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How much, today, is it easier to use Windows 7 than Windows XP and what is it manifested in?
Both systems are similar, but superficially 7 is more beautiful and convenient than XP, and the settings are more aimed at the ordinary user than at the end user.

Posted on 08/22/2011, 21:29:

But is it worth resorting to a bunch of programs to hone with a natfil 7, as it was with XP?

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Nemezis-87 @ 08.22.2011, 21:29*
But is it worth resorting to a bunch of programs to hone with a natfil 7, as it was with XP?

It seems to me that the usual win7 out of the box is already configured enough for 95% of users. Of course, there are a lot of ways to optimize: turn off a bunch of services, tweak cache sizes, but not all tweakers are as useful as they are praised by the Internet.
In theory, a win7 manager replaces all the others.

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The best tweakers: straight arms + light head: D Manager yes, comfortable, gathered there all that are scattered about the system settings (as in the rest of the similar software).
Retrograds, persistently sitting on XP, do not understand at all, if only this is not the corporate sector (there are their own problems). By and large, everything rests on an additional memory bar.

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Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 10:24 PM*
By and large, everything rests on an additional memory bar.

Not only. My transition to 7-ku on the beech was still associated with problems with its proprietary software. True, Google, as always, was on top. :)

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I also think on a netbook to put 7 but dumb. XP plows like a rabbit and makes me happy.

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Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 10:24 PM*
By and large, everything rests on an additional memory bar.

Well, do not sayiiiiiiiii)
Tests showthat in some cases, seven loses in performance XP)
But it also seems to me that this loss pays off by increasing the performance of the hard disk, security (UAC, for example), improved interface (GO spreads on the video card), improved networking (files are transferred faster), there is no need to clean the registry, defragment the hard manually, to cry, that there are no drivers for this or that device, etc. etc.
Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 10:24 PM*
straight arms + light head

Not everyone recognizes the curvature of their hands, which means that the average user has more chance to kill the system;)

Posted on 08/22/2011, 23:05:

Nemezis-87 @ 08.22.2011, 22:48*
I also think on the netbook to put 7 but dumb

And what is the load on the processor)?

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Nemezis-87 , put it on a flash drive, pinch;) It will be slow when accessing "to disk", but it is mobile.
I generally found out about the Seven when buying a backup with a preinstalled one. It just coincided with the off-system. I did a couple of days and that's it, now I can’t stand for XP, the anachronism is complete, it's better to have some kind of nix for a change.

tempico @ 08/23/2011, 00:05*
an ordinary user has more chance to kill the system

Well, I don’t know, when I was buying a beech, I had a vague idea of ​​the concept of an operating system (Win 98 doesn’t count, it was not true for a long time, and in the period until release 7 I didn’t have contact with computers at all) and nothing the system did not lay down. Despite all my bullying.

tempico @ 08/23/2011, 00:05*
And what is the load on the processor)?

Windows 7 (Post # 4937442)- wah, I also managed to use a monster Casper there: D

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Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 11:10 PM*
Despite all my bullying.

Happy) Stop the plug and play service from msconfig (it is from him that the system is handled by tweaks) and Windows no longer load) There is no service description as such: "Allows the computer to recognize changes in installed equipment and respond to events without user intervention." The logic is simple: I do not connect anything new - the service is not needed; if anything, he will ask: lol:

You can use csrss.exe for debugging - in 99% of cases you will get a blue screen and subsequent damage to the fs (this, by the way, was my favorite joke during the XP era, when you first discovered telnet for yourself - remote text interface)))
Any system can be put, but seven is more difficult than XP. You can use the system in such a way that, on the contrary, it will fail and work slower (for example, if you load a bunch of services into the "manual" position. Few people know that only a limited number of these "manually" services can work simultaneously - the rest will be refused ...) . I turned off the service of the scanner and WIA images - as a result, Sony Vegas stopped running, photoshop became buggy, etc. etc.

Posted on 08/22/2011, 23:28:

Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 11:17 PM*
Now here's your first post and most funny

Shoore @ 05/09/2010 05:06*
In principle, the black background suits me even more staff, I just want to figure it out.

Slimest @ 05/10/2010, 13:45*
Shoore, so you changed the wallpaper on your system not by reassigning the picture, but by replacing the file? Honestly, for the first time I meet such a non-trivial way to change the wallpaper. Try to change the wallpaper through the standard user menu, which is called by a right click on the desktop.

