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Explay B240, B200, Q230 - Firmware

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people have a problem with such a problem when I try to open the camera it says that I couldn’t open the camera, tell me what the problem is?

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belfri, what model? Try to flash, the phone sees a flash drive?

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I found how to modify the firmware on b240, but I have fly ts100, and I don’t know how to flash it yet. If anyone needs it, I can lay it out, but you will be tested. Just wondering if these changes will work.

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Throw info please how to modify the firmware! I'm a kettle in this business. If it's not difficult, tell me how to modify it: yes2:

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Well, for this you need to download ida pro advanced and learn some arm assembler. See how to dig firmware on se or siemens.

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help who can !!!! how to install firewood on vin7-64 ??????? pliz !!! for explay b240 firmware

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Although it is not necessary already. I asked for 1.05. SMS is now easier to write)))) but the font .... remained small. But I did not understand how to upgrade the firmware (((

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Firmware 1.05 for 240

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Guys, the fact that he is phoning is obvious, but the point is not in the firmware, but in the radio module it’s interesting for everyone to have such problems with В240, write off who can

Posted on 1/5/2012, 12:10:

Valta do you have the same thing with him?

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is it possible to replace jblend with a better java machine? By the way, does anyone know how to create shortcuts to midlets?

p / s / at the office. 6 firmware appeared on the site. t9 has a larger vocabulary

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B240 flashed with its firmware. Modified V1.06. I re-patched the Engineering menu. The volume has increased. There is no echo at all. Audibility is beautiful. But problems with Java. For some reason, the certificates died out. T9 deleted. If anyone is interested, I can lay out. But I repeat Java will die.

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And why do not you post modified firmware onhttp://forum.explays.ru ?

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A microphone and speaker replacement from normal phones are unlikely to help ..
I talk on B200 through the JAWBONE ERA headset (this is a very good headset), when using firmware 1.07 and this phone, everyone complains that it is hard to hear, before that there have never been any complaints ..
Well, there is money back :) I’m running to donate in order not to become a regular member of this thread ..

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Today bought Explay q230. Impressions are only positive. I did not expect such a functionality for 2m.

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@ WOLF @ 11.02.2012, 23:54*
Impressions are only positive.

This is for now, in a week sign off. He was tired of me with his inconvenience and glitches a week later, he sold another 3 months apiece, nobody wanted to buy.

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We will see what will happen. I took it purely for work to make and make calls, well, the Internet in part too. I do not think that in 2 tons you can get the ideal.

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I got rid of this G, the Explay B-200 phone is not at all able to perform the main task, to transmit and send high-quality voice. In general, the quality of codecs, in particular, iron full G, is not a phone but a rattle and the more people will talk to them the more everyone will complain "REPETER I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE COMMUNICATION IS WASTING" ....
my sentence- F TOPKU ..... throw and forget.

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Only flashed ver 1.07. The volume through the engineering menu does not work. pipe hangs and goes out

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TSE98 @ 03.02.2012, 15:31*
B240 flashed its firmware. Modified V1.06. Replicated Inzh.menu. The volume has increased. There is no echo at all. Audibility is beautiful. But problems with java. For some reason the certificates died out. T9 deleted. If anyone is interested I can lay out. But I repeat, Java will die

Need firmware with remote T9. Java .. and to hell with it.

Another question is whether there is a normally working software for sync with the computer.


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