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25.10.11, 14:55

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Мобильные Яндекс.Карты download

Version: 1.10 - Beta

Last update of the program in the header: 16.12.2011

Attached Image

Yandex.Maps is a search for streets, houses and organizations, up-to-date traffic information, satellite imagery, location determination and much more that helps to navigate the city.

For the application to work you need to connect your mobile device to the Internet (GPRS). You can find out how to set up GPRS-Internet in the support service of your mobile operator or on the Yandex website: mobile.yandex.ru
Today, mobile Yandex.Maps have maps of cities in Russia, Ukraine and other countries, search by addresses and organizations (cafes, banks, pharmacies, etc.), traffic data, location information, satellite images, routes, points (traffic accidents , road works, cameras).
Selected sections of the map are downloaded via GPRS-Internet connection.

A source:


Download link:


Maps and traffic jams:

Navigate the city and go around traffic jams with your mobile. Yandex.Maps are schemes for more than 250 cities in your pocket. Find the fastest way using automatically built routes (Russia and Ukraine). Watch what is happening on the road - know where there is traffic jam, traffic accidents or overlap on your way.
In the Yandex.Maps mobile application there are:

- detailed maps of 263 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
- search for houses by addresses, as well as cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, gas stations, etc .;
- street panoramas of 99 cities (for versions on the iPhone and Android platforms);
- satellite images and folk map;
- Yandex.Probki and points of road events (accidents, repair work, etc.);
- automobile routes detour traffic jams for the whole of Russia and Ukraine;
- the ability to download a map of the city to the phone (for versions on the iPhone and Android platforms);
- additional information about buildings and other objects on the map.

MegaFon subscribers (except WinCE platform users), Beeline and Kyivstar are free Internet traffic to subscribers.

Homepage: http://mobile.yandex.ru/maps

Russian interface: Yes

Download DED: Attached fileyandexmaps_harmattan.deb (842.84 KB)

Past versions:

Upgrade to version 1.1.1 (106)
Attached fileYandex_Maps_harmattan_v.1.1.1_106_.deb(847.56 KB)

Files of voice indications (female, Russian):
Download: Attached filevoices.rar (4.82 MB)

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22.01.19, 22:21

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Guys, how to make this stupid bottom panel not crawl when the application starts ???

- = KazLo = -
23.02.19, 04:16

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I have a navigation unit on Windows CE6 PHANTOM NAVIGATION BOX 200 (667 MHz / 800MHz processor, 128 Mb memory)
Does this application still work? Information from the Internet shakes? Bother to bet?
04.06.19, 23:29

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Guys, I'm sorry that is not the topic, it may seem but such confusion happened. Yandex cards are worth. Downloaded to offline countries. I went by car abroad. I changed SIM, there are no maps. I wrote and support, said such application logic. Mol binding to the sim card. But how this happens and to which SIM card the binding goes is not clear. Has anyone come across this? How to win?

Do good;)

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