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DescriptionThrive 10 / Thrive 7 | Discussion | FAQ in the subject header here | Purchase | Firmware

For those who have already bought the tablet: I advise you to get acquainted with"Warnings and recommendations" .

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News. Last of30.08.14.
30.08.14 Dalepl finally put his own already well-known tool for refleshinga and the rollback firmware:http: //www.thriveforum...hen-will-not-boot.html
30.03.14 appeared the first custom firmware for Trayv 7 - Baby Favum (see custom firmware spoiler)
7.6.13 There was a tool for rooting the official ICS firmware yet only Thrive 10. You will need a computer running Windows, Linux or Mac. If there are interested, you can try rutanutsya and write in the subject line of the result. There are already as many as 3 themes with the tool:
1. by Dalepl'a
2. New from AmEv
3. old from AmEv
06.03.13 What happened was that many owners have been waiting for six months! Sourced tool for rollback Thrive tablet 10 with any firmware (even ICS) on US 3.2.1!
20.01.13 the beginnings instrument for root to ICS(Of course, the toolIt is not completed yet, and yet it is not recommended to useBut the important fact that the community of developers still found a way to get Ruth to the new firmware, it remains only to wait for the finished version of the public)
20.12.12 Owners trayvov European assembly became available ICS. Modified (rutovannaya) version of Dalepla already laid out.
07.08.12 Here and waited! Upgrade to Android 4 today happened. Ruth on ofitsialku not yet received, but pre-rutovannaya version (for installation via CWM) is already collected Daleplom.
23.06.12 Toshibtsy say, they say do not have time to make the ICS (Android 4) to the beginning of the summer, and deploy the update to our Trayvov 10 and 7 to early fall (as they said: "early fall").
06.06.12 install updated driver package for Trayva (now versions for XP, Vista and VIN7 combined into a single file), you can download it via the link
18.05.12 Developer turnyourbackandrun created a tool TYBAR Universal Root Tool - the first program with a graphical interface for breaking our Trayvov
20.04.12 Finally, the Beta-version ingenious projectOnSkreen CornerstoneThis piece adds to the android tablet multitasking in human form with a cross for closing, as all normal OS type WinMobile, Symbian and iOS.
05.04.12 Userturnyourbackandrunfirst created the tool to get root on the latest firmware (including in the US
22.02.12 Officially announced that our plates (Thrive 7 and 10) will have an android 4 (ICS) at the end of this spring, somewhere in June! This was announced by Toshiba in his Twitter.

Sites and useful informative links
1. the best forum on our plates, most important, the most informative and has the most comprehensive knowledge base about Trayv plates 10 and 7. The forum brought together the best developers(Owning tablets Trayv series). And if the Thrive will be something new, it always will be there sooner than anywhere else the internet.
2. trayvforuma site (the one on the line above). The site itself, unlike its offline special benefit is not, although its main page, published some interesting news from the world of tablets, including a course about Trayv.
3. Toshiba Thrive - xda-developers- From the reference is clear that this page Trayva on the great forum XDA. The truth here is in relation to Trayvu "great" his name language does not turn (yes, for a variety of devices, this forum is a key knowledge base, and any firmware modifications Trayv but unfortunately not one of them). Section hardly visited by users. In reality, very little useful information, much of it at all outdated. But ... you can dig for interest.
4. Official Toshiba Support- Home support devices from Toshiba, including our plates (Trayv 10 and 7). To start using this page, type the word "thrive" in the box "Enter model ..." and select the model of your tablet (model numbers, though many, but they differ only count-tion of memory, so the owners Trayv 10 tips to choose the model "AT105 -T1016 ", and the owners Trayv 7 - model" AT1S5-T16 "). And from there you can already get in the sections: Download, answers to questions, specifications, user manuals and News Service.
5. Toshiba Canada - Support Center. Thrive 10andToshiba Canada - Support Center. Thrive 7- almost the same page Help Desk Trayv Trayv 10 and 7, respectively, only Toshiba's Canadian site. Markedly different from the US seen pages.(If someone will find more related pages Technical support from any other countries, do not be lazy, report it to our community, or I, and probably, these pages will bear the missing, but useful information)
6. (Tablets)- the official forum about all Toshiba tablets. Section on Trayv immediately catches the eye because of the unusual brand of writing.
7. Product Registration- You can register your tablet, entering its identification data (see them, you can go to Settings ->about tablet ->System Information)
8. Toshiba Support - subscribe for product updates- here you can subscribe to notifications about new materials relating to your tablet (out they are very rare, so I advise you to sign up, so to speak "for show")
9. MyToshiba Support- another download center.
10. Toshiba Europe Support Forums AT Series- European Forum for the entire range of Toshiba tablets. Twitter news about Trayv. Twitter trayvforums completely duplicates news from the home page of the site.
Android Tablet How-To Videos- official playlist of video instructions for the Toshiba Tablet.
Toshiba Thrive - Wiki Tablet- Trayva page on the wiki. file sharing Dalepla.,, http: //, file sharing Pio.!...ZVE0LCbRTAgXc608SH_Mew- my store for rare files Trayva that due to the fact that much time has passed, are now on the verge of extinction. So those, I still managed to save, are located in the store (by the way, I still have many other files, so if you find a broken link on trayvforums, then probably I have a file that used to be on this link so ask) before it was official page tablets Trayv series, now about Trayv is not a word, leaving only Excite. Before this link was the official presentation of the tablet "the Thrive 10", but now it was replaced with an interactive guide to tablets Excite.

Of course this is not all links dedicated Trayvu. Just most of them added here does not make sense, because of the emergence, brought together all the major developers and is now having the most comprehensive knowledge base on the two plates; other sites about Trayv compared with trayvforums look stunted dwarfs. For example, in the main list does not,,

Cap updates
useless spoiler ...
09/08/12 Added a selection of games

Outstanding issues (who knows the answer to even one of them, just write to me!)
1. where to get adb and fastboot drivers for Linux? whether they are built in tool to root out Linux ? or established immediately upon connection of the tablet? running in the terminal whether Linux command (needed working adb)
adb devices
2. where to get Ruth to (HMJ55D.13.5.0001)? In Dalepla firmware in the list says that there are pre-rutovannye firmware, and they are known to no custom rekoveri and root not set, then Route to 0001 there, but that's where he (Dalepla asked, he said he will look ...) . Either specifically for this I beg root there, but you can install CWM, but from the CWM to flash these already pre-rutovannye.
3. learn whether the so-called "Croatian" assembly (HTK55D.35.5.0004) to a group of European firmware, or still it is separate.
4. Again, find out what kind of assembly (known then that this assembly 7dyuymovogo tablet): HTK55D.31.5.0004, HTK55D.32.5.0007
5. What is this firmware and where they take Ruth ?: HTK55D.23.4.0005, HMJ37.01.4.0002, HTJ85B.01.3.0001, IMM76D.01.000060122
6. where to take Ruth to the Belgian firmware

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions on the tablet Toshiba Thrive 7 and 10:

Battery (battery), charging
Q: How do I calibrate the battery?
0. wait until the tablet is discharged and off
1. rekoveri enter the mode and wait there until the tablet does not turn off (i.e., not yet fully discharged)
2. connect to the charger once again include the tablet, and when it is fully involved, disconnected from the charger
3. wait for his second discharge and shutdown
4. Connect to the charger, but the tablet does not turn on, and leave so 6 hours (can be on all night)
5. after the battery is calibrated, and the plate, as it should be switched off by 1% charge

Q: Is Charged(From normal charge)Trayv off?
ABOUT: Naturally, YES.

Q: Can Thrive Charged10via miniUSB-cable?
ABOUT: Unfortunately no.

Q: What should I do if the tablet battery become discharged very quickly?
ABOUT: The main thing - do not rush to connect the tablet to the charger, instead wait until the tablet turns off itself. Just often it is that the battery freezes such as 6%, and the plate is easy to operate for 3-4 hours without recharging. So do not rush to charge your tablet, no matter how low interest charge it there did not appear.

