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Sygic Mobile Maps download

Version: 1.00
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Excellent speed
Smooth movement of the map, fast routing on the most detailed maps of Europe and Russia, instant recalculation of the route. Run the program in a couple of seconds.

Convenient route planning
The destination is set by specifying the address, postal code, city center, choosing the latest routes from a log, a list of favorite routes, a list of the nearest important points (POIs), important points in a particular city, GPS coordinates or the latest available GPS coordinates.

Fine tuning the route
Sygic offers several options for specifying the route: selecting an alternative route, traveling through a city away from the route, an important point (POI), etc., avoiding traffic jams and obstacles on the route or any area on the map. You can also exclude from the route, country roads, toll roads, ferries, highways.

Quick view of maps
Sygic provides the ability to view an electronic map with additional functions: selecting a destination directly on the map, changing the route by passing through an item selected on the map, searching for an address or city, searching for important points (POI) around the point indicated on the map, etc. .

Route preview
Sygic makes it easy to get detailed information about the paved route - a plan of maneuvers along the way, viewing each maneuver on the map, a video demonstration of the route, and, most importantly, display route details on one screen: the types of roads used (roads with adjustable traffic, motorways, toll roads, ferry crossings, country roads), estimated time of arrival, time remaining and distance to arrival at destination.

POI Management
An extensive POI can be added to your own collection of points of interest. You can also be configured to notify you of the approach to selected categories of important points (POI): gas stations, museums, hotels, etc. Route planning Plan your route without leaving your home. Set the intermediate and final waypoints of the route and specify the starting point. Optimize the route and after making the latest changes, save the route.

Additional features
World time, GPS tracks, adaptation for right-handed or left-handed operation, quick start guide, country information, automatic day and night display mode switching, etc.

1. Fill all the files from the archive to the root of the phone
2. Install SetupMobileMaps.deb
3. Copy the maps and the .mlm file to the / Maps folder in the phone’s memory

1. Throw on the phone
2. Go to the terminal and write:
cd / home / user / MyDocs

Tongue:Russian English
Compatibility:maemo (n900)

Download .deb: Attached filemobile-maps_8.1.2_armel.deb(89.44 MB)

Download activator: Attached filecrack.rar(881 bytes)

Download the map of Russia: narod

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In my opinion this is the best navigator for the n900, it’s a pity that the official Sygic support is no longer provided for the n900, respectively, and the map update will no longer be ..
26.09.11, 15:27
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With this version of maps, Sygic crashes into segfault when typing an address and choosing a street.
But with the older does not crash:

I know the right way!
02.01.12, 17:33
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The link to the program does not work anymore ...
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Yeah, adalili: D
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Who can update links?

aka shneider
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If without a root body, then how can I grunt? I'm without root because I just recently bought SGS3 and I do not want to lose the guarantee

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the same Alexxxl

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You obviously made a mistake with the topic ... Here is a program for maemo, not for android

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