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2. Purchase

3. Features of the OS. (Settings for contacts, calendars, alarms, etc.)

4. Software

5. Multimedia

6. Internet and communication

7. Camera

8. Problems / features and their solutions

9. Questions and information on various topics.

For inaccuracies, additions and suggestions, please contact me atLSor use the button Attached Image .

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Why are "Russian" song titles and artist names in the audio player not displayed correctly? How to fix it?
  • because the tags in your files are not encoded in Unicode (this is a standard problem, usually independent of the OS and device)
  • you need to reformat the tags in Unicode, for this you can use the programMp3tag
  • how to reformat tags using mp3tag

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Are programs suitable for Symbian ^ 3? And in some tricky way it will be possible to install?

  • No, they do not fit, because in common with these systems only the appearance of the icons
  • No, and it’s unlikely that it will be possible, because it doesn't make much sense
  • programs written for Symbian ^ 3 using Qt, it’s easier for a developer to just port to N9

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Does the calendar have event reminders? How to configure them (for example, for how long to remind)?

  • Yes there is
  • 4kadman Date: 10/17/2011, 10:28 PM
    Open your event, click on the pencil below (editing), click on the arrow in the center to open additional fields for settings - there you will find notification settings

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How to install programs without OviStore (.deb downloaded from this site)?

  • install the free file manager program from OviStore (e.g.Filebox or File Manager Beta )
  • allow installation of programs not from the OviStore app store
  • Further there are 3 options for your choice:

      • You can download the file directly from the site
      • click on the download link to browse the site directly on your smartphone
      • it will appear in the download list (drop-down menu at the very top of the screen)
      • at the end of the download, click on it in the download list to start the installation

      • can transfer file to N9 via bluetooth
      • it will appear in the download list (drop-down menu at the very top of the screen)
      • at the end of the transfer, click on it in the download list to start the installation

      • you can reset the file from the computer by connecting it as a flash drive
      • connect the smartphone to the computer with a micro USB cable (any)
      • select the menu that appears on the smartphone screenDrive mode
      • dump the file to the desired folder on your smartphone (preferably Downloads)
      • disconnect the smartphone from the computer, waiting for the transfer to complete
      • run the file manager you installed
      • find this file in the folder where you dumped it and click on it to start the installation

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Is Wi-Fi network ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) supported?

Yes, it is supported.

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During the installation of the application, the message "Installing applications will change the components that other installed applications depend on."What is the matter? How to fix it?
  • the fact is that the application failed to install (this is possible for a bunch of different reasons)
    1. to fix this, go toApplication Management (Options>Applications>Application Management)
    2. in the list, find the package with the signature "the package is damaged"
    3. delete it

And also ... If the list does not contain a package with a signature "the package is damaged", open the terminal:

apt-get install -f

May ask to remove some packages, carefully read and delve into(again for advanced users)what packages are before agreeing.

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How to hide ringtones in the player?

Ringtones for calls should be put in the directory /home/user/.ring-tones. (supported in file nameslatin letters only )
first install a file manager that sees hidden files and folders (File Manager Beta or Filebox )

for file manager:
  1. In the menu, enable the display of hidden files ( Show hidden files ).
  2. find the melody of interest in the file manager (/ home / user / MyDocs / a directory with a melody, a long tap on the file name, in the menu that appears, select "Copy" ( Copy ) If you want to copy several files at once in one directory, then in the menu (button on the bottom right, with three horizontal bars) select Copy items select the necessary files by clicking on them, and then click the button below Copy )
  3. find directory/home/user/.ring-tones if in the catalog / home / user no subdirectory .ring-tones , and the display of hidden files is turned on, so this directory needs to be created: cancel the copy operation that you started by clicking Cancel create folder (via menu item New folder ), and then start over by copying the file
  4. copy melodies from the clipboard to this directory (to do this, clickCopy here bottom of screen)

for filebox:
  1. in the settings you need to enable the display of hidden files (Show hidden files )
  2. find the melody of interest in the file manager (/ home / user / MyDocs / a directory with a melody, a long tap on the file name, in the menu that appears, select "Copy" ( Copy ) You can repeat this action on other files that you want to hide from the player (second button at the bottom left), they will all appear in the clipboard)
  3. find directory/home/user/.ring-tones if in the catalog / home / user no subdirectory .ring-tones , and hidden files are turned on, so this directory needs to be created
  4. copy the melodies from the clipboard to this directory (click on the clipboard button (bottom second on the left), and in the window that appears, select all the files that you want to copy and click the second button on the left again, wait until the file manager indicates that the copy operation has been completed)

After these steps, delete the original files (so that the player does not see them). The copied ringtones will be visible in the general list of system sounds when you select a ringtone, SMS, alarm clock and so on.

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Is a regular SIM card suitable for N9? If not, how to be?
  • No, it doesn’t, for N9 you need a Micro SIM card
  • contact your mobile operator, they will change your SIM card for free, on Micro SIM

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What colors is N9?
  • model with 16 GB of internal memory: black, blue, pink
  • model with 64 GB of internal memory: black, white

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How to unlock levels in Angry Birds Magic?
  • turn onNFC in settings ( Options>Device>NFC )
  • launch Angry Birds Magic and go to level selection
  • bring the N9 to any other device supporting NFC technology or a turnstile in the subway, a card for these turnstiles (you can use it) or to an intercom key (not all keys are suitable)
  • note that one device opens only one line of levels, to activate the next one, you need another device


There is also a way to unlock usingN9 QuickTweak app (script) :
Tweak E: 5. And also Tweak E: 6 activates the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds Classic.