Q: What is and what is in the charger for 10 Thrive?
Attached Image

The points (they are marked on the picture):
AC / DC Adapter (1), it leads the cord from ending "socket for charging tablet" (2); the adapter is inserted into another one cable (3), at the end of which"American" fork(4) despite the fact that the photograph I have depicted ordinary (Russian male).
The sum of the two laces obtained one long (about 2.5 meters in length).
!!! As for the plug connector can not remember! It is likely that a nozzle for our (Russian) outlets supplied was not, so be prepared to buy an adapter.

Q: What are the characteristics of the battery 10 Thrive?
ABOUT: Removable (in the sense of "Change"), 6-cell Li-Ion, with a supply voltage of 10.8 volts, with a capacity of 6200 mAh (23 watt per hour)

Q: Can I use Trayvom 10 taken out the battery, but the charge is connected?
ABOUT: Yes you can.

Q: How to extend the operating time on a single charge?
- Turn off auto-sync (for Android 3.1 and 3.2: Settings - Accounts and sync - to remove the checkbox with auto sync, for Android 4.0 and above: Settings - Accounts - in the upper right corner to move the slider to the "Off").
- Change the live wallpaper on the conventional (static).
- Set the type of programGreenPowerto close the network connections to the standby mode.
- Do not keep the included GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM when you are not using them.
Note: If you use Navigation, do not turn off the GPS (when Naviprogs are not active, it practically does not affect power consumption), otherwise there will be a long start - searching for satellites.
Those applications that you are not concerned, it is possible to demolish or freeze through® Titanium Backup.
Just keep in mind that the main consumer of this display (in active mode of up to 75% of the total), so do not overdo it in the analysis ( "murder") applications.
More details can be found here.Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS

Q: How to remove / replace the battery (battery)?
ABOUT: Instruction is in the section " Appearance... ".

Questions before you buy and just popular questions
Q: In this tablet has a Russian language? In all assemblies there?
ABOUT: All plates Thrive series, regardless of the assembly, have built-in localization Russian despite the fact that all the assemblies are considered foreign. It suffices to choose Russian language in the settings. About that, what are the assembly, you can learn from "a list of all assemblies" in firmware section .

Comments and reviews of the tablet Toshiba Thrive
1. Toshiba THRiVE - Discussion (Post # 8445281)
2. Toshiba THRiVE - Discussion (Post # 12102026)
4. Overview Toshiba Thrive tablet | 4Tablet-Pc
6. The video reviews can be viewed on YouTube:
7. official playlist about all the tablets from Toshiba:

Q: What equipment Thrive 10? What lies in the box besides the tablet?
ABOUT: The box on my Trayva (I Trayv American assembly) Was: a bunch of papers, charger(Noutbuchnogo type)a two-part, mini-USB cable.

Q: What type of display from 10 Thrive? Do not IPS matrix?
ABOUT: Not IPS, but sorry. 16:10 aspect ratio

Q: What material is made of the tablet screen?
ABOUT: It is known that it is shockproof glass, but not Gorilla Glass. Yet, if the grind on the display key or try to scratch it, then do it oh how not easy. In short, glass is very strong, the key is just to slide on it, not even a trace remains. The key, writing pen, fist, knuckles - Trayvu all either in what he referred to as a "do not care at all." Like here:

Q: How many touches maximum support multitouch screen of this tablet?
ABOUT: Only 4 simultaneous touches, but none of the normal game does not need more than four fingers. So the only disadvantage of this shortcoming is the limitation of gestures 4mya fingers (in the sense of gestures in programs such as ® GMD GestureControl ★ root ).

Q: Trayv 10 is heated by the prolonged use?
ABOUT: Never. I have not had this not once. Even when it is charging. Even warm I do not remember to be.

Q: How do you feel on the material, build quality and general appearance of the tablet?
ABOUT: About all this see, respectively, in the "Appearance ..."

Interesting questions, do not fall into any of the categories
B: It so happened that the tablet hung ... How do you force a reboot is not pulling out the battery?
ABOUT: This case is still called a "soft reset" in English - «soft reset». Simply press and hold the power button down until the screen turns off. Then you can turn on the tablet again.

In: Need instruction(User's guide, User Manual)by Thrive 10. There is a link?
ABOUT: Here's firmware with the latest software Attached fileGMAD00281013_THRiVE-AT100_103111.pdf (1.67 MB)

Q: How do I temporarily hide the status bar (this is the black strip with buttons and a clock at the bottom), or as some say "make the application in full screen"?
ABOUT: Just say that without Root access do not work in any way. And if you have received on an insertion Ruth, use any of these programs:
1. ® GMD GestureControl- in my opinion the best program for such cases.
★ Standard gesture advise to disable the program from the first tab.
★ I advise you to listen to this:® GMD GestureControl (Post # 17858158)
★ My gesture to hide the status bar:
Included options are marked with +, unincorporated respectively -
+ Enabled
- Active during GMD pause
- Disable while keyboard is on screen
Name: Enter whatever you like in English
Path: U
Touch points: 2
Starting zone: Bottom center 1/3
Action: Action ->Status Bar actions ->Toggle status bar
As a result, the finished gesture looks like a stroke of up two fingers from the center of the status bar.
2. ® Full! Screen
3. ® HoneyBar- only works on firmware version with the third android
4. ® HideBar

Q: How do I put icons in the status bar to quickly enable Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and turn others?
ABOUT: this prog e.g. Togglepanel

Q: How do I select / copy text from somewhere?
ABOUT: This can be done in two ways:
1. Quick double click in the middle of the text (which is in the middle!) ->a window will open with further action ->select what you need
2. Hold your finger for a long time in the middle of the text ->Action window opens

Q: How do I change the keyboard layout from English into Russian(and vice versa)when connected to the tablet via a wired keyboard USB?
ABOUT: set (or ), Select it in the settings. Change of the combination of shift + gap. It writes in detail here Android OS on x86 (Post # 10268562) and here Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 - FAQ (Post # 19191265)

Q: What will happen with the tablet when dropped?
ABOUT: Generally, Trayv very resistant and durable, but it happens and such a

Q: Many people think that with our tablet can not call ... But then why in the Toshiba system left the "Phone" app?
ABOUT: How to open the application "Phone" see "Secret 2" in the "Secret things, hidden goodies, fun and chips Trayva and Android."

Q: How to change the subject and include the built-in keyboard "algorithm proximity keys"?
ABOUT: [Tested on firmware with Android version 4] See "The Secret 1" in the "Secret things, hidden goodies, fun and chips Trayva and Android."

Q: IfregistrationUS-plate assembly (American assembly) on the official website of Toshiba(Go to this page it is possible through the application Register)You write that you have specified the wrong date of purchase, the ...
ABOUT: Try to go through all the months of 2011 and 2012, but with the same day - for example, the 10th day(How to record the date, can be found by selecting any day in the calendar icon).
By the way, if you have a tablet with iOS is not American assembly, it is likely that the application "Register" you just do not find in their own application menu. Actually, to be honest, the plate registration on that site for a Russian citizen does not give absolutely nothing, because the tablet is a US assembly, and the warranty is valid only in the US (effective 90 days).
And yet another way: just register with them without even registering the tablet itself is allowed on the site.

Exterior and interior. The hardware part. Accessories and peripherals. About all that is on the outside and inside.
Q: How to Thrive 10 lies in the hands? How does it feel? Heavy, is not it?
ABOUT: The rear surface is very pleasant to the touch, and thanks to a special rim tightly clings to the hand and did not slip.
A soft and sleek - the palm does not hurt.
Holding in one hand, yes, hard, this can not be helped: the hand gets tired pretty quickly - 700 grams - it's still not enough. But in two hands severity does not noticeable, but if you use for an interesting case, you can stand at least an hour to keep - as if reading a book.
In short, everything is pleasant, smooth, glossy on the sides comfortable "bordyurchiki", which is convenient to lay down the fingers to all the buttons easy to reach without taking your hands off the left of the screen (a feeling that you have in your hands is not a tablet, a portable game console)
Nothing sticks out - all were fastened tightly, the memory card does not fall off, all ports are protected from dust flap opening.

