Samsung N150 - Iron Upgrade

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Werefox, Tin is! but the train of thought is correct. this is the place for the radio switch (WiFi + 3G).

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valve-13 @ 12.05.2012, 8:57*
this is the place for the radio switch (WiFi + 3G)

Here is a pancake, really. : D And I decided that a place in the socket, and do not even look that's what. : Blush:
Oh well, it works well.

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Kostian. @ 20.04.2012, 9:06*
Would it be possible to attach a modem All the same, if I have Bluetooth and Wi fi in one module ?, whether all odnovremennno work?

valve-13 @ 20.04.2012, 9:58*
not without a fuss is not. It does not provide such a combination.
PCI_1 possible to bring the USB cable from the TSP wires.

The other day was in my hands N150 HAV1US, in it from the factory built Gobi2k, and no USB conflicts! Parse it did not happen.

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Werefox, I too Gobi2k and no USB conflicts. What kind of conflict it?
USB summed to PCI_1 only version where there is no modem. This makes it possible to use WiFi + BT module and save on unnecessary connectors.
Or summed USB modem and BT in a separate connector.
PS: already watching a movie :) FullHD to find the location of the elements, it is necessary to solder dohrena detalek.

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So you now N150 which configuration with 3G?
I N143 Plus model and a place in the sim card and have a place in the 3G modem card.
And if you manage to turn on / off 3G on Fn + F9 separately with WiFi?

Clarify the question who made and a 3G mini PCI-e modem, which would be governed properly by pressing Fn + F9 with the Wireless LAN?
I suspect native Samsung GT-Y3100, which is no longer available on, but there is a new Samsung GT-Y3300.
Even though non-native 3G model, even if it is not turned off by pressing the Fn + F9 consume 1-3 mA in sleep / rest / sleep ... that, in general, does not matter.

Opt for such options.


Samsung GT-Y3300 37$
Sierra Wireless Gobi2000 HSPA WCDMA EV-DO 25$
Sierra Wireless MC8775 30$
Option GTM382 28$

In addition there is also:

Sierra Wireless MC8781 29$
And a lot of other species.

It is better to opt for the Samsung N143 to the drivers had no problems and to manage fully on Fn + F9?

Oh and you need to buy:

Sim Card Slot Adapter 7$
Mini PCI-e express H5.6 adapter 8$
Samsung NC10 Wireless Antenna and CablesWell at this price Zadran ...

And remember hemorrhagic after ordering mini PCI-e modem Novatel 870D in Dell 1525 - picked up a couple of days and the normal driver software (Mobilink 3), and the gps was not there, you can not call him, ussd not work.

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Modem recommend Gobi 3000. It is with GPS and voice can be adjusted.
Option set as the first modem works but you need to manually turn on GPS.
GT-Y3100 - there is such a me, a little pleasure, Nitsche not know how.

For PCI-E connector will need somewhere to find a sleeve for screwing boards.
I would antenku more looked at me the version with 4G.

I have a 3G managed just an updated version of EDM, which runs a separate application.
Check the resistors R739 and R740. Modem, unlike WiFi, controlled by software, and not w_disable line.
Although, I do not know how it is in the newer versions of the BIOS. I have the very first release of N150.

In general, I do not care what kind of modem costs, it is controlled by command AT + SFUN = (0,1), which is suitable for most modems.

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Gobi 3000 has both from Ericsson, and Sierra, and Qualcomm's .. And it is worth from $ 60 and above .. expensive both for the modem.
It makes no sense apart, and I was thinking about this: Sierra Wireless MC8780 - 3.5G GSM / UMTS / HSUPA + GPS. Unlocked (the request is sent, calls, SMS writes). It's other people's reviews.
How about this choice?

A GT-Y3300 put in Win7? There are differences in functionality from the GT-Y3100?

On the sleeve: there is an option to choose from the dead noutom boards when the commercial.

On antennas - I read that:

Such antennas do not take - they are on WiFi:
The antenna needs to red (main) and blue (aux) wire black and gray with WIFI do not fit!
Antennas for 3G / GPS in the form of self-adhesive film 2 plates coated with the contact track.
The wires should be red (3g) and blue (GPS).

Resistors R739 and R740 check - I netbua model N143 Plus DP04UA
Even if you do not control the modem via Fn + F9, then the mode is switched off from the network and running it will have a frontend 1-3-5 mA only.

Here is a photo of my netbook N143 DP04UA Plus
A photo

Even the signature elements are not present.

