Messenger Security in Russia

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How secure are blackberry communication services in Russia?

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In what sense is it safe, for whom, from whom, which services?

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How does messenger from blackberry work in Russia?

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It does not work in Russia at all, its use is prohibited, although when I was in Russia with my MTS Ukraine card, it worked for me

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Dmitrik @ 11.29.2011, 14:01*
In Russia, it does not work at all

Well, why so. If it is present in the phone and the device is not PCT, as well as services are connected, then it works great. Its use in the Russian Federation is really not allowed, but, as I understand it, blackberries look at it through their fingers.

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I confirm that I personally used BBM in Russia from my NOT PCT phone, even through Wifi it works by itself; the card must have an LSI service.

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