Q: When shaking the plate under the cover something rattling as if something had fallen off a little and rolls inside the tablet. What could it be?
ABOUT: This is most likely one of the reeling slider latches battery under the hood. It's okay, you can try it with something to fix.

Q: How to paste on a display film? Are the matte protective film on fingerprints and right sunlight reflected badly?
ABOUT: I put a conversation between two of our users . Here is a copy:

A: Has anyone bought to the Toshiba Thrive 10 matte protective film? It does not remain fingerprints and does not so much reflect the sunlight?
B: Matte film does reduce glare and trace remains much smaller, but there is a double edged sword - the image quality also falls to the level of cheap Chinese tablets, will be very noticeable loss of color and saturation of the image.
A: Odd I did not get to put this film ... Like everything neatly do smoothes consistently soft rubber shpatelkom, and still remains a lot of air bubbles. And how do you inflicted it? cha rules everything turned out?
B: Heh heh. Then help only many years of training. But seriously, then first carefully Wipe the screen, so that no dust is left, if you see a bubble tiddly dots, it is dust, remove the film, they will remain in it. The only thing I can advise if you are already stuck - you can remove the foil and carefully pasted on her plate tape, most of the dust will stick to it, to tear off them then just gently, you can tape to cover up, then the samples were carefully pasted on a perfectly cleaned screen, gently smoothing shpatikom from inside to outside.
If the new film, then, for example, I, did not remove entirely the lower protective layer to the film, so that dust does not sat glued piece - smoothed, etc.
A few tips from the threads about similar tablet: Sony Tablet S - FAQ (Post # 11240297)

Q: What kind of rim-plug at the bottom of the housing (between the two speakers)? Can I open it?
ABOUT: This connector for the "docking station". Here on this video shows standard dock Trayv 10 (In the pictures all perfectly clear). In order to open this slot (in other words, striped pull) at first quite like to draw on this striped, clutching nogtiki (or something else sharp) of the horizontal hole, and then pick up her upper right corner.
under polosochkoj
Attached Image
Take note That there are several models of docking stations:
1. standard docking station for Trayv 10:
2. enhanced docking station for Trayv 10 (costs more, but it has already two USB-port and HDMI-port):
3. The standard docking station for Trayv 7:

Q: What are the physical (perceived) buttons have Trayv 10? What each button does?
1. Power button.
2. Two volume buttons.
3. slider to enable / disable auto-rotation of the screen (a very useful thing when reading books or viewing images).
4. The slider lock / unlock the back cover plate (about how to correctly remove the cover, and in what position in this case must be the slider can be read in the same section).
P.S. Two small rectangular stripes next to the volume buttons - it's not the button, you can not try to click on them, it's just a partition.

Q: How can that be when the tablet is connected via HDMI-cable, the screen itself has been turned off (and thus not waste charging)?
ABOUT: To do this, there's an app ® Screen Standby (There is also a video display capabilities)

Q: How to disassemble Trayv 10 to replace the screen?
ABOUT: That's the theme of disassembly:
note , what in the second post of this topic have video instruction.

AT:[Only Thrive 10]How to remove the back cover and remove the battery (battery)?
1. Turn off the tablet, remove the memory card
2. Slide the left edge strip with a pattern of locks to overlap and not be visible red circle (Do not confuse these "two fasteners" with that other clasp, which is next to the volume buttons; we are interested in is the strip on which are painted the two fasteners, not one)
3. Put a convenient tablet screen down and begin to detach the cover first on the corner, which is near the entrance to the headphones (only I was comfortable that way)
4. When the area to be released, the path follows the contour to the next nearest corner (the one from the USB-port)
5. When this angle and is free finger picks seredinku (where such a wide entrance for the docking station), then release the opposite middle
6. from that middle that has a dock connector, are conducting the nearest (turns to the penultimate) corner
7. remained only one last corner, and we barbaric "finish off" simply bending back cover from the side with the USB-ports to the side where the camera(Here you should not worry - the camera you will not come off because it is separate from the cover). The main thing - when taking this part, do not be afraid of every crunch and cod, nothing you do not break. But "not afraid" of course within reason (open should still little gently, slowly bending back cover).
8. The cap is removed to complete the "base" disassembly left to pull out the battery
9. beside him two black stripes-levers - move them both (one of them without a retainer, so pulling out the battery, it is necessary to hold), picks up the battery there for his white ledge next to the peephole camera
1000 back when you collect, do not forget to return the slider with a lock to its original position

Here there were two excellent video in which everything is shown:

* It is based on an article from the website of Toshiba Help Desk: http:? // soid = 3503654

Multimedia (images, videos, books, iPods, Reader, YouTube, etc.), camera, screen / display
Q: YouTube while watching some videos occasionally distorted colors (the image is blurred, there are clouds of green and other colors of the rainbow). From this you can get rid of?
ABOUT: Try to get into the settings ->multimedia ->and uncheck "Enhance Video"

Q: How in the YouTube app on your tablet to change the video resolution?
ABOUT: Install the modified Youtube from topics Og youtube

Q: Where can I go if I have to Trayve problems with HD-video playback?
ABOUT: Maybe this topic HD video on Tegra 2

Q: Recommend a good reader of books.
ABOUT: Personally, I use two: EBookDroid (mainly for the DjVu format books) and QuickOffice (namely HD version, which is specifically for tablets) . Probably, you may like the look of any of this list .

Q: How to set a wallpaper in normal quality and standard size?
ABOUT: A little bit of information there is here: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Discussion (Post # 12037125)

Q: How to reduce the brightness of the screen is lower than the permitted system to direct all dark screen was? In short, how to make a super low brightness?
ABOUT: Take advantage of the program Shades or similar to her .

Q: The camera at 5MP Thrive 10 really as promised? Good quality is there in the footage?
ABOUT: It depends on the firmware version:
On the firmware version of android 3.1 and 3.2.1 the quality of photos and video simply awful (image is not clear, noticeable noise in the chamber of old mobile phones, photo-camera with sharp movements "floats" blurry spurts).
But, starting with firmware version with the fourth android, though evolved camera image really becomes a 5MP nym and captured video can be called HD (720p).
Samples (taken at the official ICS-firmware):
A photoAttached filethrive10 photo samples.rar(4.64 MB)

VideoAttached filethrive10 video sample.rar(25.1 MB)

If you want to achieve even better quality of shooting, I advise you to experiment with these applications:LG camera (On the internet you can find the full version), Camera ICS +, Camera JB +

Q: How to turn off the shutter sound and the focus of the camera?
ABOUT: Ruth will need access. Across ® Root Explorer (File Manager) Go to the folder / system / media / audio / ui /, we are interested in 3 files: camera_click, camera_focus, VideoRecord; rename these three files so that everyone at the end instead of the format ".ogg" format was ".og". Thus, the camera will no longer find these audio files, and any remaining audio capture in the camera will no longer be.

Q: How do screen captures (screenshots I mean)?
ABOUT: On the firmware from the fourth version of the android screenshots on Trayve can be done by simultaneously pressing the keys " shutdown "and" volume - ". Screenshots are stored in the / sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots /. Also, you can view them through Toshiba File Manager in the" Screenshot ".
On the firmware from the third version of the android without root straight to take a screenshot of the tablet generally does not work. But you can make a screenshot, if the tablet is connected via the USB-cable to the PC using any of these programs . And if you have received on an insertion route, you can use the program ® Screenshot It .

Q: How do I shoot a video screen? Is there a similar program Trayv Fraps on my PC?
ABOUT: Without root is not likely to happen, although it could be a ride the same story as with screenshots - divorced a complete program that removed the video in conjunction "tablet + computer without root", but I have one of these programs have not tested. And if Ruth received, everything is simple - the program ® SCR Screen Recorder and ® Screen Recorder at your service (work exactly on ofitsialke 4.0.4).

