CuteTube | full-featured YouTube client (Harmattan / Maemo)

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CuteTube 2
Version: 0.2.2

Last update of the program in the header:16.05.2015

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cuteTube is a full-featured YouTube client that allows you to view, search, play, download and download YouTube videos. You can also manage your videos, favorites, playlists and subscriptions.

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Russian interface: Not

Harmattan: Version 0.2.2

Maemo: Version 1.9.1

previous versions

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* Garry_Milton,
I know

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A week already does not work (but playlists and browsed ones work)
cutetube2 for n900 is already there, for n9 is not heard yet.

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Are you probably aware that Google is closing version 2 of the YouTube API? Because of this, some YouTube functions in cuteTube will stop working. I am currently in the process of rewriting cuteTube to use the QYouTube, QDailymotion and QVimeo libraries, which I wrote not so long ago. I hope this work will be completed in the next few weeks. The new application will have some changes, including the ability to extend functions through plugins.
From 04/22/2015 @ 15:43

Evona is like, everything turned out to be much more important.

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cuteTube2 0.1.0

unstable; urgency = low
* Initial Release.

Attached filecutetube2_0.1.0_armel.deb(4.15 MB)

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On the one hand, it’s even good that now you can choose the quality and the codec of the video .... And it seems that it works as quickly as possible ...
WEBM is not supported by us?
And it seems like the update sees 0.1.2

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KiaMotor @ 05/31/2015, 20:32*
WEBM is not supported by us?

KMPlayer may well support, you need to try

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Yes, I tried ... the video does not seem. Mplayer "old" probably

Taki works!

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cuteTube2 0.2.1

unstable; urgency = low
* Add categories.
* Add language filter setting.
* Add option to save files as audio (requires FFmpeg).
* Expand plugin API.
* Minor bug fixes.
Attached filecutetube2_0.2.1_armel.deb(1.06 MB)

cutetube2-plugins 0.1.0

unstable; urgency = low
* Update to comply with new cuteTube2 plugin API.
* Local videos plugin now supports URLs.
Attached filecutetube2-plugins_0.1.0_armel.deb(38.62 KB)

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How to choose a local video?

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* kamekadzeandron, You need to specify the path to the folder with the video in the settings.

PS I did not first see the Cyrillic names and subfolders, then the odd began.

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I'll add here Cutube 2

Browse, search, share, play and download videos.
Browse and search playlists and channels.
Access videos, playlists and subscriptions across multiple accounts.
User-definable authentication credentials.
Support for additional services via plugins.
cuteTube2 uses the GPL v3 license. The source code is available at GitHub.

cutetube2 (0.2.2) unstable; urgency = low
* Plugin API changes.
* UI tweaks.
* Minor bug fixes.

Version 2 0.2.2

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It's bad that it's buggy .. not parse the links sometimes to the player ...

Consider it a sob.

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The people, and the second does not output the video to the channel? In the plugin settings there is an RSS setting. There is a line FeedURLs. Maybe this is the setting, so that it displays my subscriptions to the channel?

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Subscriptions can not be displayed because it does not support the new Google API, they intentionally removed this functionality for some strange reason.

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How then to get a link in order to view the latest videos from their subscriptions.

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* Mishan77, each subscription separately. Select a subscription and make a swipe from right to left - the last one on top. (You can browse further to the playlists of this channel, etc.)

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* vlastdoloy
You did not understand. What you are offering me is not exactly what I meant. I wanted to make all the latest videos from my subscriptions go in one list? Otherwise, why then the plugin?

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No, as far as I know. Complain to google.

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Does someone search in Russian work?

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