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Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 - Discussion

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DiscussionAsus Eee Pad Slider SL101
PictureAsus Eee Pad Slider SL101
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Short description
Asus Eee Pad Slider is powered by Android 3.2 Honeycomb. It uses a 10.1-inch touch-screen display with 1280 x 800 pixels, NVIDIA Tegra platform 2 with a 2-core processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, and 2 chambers - and the main front 1,2MP 5 megapixel. There are on the machine and the physical QWERTY-keyboard. After all, innovation is made in the slider form factor.
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Now, 8 months later, the Asus is finally ready to share with the rest of the gadget world. According to Engadget reports, the new tablet will be available later this month. 16GB version of the Asus Eee Pad Slider will cost $ 475, but for a tablet with 32 GB of memory will have to pay $ 575.

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I am confused by two points:
1. "Fragility" mechanisms here it's "slider"
2. The price in Moscow, at least, for the 16GB version.

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Asus eee Pad Slider went on sale in US
You can buy it onAmazonor atNewegg

model with 16GB ROM - $ 479
model with 32GB ROM - $ 579

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very interesting device!
but there is one question
in Russia it is a high price as in everything, and if ordered with handteck or clove of, he will come not the PCT, and accordingly on the hard keyboard is not to be Russian letters (who needs it?)
poluchaetsya it can be bought only in Russia?

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Grabliwc3 @ 25.09.2011, 15:19*
He will come not the PCT, and accordingly on the hard keyboard is not to be Russian letters (to whom it is necessary?) poluchaetsya it can be bought only in Russia?

1. PCT to Russian clave has little
2. Have you heard of the labels on the keyboard? They are usually the notebooks under the key, but can be cut.
P.s. Well, I suggest you learn blind 10-finger set. I can not remember the last time I looked at the keyboard nouta ...

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Breezzee, funny advice, but clearly he zabugornoy Claudia is not needed in the Russian market. I do not understand why ASUS so long pulled him. Already Transformer2 on Tegre3 recently is announced officially, but they found time to start selling on the old brake platform. On the other hand, the more choices, the greater the competition, but with such weight and dimensions are already on Windows tablet can be taken. $ 700 per hill for 32GB and 3G is not true for the old platform. Over 64 then $ 850? With Android 3.2 Claudia any friends - picked up a compact rubber-and-play.

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my review etogo miracle

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I wrote a brief instrakshen here to connect our devaysa to Cisco through usb2com to choose:
This instruction is checked on the plates:
1) Acer Iconia A500
2) Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101
3) C using usb2com adapter: TRENDnet TU-S9 the controller from Prolific pl2303

Before carrying out these instructions - Your tablet should be "rutovan"

Download and install busybox 1.19 program, you can download it from the Android Market here on thisreference

If you rutovannyoe device with firmware version 3.2, the drivers for the Prolific PL2303 already integrated
in the core of the system.
If your cable is used usb2serial FTDI chipset, then you need to download and save to your device
on the road (this is my personal preference) / mnt / sdcard / modulesThe following modules
After that, if you use usb2serial cable with FTDI chipset in your terminal emulator (I personally use:
Better Terminal Emulator Pro, which can be downloadedhere )
run the following command:

insmod /mnt/sdcard/modules/ftdi_sio.ko

After that, connect the cable to your usb2serial plate and performing a terminal command "dmesg", as a result of the on-screen
terminal you will see something like:"FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0" This means that the cable is properly
It connects to your tablet. The cable is connected as a device name (TTY) in/ dev / ttyUSB0 . Next, connect your
tablet via a cable to a Cisco device.

Then, in a terminal, run the following command:

Microcom 9600 -s / dev / ttyUSB0

All, then you will see a standard invitation to ustroyst Cisco - congratulations, you can now proceed with its plate
Cisco device configuration.

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That no one buys it?) I've ordered a coherenthereover 22,990.
Took for my mother on Skype sit so read the news, a newspaper, recipes: rolleyes:
Of course afraid that she will turn his neck, but let's see what will happen, how come - accomplish your goal: P

Rep: (16)
hmulhE @ 20.01.2012, 12:09*
I've ordered a messenger here for 22,990.

