Samsung N150 - Iron Upgrade

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Can anyone have a diagram on samsung nc110?
also I want to put a second connector, but the scheme is clearly different from the 150 model.

As a person with above 215 series, I nevizhu rezyukov to switch usb, and the rest near the pci-e sockets little netak.
All that is found from the pci-e 4kontakte sockets on the bottom is missing resistor.

And neponyal that can stand for the connector Selva second slot psi where the speaker? some like as BT signed, I did unsigned. What is it? for blyutuza connector, usb bus chtoli? On the other netbook acer em350 exactly the connector is also there, wired and signed as BT.

In general, I'm more interested in the second slot pci-e is not for 3g, and to connect to other modules, but times have I climb it and then make hotelosby 3g.

In general can have a diagram from whom? or who tell me that where solder. Supposed to have found a place pofotkat.

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Died branch campaign.

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Not died, just have these netbooks and few stumbles on them when shopping.
My 145 is no problem with built-in 3G modem, I could not really make it soft-off with the utility.
So just plastered with pin on the modem.
In the first photo shows that the mini PCI-e connector is wired, there's just bush screw mounting board.

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Nah, not soldered connector without increasing simply unnoticed. In its place is stuck in the thing which the body rests, ie without this sticker or sockets minipci body will sag badly there. Hlipenky he did.

On Ineta I found pictures of my nc110 model 3g but did not really make out what's worth it. Found another scheme by n110, is the younger of my antecedents, I will try to build on his scheme. Tying SIM cards so exactly the same as mine and 150 models, but with strapping mini-pcie is still unclear.

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I ask here. Rather, the question as a whole about a miniPCI-e.
What's he like at all is? zborische different data lines in one connector?
I understand there is pin-for CSS tire, the tire SMB and kakieto PER tires and PET vidio is what is called the PCI-e bus.
As a result, what we put then in the connector uses its specific tire?

It's what, like __A__, I also go to a few feet not rapayanu chip. It seems like this tire smb. it turns out if my board is working on the usb or there on the bus PER me that chip and unnecessary?

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Pci bus goes to the terminal, some connectors is + usb + sim holder
If the board does not need usb, then yuudet work without wiring. For example: the motherboard wifi, hd accelerator board.

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A minipci-e LTE modem anyone tried to implement?
And where to get simholder and antennki? He sought to Ali and ebee on partnamberam - found nothing.

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* Mastu-Basta,
Here's a sim card adapter, I took myself:Page
Antennas were included with the modem to me.
mini-PCI-e connector takingSuch

On antennas:

Such antennas do not take - they are on WiFi:
(Reference was, LLC).
The antenna needs to red (main) and blue (aux) wire black and gray with WIFI do not fit!
Antennas for 3G / GPS in the form of self-adhesive film 2 plates coated with the contact track.
The wires should be red (3g) and blue (GPS).

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There samsung n130 -in it was neraspayany slot mini pci-e, and a place in the sim. The whole thing is soldered (simrider slot mini psi and missing delalki thereto) slot works. In the second slot is closer to simrideru worth vayfay half. I bought the modem huawei em772 and film loop for Sims. This is a matter of the size of the modem can only be made in very unequal raspayany slot.No what to take out the sim card nada each time to untwist the beech. Questions .... 1. Which slot refers raspayany simrider on beech board (which for BATT)? 2. Is it possible to put the cable and wires to connect to this simrideru?

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The idea is if you solder the sim card holder, it will work. Only worth checking the presence of resistors or 0Om bridges between the adapter and card.

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vopschem just stupidly stuck in the sim card slot ... raspayany and running !!! : Yes2: That's just I can not find a driver for wifi chast..vrode whatever driver needed atheroc but what kind of xs. Can someone tell me? 3y put on Mobile Partner. And I would like to find a normal dialer.

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Dialer can not go, I have Option 382 did not work, even though the modem supports voice commands.
For WiFi - WiFi model see on the map or on the vid / pid.

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I do not know how well, with option, and Huawei calls normally. Vayfay also earned. It remains only to still blyutushek tie. Contacts like there is on the board, I think there usb whistle solder small.
Well the apartment ceto 3g signal is weak, there is an idea to put whip antenku sma connector on the side.

Still there is such an interesting point ... Card Tele2 does not want to work with a megaphone konnektitsa poltychka.Interesno to learn how to deal with MTS and Beeline? Ceto necessary to choose not to have been too expensive.

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Yesterday broke his n140, had to disassemble, that would remove the HDD. He looked at the card and remembered that I had mini pci-e connector lies, and sim slot. One idea is mini pci-e solder and plug SSD -shnik axis. Prompt feasible? piping as well as a sim propaivat?

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would do well to learn how to unsolder miniPCI-e slot on the NC110

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navayal convenient GPS initialization for Option GMT382.

It allows not steamed with teams and start your favorite navigation software in one click. The script itself is the port where to send command and sends it runs the program.

It is understood that he GPS module is activated. If not - in any convenient way to send a command AT_OIFACE = "GPS", 1

Acquired athttps: //
(Do not forget to register your way to the navigation program instead of a picture stub)

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Komrad, HD matrix by anyone to put the N150?
here inbranch there is one point of introduction HD (CLAA101WB03)But it turned out that there is not the 150th, 215th and Sams

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People. There is someone else? There netbook Samsa N150 +? I want to solder PCI-E slot for additional disk in it. Chance of a trick?

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I soldered connector for 3G modem. Works.

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