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With the signatures would be too easy ..
Yes, all the same, only the copper radiator did!
So look carefully at the beginning of the photo subject.

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And on the other questions - modem, antenna and modem control by Fn + F9 what do you say?
After all, you can not disable the modem combination of keys - in sleep mode it will consume a couple of mA.

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According modems try as much as possible the discussions of software, drivers, and check out functionality. Including specific modifications.
I GTM382 found himself without a voice function, actually Circuits lacks on the board. Gobi me from Samsung. It seems just a foreign N150.
Flat antenna, the more the better. ideally see the top cover of the netbook with installed antenna (put on the so-NC10), came out cheaply.
On the N150, again, are the WiMAX antennas, they are twice as WiFi, the network does not catch on the full and the GPS without problems. In general, the main thing on the length of the wire is not to be mistaken, if a third-party set.
F9 on previous answers attentively esteem. You can not turn off if the driver is adequate, then the connected WiFi Modem 3G yuzaet not so miserly consumption.
Y3100 for XP, Y3300 for W7. The first does not support connecting to the staff in Win7. What about calls \ SMS and other extended functionality, it is not certain that it will work.
In the case of Option I had to choose: either the driver to work with the original prog, or to work with vindovyh podklyuchalkoy, but even the balance is not to look.

I recommend Qualcom Gobi3000 (brendovanye may have limitations), the antenna desirably N150HA or suitable for cable length, flat, Velcro.
Socket best with a donor of beech with mounting sleeve, desoldering hairdryer below. Sim Holder on the link that you need.
Reserves donor card if possible, desoldering resistors and Conder, because Sales are usually large packs.
I eventually all filters too wired to cultural work.

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Poorly organized sellers on marking their goods for tags - well, all the same crowd falls during the search, there is no possibility to find for example: wwan 3g card voice ussd gps
We have to ask everyone to lose time ...

Here is a summary table of mini PCI-e modems from Sierra Wireless
If you need to choose according to the criteria. And not for nothing Sierra MC8781 model problem we have (someone complained) - it is more prezdnaznachena for the US market - not the diapazan frequency ...

The general has not yet chose a modem ... and I want to vote and ussd and gps to work correctly, but also to pay $ 60 for the modem is not desirable.
Attached Image

Here on this table it is clear that to support the voices need to take the model: MC8792V, MC8790V, MC8775V
And the best of these models - MC8792V (on frequency bands and ficham).

In general, after a painful choice and correspondence with vendors I chose this option:


Option GTM 382 MO0401
7.2 / 5.76 Mbit / s
Voice features.
Supported software the third parties.
Includes driver and two antennas with screws.

And the price: $ 36 (antenna and to stand).

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already orderedSIM adapter.

I think - whether to ordermini PCI-e connectorOr apply to the company for repair and let them noutom me vypayat this jack with the sleeve from the old board - would be cheaper .. Especially about the height of the connector have questions - which are suitable for sleeve or under half the height of the modem. There are 5.2 mm, there is 5.6 mm. 4 mm does not suit us - modem card will abut the motherboard fee. But 9.x mm the same is not necessary - will bend the board in relation to the sleeve.

Well, another question is about the modem - not all sellers respond quickly, the answer is already the third day of waiting on some ...: blink:

As an option - the above Option GTM 382 MO0401 go?
Do not be like my old Novatel Wireless 870EU laptop in Dell 1525, which was not under the Dell brand, but only Toshiba. Because of this, no GPS, no dialers, no work with ussd teams.

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It is better to disassemble! The modem at the place of the examples. The manual 4.0, but actually install 5.2, I took with NC10 board to get the height as in the WLAN, square gum in order to stop the board also rearranged.

Option GTM382 - not to be mistaken with the region of 4 species. Options such as voice or GPS pregudadat difficult, need to try to Seller. GPS is included AT command, not all programs are able to activate, you have to manually.
Communication no complaints.

Gobi2000 - prepared to work in any region, the firmware is changed in 30 seconds. GPS is activated upon activation of the COM port, the voice is in the version Gobi3000.

Samsung GT-Y3100 - in contrast to the previous, the modem can not connect through the Auto-Win7, only through a program full-time or manual dial-up, but the sms ...

Others do not know. I think, Huawei should be good. Just do not take Dell makes it possible for them incomprehensible compatibility.

I use connecting Win7, in connections automatically visible to the operator and signal strength. Proprietary bend do not see the modem in this mode. Balance looking through the personal cabinet. I tried to write sms through the terminal, did not like.

