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Product page on the manufacturer's website
CPU: Intel Core i5-2467M processor (1.6GHz)
RAM: 4GB DDR3 (not expandable)
HDD: mSATA2 SSD 64/128 Gb (SATA3 is supported by the controller)
Screen: 11.6 inches 400 nits brightness (extremely bright)
Resolution: 1366x768
Sensors and sensors: brightness sensor, accelerometer, GPS (optional)
Touchscreen: multitouch up to 10 touches, active digitizer (Wacom)
Cameras: 2MP front, 3MP rear
Wireless network: Wi-Fi 802.11abgn, Bluetooth 3.0, HSDPA / 3G modem (optional)
Ports: USB2.0, Micro HDMI output, docking station port, micro-SDXC, SIM card slot (optional)
Overall dimensions, in mm: 296x183x13
Weight: 0.898 kg
Battery life: up to 6.1 hours

Bundles and recommended prices
Complete sets officially delivered to Russia (PCT)

A01RU - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 64 Gb - Dock - Keyboard (RU) - OS Win7HP64Bit RUS: 44000RUR

Other known equipment

A01US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 64 Gb - OS Win7HP64Bit EN: $ 1099.99
A05US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 64 Gb - OS Win7Pro64Bit EN: $ 1199.99
A02US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 128 Gb - OS Win7HP64Bit EN: $ 1299.99
A03US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 128 Gb - Dock - Keyboard (EN) - OS Win7HP64Bit EN: $ 1349.99
H01US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi bgn - HSPA - GPS - SSD 128 Gb - Dock - Keyboard (EN) - OS Win7Pro64Bit EN: $ 1449.99

For complete sets A04US and A06US more detailed information yet could not be found

A04US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 128 Gb - OS Win7Pro64Bit EN: $ 1349.99
A06US - BT3.0 - Wi-Fi abgn - SSD 128 GB - OS Win7Pro64Bit EN: $ 1349.99

ATTENTION!!! SIM card slot for 3G data (optional, in models XE700T1A-A01US, XE700T1A-A03US, XE700T1A-A04US, XE700T1A-A05US) is missing

FAQ and useful information
Support and FAQ on the manufacturer's website in English with a very convenient search
Support page on the manufacturer’s Russian-language website
Instructions for disassembling the device
How to live without a keyboard or useful combinations of hardware buttons
Power - Off button - Located on the right side of the top.
Winkey - Function button - Located under the screen.
Vol +/- - Volume buttons - Located on the left side, above.
R.L. - Rotation Lock button (lock screen enmity) - Located on the right side, under the Power button

Q: Windows asks to press CTRL + ALT + DEL. How to do it?
A: Winkey + Power

Q: How to enter the BIOS and change any settings?
A: Enter BIOS: Winkey + Power (from off state)
Up down:Vol +/-
Left-right:R.L. + Vol +/-
Item selection:R.L.

Q: After an unsuccessful shutdown, loading stops at the choice of recovery options. How to choose the right item?
A: Up down: Vol +/-
Item selection:R.L.

Programs and drivers

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Reason for editing: Windows 10 and Android 6.0.

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* tomasdnb Soldered signal terminals of all yusb. Prepared yusb ports for installation, as well with the help of epoksilina done for them mount. Power: 2 port on p5.0v_aux_usb (plan s3), 3 ports from p5.0v_dock (s0 plan). The port for bluetooth'll put nrf24l01, powered by p5.0v_aux_usb. Sitting cubes throw, unleash the power between the ports or stupid in parallels.

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* HEAD3K You can picture this work?

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* tomasdnb I work at night now- skins. You are interested in something specific?

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* HEAD3K In general, I like to evaluate the installation. How many ports will be installed? In which place?

Posted on 02/21/2019, 10:29:

* HEAD3K Useful fashion. Toad presses - usb bunch of lines, and are not used.

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* tomasdnb , So I droselnuyu harness soldered, has prepared a place for the yusb and prepared themselves yusb (where the legs are chopped off, where the body clipped Installation (on the sides). Top (to the right of sd), the left (opposite Sim), bottom (left of the dock ). Power, probably supervisors tie and everything in it. Since the current is limited to 1A P5.0v_aux_usb and P5.0v_dock 1,82A. What do you think? Or is it better to divide into separate phases?

