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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

UC Browser | VvvddChinese browser on WP7

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UC Browser

Last update of the program in the header:23.02.2016

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1) No.1 mobile browser on WP Store
2) 100% FREE, Super QUICK and SMOOTH
3) The best browser for Windows Phone according to About.com 2014 readers
4) New interface

Homepage: http://www.ucweb.com/English/UCbrowser/index.html

Russian interface: Yes

what's new
1. New design
New express panel with a beautiful interface.

2. Advanced Navigation Menu
Beautiful design makes finding the most interesting sites even easier.

3. Combined address and search strings
Intelligent data entry in a single window.

4. Improved tab switching
Intuitive gesture control to switch between tabs.

вШЕ Sleek, smooth interface
Brand new express panel and improved tab switching

вШЕ Smart download
With WiFi, the download will continue even after the screen is locked

вШЕ Download to SD card
Saving the downloaded files directly to the SD card

вШЕ Transmission via Bluetooth
Convenient file transfer to friends via Bluetooth or QR code

вШЕ PC browsing mode
By selecting the browsing mode as on a PC, you can now use the capabilities of web pages to the maximum, as you would do on a computer.

вШЕ Advanced Modes
Use different modes: night mode, quick mode, incognito mode, text mode. Added the ability to adjust the brightness for the night mode.

вШЕ Unique themes and wallpaper for lock screen
Change the look and feel of your browser using themes from the UC Theme Center. Themes can also be used for lock screen.

XAP: UCBrowser_v4.2.1.542.xap (9.91 MB)
Previous versions:

Marketplace: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-RU/apps/6cd...71-91dbc188f873

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Rep: (854)
Here is this topic, the norms of the program rushed))

Rep: (8)
Dada, he was waiting for him, but this is still one of the first versions without all of his standard buns) And the closed testing, apparently, has been going on since August, so we are waiting)

Rep: (124)
What a speed! The browser is super. Translate one thread until you understand how to add, delete and edit bookmarks on the start screen. I wonder how to enter the full screen mode?

Rep: (26)
Finally, there was a fuss. Soon (I think) all the usual prog programs will appear. Author of the topic +, today I havenвАЩt found it.
Syrenko - very raw. Recalls the first versions on VM. But ...

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Rep: (3)
the theme is super! and I think it will evolve, but what strikes me is - WHY NO opera?

Rep: (5)
Why is he so good?
Built-in IE will be more smart (I mean drawing)

Although .. work with tabs like)

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Rep: (8)
It is the site loading, perhaps, it compresses traffic, but I even fly on IJ, drawing yes, for a couple of seconds. lags behind IE, of course I use IE with wi-fay. At this stage, it complements IE, and does not replace it, but do not forget that this is the first version, if you come across this browser on other platforms, you should be aware of its capabilities, I hope the developers are working on it.

Rep: (234)
It works fine, but there is one big but - it does not work in the background, that is, they loaded the page, went to the slave table, went back into the program, and there the start page was again even if 10 pages were opened before this: (
By the way, you can also download the program in the market;)

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Rep: (8)
I didn't work either, then I started, I don't know why, but everything works fine
And thanks for the market)

I downloaded version 1.1 from the market, it felt like I started working somehow worse. Vkontakte I could not climb easily, click on the link, it is loading, but throws it to the same page. Added night mode, which is a huge plus.

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Rep: (1351)
There are two versions in the market, does anyone know how they differ, and then to put it mildly, is it difficult to understand their hieroglyphs?

Rep: (101)
And traffic presses?

Rep: (8)
Traffic presses exactly, because even with an unstable connection works fine. In the market, put a version with the name longer, it works fine, landscape mode is added, and the night mode is present

Rep: (234)
I noticed 4 differences of the version with the long name from the short:
1. You can add links to the desktop
2. Support landscape mode
3. Transitions do not work, that is, for example, when you click on read, a new one simply opens the top of the page.
4. Flies sometimes.

Post has been editedRedshift - 26.11.11, 13:51

Rep: (8)
+ here is still caching pages, then when you press back, it does not reload the page, but your third item did not quite understand what. The first version also flew from time to time)

Rep: (1)
Is it possible to switch to the mobile view and turn off the pictures? And then he got confused in hieroglyphs.
A cool browser. Thank you.

Rep: (28)
Who told you that she presses traffic? Wash this shell to a standard browser, when checking ip on the sitehttp://2ip.ru/It shows the same thing as through the built-in browser, and on the Windows Mobile UCWEB on the same site it says that you are from China. And if the page does not load, then the same page as in IE pops up with the Russian text about the connection error.

Rep: (8)
Even if it doesnвАЩt compress - it works very quickly on ij, unlike IE, it is irreplaceable if there is no 3g.

Rep: (146)
Armo3000 @ 12/02/2011, 20:45*

This word sounds like "Edge "

Rep: (8)
The program has been updated, now version 1.2, the speed of work has become even higher, some settings have appeared. If you leave a review - add a request to translate into English

Rep: (11)
I did not put it, I just wrote about the translation. Will be in English - put. And so - there is no desire to contemplate hieroglyphs :).

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