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Firefox [Fennec]

Version: 17.0a1

Last update of the program in the header:30.10.2013

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With this program, your mobile device will be equipped with a convenient mobile Internet browser, the official assembly of which is part of the Mozilla Firefox line of web browsers and is code-named Fennec. The application interface is designed for easy touchscreen control, is optimized for small screen sizes of mobile devices, and is focused on control using fingers.
The main features of the program are multi-windowing, the use of tabs, there is a password manager, convenient work with bookmarks and history, as well as the ability to synchronize using Firefox Sync with the Firefox browser on the user's computer.
One of the advantages of the Fennec mobile browser is the use of common technologies with the desktop version of Firefox, as well as the use of add-ons that can significantly extend the functionality of the browser.
The browser works in conjunction withFlash Player.

Supported language: English
Download: OVI STORE

Download: Version 17.0a1
Russification: tyts

Past versions
Attached filefennec_15_443205.0_armel.deb(26.04 MB)
[attachment = "1173067: Fennec_v.
..a1_armel.deb "]Attached filefennec_13_443205.0_armel.deb(25.45 MB)
[attachment = "1665102: fennec_1 .... 0_ar
mel.deb "]Attached filefennec_v.10.0.2.deb(18.07 MB)
Attached filefennec_11_443205.0.0.1.deb(18.32 MB)
[attachment = "1929911: fennec_1 .... 0_ar
mel.deb "]

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Attached filefennec_12_443205.0_armel.deb(25.32 MB)
Attached filefennec_14_443205.0_armel.deb(25.64 MB)

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That's kind of like the latest version for MeeGo 1.2

Attached filefennec_12.0_a1_armel.deb(20.1 MB)

I also found this (dated January, all):
aurora -Attached filefennec_11.0_a2_armel.deb(15.22 MB)

beta -Attached filefennec_10.0_armel.deb(14.72 MB)

central -Attached filefennec_12.0_a1_armel.deb(15.13 MB)

release -Attached filefennec_9.0_armel.deb(14.67 MB)

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Rename the theme to "Firefox / Fennec"

without number 4 ..

for mamemo builds do not do more, so here is the 12th compiled with top-starter:

Attached filefennec_12.0_a1_armel.deb(14.52 MB)
- 12.0 nightly for maemo5

Flash can be enabled by changing to about: config

plugin.disable - false

Flash full but terrible, instead of video slideshow and sound)

A little less lag becomes when scrolling pages if you turn off:

toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll (to false)

From extensions, put noscript and in principle it will be even a little better (subjectively), although Javascript will not work any.

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Firefox (Fennec) v.10.0.2.

Download: Attached filefennec_v.10.0.2.deb (18.07 MB)

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Today, the phone itself offered upgraded to version 11.0. Up to the stable version.
works great.

One BUT. My text formatting with Zoom does not work, although there is such a setting.

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Ofiget, and why am I so ancient and in turnips only recently downloaded 7.0 ***?

Who will advise from what presented?

And the name of the topic would not hurt to change from the 4th version :)))

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Pocket Paul @ 03/18/2012, 8:58 PM*
Who will advise from what presented?

This beta:
for mamemo builds do not do more, so here is the 12th compiled by topstarter: QR

QR Attached filefennec_12.0_a1_armel.deb (14.52 MB) Downloads: 10
- 12.0 nightly for maemo5

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It was her and downloaded :) but did not see any high-quality and high-speed jump, I remain at the opera)

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Firefox (Fennec) v.
Added to the cap. : thank_you:

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Firefox (Fennec) v.

We take in the cap.

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Firefox v.12

Added a new version.

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Firefox (Fennec) v.13.0

We take in the cap.

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The device writes: Unable to install — installing the application will result in changing the components on which other installed applications depend. "What can be done in this case?

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Do not put-installation error.

Rep: (149)

Try apt-get ..
there at least will be seen from what

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put the file from the hidden directory / var / cache / apt / archives / partial everything works ... (from the comments in the store ..)

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I installed the pre-edob flash and the previous version, with the history log, settings, downloads and installed add-ons preserved ...

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Installation took place after the complete demolition of the previous version ...
Before the Phoenix Opera to climb and climb-carried in a toga.

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neither the manager nor the apt-get update went.
deleting only the previous version did not help: I ​​got up, but it does not start.
demolished the previous one, flash from adobe - everything fell from this deb, only got 460kb dependencies.
It is strange why it is not updated from the previous one, it would be more convenient, of course.

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Firefox (Fennec) v.14.0

We take in the cap.

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Here it is interesting to me: Mozila che-thread fine fix and immediately version changes as much as 1 or what? Absolutely nothing new noticed from version 12: D

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