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* HEAD3K Better separately - thus will reduce the load

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* tomasdnb , salute. Littering, it is not sent to the once-Abraham byl.po scheme: for every yusb connector right on the signaling legs (d +, d-) for the resistor 68 ohm. Supply- point total for each port on the suppressor (they have not yet set as took a soldering iron ((()

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* HEAD3K , That's why the guys from the company with a great name "Samsung" did not do that before. Not the tablet, and the Chinese set for assembly))

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* tomasdnb And this is not Samsung, and marketing. Cheaper to make a top-end configuration and its worsen (range of models on the same basis, under their "wallet"). On vehicles in the same way in my Subaru all wiring for the maximum configuration is, but the fuse and terminal devices- no. At Audi duck at all funny, optional on-board computer is worth more 10s p., But there it is absolutely standard on all models. Just in the computer need to change the 0 to 1 (ie. Turn it on) and set the controls. I really wonder whether, hypothetically, if vypayat processor, make an expansion card (for installation of the CPU and the second channel RAM), and slapped her "sandwich" the old place of CPU.)))

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* HEAD3K , Really, but I do not need a month to sit at the microscope. Where it will be easier to change the memory chips on the strap 8 gig

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Hello everyone! Many interesting things I learned about the tablet, after reading this thread. But some things have remained unclear. In Google Chrome there is no response when buttons are pressed (svrnut, maximize, close), not all fires scrolling, if you hold your finger on the screen in any place. So it should be, or is there any patches to resolve these annoying stocks?

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Nothing can be done. It features Chromium code. By the way such problems and the Opera.

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Thank you for your reply. It is a pity of course that such an annoying glitch with my favorite browser. But now at least I know that it is not caused by the curvature of my hands, and an unfortunate choice of drivers.

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Unfortunately it is the curvature of modern programming. The current generation of programmers - just kids of his generation, which continuous reign Ponte and everything is aimed only at the instant benefits, and completely without orientation of the user. Running products dumped on the shoulders of the user and budget. This is evidenced by plummeting practicality, quality and durability of products. The product as it works, but when it comes to continuous use, found a lot of inconvenience, reversing the use of masochism. It is terrible to imagine what will happen next.

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A motion blur is also not treated? Permit costs native driver from the archive in the subject. Operating system Windows 7. soaps not only text, but also the entire image as a whole.

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Such headaches were not on any device. Is that when he borrowed a foolish attempt to Win 10. A Moita matter in the protective film? Try to open a high-quality image, take a screenshot, which will open on healthy devices. If the "soap" is not the problem with the screen. Otherwise, try to boot from under a third-party Windows live. And yet, if there is not soap, it did so, it is necessary to the normal wood. Otherwise - with iron to deal with.

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professor_preobrazhensky @ 02.04.19, 07:59*
Try to open a high-quality image, take a screenshot, which will open on healthy devices. If the "soap" is not the problem with the screen. Otherwise, try to boot from under a third-party Windows live. And yet, if there is not soap, it did so, it is necessary to the normal wood. Otherwise - with iron to deal with.

Thank you for your advice. It seems the case in the settings or drivers. When set to "maximum performance" in computer properties, the picture becomes much more readable.

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Toda seem Download theirs Pribluda to search for firewood to your brute. And let their head maybe more. So download theirs native wood for the chipset and video. Moita will be happy.

Or alternative - out of the native site of Samsung Pribluda they are even. Only here do not do automatic installation. And choose the right wood download.

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I want to share an interesting story about the LAN and Doc.
So, as I had a couple of pages back about writing - I have a tablet and a pair of docks to it. LAN does not work with any dock. As written here knowing people - LAN in the dock and it often comes across the dead. Bought a couple of docks on ibee - that the same garbage, LAN none not earned ... It was going to ask for refund because the question about running the LAN vendors asked and they said it's working ...
And then me with a broken screen Avito turned up the tablet, but with a working LAN on the dock - so I bought him.
And then - wonders! All docks with the "broken" tablet suddenly started working with Lan!
Conclusion: The performance of the LAN on the dock depends not only on the dock, but also from some components in the tablet !!!

PS: Bought on ibee another "for parts" tablet - will collect two of the three 100% working, if you're lucky ...

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* IgorBelykov , According to the scheme (supplied) lan still on the plate. And it's rather dielekticheskih properties of metal oxides.

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