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Nokia at the event held in Singapore introduced the Nokia N9 smartphone based on the operating system MeeGo 1.2. The smartphone uses a gigahertz OMAP3630 processor manufactured by Texas Instruments and is equipped with a gigabyte of RAM and a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen. The device is fully touch and has no hardware buttons on the front panel. To unlock the user must double tap the screen.

On the back of the Nokia N9 there is an 8 megapixel camera with the function of shooting video in high resolution. The smartphone has an NFC chip for wireless data transmission over short distances and a GPS module.

Nokia Maps is used as a navigation application with step-by-step navigation for pedestrians and motorists. The smartphone browser is based on the Webkit 2 engine and supports HTML5.

Price and terms are not reported, but the company promises to release a smartphone in 2011.

Brief specifications Nokia N9:

- Support of communication standards: WCDMA / HSPA 850, 900, 1900, 1700, 2100 MHz; GSM / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
- Dimensions: 116.45 x61.2x7.6-12.1 mm
- Weight: 135 gr.
- Display: 3.9-inch, AMOLED, resolution 854x480 pixels, protective coating Gorilla glass
- Camera: 8 MP with autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED lights, support for video recording in HD resolution (720p)
- Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1 GHz, PowerVRSGX530
- Memory: 1 GB RAM, 16/64 GB flash
- Battery: 1450 mA / h
- Communications: WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n, Bluetooth v2.1, GPS, A-GPS, NFC, 3.5 mm audio jack, USB (micro USB with charging).

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I voted! :)

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735727 @ 24.02.17, 01:32 *
people! let's go vote Meego OS for Nokia Smartphones in 2017

It's pointless.
The current Nokia is the Chinese owners.
A OS developers have long since been split off from Nokii, even if the Finnish owners.

Posted on 03/09/2017, 11:42:

jenish @ 16.03.16, 18:50*
That's just whether the fish doplyvet to Russia?

She swam for many months ago.
This OS is officially chosen as a "national" mobile operating system in Russia.
At this until stuck.
Although there is promise

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loga22 @ 03/09/17, 11:39*
The current Nokia is the Chinese owners.
And the OS developers long ago broke away from Nokia, even under Finnish owners

what are you saying? Is this all true? but I did not know)

Maemo and MeeGo users have long known that, where and when it happened, and all the more we know that these operating systems in the form that they were will never appear, I hope I am wrong. and this vote is nostalgia for the times when Nokia was ahead of the planet, with a diverse fleet of mobile devices of all forms and factors. at the sunset epoch of which Nokia released the N900 and N9, which are still alive and are performing their task as it should!)
so that,
loga22 @ 03/09/17, 11:39*
It's pointless.

or maybe not, you just had to vote, and your soul would be a little nicer and warmer;)

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The first "n" smartphone goes Sailfish
I pre-order. The price is a little expensive for the iron, but the hunt touch OS.

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Perhaps it's time about it to create a separate branch;) :)
Ps also pre-order

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kuz18rus @ 01.05.17, 11:34*
it's time about it to create a separate branch

I would not yet in a hurry.
In my pre-order delivery was listed on April 24 and so far no response, not a greeting. But as it is written in general about May, so that it is still wait.
Website something a couple of weeks as the stalled.

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* adasiko so I'll answer it about the pre-order with delivery on April 8? )))
Ps I got excited with the creation of a separate similar themes (
pps and can eat here and who ordered it has received? there is generally a hope? :)

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kuz18rus @ 02.05.17, 23:20*
so I'll answer it about the pre-order with delivery on April 8?

So I immediately paid, got a little excited to see.

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kuz18rus @ 02.05.17, 23:20*
there is hope at all

Hope surfaced slightly. Site working again
The most funny in "Performance", where a fan of screenshots. Something seems to me that they are done with Android. Very much like Flyme from Meizu, looking at the status bar and the rest.

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Well, wait, I received a message that my INOI R7 waiting to be sent to me: D: rofl:

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Also we called today to confirm, wait)

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Too hour ago she called, offered to issue. So far I refused, waiting on Sony gash of. Firmware, and then I think about it. By the way there is a rumor that the "other" is not delvika>goodbye APK, someone has infa about it ???

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* _Ryuga_ There infa. No delvika.

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Thanks for the Old)! Then inoi canceled, waiting for the port to Sony!

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Got his Otherworld)
Who cares, here it is:
While poke something like the habit, after hard for android and without buttons)

Posted on 22/06/2017, 14:51:

* _Ryuga_, * vlastdoloy and why we need delvik? it is something for developers?

UPD: until the phone like, though not habitually
but did not catch up, the 'Net on my second simkarty and shows 2G
Maybe that 4G is only in the first slot?

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* kuz18rus,
If you know how, you can create a topic. I do not really know how to)

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* AndreyYe,
AndreyYe @ 22.06.17, 14:46*
and why we need delvik? it is something for developers?

It is a virtual machine for androidovskih applications.
When ready, use only native applications (although small)

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anenash @ 22.06.17, 15:44*
It is a virtual machine for androidovskih applications.
When ready, use only native applications (although small)

understood thanks! in principle, willing to try to do native.
still, the two phones have to keep different vottsapy VKontakte and will run on the second)

yet for me the main problem is not the application, and the interface itself, any new typical operation turns into a mini-quest ...
Two of the quest and not passed:
1. Did not find where to change the wallpaper on your desktop.
2. I was not able to import contacts.

UPD .:)

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* AndreyYe, I also did not create new topics, and I gave the purchase, wait for the further development of the new OS and devices on it :)

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INFA, how to add AlienDalvik to where it is not provided)

Well and morefull reviewpile up, it seems there was no

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