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2. Purchase

3. Features of the OS. (Settings for contacts, calendars, alarms, etc.)

4. Software

5. Multimedia

6. Internet and communication

7. Camera

8. Problems / features and their solutions

9. Questions and information on various topics.

For inaccuracies, additions and suggestions, please contact me atLSor use the button Attached Image .

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How to determine your PRODUCT CODE?

Method 1
Your product code (which may be needed to download the firmware) is written on the SIM card tray.
Sometimes it is duplicated with a small sticker 0.5x0.5 on the factory packaging film in which the device is located upon sale.

Scan the qr code in "Settings - About the device", the last 7 characters of the code will be your product code.
Read more -here

Method 3 Product Code Definition When PhoneNOT INCLUDED

* find your IMEI in advance - on the box or in the documents on the phone.If you do not have IMEI, this method does not suit you!

1) Register on the sitehttp://www.imei.info/
2) Drive in your IMEI, press the blue CHECK button
3) Press the green Simlock & warranty button under the phone image
4) Confirm by pressing the single button Check Nokia phone details
5) During the day (usually it usually takes about two minutes) the request will be processed and opposite your IMEI you will see the link "Ready - Check result". Follow it and find your Product Code on the page.
thank you for the information providedzxcvbnm3230

Method 4
How to define your PRODUCT CODE, software way.

1) Not for beginners.
2) Install lastNokia Suite.
3) InstallNSS(V1.0.38.15), select Virtual USB Device as the service, refused to install drivers from NSS at the end.
4) Connect N9 in synchronization mode, start NSS under administrator
5) Read the Product Code (see attachment).
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What is Hard Reset and why do it?

Hard reset (hereinafter XP) is a complete return to the factory settings, parameters, and contents of the device.

Over time, using the device, installing various software and modifications to the system - unwanted processes and changes may accumulate. They will live their lives, essentially useless, they will only pollute memory, disk space and in every way interfere with the normal operation of the device. This state of affairs is quite natural for most modern smartphones.
An easy way to get rid of this is to do XP.
There are two options for XP:
1) Parameter recovery . This XP will only reset all the parameters of your device to the factory. It will not affect your contacts, notes, galleries, etc. content - everything will remain, nothing will be deleted. As practice shows, this type of XP quite often helps with problems with the device. To do it you need to go to Options ->Reset ->Restore settings ...
The device will reset and reboot. It will take a little longer to reboot than usual - this is normal.
2) Cleaning the device . This type of XP will do everything described in paragraph 1 plus completely erase all your content. All contacts, photos, videos, all all all. The device will return to its original appearance as when it was first turned on when it was just taken out of the box in a store.
To do it you need to go toOptions ->Reset ->Clean device ...
The device will clear and reboot. Moreover, the first reboot may require much more time. You will observe a spinning circle. This procedure may continue.up to 30 minutes . No need to turn off the phone until it is completed, this can lead to a software failure, for the elimination of which you will have to contact the SC for flashing.

It is desirable to do both versions of XP with a charged battery, at least 30%
Both XP options can be made only from the corresponding phone menu. There are no codes or options with key clamping.

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What to do if suddenly in the list of applications there is not a single installed application:

Reason: status was beaten, apparently.
Solution: (for advanced users)

Open the terminal and write:

devel-su (rootme)
cp / var / lib / dpkg / status-old / var / lib / dpkg / status
apt-get update

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How to synchronize contacts with a HotMail account?
  • make a backup copy of your contacts (save to a file, synchronize with an online service or program on your computer)
  • go to all configured accounts in mode"Offline"
  • delete all calendar events and contacts
  • set up an account in accountsExchange Mail
    Mailbox: indicate your mailbox on HotMail
    Username: specify the same as in the "Mailbox"
    Domain: leave blank
    Server: m.hotmail.com
    Port: 443

  • After creating an account - log in "Inf. about the last sync . "and click" Synchronize ", wait (usually no more than a minute) - we will see how the numbers of received contacts appear in clear

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The gallery does not display photos or displayed, but obviously not all.

Here is a way to solve the problem with displaying photos in the gallery

1. Download the attached file user-dirs.dirs;
2. We replace it along the path /home/user/.config/ (it is possible through the terminal, root rights are not required, but it is easier for me through FileBox);
3. In the terminal, enter: tracker-control -r
4. Reboot;
5. We are glad that everything works and there is no need to alter the body.

Attention! This procedure will erase your phone book, call history, messages, subscriptions!
Accounts, photos, music, this will not affect.
Before executing, we make a backup of messages and contacts (I recommend Nokia Suite), we restore it after a reboot.

Attached files

Attached fileuser-dirs.zip(515 bytes)

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The battery charge suddenly drops to 4%, is he dead?

