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and herehacking for the game, just don’t judge much, I did it myself in a hurry, I probably don’t hear any explanations there, but there is a full description, even a higher version:http://youtu.be/Cosjm7w4CG0
DLC Sims freeplay 3.1, maybe even 3.2 will go, but what can go there, but it’s checked so far on 3.1 by me personally ipad 2 jailbreak 5.1.1

Add to the game center my nickname is dog198666 there, we need neighbors for the toy)))

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People, help to hack using Game Player or analogues plz!
Here is what I did, maybe someone will help (I practiced on Simelions):
At first, of course, I caught a variable responsible for, as I later thought, for displaying the current value. Changed - went into the game - first, the value became necessary to me, and then in a couple of seconds merged into the previous one. Then made Lock this variable. I went into the game - the value was kept at the level I needed, but all the time I strove to merge down. I tried to buy something - it says no money. From this I realized that different variables are responsible for the display and for the value. As a result, I tried everything, up to catching the previous value and the current one together and changing both, but nothing came of it. Then I thought, maybe it will synchronize with the server and the value lies on the server? I turned on the game with the Internet, and then the Internet knocked out and returned to the game. The game has not passed out, so a constant Internet does not require. Got money - the value has changed, so the variable still lies with the client. Help knowledgeable people, I can’t do anything (

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And how to leave the game so that it stops? And then a friend turned off, completed the process, and after 2 days she started, everything almost died there)))

Rep: (2)
People, please drop the ipa file version 3.2.0 ZeusMos does not update, Installous closed, there is no Credit card to register in the AppStore. : sveta:

Rep: (2)
Garyn, the fact of the matter is that you have to go into the game every day, feed them, entertain, etc. They can’t even go off on their own.
Was it really hard to make human sims on the ipad. So that you can rewind time, play for 1 person, and not out of town. It would be better if the second would have ported the truth.

Rep: (27)
Noise_J @ 01.28.2013, 00:41*
for 1 person to play, not out of town.

this is all nonsense, as I saw the game for the first time, I thought everything as usual, and then it turned out that it was necessary to follow each
Noise_J @ 01.28.2013, 00:41*
It would be better if the second would have ported the truth.

sims 2 on ios? it would be cool)
There is no credit card to register in the AppStore.

in the appstore, you can register without a card

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Has anyone cracked the latest version? It is simply impossible to play with this waiting for several hours. EA would be better to do the usual Sims on tablets ...

Rep: (3)
I'd love to find some way to hack.

Ehhh ... I remember once hacked into a simple iAP Cracker.

Rep: (9)
The game breaks easily with the usual LocallAPStore.
An analogue of iApCrack, only support for much larger games.
Repo in Cydia:http://system.in-appstore.com/repo/

Install repo>then in search the name of the program>establish>go to settings>"Extensions">LocallAPStore>drag the button next to Enabled.
Come into the game, dig in the donut! When the confirmation window for the purchase is displayed, press cancel! And voila, donat is bought))
Now I will take off screenshots from some games.

Rep: (9)
Here are screenshots from several games)

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Attached Image
Attached Image
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Something I didn’t stop breaking the game, the timeout is exceeded writes, maybe something was updated there? to taste?

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