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  • Operating system: MeeGo 1.2
  • Battery capacity: 1450 mAh
  • Dimensions (mm.):
    (width x height x thickness) 63 x 119 x 13
  • Weight (gr.): 135
  • CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP 3630
    Clock frequency (MHz): 1000
  • Video accelerator: PowerVR SGX530
  • RAM: 1024 Mb
  • ROM: 1024 Mb
  • Flash memory (GB): 16/64
  • Communications
    Phone: GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS 800, UMTS 900, UMTS 1700, UMTS 1900, UMTS 2100, HSDPA 900, HSDPA 2100
    Bluetooth: 2.1
    Wi-Fi: 802.11b, g, n
  • Additionally: A-GPS
  • Screen: 3.9 ″, 480 x 854 px, capacitive, multi-touch
  • Camera: 8 Mp
  • Autofocus: there is
  • Photo flash: dual led
  • Front camera (MP): 1.3
  • Headphone Out: 3.5 mm
  • FM radio: with RDS (to work, you need to install one of the "radio" applications, for example: FM Radio or FM Radio N9 (RDS) , there are also other similar programs.
  • Other: G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Compass
  • Connectors: microUSB, AV-Out (3.5 mm)

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Downloaded programs (.deb files) are not installed using the file manager. How to install programs using the terminal?

vertyogo Date: 10/28/2011, 14:37
  • put file in folder/ Mydocs (or any other)
  • atterminaldial:
    dpkg -i / home / user /folder name / file name .deb center

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Does the N9 work properly with Bluetooth headsets likeMW600?

VisitorBD Date: 10/09/2011, 20:27
  • Not. Track names, contact names, time does not display.
  • Allows: pause-forward-back- call the last dialed.

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Can I use the N9 as a Wi-Fi access point?

Yes you can, this is the standard functionality of the device.

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He turned off the phone, having decided to restart (for some reason), he turned off and does not turn on any more and does not react to anything at all. What to do?

  • wait (I think it’s pointless for more than an hour)
  • the fact is that when you turn off the N9, although it turns off the screen, it actually can still work, performing some kind of internal manipulation without giving any signs of life (especially if any process or application in your opinion freezes, although it just went without saying you about it)
  • if the previous items did not help, carry to the service center

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How to sync contacts with google account?
  • make a backup copy of your contacts (save to a file, synchronize with an online service or program on your computer)
  • go to all configured accounts in mode"Offline"
  • delete all calendar events and contacts
  • set up an account in accountsExchange Mail
    Mailbox: specify your mailbox on Gmail
    Username: specify the same as in the "Mailbox"
    Domain: leave blank
    Server: m.google.com
    Port: 443

  • After creating an account - log in "Inf. about the last sync . "and click" Synchronize ", wait (usually no more than a minute) - we will see how the numbers of received contacts appear in clear

For firmware PR1.2 and less
  • turn on synchronizationONLY calendar
  • click "Save" and wait for synchronization
  • after synchronization, go to the configured account and turn on contact synchronization
  • click "Save" and wait for synchronization

Attention! There are currently issues with syncing Google contacts through Exchange.
This is caused by the gradual closure of Sync Services by Google itself.

Currently, all new (newly established) accounts are not synchronized, and synchronization on all new devices (recently purchased or never previously synchronized with Google) does not work.

So what to do now?
Everything is simple .. You just need to transfer your contacts from Google service to Hotmeil Service and store them there ...
1) From a PC, go to your Google account via WEB interface
2) MakeExport Contacts format select MS outlook
3) Create (register) a new HotMail.com account from a PC
4) MakeImport Contacts from the received file in paragraph 2
5) Set up Exchange synchronization with HotMail (FAQ on NOKIA N9 (Post # 19904903) )

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Are there any customers for DropBox or similar services?
With the release of firmware PR 1.3 - DropBox became supported at the system level (integrated).
There are also clients forDropbox , such as Dropian , Dropn9 , File sink , cuteBox N9 .

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How to replace standard program icons (installed and preinstalled)?
  • connect the N9 with a cable to the computer in drive mode
  • in foldercd / opt /find the folder with the name of the application whose icon you want to replace
  • go to the application folder and perform a replacement (do not confuse the name and keep in mind that the desired icon size is 128x128)
  • disconnect N9 from the computer and reboot

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How to add alternative accounts (Jabber / XMPP, ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, QIP, Vkontakte) with integration into a common messaging service?

To do this, you need to install the application.Extraplugins .

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How to enable developer mode? Why should I include it if I am not a developer?
  • go to Options>Security>Developer Mode>move the switch
  • connect the Internet connection and wait until N9 installs the necessary packages
  • reboot N9
  • it is sometimes necessary because some programs (especially their earlier and betta versions) require packages installed when you turn on developer mode

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