PS: Maybe you sell your GTM382? Lying in the drawer, so sad. His voice is not present, how to activate and did not understand.

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Even I chose the second option:QUALCOMM GOBI2000A
Without the antenna's true, but they can be purchased for $ 7, even less will than an option with Option GTM 382 MO0401.

For your all you want? You lived in Russia, faced with your mail again - to me from China for 1.5-2 weeks pocylki came with the tracking code.

Tired choose modem last 4 days ...: wacko:

Thought is already taking QUALCOMM GOBI2000A $ 19 with shipping, but they all seem from HP, as it has marked UNDP-1 or UN2420, rather than purely GOBI2000A, what the seller wrote. And tinkering with the left driver - something from Dell, then from HP, is from Lenovo, etc.? that in itself is crooked (remember the Dell 1525 with his step-EU870D module) and uploading firmvarey not particularly impressed. A otsutstive support voice and ussd the same is not the case.

Option GTM378 take thought for just $ 18, but 384 kbit / s upload is not wanted - on a Dell 1525 Toshiba should pay Dell EU870D, but from Novatel Toshiba, she has the same upload 384 kbit / s. In general, it suffices, but decided to take a 2 or 5.76 mbit / s

I thought to take another Sierra MC8775v for $ 35 with voice functions, but without using GPS.
Or Sierra Wireless MC8780 but for $ 54, and without a voice.
Or Sierra Wireless MC8792V - the most good option from the Sierra with voice and GPS, but for $ 57 - both Huawei EM770W ... so it is better Huawei EM770W, but the last is from $ 55-65 and not all vendors say they have the support GPS, which generally dobilo. In the description of one, and the seller - another.

I viewed Eircsson F3507G $ 19 total, stated "integrated GPS receiver", but in fact Seller answer: "no vocie call and USSD command supported, has gps function, but suck". In its second model - OPTION-GTM382 the same to the seller: "no voice function and gps function can be actived but hard to USSD function.I think you can easily find em770 in ebay".

In general, some problems. Already I thought to overpay and take Huawei EM770W 55-65-70 for $, but perehotelos - contradictory information again.

As a result, I took that thought immediately:Option GTM382E$ 36 for a two-antenna, wheels drivers and software, and upload up to 5.76 mbit / s, have a voice and GPS. Since the model Option GTM382E without antennas cost $ 27-28, plus 7-8 $ antenna, I believe a good choice. There is a native driver and fresh software manufacturer's website.
But QUALCOMM GOBI2000A costs from $ 19, cheaper than the first as Option GTM382E. Why would it suddenly - worse?

In general, I will wait for delivery and installation.

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You put the WWAN antenna on their original seats:
_______ BA42-00267A _____ ANTENNA-HSDPA_MAIN; 81.EJV15.G13, SPRINGFI
_______ BA42-00244A _____ ANTENNA-HSDPA_AUX; -, PEBBLE, 800-2100Mhz, -

Or the other - on an empty seat and Velcro?
If the original, then at 12-18 € antennka it certainly tin: wacko:
And on ebay there are none.

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Yes, I like when everything is in its place.
There are kits on ebay modem + antenna has been removed from any Samsung .. however, in this case, WiFi + WiMAX module and antenna with NP-NC10.

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Thisoptionantennas for WWAN? Like so, the seller says.
But the price of $ 16 a pancake ...

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This is for the 3G. In WiMAX me! ie WiFi antenna is a WiMAX version of the NC10. On ebee not see such. Take any size and that's all. If only the cable reached. It is desirable Aux antenna for GPS, but I have such a fine catch.

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Got Option GTM382 modem, even 2 mini PCI-e connector (seller put), sim card reader.


Product Name: GlobeTrotter Connect
Product Version:
Device: GTM382
Driver Version:
Firmware Version: (Date: Jul August 2010, Time: 09:00:21)
Device version: 2.1

Dell put until 1525 instead of Toshiba Novatel EU870DT modem.
Firewood delivered with prog GlobeTrotter Connect - at least some interface will appear, and then if you put the latest driver version 5.x, the wrapper will not deliver.

The modem works, GPS the same. Voice and ussd not found - in prog no. I am looking for alternative software.

Antennas were in the package, but they are visible from the WiFi - with them barely a stick of five catches :-( And the native antennas Dell 1525 catches of 3-4 sticks of five.

Here is a photo of antennas that do not catch 3g range.
Attached Image

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but it does not automatically switches to 3G with the old drivers.
antenki and not much less than mine, can the cable is not in order?

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