Q: Is it possible to Trayve using ".nomedia" file to exclude from showing unwanted pictures, videos and music in multimedia applications (galleries, iPods)?After allthis is done on many android devices...Or Trayv - an exception?
ABOUT: All right! Just in the firmware version of the android, since third (Honeycomb) and above, this method is a bit complicated, but it's still the same business need. We do this:
1. As before we place(Copy)nomedia file (you can take it from the article In the folder in which you are unnecessary multimedia files
2. go to settings ->applications ->everything ->Storage media ->erase data, force stop it
3. restart the tablet
4. open any multimedia application(I opened the Toshiba Media Player)You will see that none of the gallery, nor such as Toshiba Media Player'e will not be nearly any file that is found, it should be), get out of it (thus we force the system to start rescanning multimedia)
5. go to settings ->applications ->everything ->Storage media ->and if you see that it is beginning to change in weight, it means that everything worked, it remains only to wait (every minute you go in this window and follow the weight), as long as these changes cease (I have this process lasted about 15 minutes, and storage size multimedia eventually made 7 megabytes)
If the weight does not want to change, then try to use the applicationForce Media Scan.
6. Now you can close the application list and start using any gallery, player, etc. - all expelled you, the content will be hidden
To hide the images and video there is another way: Use of some third party gallery(Eg set in the Google Play)But of course it will hide the extra content only within itself (that is hiding will not spread to other gallery). On the firmware version of the fourth android advise you to use these applications: Gallery KK - Gallery ICS , F-Stop Media Gallery and Quickpic (I personally do not like)And standard advice does disable through the list of applications. At Gallery KK the same look and functionality as that of the standard, plus there is a function to hide. but about the way nomedia still very necessary to hide the excess in such essential applications like Google Play Music and the Toshiba Media Player, which analogues can not be found.

Files and memory
Q: How many Thrive 10(Just at the 8-gigabyte version)set aside memory for regular files (caches of games, multimedia files, etc.)? In short, as initially there is free internal memory?
ABOUT: Under the files available to us is only 2.5 GB. As you can see, it is very small, especially for gamers (for example, the cache of the game The bard's tale weighs 3.5 GB, ie it does not fit at all) in the idea. So I advise to buy the version with 16 / 32GB of memory, OR: Root will get access to your Thrive 8Gb ->buy voluminous memory card(16 gigabytes, or better 32) ->Learn how to redirect cache on the memory card from the next question, which is directly under the matter.

Q: How do I get an application to read the data not to the internal memory(/ Mnt / sdcard /)And a memory card (/ Mnt / sdcard2 /) Like in all normal tablets?
ABOUT: [For both methods require a route-rights]
1st method:Toshiba THRiVE - Discussion (Post # 15829693)
2nd method:Transferring Games cache and other such programs on an external memory card [for Android OS]

Q: How many Thrive 10 memory allocated specifically for the application (ie not counting the memory cache for the game)?
ABOUT: Set aside about 3 gigabytes(At least on my 8-migigabaytovom Trayve it so much). It is sooo much! + In a fourth version of the firmware android (ICS) can transfer applications to the card. For comparison: on my smartphone (the official firmware without a memory expansion modifications) it was available only 180Mb. Material difference, is not it?

Q: How do I move the application to the memory card?
ABOUT: The firmware with Android 3.1 and 3.2.1, this function is not available, and since the firmware based on the fourth version of the android, sowing function reappeared and Trayve it is called "Move to shared storage" (in "Application Management" moved to the memory card application marked checkboxes in the tab with the name of "shared storage"). But to be honest, it's almost stupid feature on the tablet, which has a memory for applications devoted a whole bunch (remember that time when the smartphone was only 180 MB for applications took a long time).

Q: How to install apk file(Application Installer)directly from your browser(Ie, without the use of the Internet, Google Play, and any file manager)?
ABOUT: Toss a file into a tablet, and then open the browser on your tablet or input in the address bar file: ///mnt/sdcard/program.apk Where program this apk file name. Address you entered is correct, according to where you threw the application installer (if the memory card, it will be sdcard2 )

Q: This tablet recognizes a USB-drives with NTFS? (Question applies to all drives, be it USB flash drive, whether it's a portable hard drive)
ABOUT: On any official firmware support drives formatted in NTFS and support for drives with multiple partitions present. But, if you have the firmware on Ruth rights(In this case, any suitable firmware, even the official), Then it is another matter B). Choose any of these ways, the same result.
First way
1. Download and install the app on your tabletUSB Mass Storage Watcher OTG (link on Google Play)
Referring to the direct installation file (version 2.0.18):http: //
2. Run the installed program, allowing her access to Ruth Human wait until the program you will be greeted by the window «Welcome», press Next a number of times until you see the main window with the inscription No USB Connection
3. To connect your USB-drive (formatted with NTFS), the program press the button in the upper right corner, then the Refresh, wait until you see the type of inscription «You have been connected to a usb device»
4. Press the «Mount Drive», to look in the column «Mount Point» was the path / mnt / usbOTG, Hit «Save and Mount», the program will show you how much memory is occupied by your drive, exit the program (button with an arrow)
5. through any normal file manager (e.g.Bluetooth File Transferor® Root Explorer) Move along the path / mnt / usbOTG / (current path in both the File menu is displayed at the top), There will be located the files from your drive
6. To disconnect the drive just go into the program and click «Unmount», you can now remove

Second way
1. installAttached fileThrive NTFS Mount.apk(199.44 KB)
2. Run this program, allow Root access, connect the drive, exit the program and enter again, we press Select Device, select the device (mine is sda1)
3. Hit Mount, again give Ruth, wait until the inscription «Mount successful», hide the program (it is key to the house)
4. through absolutely any guide (you can even via native ToshibaFile manager ) go to the folder Download , Just as there are files from a drive
Note: Do not worry, with your files from a folderDownload nothing will happen, they are not going anywhere, and especially not to remove, they just temporarily become invisible. After removing the drive they become available again.
5. Drive just go to safely remove the program and click «Unmount», now the drive can be removed

A source:

There is a program with the same purpose -® Paragon NTFS & HFS +, ® NTFS Mount, ® EzyMountBut personally I have not tested them and their usefulness can not say anything.

Q: In the folder/DCIM/.thumbnails/(It is in the internal memory) all the time there is a file ".thumbdata3- ", and very heavy(On my plate that nasty file grew fat right up to 2GB). I tired of it! A simple removal does not help - it still appears again. How to get rid of it permanently?
A: You receive this file once you are through any file manager (checked on the built by Toshiba and Astro), open any folder with pictures. this file is nothing more than a cache of all multimedia (all pictures and videos from all folders tablet).
How to get rid of the appearance of the file(Thumbdata, thumbdata3, thumbnails):

1. through filemanager go to /DCIM/.thumbnails/ folder, find the file ".thumbdata3 - tsiferki", click "Rename" button to copy all the file name
2. delete the file, and in general all the files in that folder lying
3. Create a folder (in the File menu is toshibskom folder button with a plus sign) and insert the copied name of the file, confirm
4. Exit and restart the tablet faylmena
5. After reboot, check both LOST.DIR folder (one of them - on the memory card, the second - in the internal memory) for junk files (delete them if they are present)
Side effects: Most likely it is because of this standard and gallery Gallery KK much longer draws the image when viewing (i.e., opens in the first picture otvratno quality, and the quality is stabilized after a few seconds). Decision: use alternative galleries.

B: Download the app from Google Play, I want to put it on the forum. How to get the installer of this application as apk file?
ABOUT: You can use the file manager ASTRO File Manager - This application is a function of "application manager» (App Manager), which is able to make a copy (in the default folder / internal memory / backups / apps /), and from there you can do with this app where you want to, even for a forum to fill .
If you have something does not suit Astro(It takes memory hangs in the background, or simply infuriates the name)I suggest to use a specialized programAppMonster.
But with the applications, which are right next to lit the words "private"(As they are identified in Astro, in other programs, they can be marked with a padlock), Not so easy to handle - Root access required; if you've got Ruth, you can only go through® Root Explorerin the folder / data / app-private /, find the app you want and copy it to a memory card or internal memory.