Something expensive I took in late December for 19 kopecks and rosstestovsky

Sorry, I did not see that you are from the Urals :)

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Well, I come tomorrow I'll be home, accomplish your goal: happy:

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Finally I found a topic about this tablet.
I bought it myself 2 weeks nazad.Ochen pleased with the purchase. Everything suits me. I bought for 20 thousand 32GB.

About the fragility would not skzal that it is very fragile. A little do not like the screen and play the keyboard when moving the screen to the left or to the right.

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Well, poyuzgal - vesch excellent, no backlash is not to my surprise, a good keyboard works perfectly all keystrokes relatively nouta vayfay catches weaker (I think somewhere with a weak laptop would keep the signal - the tablet is not already) Akuma holds just fine. there was no one freezes, only Skype itself gave an error and rebooted, the speakers certainly not ice - but enough with a stock to watch movies and listen to the radio at home, only Skype again somehow it runs quietly (3.2 androyd not pleased, somehow all the wood) will be 4.0 wait;)
in other ask - answer the other questions =)
I myself decided to buy this, too, but only when he comes out = 3g)

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SW. forum users who have already purchased, please share this information:
1. As workmanship. The wife TF101 with him, I tired with running for services, exposure, quiet left speaker, etc.
2. How many speakers it, I realized 2 I would like to watch movies, but in the surveys who writes speaker, speakers who do not understand.
3. If possible, take a photo of the keyboard. Again, the reviews all without Russian characters, I want to see.
Very serezdno thinking prodvat stareniky your HTC Shift, and take this ASUS. But memories of the adventures of the tablet of his wife, a little alarming.

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1 for three weeks until the complaints are not present ... everything seems normal ... lit and others do not observe.
2. The speaker had two. but they are located on the rear of the keyboard panel. Play louder when the tablet disclosed.
front have mesh on the face of alleged both by speakers, but the sound from there I did not hear.
looked filmy..vrode hear everything ....))
3. The photo unfortunately now there is no possibility to make, but the keyboard with Russian letters! they are the same color as that of the English, but a little smaller in size.

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I bought myself last year, as soon appeared. It was like this form factor. Not convertible, so as not to bother pulling docking station for USB availability.
Yes, heavy, but I agree it was originally. Before that drove Samsa tab. The screen is too small it all the same, but his mobility at height (even the phone).
The only BUT - do not take the device with a light Jug. White letters on a beige clave - the murder of the eyes. Nichrome is not visible.
Problem - constantly flies the native browser, sometimes five minutes later but again and again.
USB- that's what I was missing. See flash, the camera. Oppa, and I still do not connect your optimus2h, in theory it should also be defined as a flash drive.
The battery is quite hardy, though I strongly and not to drive. Compared with the netbook, he just survivor.
There is a TV set smart samsung, films on wafers with plasheta seems perfect.

In general, I am satisfied.

Rep: (1)
One speaker. I, too, initially thought that the 2, he began a correspondence with technical excuses ADR service. They told me that the claimed surround sound SRS ASUS has managed to make a 1m dynamics. Briefly kidalovo from Asus - speaker 1.

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How about using the white version? Who are already using, should pay for the all-black, or what he is there, generally dark or not worth it?
And as usual huckster pushing black expensive.

By the way, I've been thinking about 3G, something previously not thought about it, you can also use WiFi router mode on your phone and the whole business :)

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klm89 @ 13.02.2012, 10:42*
How about using the white version? Who are already using, should pay for the all-black, or what he is there, generally dark or not worth it?
And as usual huckster pushing black expensive.

I do not know, I have a "heel" on a device of white color, for two months of use I started to turn yellow slightly but not much. I think you can put the blame on him, something of type such:Vinyl Asus EeePad Slaider SL101

Rep: (23)
So if the heel and Claudia too? How to use it?

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