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Club owners devices on OS Maemo / MeeGo / Sailfish | MMSClub

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Club owners devices on OS Maemo / MeeGo / Sailfish

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Club members
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  1. vertyogo Nokia N900 Nokia N950
  2. leonidy-85 Nokia N900 and Nokia N810
  3. hxka Nokia N900
  4. flashgc Nokia N900
  5. Niko2040 Nokia N900
  6. Pocket paul Nokia N900
  7. Nubskiller Nokia N900 and Nokia N9
  8. IMEI Nokia N9
  9. maxn810 Nokia N900
  10. kolsys Nokia N9
  11. lastsky Nokia N9
  12. maxwarez Nokia N9
  13. Sanis Nokia N900
  14. Zchtec Nokia N9
  15. andjei Nokia N9
  16. vic5 Nokia N9
  17. Amarr Nokia N900
  18. yura12345671 Nokia N9
  19. Alexxxl Nokia N9
  20. Kirik777 Nokia N9
  21. serenitatis Nokia N9
  22. delirious Nokia N9
  23. W2010 Nokia N9
  24. Liho-odnoglazoe Nokia N9
  25. Aharus Nokia N9
  26. ST1G Nokia N900
  27. Craig_Mabbitt Nokia N9
  28. rudag Nokia N9
  29. Oleg565 Nokia N9
  30. G.E.O. Nokia N900
  31. zusicks438 Nokia N900
  32. ant1cr
  33. dukeunreal Nokia N900
  34. katarn88 Nokia N9
  35. ne0nix Nokia N9
  36. Mr.Sego - Nokia N9
  37. wdream - Nokia N9
  38. ivarin - Nokia N9andNokia N900
  39. mcsokrat - Nokia N9
  40. Burnmealive - Nokia N9
  41. Birzha - Nokia N9
  42. peopless - Nokia N9
  43. Ancelad - Nokia N9
  44. AlisNSiB - Nokia N9
  45. timonsyz - Nokia N9
  46. nick_stokes - Nokia N900
  47. Tyler_ - Nokia N9
  48. 735727 - Nokia N9
  49. berrybear - Nokia N9
  50. Foste - Nokia N9
  51. Eyd_Ennuard - Nokia N9
  52. jewrt - Nokia N9
  53. Harmattan - Nokia N9
  54. buldoser67 - Nokia N9
  55. Khantimirov - Nokia N9
  56. Herflaber - Nokia N9
  57. serenya_2000 - Nokia N900
  58. vasil32 - Nokia N900
  59. Supersky - Nokia N900
  60. sergen79 - Nokia N9
  61. Mishanya77 - Nokia N9
  62. klaider - Nokia N9
  63. goll.cska - Nokia N9
  64. 6yKBa - Nokia N9
  65. Ernar777 - Nokia N900
  66. vit375 - Nokia N950 (rare)
  67. alperets - Nokia N9
  68. 448 - Nokia N9
  69. iZecu - Nokia N9
  70. alex3594 - Nokia N9
  71. anarhist0819 - Nokia N9
  72. driverfreeman - Nokia N9
  73. wickedsten- jolla
  74. Ex de majare - Nokia N9
  75. Mr.Dinky - Nokia N9
  76. Bloodyfoxy - Jolla
  77. amigo157 - Nokia N9
  78. Garry_Milton - Nokia N9
  79. Dskeza - Jolla
  80. arsevka - Nokia N900
  81. babuh - Jolla

  1. Alexxxl

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Rep: (52)
I hope you're not talking about me? : D

Rep: (149)
Pocket paul about you, about you))

Rep: (1)
I will take? There N900 and N9 ...: sveta:

Rep: (52)
hxka @ 07.10.2011, 01:24*
And now he sits and laughs at us.

this is true)) I'm feeling a little club revived his post) I wrote about the girl, in the context of the fact that it takes up almost all of my time, along with two works)
I am a boy)

hxka read the logic of my statement)

All over a beer, we continue to kick up a row): russian:: russian: but if the garlic, then I am for a healthy lifestyle, and what you suggest)

Posted 09-10-2011, 14:06:


Now and you will! Welcome to advance) If you have not posted, I ask (ask) a detailed review of N9! :)

Post has been editedPocket paul - 09.10.11, 14:09

Rep: (52)
golden_dragon @ 07.10.2011, 10:28*
what is the sense of life?