The Internet. Network. Accounts. Communication. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Connections.
Q: This tablet supports connecting to Wi-Fi networks, such as Ad-Hoc (adhoc)?
ABOUT: The official firmware - no. But most custom firmware, this function is present. Also, this function is in the official pre-rutovannyh firmware collected Daleplom.

Q: Are there Thrive in the official Wi-Fi Tethering?( "Vayfay tetering" aka "hotspot / hot spot" - this is a function that allows your device to distribute the connection of Wi-Fi, that is, turns the tablet into a router / router)
ABOUT: The firmware 3.1 and 3.2.1 is, but he cleverly hidden. To enter its "hidden" menu, use the program WiFi HotSpot
Attached filecom.wifi.hotspot-2.3.apk(235.34 KB)

But on the fourth version of the firmware android have 3 options:
1. Install the programTogglepanelandCShare, At least once, use CShare that it has set up hotspot on trayve remove CShare (if you do not), run TogglePanel, in the status bar, click on the square icon with vayfay (there is a simple vayf icon, is an icon where vayfay in a white square, we need a second), from another device, connect to the wifi point with the name "CShare AT100 01" (probably on the other device will have to enter a static IP, but I was never able to find which one)
2. on 3G / 4G-like versions Trayva any firmware tetering officially supported and turned on in the settings
3. if you have a rut, it is sufficient to use one of these programs:WiFi Tether for Root UsersorOpenGarden WiFi Tethering. If the hotspot starts with an error, try to configure these programs to choose profile "Generic ICS / JB (wlan 0)".
Honestly, this feature specifically on the "no-3G / 4G Trayve" pretty useless: to distribute there is nothing - mobile internet Trayve there, and a local area network for multiplayer games because you can create the second device - not necessarily the same with Trayva create; with the exception of a couple of "trayv - trayv".
The local network (Aka: lokalku, LAN, local network)- it is such a Wi-Fi network for Rubilovo multiplayer games without the need to connect to the Internet, and even without the need to connect to the router. Its meaning is simple: owner of one of the devices (smartphone / tablet / notebook) creates from this device vayfay access point, and the owner of the other device connected to this access point, a network is obtained. The radius of action of such a network of about 50-150 meters in open terrain - it's much more than that of Bluetooth, which has a range of about 15 meters.
Speaking of games with local multiplayer: there are not enough, 30 pieces I certainly counted, and this number continues to grow, it's cool - play with your friends without any cash outlay on the Internet, without having to be near the router, without any jumps of the signal from the network, but at the same time maintaining HD-graphics games, which could provide internet, but could not Bluetooth; shorter lokalku - a super-duper thing. A list of some of these games you can find at post "My selection of games for Toshiba Thrive" ).
More via LAN You can transfer files between devices, and with a very fast speed. ProgramWi-Fi talkieimplementing this possibility is 100%.

Q: What if no Wi-Fi is in sleep mode?
ABOUT: Who has Wi-Fi does not work in sleep mode, set the program Advanced wifi lock

Q: How to remove (and then change to the other) is the only Google account without resetting?
ABOUT: Before beginning I advise to make a backup copy of the file /data/system/accounts.db, but better make a full backup of the firmware.
first way to [Along with your account from your device may delete all associated information, including email messages, contacts, settings, etc.]. Go to Settings>Accounts & sync. Click on the account you want to delete. Press the menu button and then click Delete Account.
2y method Go to the Manage Applications, find the list of "Google Apps (Google Apps)", click Clear Data.
third way to [There is a chance to gain a big problem with Google Play'em, so use it at your own risk]. Program ® Erazzer
Fourth method. [No less risky than the third]. Across ® Root Explorer remove 3 files (if they exist): /data/data/, /data/system/accounts.db and /data/system/sync/accounts.xml, then restart tablet, add an account.
Ask a question in this case can be in the subjectHow to delete a single google account without resetting all settings

Q: How to change the User Agent in browsers?
For official (built-in) your browser:
1. In your browser, enter "about: debug" in the address bar without the quotes (this action will include a secret menu in the browser settings)
2. Click on the top right button with 3 squares
3. Select settings
4. Go to the "Debug" menu (it can even be called a "Debug")
5. Select "UAString" and select the desired user agent
But this method has a disadvantage: every time you open a browser will have to perform these steps again. The solution to this problem may be the installation of a third-party browser settings that you can change the so-called User Agent string. For example, Opera Mobile or Dophin Browser.
A source:http: //www.thriveforum...wser-desktop-view.html
For Google Chrome:® Chrome UA Switcher

Q: What should be done primarily through the built-in browser if a site is not displayed correctly, sends to other pages, shows errors and the like?
ABOUT: In the browser while on that site, click the options button, and then there is "full version". Probably the site was repaired.

Q: Downloading from the Internet works while the tablet is in sleep mode?
ABOUT: Yes, injection work even in standby mode (ie, when the screen is off), so I advise you to save battery power to turn off the screen when downloading something (be it a regular file via any web browser, whether it is a cache of some games right from the game).

Driver, PC connection, work in tandem with PC
Q: Will thereDriver to Thriveconflict with drivers from other Android devices? And what else can begin to interfere?
ABOUT: No, the problem with it is not, install them safely, and even personal manager to disable or remove the devices is not necessary.
I like for it at first feared, because I have another addition Trayva and Nexus One with a computer friendly (firewood SDK have been installed), That thought then that they Trayvom a USB-port is not divided, and what they say will be defined as the Nexus tablet and start any trouble. And in fact it was easier.

But with ekseshnikami fastboot'a adb and other programs (in particular from the Android SDK), problems may arise because most of the tools for working with Trayvom use their adb and fastboot.ADB and FastBoot from trayva may conflict with other ADB FastBoot'ami and third-party programs or as discussed earlier with the ADB of the Android SDK.Therefore, in this case, you connect the Trayva you in the process of hanging adb.exe process or fastboot.exe or both, be sure (before running the above tools) first find accommodation exe-file of these processes, change their extensions (for example, It was adb.exe, and you rename it to adb.exef, so it is with fastbutom), and then complete these processes in task Manager. This will significantly reduce the risk of a variety of malfunctions and errors when working with the tablet (for example in the preparation of root, or use a PC at work all programs as a server, a tablet as a client, as well as a bunch of adb between them).Once again I remind: this should be done before starting work tools (under tools I mean: rooting / anruting program, the program for the installation of a custom rekoveri).

Q: How do I know that to install the drivers correctly and working?
1. to start the tablet should simply be switched on, with the included screen in any input mode is not necessary
2. Make sure that you have installed itthese driversAnd not just stupid to connect the tablet to your computer and wait for the computer to determine the tablet as a storage device (such us will not work, it needs a normal driver)
3. For the firmware to version Android 3.1 and 3.2.1 do the following: on the tablet go to Settings->applications->development->put a checkmark next to the "debugging of USB"
For the firmware to version Android 4.0.4 (or even higher), do the following: on the tablet go to Settings->"for developers"->put a checkmark next to the "debugging of USB"
4. Exit the settings, connect the tablet to a computer via USB-cable, wait for notification when the tablet will be marked with an android, which says that debugging is enabled. If the notification is displayed, then all well, go ahead ...
5 on the computer in "Start" menu, select "Run", entercmd , Click OK (to open the command line), we look at what the local drive is running (for example, if you have written C : \ Users \ username>, The "C", respectively, it will drive) mentally memorize this disc, turn off the command line
6. download the fileAttached filethrive_tools.rar(676.14 KB)
, Copy the folder (the folder name and not the files in the folder) from the archive to the root of the local disk that you remember in paragraph 5
7. unfold our rolled the command line, entercd X: \ thrive-tools Where X - is your disc minded
8. Hit enteritis, see roughly the sign "X: \ thrive-tools>
9. Now enteradb devices Enteritis, a little forward, we see the inscription «List of devices attached», and under it "a bunch tsiferok and bukovok device», ie ID of your tablet to determine your computer and tablet found out that the drivers work correctly. If, however, under the inscription «List of devices attached» instead of the ID you have a void, it means that for some reason the driver does not work, or during instruction time you did something wrong ... It's easier as just check the driver of course, in practice, well For example try to get Ruth.
10. You can also check the drivers work for fastboot mode for this instead of item 9, restart your tablet in fastbuta mode and enter the command linefastboot reboot And if the tablet will reboot, then the wood work.

