CuteTube | full-featured YouTube client (Harmattan / Maemo)

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CuteTube 2
Version: 0.2.2

Last update of the program in the header:16.05.2015

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cuteTube is a full-featured YouTube client that allows you to view, search, play, download and download YouTube videos. You can also manage your videos, favorites, playlists and subscriptions.

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Russian interface: Not

Harmattan: Version 0.2.2

Maemo: Version 1.9.1

previous versions

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And can I write?

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Appeared in OpenRepos.

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I wanted to lay out yesterday but went to sleep! )) ahead! )))

by the way!

* Bug fix: Browser is launched when activating event feed item.
* Sheet 'accept' button now uses the 'active color' setting.

I understand that a bug was fixed when a web-tube instead of a quilt opened from a ribbon! ))

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Twitter authentication fixed

Before installing, you must remove the previous version.

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* Added 240p and 140p to YouTube
* Aspect ratio in the video can be changed with double tapes (cool stuff!)

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* Added to 240r in Dailymotion
* External links in the descriptions open in a web browser
* Links to YouTube / Dailymotion / Vimeo in descriptions open in cutetube

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Ancelad less than a year as the links became active :)

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Ancelad, less than a year as the links became active

Even so ... But the release, in my opinion, is not very stable, hangs periodically.

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Ancelad Waiting for 1.9.7, because personally my program hangs and does not respond when I try to watch videos in Latest Videos!
P.S. CuteTube is the coolest application for MeeGo Harmattan, I personally use it every day, without a clue how Nokia could release the phone. without a YouTube client, Stuart Howarth is just a pretty boy, no words: D glad I already have Sailfish :)

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Fixed errors in the processing of links in the descriptions

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Attached filecutetube_1.9.7_armel.deb(1.49 MB)

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unstable; urgency = low
* Multiple connections for downloads.
* Option to download subtitles.
* Option to hide the status bar.
* Ongoing operations can now be canceled.
* Bug fix: possible thumbnails.

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Updated Version for Maemo - CuteTube V1.9.1

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* Fix possible error responding to transfer status changes.
* In the archive, 'Select All' now selects only items matching the search query.

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Version 1.10.4

* Fix playback / download of VEVO videos on YouTube.

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Version 1.10.5

* Bugfixes

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Attached filecutetube_1.10.5_armel.deb(1.55 MB)

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* Fix playback / download of VEVO videos.

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Attached filecutetube_1.10.6_armel.deb(1.55 MB)

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* Fix playback / download of VEVO videos.

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* Fix error in decrypting video signatures.

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And about the version for Yolla can not hear anything?

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utub fell off and not yesterday ...
I thought there was a glitch on my side, but the only working video says that they were updated and you will no longer see kittens through my client.
The author of the program in the course?

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