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Firefox [Fennec]

Version: 17.0a1

Last update of the program in the header:30.10.2013

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With this program, your mobile device will be equipped with a convenient mobile Internet browser, the official assembly of which is part of the Mozilla Firefox line of web browsers and is code-named Fennec. The application interface is designed for easy touchscreen control, is optimized for small screen sizes of mobile devices, and is focused on control using fingers.
The main features of the program are multi-windowing, the use of tabs, there is a password manager, convenient work with bookmarks and history, as well as the ability to synchronize using Firefox Sync with the Firefox browser on the user's computer.
One of the advantages of the Fennec mobile browser is the use of common technologies with the desktop version of Firefox, as well as the use of add-ons that can significantly extend the functionality of the browser.
The browser works in conjunction withFlash Player.

Supported language: English
Download: OVI STORE

Download: Version 17.0a1
Russification: tyts

Past versions
Attached filefennec_15_443205.0_armel.deb(26.04 MB)
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..a1_armel.deb "]Attached filefennec_13_443205.0_armel.deb(25.45 MB)
[attachment = "1665102: fennec_1 .... 0_ar
mel.deb "]Attached filefennec_v.10.0.2.deb(18.07 MB)
Attached filefennec_11_443205.0.0.1.deb(18.32 MB)
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mel.deb "]

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