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Somewhere on video similar topic. I n900 only a week, so my short list until:

opera mobile - and so clearly
FileBox - File Manager
faster application - faster application manager (although sometimes buggy)
FBreader - eReader
MyPaint - risovalka
Swappolube - acceleration of some of the settings (cache manipulation, etc, some programs will start immediately after that ..)
mplayer / KMplayer
WebOS games - toys Manager of WebOS
Wallpaeper - creating sets of backgrounds for your desktop on the phone

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1. FileBox - filemanager
2. TweeGo - most simpotnyj Twitter client
3. MeBook - ereader e-pub books
4. DocumentsToGo - office
5. Pidgin - ICQ
6. FAM - manager prog
7. Sygic - navigation

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Yandex maps
qMetro - metro map with route calculation
mStarDict - for dictionaries and encyclopedias
Evopedia - Offline Wikipedia
gTranslate - through Google translator

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BatteryGraph - Statistics discharge / charge the battery, the processor load, the presence of wifi / 3g network
Storage Usage - shows the disk free space, shows the employment of sorted from the most severe
Conky - various statistics devaysu: processor clock speed, the version of the kernel running processes, etc.
FileBox - File Manager
MC - two-panel file manager console
Password Safe - Password Manager
DropBox - "cloud" file storage
Faster Application - an alternative package manager
JoikuSpot - distribution of 3G Internet via WiFi
mBarCode - bar code scanner, including QR-code
Yandex Maps, Sygic, Mappero - navigation
Swappolube - fine tuning the system. increases the speed by optimizing
QtIrreco - customizable remote control via IR
Desktop Execution Widget - various information in the form of widgets
MediaBox - good audio / video player with support for plug-ins
TweeGo - beautiful Twitter client
IPTraf Monitor - statistics on traffic to various compounds
QCPUFreq - setting an upper limit frequency of the processor
Petrovich - sending by e-mail and bluetooth file
fMMS - receiving / sending mms messages
Presence VNC - convenient vnc client

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vertyogo @ 04.10.2011, 18:20*
Spoiler (+/-)
Quote (Disabler @ 04.10.2011, 18:15) Petrovich - sending files via e-mail and bluetootheto if only to send on a mail in the latest firmware has a feature to send via Bluetooth

1. The latest firmware and pr1.2 PR1.3. 1.2 send there.
2. No one said that this built-in function is not.
3. "The presence of an explorer does not interfere with use of [insert your browser]"

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vertyogo @ 04.10.2011, 18:20*
if it is only to be sent by mail to, to the latest firmware has a feature to send via Bluetooth

For the latest too.
Disabler @ 07.10.2011, 23:10*
1.2 send there.

There is.

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recently bought nokia N9, ICQ tell when it will be very necessary: ​​girl_hysterics:

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for N9
FBReader - like only imputed reader
FileBox - File Manager
Nano - text editor for the terminal
MyMoves - "swift" gestures to launch apps
SigmaPleer - muz.pleer better standard
Fenec, Opera - the browser (standard, though fast, but poor in functionality, fayrfoks the brakes and buggy, but it works properly with the Russian entry, waiting for normal opera!)
ICQ and gills yet, the office, too, the rest of the software out of the box until copes

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lastsky @ 16.11.2011, 02:21*
Nano - text editor for the terminal

If anyone should be there assembled ee (easyedit) from FreeBSD, under the Harmattan.

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My "must-have" collection of programs for the N9.
Most of the software is in the nokia store
Fennec (Mozilla Firefox) - a full browser with support for plug-ins and add-ons. Just gives the best performance in benchmarks, which is significant.
Ovp - Video player supports subtitles
DropN9 / Dropian / File Sink - the client (s) for the Dropbox cloud storage
Filebox - File Manager supports archives
MeeBirthdays - to get information about DR of your friends and marks them on the calendar.
MAV Calculator Lite - advanced calculator.
The Flashlight - Lantern. Support for multiple modes of light, such as S.O.S. etc.
Shortcuts - allows you to configure shortcut application icons
FBReader - book reader
Yandex maps - maps, traffic jams.
CloudGPS - the most advanced card on MeeGo plus work extremely stable and incredibly smoothly and without lag.
RestartMe / Reboot - no need to bother with rebooting the machine (the second program is free, I personally have not tested)
QAD Cleaner - clear cache
CuteTube - a great youtube-client
Meecast - the weather, the replacement of AccuWeather.
CalendarFeed - marked in the calendar events are placed in the news feed. Configurable via the settings news feeds from the main menu.
Call recorder - record conversations
BatteryUsage - a program to track and complete information and statistics on the consumption of batteries.
MeeBirthdays - The program rips the information with all of you driven into the Old accounts of friends' birthdays and transfers them to the calendar. Together with CalendarFeed turns very handy thing.
Default Browser Setting - allows you to select and assign an Internet browser used by default.
Titanim - Client Vkontakte.
fMobi - Facebook client (although I use the standard, because it works with the newswire).
N9TagEdit - edit the tags of your songs on the phone.

Programs that are worth paying attention to:
Meefolders - allows you to create folders on the home screen with applications. Easy sorting, and all that is needed. The only negative - does not remove folders scattered on the application from the main screen, and creates a folder, read the "link". But still convenient :)
Mytopsites - allows you to edit and customize the display of frequently visited sites in a standard browser. You can change the name, address, location of lines, font color, background color for each page.
qutIM - ICQ. While not very friendly in terms of interface and a lot of bugs in general. We wait until its finished our valiant developers.
Themechanger - change the topic in our apparatus. Number of preset themes in the harmattan meager and boring + some after using the program encountered various problems, because until I bring in the top list.

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And now the FM-Radio for the N9 in the Ovi Store:
See how you can work on the promo site:

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really like WeChat, but to Vigo it's kind of like not. Nobody will tell, maybe I'm wrong? It is necessary to send glosovyh messages and photos with a minimum of traffic expenses.

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