Meaning there is no life. Life is totally meaningless :)

Rep: (52)
as well, that zaskrinil)))

Please do not clean up))

Boys who remember how .deb uprooting of established or not yet installed program? but then I did not give rest to the glory of those who puts a program in our section) want to raise our rating on a common arena 4pda)

Posted 09-10-2011, 15:24:

hxka @ 07.10.2011, 01:14*
Jesus !!!
He wrote that he has a girlfriend.

I thought Jesus is the nickname and sought for the post, and saw Jesus fasting, began to think, where are all the same you saw it))

Rep: (52)
fine) will look for there, and spread as far as possible)

Rep: (870)
Pocket paul
I can not help, just be dismantled incidents thoroughly, then pink flowers and flowers do not rely. Sorry. Although if you solve this issue for a bribe))) But it is not necessary, took the flowers, and who should be given.
You take. A yak as ...

Rep: (1)
vertyogo @ 10.10.2011, 15:08*
but write to us than N900 worse N9?
only chessno

Fair? =)
1. N900 bulkier in a pocket is a much more tangible;
2. Brightness, Saturation, an overview screen at times inferior N9 screen;
3. swipe - there is nothing to talk about, it is not in the N900, but only after several hours of use thereof, for the N9, you know that the management of phones to be that way and by any other!
Well this is just a visual tactile impressions about the stuffing and software say it is will not, because I did not replace the N900 yet none of the phone in terms of usefulness and convenience necessary software.
In a word, yet with all hands, in her handbag always with you is N900. =)

Rep: (52)
kolis where to take cover Anka)
at my house the other n900 new and not use it, just because I do not want her to the same fate as the first, and at first she did not enviable) multiple drop backlash slider, cover with USB, which charges only on a computer, battered body, broken Stand on the rear cover, frayed metal bezel, a broken stylus tip flooded inside (up to sim cards) gorilka not fully operating keyboard (without the right / down, it gets stuck when the push left / up starts contuse apparatus + when put different symbols added are others, such as three points:... $ $ $, to the bracket:) @) @) @) after I have about 40 minutes walking in the rain and did not leave to himself no dry places, as well as on n900 :) so, the second such a fate does not want, especially for this, so out with it, where to take cover) for the phone)

+ About the screen will state, though I admit that the N9 and did not see personally), the brightness is enough for me and the N900, as well as a matrix in the N9 samsungovskaya, I have some idea of ​​their tendency to fusion of brightness, so I will put on Minimal + superamoled on dark colors saves the battery. On gsmarena posted a video of the test results, wherein n9 8:00 40 minutes turns vidos) saturation, I think in n9 will be better, I'm after IPS display home was not enough of something no less quality and colorful and a mobile device)

and when I wanted to sell something n900 and change it to something on the android. but then I once played in Android device again (his first n900 I received in exchange for a Acer s100) and realized that the Operating System is not about me. I support the fact that the application has to be a cross, or swipe in webOS or devayse "about us" so that it can be closed, not that it dumped into the background and flooding the RAM and I needed through the ass to close it specially set TASK managery)

Rep: (52)
vertyogo @ 16.10.2011, 02:03*
p.s. Here is an overview: D

then from the heart, and "there" at his uncle;)

Rep: (149)
He flashed his n900uyu noklu first time after purchase)

is now 8 to 24 GB

8 prog
Maydoks 24)

and then I did it all test zasral garbage and remove laziness: D

Now I will ask only what I know ..
or absolutely everything, the place is a lot)

Rep: (149)
vertyogo @ 22.10.2011, 19:03*
in total will give epic Faile

Yes, I already knew it the first time)

Rep: (97)
Take the club, nokia n9

Rep: (0)
Same to you step into the club with a newly-purchased N900.
It has long been thought to take the n900 and pushed me old posts Crazand: happy:
A very long time ago I used to 810.

Rep: (52)
how does it feel after sgs2?
Welcome :)

Rep: (97)
Pocket Paul @ 04.11.2011, 01:33*
how does it feel after sgs2?

Funny, only a little slower, and the screen is smaller

Rep: (149)
maxn810 @ 03.11.2011, 18:44*
A very long time ago I used to 810.

how does it feel to 810 n900 vs?

Rep: (870)
All new recruits, hello. All designed and planted it in a beer quarantine): drinks:

Post has been editedgolden_dragon - 07.11.11, 09:08

Rep: (10)
Take also the club:)) N9

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