Everything is fine with your battery!
This is one of the system glitches that has not been fixed by the MeeGo developers, it cannot be fixed, but you can get around ...

To do this, type the following commands in the terminal:

devel-su (rootme password)
/ sbin / stop bme && / sbin / start bme

or if you have installed ProfileMatic software:
For all ProfileMatic users, I recommend making a small script to automatically restart bme in the event of a sudden battery drop of up to 4%.
So, create the restartbme.sh script in / home / user / scripts /
#! / bin / sh
/ sbin / initctl restart bme
dbus-send --print-reply --dest = com.meego.core.MNotificationManager / notificationmanager com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.addNotification uint32: 0 uint32: 0 string: "" string: "BME restarted" string: "" string: "" string: "/ usr / share / themes / blanco / meegotouch / icons / icon-m-settings-battery.png" uint32: 0

old script version
#! / bin / sh

sleep_stop = 10
sleep_start = 10

echo Sleeping $ sleep_stop seconds before stop bme
sleep $ sleep_stop
stop = $ (/ sbin / stop bme)
# Following is used to show a notification. Remove or comment out the line if you don't like it
dbus-send --print-reply --dest = com.meego.core.MNotificationManager / notificationmanager com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.addNotification uint32: 0 uint32: 0 string: 'device' string: '' string: "$ stop "string: '' string: '' uint32: 0

echo Sleeping $ sleep_start seconds before start bme
sleep $ sleep_start
start = $ (/ sbin / start bme)
# Following is used to show a notification. Remove or comment out the line if you don't like it
dbus-send --print-reply --dest = com.meego.core.MNotificationManager / notificationmanager com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.addNotification uint32: 0 uint32: 0 string: 'device' string: '' string: "$ start "string: '' string: '' uint32: 0

Create a rule in ProfileMatic, naming it, whatever. Choose a charge level between 0 and 8 percent, go to your action and write there in the field "When the rule is activated"
sh -c "echo rootme | devel-su -c 'sh /home/user/scripts/restartbme.sh'"

If your password is not rootme, then write your own.

Original post on TMT

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Twitter avatar became 1/4 of the original size, how to treat:
(For advanced users)

You walk along the path /home/user/.cache/data/twitter/profile
looking for folders with the first two letters of your login
(my example: login KoltyshevNV - folders respectively ko & Ko)
inside there will be pictures% Login% _bigger.png% Login% _orig.png
all% Login% _bigger.png - delete. (when you open them, you immediately recognize they are quartered).
You tweet, rejoice on the event screen a normal icon.

Important addition:
After deleting the desired file with the avatar, you need to recreate it, for this it is enough to launch the twitter client through the application icon.! Then protect the newly created file from writing using the command: chmod -w [file name]

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How to set up calendar synchronization with the Internet service?
for example @ mail.ru

You must add a new accountCaldav in view "Accounts"
Username: your mailbox, including dog and domains ([email protected])
Password: your mail.ru account password
Server: https://calendar.mail.ru/principals/users/[email protected]

If everything is correct, the account is created in the phone.
If during synchronization an error message appears on the accounting tab, just restart the phone.
It was the same with fruux.com

If you have a different service (Google, Yandex, etc.), specify the settings directly in the service TP.

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Green icons that do not start and are not deleted - how to remove them? (for advanced users)

Green icons are empty ("dead") shortcuts that could remain after the operation of some applications (for example, a contact manager that adds contact icons to the desktop) or after incorrect removal of applications. In general, getting rid of them is not difficult:

You put any file manager, turn on the display of hidden and system files and folders, you go to the folderapplications along this way /home/user/.local/share and look in it for the file (s) "aplication_name" .desktop (where "aplication_name" is the name of the icon) and delete them - voila .. the green icons have disappeared.

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Odnoklassniki account has stopped connecting, how to treat?

This is again caused by regular changes to the services API ...
At the moment there are two tried and tested tools:
1) Install the previous version of extraplugins (0.3.1) and set up an account of classmates in a regular manner.
2) Remain on the current version of the extraplugins, but connect the classmates service through the jabber account:
specify for this:
name: any (e.g. Odnoklassniki)
JID: XXXXXXXXXXX @ odnoklassniki
password: your one-year password
, where РҐРҐРҐРҐРҐРҐРҐРҐРҐ is the number of your profile on odnoklashkakh (you can see it on the settings page via the web interface)

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Facebook system chat has stopped working:

The reason is the next update to the Facebook API. Treatment options:
1) a special tweak for treatment should appear in n9qt.
2) While it is not there yet, you can use the manual method:

1. Downloadpatch
2. We do OFFLINE our accounts
3. Make sure we have aegis hack or Debinstaller
4. Install the fix package through Debinstaller (trusted option), or
Install a fix package through aegis hack in the terminal:
aegis-dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb

5. We wait two minutes and go to ONLINE

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What is the maximum Wi-Fi transfer rate?