Q: After the PC update on Windows 8 / 8.1 may stop working fastbuta driver and trying to do something through fastbut a Command Prompt window on the PC will always hang the inscription "waiting for device". How to fix it?
ABOUT: Disconnect trayv PC. reload driver installation file for Trayva and establish it as an administrator by right-clicking on the file. Installer at the end to say that the state of the operation - "Updated" Well, they say the wood updated. Now you can connect to a PC trayv - fastbute team must earn.

Q: In many archives with tools (for example, root tools to install CWM) we come across the drivers installer. Many people ask "Do I have before each use of an instrument to re-install drivers that are attached to it, if I have already installed the driver frompost driver? And some of the best drivers? "
ABOUT: drivers themselves in such archives are exactly the same as that of my spoiler, other drivers simply do not exist, but the driver installer from my post still on newer versions of all those that you slip in the archives. So, if you have already installed any driver installer (though old, even a new one), you can safely ignore all other installers drivers that developers shove on in every files with tools. Re-do not have to install anything.

Q: And Thrive Series Tablet has official drivers? Well, I mean, any driver who themselves are set at the first connection to a computer. There are such?
ABOUT: Yes, there are drivers who set themselves automatically when connected to a PC Trayva. This so-called MTP-driver. After they are installed in your Windows Explorer will be a multimedia device AT100 - from there you can access the files on the internal memory of the tablet and its memory card. In order to become fully established, follow these steps:
0 on the PC in the "Setup icon on the taskbar" make sure that the Safely Remove Hardware icon always shows(On the list it can be displayed as a "conductor" or as the "Device Manager", look for it carefully)
1. Turn off the "debugging of USB" in the settings of the tablet(For android 3she is hereFor android 4here)Then connect Trayv to a PC, wait to install the driver (probably all drivers just do not install - install only some of them)
2. Again, disconnect the tablet from the PC and reconnect the - most likely will begin a second wave of drivers installed, but if it does not, then do not worry, you still move to the third point
3. Again, disconnect the tablet from the PC now include "on the USB debugging", connect the tablet to a PC; If you start the installation still some drivers that wait for the end of installation
4. Make sure that the conductor appeared shortcut that leads to the memory of the tablet, and if he really appeared, all the drivers are installed
MTP troubleshooting
General tips all users who face the challenge of setting MTP-drivers:
0. MTP protocol only works with USB-port version 2.0 and above, so check that your tablet is connected via the miniUSB port is precisely this, and not in junk such as USB 1.0 or USB 1.1
1. on your PC, open the "Control Panel">Administration>Services>Scroll down to the service "Windows User Mode Driver Framework" (it can still be calledWindows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework) >right-click>Properties>change the startup type to "Automatic">OK
2. open the Registry Editor, go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {EEC5AD98-8080-425F-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}, remove the UpperFilters entry, connect the tablet
3. install / update / reinstall Windows Media Player
4. If you have a firmware obtained Ruth is custom rekoveri, you can make a wipe and reinstall the same firmware, and then try again to connect the tablet to a PC (the boy fromthis topichelped)
For those with Windows 7 is not installed Windows Media Player: install the Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N for example here
For Windows Vista users: a likely problem with the installation of MTP-drivers is available here
For Windows XP users: set Attached filemtppk12.exe (6.44 MB)

Q: How to get into the most secret mode called APX-mode? What kind of regime?
ABOUT: APX mode - this is the lowest (ie most important) loader our plates. He is the most (and perhaps even all) of the tablet with the chipset NVIDIA Tegra (ooh! Nvidia is insidious ... we are because it is already half a year waiting for Root access to the latest firmware and it is because of her failure to the user when the system is necessary contact the Toshiba service centers, because there is no possibility of his own reflash the tablet).
Here's how to get to it:
1. Turn off your device ->remove the card, move the lock cover, remove the rear cover
2. seek a round hole with a small gold a button (indicated by the red circle in the photo under the spoiler)
photo golden buttons
Attached Image
3. Take a thin needle ->namely "eye" needle touch a gold button and hold for 3 seconds, and at the same time (while still holding the needle), press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds ->Release the needle first and then the power button
4. funny, then, that no vibration or light signals or turn on the screen, you will not see (the regime in general, there is no visual interface)
5. How to understand that your tablet came in APX-mode? When connected to a PC(With Windows)through is the idea of ​​the cable should be a new device in Device Manager. This requires special Tegra-APX-driver Attached fileThrive APX usbpcdriver.rar (5.94 MB)
How to install the driver manually APX (This is for those who have a PC when connected via cable is automatically started to install the driver): First you need to unzip the archive with the driver. You can try to install the driver through the "Add New Hardware Wizard" (press Win together, and R keys, type hdwwiz Click OK, select the driver manually). And you can go to the extracted driver folder, select NvidiaUsb.inf file, click on it, right-click, choose "Install" to agree to the installation, wait about two minutes(Installation of the driver is executed in the background and will not be visible)until the window pops up about the successful completion of the installation.
6. How to get out of this mode? The answer is: do not forget to start the back to insert the memory card, and then simply press and hold the combination of "push button" + "volume +". The tablet will go into the usual for us bootloader mode, where it can be restarted. But if so it was not possible to get out of the APX, then just try to hold off button for 10 seconds, and then turn on the tablet of the same button.

On 03/06/13 there was a practical application of APX mode -Now you can make pullback from the ICS-firmware on Honeycomb.


Q: How to share files with PCs Macintosh (Mac OS)?
ABOUT: 1. swing program on the Android File Tranfer computer here:
2. Install and run
3. Connect a tablet, and then everything in vindous

Firmware, Root (root), rekoveri, the CWM, official updates, Service Station, modification, backup data
Q: In what ways can these plates can be updatedofficialfirmware?
ABOUT: Only through the application Service Station directly from the tablet (requires internet). Alas, neither the computer nor through official rekoveri, as it is done on many Android devices, update official the firmware can not be. It is the will and the policy of Toshiba.

Q: Will the upgrade data / applications are cleared through the official firmware Service Station application?
ABOUT: Nothing is deleted, absolutely all of your files and all data remains untouched.

Q: How do I log in "rekoveri" "bootloader" (loader), "fastbut"?
1. Bootloader (Bootloader), also known as the boot loader.
It looks like this
Attached Image

To enter the bootloader do this: turn off the tablet ->we press the power button and press the "Volume +" ->We hold these buttons until the tablet will not enter the bootloader mode. Controls in this menu is three buttons: two volume buttons and the power button.Of the bootloader can be accessed in all other modes.
2. modeRecovery (Rekoveri). Attached Image
3. modeFastboot(Fastbut).Attached Image
This mode is not available on official firmware nerutovannyh starting with firmware version with android 3.2 (including firmware American plate assembly).
How to get out fastbuta:just long hold the power button until the tablet turns off, then already can continue their business.
4. The third icon in the bootloader (android icon)Attached ImageIf you click on it, the tablet simply reboot.

Q: How do you reset the firmware to its original (factory) state? In other words, how to make a "hard reset" (hard reset) / "wipe" (wipe)?
ABOUT:There are two ways:
First method: After setting go to the tab "Backup & reset" ->press the "reset."
2nd method: rekoveri View Mode ->do a full wipe ->tablet reboot (reboot command).
Never doreset on rutovannyh custom firmware and these two methods (reset these two methods only spoil the firmware). To properly reset on rutovannyh and custom firmware just reinstall the same firmware via custom rekoveri, preferably before making this a complete wipe through all the same rekoveri.