We were all like that)

ZY And I remember my first contact with the computer at home ... They brought only a computer, I took the asi numbers from friends, I installed Asya 4 with something, the BSOD, the computer does not turn on, the cry of the father: lol:
ZYY.Y. And the very first contact: I learned the site with the games - I came to the library, I launch the netscape communicator, I write the address of the site and wait (without pressing the transition / enter button) ... A minute, 2, 3 passes, I turn around, sigh and tell everyone who standing in line: "Everything ... no Internet" ... And all amicably left the library with a train)))

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tempico @ 08/23/2011, 00:28*
Quote (slimest @ 05/10/2010, 13:45) Shoore, that is, you changed the wallpaper on your system not by reassigning the picture, but by replacing the file?

There, the thing was that in Starting the change of wallpaper was blocked - not everything is so simple.

I will always remember my first experience in Win 98: I searched for a bunch of files in the system directory at my discretion. It seemed to me better. And in the prorgamm files the game broke some. Even a couple of reboots machine survived. Well, reinstalling the systems of those years is just a saga.

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Aha)) With 12 floppy disks))
Shoore @ 08/22/2011, 11:44*
the thing was

Oh how .. I did not know ...

Rep: (2699)
tempico @ 08/23/2011, 00:46*
Did not know...

So, but I did not know thatlight movementsimple input key Starting turns into any.

With 12 floppy disks

Yep The shaman came with a tambourine and Kamlal almost a day. : D Parents still have this comp. The last time I “put” him about a year and a half ago, something got bogged down there and I tried to reinstall the system via remote access.
And the Seven, by the way, does not get into it, although the memory gig in it is from a DVD / USB computer does not boot, but to put the Seven from diskettes is another perversion: rofl: Yes, and firewood cannot be found for sure.
I tried to remove the screw and roll out the finished image, the BIOS does not see the fashion loader. So, mice prick, cry, but continue to gnaw cactus.

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Shoore @ 08/23/2011, 00:17*
Nemezis-87, put on a USB flash drive, pinch

cool idea, the memory card is only 8GB. Need to think about how to put on it? And then the full 7 50 GB requires with all of course.

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Download LiveCD and learn how to use the search ... :)

Rep: (2699)
Nemezis-87 @ 08/23/2011, 13:44*
how to put on it?

Win 7 usb

Rep: (1146)
Nemezis-87 @ 08/23/2011, 12:44*
And then the full 7 50 GB requires with all of course.

Nobody forbids putting this miracle, for example, on external hard)

By the way, the improved performance of an external hard disk / flash drive is another plus of the sevens: P

Rep: (2699)
Almost all the systems on the links above are placed on 4GB flash drives, and the place remains. There, the systems themselves after unpacking 2.5 - 3GB are occupied. But this is so, or a cruel necessity, or razvlekuha. Too slow, it all works, the exception is USB 3.0 - there are almost no visible differences from the hard drive.

Rep: (1146)
Shoore @ 08/23/2011, 16:39*
Too slow it all works

Then I tried to run the version for the flash drive that you gave: I started the PDA from the memory card (8GB, class 10 from the san drive) - I would not say that there are such hard brakes .. Yes, the programs start up much slower, but if you give after Superfetch reboots do their job (upload everything in frames) - repeated launches, for example, google chrome, are faster (I didn’t install other applications, because the idea of ​​using the system as the main one from a flash drive seems not very cool) ... Although, if you just need to check operability and whether there are all drivers, then, maybe possible forNemezis-87 This is the only normal choice. For safety, I would even chop off a hard disk at all during experiments.

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It was true that it was said above that an ordinary user has every chance to ruin the system, especially if he is also an “empty kettle” and ask no one, one hope for the Internet. This is me about myself. I have a simple question: the fact is that I don’t see the boot process on Windows7. I downloaded programs from Opera and from Chrome everywhere the same way. So I downloaded the same program 2 or 3 times, and only when I left the browser found out that it was loading. Is this a feature of the Seven or have I made the wrong settings? : lol:

Rep: (2699)
In IE and Opera, the boot process is displayed. In the opera, an additional tab opens, in IE, a line appears.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Vacont @ 08/23/2011, 19:55*
I downloaded the programs from Opera and Chrome — the same everywhere. So I downloaded the same program 2 or 3 times, and only when I left the browser I found out that the download was in progress. Is this a feature of the Seven or did I make the wrong settings?

7-ka is absolutely nothing to do with. In Opera: Menu->Downloads In Chrome: Settings and Controls>Downloads
This is a problem with the user, not with Windows ... :)
Shl Again, late ... :)

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