CuteTube | full-featured YouTube client (Harmattan / Maemo)

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CuteTube 2
Version: 0.2.2

Last update of the program in the header:16.05.2015

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cuteTube is a full-featured YouTube client that allows you to view, search, play, download and download YouTube videos. You can also manage your videos, favorites, playlists and subscriptions.

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Russian interface: Not

Harmattan: Version 0.2.2

Maemo: Version 1.9.1

previous versions

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No, for Symbian I fixed it, but for us I did not release a new version.

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Good time of day, friends ... faced with such a problem in this program how the avatars and the channels themselves mixed up .. everything would be fine if I clicked on the channel name and got to it completely, otherwise there is also some video from the avatar channel, others with channel name .. how to fix?

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* anm80,
by himself

On the githaba has long been lying around:
cutetube2 (0.2.3) unstable; urgency = low
* Fix retrieval of Vimeo video streams.

Attached filecutetube2_0.2.3_armel.deb(826.27 KB)

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nakrul1990, unfortunately nothing has changed

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I did not go into the application for a long time, but today I went and when I switch to any section, I get an unknown error .. how to fix the operation of the application .. version 0.2.3. thank

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Guys, I don’t understand why in Cutetube what is in Vimeo, the Unable to play video error constantly pops up during video playback, why ?????

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* Andrew_Hikky671, I have a WebM format like this, MP4 and 3GP lose.

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It is strange to me that we are still sitting on the version from June 2015, which is not getting any better and regularly shows new glitches, and the wonderful developer is stamping version after version for Simba and already 0.5.1 already exists: rolleyes: we are poor relatives

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Garry_Milton @ 08/29/2016, 5:38 PM*
stamps for Simba version after version and already already 0.5.1 is

Only there are bugs. On Maemo, by the way, also 0.5.1: D

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how to add rss news in cutetube2

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everything does not work prog?

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The program has fallen off !!! There are no more clients for YouTube ... You can watch through the browser, only useragent is changed to Yablofonovsky.

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