Q: Why a rut?(Root, Root rights superuser, Root access)What is the benefit from it? Why many users are willing and eager to get Ruth?
ABOUT:So, I present a list of features that you will gain when you get the Root-rights to their firmware:
it will be possible to remove completely any unnecessary application (eg, the NFS demo version, Kaspersky, built-in games and other debris set by Toshiba)
after receiving the Route of the rights you are allowed to use the improved rekoveri (CWM and TWRP), which has many useful features not found in conventional rekoveri
the ability to make a full backup of your firmware(backup)through custom rekoveri, so you can not worry about the safety of their data, if somehow broken firmware
the ability to set any official and custom firmware. Authors custom firmware is added to them many useful functions + important is another fact: even when Toshiba will stop releasing new firmware for Trayva, custom firmware will have the newer versions of Android (for example, at the moment the newest official firmware has only a 4.0 version of the android while the already established custom Sew with android version 4.1)
more easy fix for malfunctions and problems with the firmware(Because the user receives the right to conduct operations with the system files, and so many problems can be solved by hand and without any obstacles from the operating system, or do not suffer and simply restore valid backup of your firmware)
the ability to set the modification, adding interesting features such as: support for adhoc wifi networks, the falsification of data on the tablet to be more compatible with games, overclocking, support of USB-modems, additional settings and tweaks system (allows the owner to set the device "completely by itself")
the ability to set your boot animation, its theme and an unlock ring
* The boot animation, she bootanimation - cyclic video clip with the blue and green lights that you see when you turn on the tablet. Example of Custom -but-animation:
ability to turn off ads in your applications through programs from collectionAd blocker
tablet can support drives formatted in NTFS (flash drives, portable hard drives, etc.), as well as drives with multiple partitions
enhanced support for gaming peripherals (mouse, game pads, joysticks, keyboards, etc.) - can be set on the screen virtual buttons and sticks
hack the game, just like on the computer (programs for hacking games you can find in my collection"Hacking Game")
program of collections"All games"
through programs ofthis collectionyou can record video from screen
will be solved the problem with lack of space for the cache of games, which by default is stored not on the memory card but on the internal memory (useful for tablet version with 8 gigabytes of memory)
You will be able to share your saved games by other devices, as well as to store multiple stored on one device
who said that on android for all need to pay money? With programs® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuSand® Freedomyou even forget that you have to buy the application, and in the games be sure to do the "Donut"
gestures as iPad'ah using® GMD GestureControl
the ability to hide the status bar (bottom black stripes)
without Root access many launcher can not add widgets to your desktop
now on your tablet will run the program marked withofprogram directory for Android OSand many other applications requiring Root
For example:
® Titanium Backup- considered the best tool to create and restore backups of applications and their data (transfer application firmware on the firmware, restore the application directly from the backup firmware Clean Dalvik-cache of debris in one click, change your android id, find, filter, share their backups, and this is only part of the opportunities this program)
® Root Explorer- file manager that can do everything, he was indifferent to any restrictions by pressing r / w you will have full control over the system files (changing file permissions, safe editing system files, separate memory usage statistics for each section, zapuskator scripts, integrated data logger, viewer apk files, and many other features that will be useful more than once)
® [FRAMEWORK] Xposed- a powerful set of tweaks system (from design change to add new features)
® AutostartsandStartup manager- disable / enable the applications that start automatically when certain conditions(Eg, I have on my smartphone did not work the headset button on the media player, it turned out, it was just necessary through autostarts including permits the player to use the headset, even with the help of autostarts can stop an application that includes not spend time and charging)
® Seederand® Entropy Generator- a set of scripts to improve the performance of the device (this is similar to two bend, so choose any)
® Uni-init Universal_Init.d_Support- firmware adds support for startup scripts, which are called init.d (for example, without the support of such scripts on the official firmware Seeder after every reboot will have to be enabled manually)
***And most importantly: you can always revert to your tablet in a completely original (official, boxed) state, so that Ruth is not a "one-way ticket", it only provides additional features and give the user a choice.***

Q: How do I install the firmware through the CWM-rekoveri?
1. Charge the tablet is at least 40%
2. Download the firmware (it is a file), open this file and
* If the archive are folders such as the META-INF, data, system, and so on (for example, there still may lie boot.img and recovery.img file), without unpacking, place the downloaded zip-file is on the memory card and not in the internal memory
* If the archive is still one file (the zip), then open the zip-archive (in the sense of the archive, which is in the archive) and make sure that there are folders such as the META-INF, data, system, and so on (for example, there still may lie boot.img and recovery.img files), and if they really are out there, put the memory card is the zip-archive, which lies in the downloaded archive
3. To enter the custom rekoveri
4. Select "wipe data / factory reset", press "Yes", wait until the wipe
5. install zip from sdcard ->choose zip from sdcard ->Select the file of your firmware ->Yes ->wait until the install ->back ->reboot system now ->if you ask rekoveri «ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? », Then press NO

Q: What should I do if a custom rekoveri after pressing the "Reboot system now" I ask the question «ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? »
ABOUT:just press NO (Yes button will need the devices on which one extremely annoying script does not give the owner of the device to install custom rekoveri forever - Yes command removes the script and custom rekoveri no longer overwrite the stock rekoveri without the owner's permission)

Q: I installed a custom firmware via custom rekoveri (CWM). Do I need to get on it, Ruth?
ABOUT:No, it is not necessary, because absolutely all custom firmware pre-built route-law,BUTto understand the applications that you actually have to go to Ruth "Superuser" application (sometimes "superuser") and close the window changes to "OK" button. application will now know that you have to have firmware Root Access. For a more complete victory advise superuser click the icon with the letter "i", then press the "tap to check for updates" (before pressing the connect to the Internet), and finally the "Update" ->now you on the newest firmware library root.

Q: Can I by CWM over one firmware version (for example, the developer has released a new version of the firmware, you are now old and you want to upgrade to a new one) to install the same firmware but the new version?
Oh no.Updates will not work, that is, new firmware install, but the installation will erase all your data. In general, it turns out that you have not updated the old firmware, and how to set the other. But it is quite another matter if the developers have released a new firmware version for the video service pack. In this case, your data will not be erased and the process can be called upgrading.

Q: What will happen with the tablet, if you try to update the firmware rutovannuyu installed CWM via the Service Station? And what if to do the same, but without a specific CWM (ie as root, but with the stock rekoveri)?
ABOUT:In the first case, the update may not have installed (in rekoveri lights Android with a red exclamation mark, + have long to hold the off button to get rid of it), after turning on the tablet data will remain intact, Root will be shorter than nothing at all will change, but nothing out. Gee} -)
In the second case, the update will be fine, the tablet will reboot. In general, the update is successful, the firmware really upgraded, user data is not erased, the tablet will not explode, butRuth disappear!

Q: What is the TWRP-rekoveri?
ABOUT:This modified rekoveri from the development team called "TeamWin". In short, it is an analogue of the well-known to you the CWM, moreover, many users find TWRP rekoveri best of all. Lucky that it got up to our plates. An article written about him here:Toshiba THRiVE - Firmware (Post # 16380075)

Q: US-plate assembly through the Service Station does not want to set an official update from version or to the next version (no matter what) - gives an error about the encrypted data. How to remove this "protection"?
ABOUT:Yes, there is such a poser. It is good that there is only a few of the earliest firmware and appears if the tablet owner to use the "encrypt data" (such is in the settings menu). Toshiba overcame this mistake is easy and small patches released application. it is necessary to correct the problem to install this app hereAttached fileos2011296a_TC00414100A.apk(15.98 KB)
on your tablet, and try again to upgrade through the Service Station.
The original article is available here: http:? // soid = 3157358

Applications and everything connected with them. The software part (software).
Q: How do I get an application to read the data not to the internal memory(/ Mnt / sdcard /)And a memory card (/ Mnt / sdcard2 /) Like in all normal tablets?
ABOUT: [For the operation of the process requires a route-rights] Toshiba THRiVE - Discussion (Post # 15829693)

Q: does it workToshiba App Place(This is such an exclusive application store from Toshiba), shows empty lines, and does not give up ... How to make an application to earn?
ABOUT: This problem occurs only on older firmwares(With Android version 3.1 and 3.2)That are running an older version of App Place. The application itself and the ability to create start working on the firmware version of the android 4.0.4 and higher.