The recorded maximum in the region of 14 Mbit / s, but more often 8-12 Mbit / s.
It is not possible to increase this parameter.

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Native account for flickr.com service stopped working

This is because Yahoo made changes to its API ...
To restore the account, you must install this FIX

Attached files

Attached fileflickrup_4.1.5_armel.deb(879.44 KB)

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Time zones in the Russian Federation have changed, and in the phone settings the old time zones are still:
(Moscow +4 and not +3, etc.)
To resolve this problem, you must install the time zone update:Attached filetimepatch_0.2.0_armel.deb(144.97 KB)

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Does N9 work with WIFI Routers in the 5 gHz band?

Yes it works. but for the Russian Federation this range is closed. You can enable it through the tweaker -N9 QuickTweak app (script)

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Unable to connect DropBox account

The fact is that smartphone support is gradually ending. And some services and services stop working, and since the platform is no longer supported by Nokia itself, there is no one to release updates.
That is why the built-in DropBox no longer connects. You must use alternative clients:Nine2D

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Unable to connect Twitter account

The fact is that smartphone support is gradually ending. And some services and services stop working, and since the platform is no longer supported by Nokia itself, there is no one to release updates.
That is why the built-in tweeter is no longer connected. You must use alternative clients:Rocket (Harmattan / Maemo), Tweetian (Harmattan / Maemo) , QNeptunea (Harmattan)

Came up with a way make the native twi-client work - Twittfix

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Unable to enable developer mode

Swears on addiction ...
This is because the JVM store and the Nokia server are disabled where the necessary packages were stored ...
how to cure? - just install the packageReconnecting to repository mirrors - N9 RepoMirrorHe will do everything for you.

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Google Talk account stopped working, what should I do?

This is because Kind Corporation has closed support for its gTalk client in favor of the new Hangouts client.
But you can still connect to gTalk chat using alternative methods, including native ones:

1) Create a new Jabber / XMPP / account
Name: it doesn't matter (for example gTalk)
username: gmail address is important (for example, [email protected])
password: your gmail password
2) go to the properties of the newly created account and there:
Server: talk.google.com
port: 5222
Shivivka: vkyl
3) in the settings of your Google account (we go there through a web browser) and on the security tab we turn on unreliable applications (see screen)
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What works, what doesn't?

Since smart has been almost 7 years old, a lot has passed, and a lot of things do not work ... and by this a small list of the most popular services and applications:

Messengers and Social Networks:

1) Viber - was not, is not and never will be.
2) Whatsapp - was, now does not work, renewal is theoretically possible but unlikely
3) Telegram - yes, it works. functionality is noticeable -MeeTeleGram
4) Skype - a regular account works, BUT only if you have an account created before integration with Microsoft. Only chats and voice. NO VIDEO!
5) QIP, ICQ, Jabber - simple chats work throughExtrapluginsor throughqutIM

6) Facebook - a regular client works, but there is no integration with system messages, you can use it.
7) VK - clientTitanim, works. the functionality is weak. NO music, NO chats, NO groups.
You can add some functionality with Extraplugins -Extraplugins (Post by Alexxxl # 69595196), add chats and integration into system messages.
8) OK.ru - only throughExtrapluginsand XMPP account. Simple chats with users
9) Twitter - there are several good working clients:Tweetian (Harmattan / Maemo) , Rocket (Harmattan / Maemo), as well as the built-in client when installing the patch:TwittFix (Post by Alexxxl # 42851271)
QNeptunea (Harmattan) (Post by Alexxxl # 70359066)- the first launch is tricky)
10) Instagram - alas, no longer works.
11) YouTube - a standard account works (allows you to fumble about your name) and a more complete one -CuteTube

Notes, notebooks, etc .:
1) Evernote Note Service -Notekeeper- works!
2) Getpocket -MeePaper- works
3) Simplenote -MeeNote, Simplenote Client (Harmattan)

1) Nokia Maps / Drive - works when installing the patch:Nokia Maps / Drive- maps are NOT updated
2) Double GIS- Maps are regularly updated. Navigation works.
3) Nokia Public Transport- works.

System and application store
1) Native ovi.store has not been working for a long time!
2) Warehouse- alternative ovi - works and is replenished to this day
3) Developer mode - works when installing a patchN9 RepoMirror

p.s. - the list will be replenished, if anyone has something to add - write in a personal. Now we dig in the direction of music services.

Yandex Disk (Harmattan)- Yandexdisk
Nine2D- drop box
Filecase- supports some cloud services
Files + - supports some cloud services
FotoShareN9- upload photos to the cloud (ala like google or Yandex)

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