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Full-fledged file manager for Bada. It will help when searching for files, changing and transferring.

- Access to all phone files using Wi-Fi from a computer
- Create password folders to protect sensitive information
- Allows you to view text files in almost all formats and encodings (Latin-1, Cyrillic, UTF-8 and UTF-16)
- And much more!

When installing, you need to use the donor programWebsearch

Russian interface: Unknown

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On the latest firmware in 2011 for the 8530, the substitution method does not work! How to install this program? KHEEELp

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Buy it now is inexpensive. But apart from the "balls" on WiFi and the ability to hide files, there are no more advantages ...

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I have only one question, where to drop the program.

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Who has version 1.8 can not find.

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