Q: How do I get the opportunity to update the built-in applications (for example, Google Play Books, Play Music, of MOG and others) through Google Play from Russia and the CIS?
New way
Take advantage of the program® Market Helper
Old new way
Market Unlocker install version 3.3.8:http: //
Although you can search for newer version of the program on its website
Then use the instructions
The old way (The method does not work with those long as the Android Market has evolved into Google Play)
The fact that all these applications are available for the wants Google updates only from the United States. Therefore, to ensure that such an opportunity has appeared at any of the tablet, you'll need the right app and Ruth® Market Unlocker (load repak). After you install this application do the following: run it ->remember "the current market" (it below) ->stroke go to the left column "Market" ->Hit US T-Mobile, allow Root ->After inscription, saying that everything turned, leaving the application ->go in the Market ->and now you can see the list of your applications to update the added built-in applications ->We update everything you want to upgrade ->come out of the convenience store, go in the Market Unlocker ->click on the restoration of the original convenience store, see that in the "current market" really appeared the statement, which was on the first run, but if they do not match, then go to the column "Market" and manually change to the original market ->is ready

Games and everything connected with them
Q: What can be played on Trayve?
ABOUT: I advise you to play these games: Click to go to the list

Q: What is the cache download games?
ABOUT: One that for Tegra (As if specifically, one that is for NVIDIA Tegra 2 , because NVIDIA Tegra 3 - it is for other devices, and to Trayvu this cache will not work). Generally, as a rule, whatever is suitable for the famous tablet Acer ICONIA A500 / 501 is suitable for our Trayvov because both almost the same characteristics (and video accelerator, and the processor and the screen). So, if the subject of any game you see an inscription like "cash for Acer iconia A500", you can easily load it on your Trayv.

Q: How do I get the game to take cash from a memory card (/ Mnt / sdcard2 /) Instead of the internal memory(/ Mnt / sdcard /)? (Very useful on a tablet with only eight gigabytes of memory)
ABOUT: [For the operation of the process requires a route-rights] Toshiba THRiVE - Discussion (Post # 15829693)

Secret things hidden goodies, fun and chips Trayva and Android in general
Q: There are rumors that there is a mode called "Safe Mode" (ie Safe Mode). What is it for? And how to get it?
ABOUT: Yes, there really is such a regime. He needed in order to temporarily disable all applications that set the user - this will help to get rid of such bothersome bugs Close and force caused by these applications, and Ned like even open the application menu, or enter setup. To get into this mode is simple: turn off the tablet ->together hold the power button and the "negative volume" until the tablet begins to be included (in short, until Toshiba logo appears) ->as soon as the logo appears cease to hold down the power button, but the volume button does not let go ->and we continue to hold the volume button until the tablet is not completely switched on ->at some point, the tablet vibrates and you can see the words "Safe Mode" in the lower left corner.
there are evenofficial article.

Some secret tricks and fun.
For their implementation you will need to set the launcher (in Russian: zapuskator, desktop), who knows how to create shortcuts to the so-called "activity (ACTIVITY)" of the application, and enough so that he was just installed, and do the labels it will be possible to create in any other launcher, even in built. For example, I have used for this purpose launcherApex launcherand instructions accordingly wrote about creating shortcuts, using it. I remind you that this launcher only need to create special shortcuts, and use it to force nobody forces you enough, that he was just installed.
[Common to all the secrets] How to create a shortcut activity:
At its "desktop" (although it is correctly called launcher) opens a list of widgets, add the widget to the screen "Options", open the list - this is our list of activity. If the list of the widget, the widget as the "Actions" was not, then click on the desktop "Add shortcut" Well, it's on this list labeled "Actions" simply must be.
Secret 1. How to change the subject and include the built-in keyboard shortcuts proximity algorithm? (Tested with android firmware version 4)
In the "Action" select "Android Keyboard" ->Android keyboard debug ->go to create a shortcut ->tick the "debug mode" ->in the list of the keyboard choose which like (I liked Basic). To turn proximity mode keys: Again, choose "Android keyboard" ->Settings spell check (to be honest, I still do not understand why you need this feature).
Secret 2. Many people think that with our tablet can not call ... But then why in the Toshiba system left the "Phone" app? See for yourself.
In the "Action", select "Contacts" ->Phone (which is the first one) ->We go to Mark ->voila! on Trayve there dialer. At least it allows you to enter the service codes such as * # * # 4636 # * # *. In addition to the normal dialer dialer has to dial emergency numbers: a list of actions ->data for mobile devices - emergency number.
Secret 3. This is more of a joke than a secret, but it was also interesting to check out. The first trick: action ->Launcher ->Fireworks. Second action ->GUI system ->Nyandroid.
Secret 4. How to get to a particular WiFi network search box, which appears only when you first turn on your device?
Actions ->Settings ->... WifiSettingsForSetupWizardXL. By the way, it has one interesting feature - immediately after entering this window tablet is not only connected to the network, but also provides an opportunity to view the list of found networks, ie instead of having to first enable vayfay, and only then go to the list of networks, you can make one tap, and both actions have been taken.
Secret 5. Remember, the old android emulator on your PC (but not only there) were the settings menu under the name "Quick Start"? This thing allows you to configure the launch of various actions on the physical keys. Do you think we have to Trayve such chips is not? Yeah, fifteen times! On Trayve has everything.
Actions ->Settings ->Quick startup (which is first)

Get the scoop on the list of actions themselves, podobavlyayte display all actions in a row, and perhaps you will find even more interesting pieces and hidden features that will be useful, and share them with our community.

Easter eggs-trick from Google.
Go to Settings ->About Tablet PC ->fast (can be alternately with two fingers) 5-10 seconds without stopping, press the line "Android version" ->: P

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Guys, help advice: I have this tablet (HTK55D.25.5.0002 build number), and I'm on it I can not log in butrezhim (clamp button, it vibrates and the screen is dark), and tell me how to get this build Ruth?

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specifically your assembly still has not been able to get Ruth, as it is very well protected.First I would like to offer you a set of UFT CWM through, but then I found the theme, which says that your assembly is not established.So the only way to get Ruth -revert to the US through a firmware NVflash(But do it at your own risk), then get the CWM and Root, well, after you can install any firmware (egEuropean ICSeitherAmerican ICSOr some kind of a custom). But you most likely will stop working 3G.

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Friends, tell me where to Ukraine (or even on the network) to order / buy glass on the Thrive 10?

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Hello. I connected the 3G USB modem with the program® PPP Widget. Modem from operator MTS Huawei E171. It works fine.

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Skype works? Cheto And then I was not able to make friends, have a different way.
And yet on Skype with a brush, with a microphone problem interlocutor barely slyshet, and everything is OK with the remote. Is it just me or someone suffering?

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We move to subsectionOther brands

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Friends and tried there someone to connect to the device external usb camera for rear view in the car or via easycap?

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1. Help with Google maps: tablet rutovanny (Thrive 10), used to work Google maps, and stopped in the recent time. Just open the program, and a black screen. What is the cause of this glitch?
2. After the process rutirovaniya native launcher has become terribly slow down, despite the fact that non-native work quite well. How to restore the normal operation of the native launcher and what is the problem?

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Help. After a rollback to the factory firmware with the aid of APX mode, all it creates one of the directions neblo no errors. The plate is not loaded. The bot mennyu no fastbota via usb, rekaveri not work. Model AT100.Izvinite for grammar.

Rep: (559)
* spedsped,
you can again try to sew through the APX is better from another PC

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Scheele several times with raznh computers, the result is totzhe.
To etogo all blo normal. But with etim APX tablet ditched.

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