MSI WindPad 110W (AMD Brazos) | 10.1 ", 1280x800, 850 g
What SSD do you have installed?
native SanDisk 32 GB [ 89 ] ** [31,34%]
native SanDisk 64 GB [ 14 ] ** [4,93%]
native transcend 32 GB [ 33 ] ** [11,62%]
native transcend 64 GB [ 3 ] ** [1,06%]
Intel [ 8 ] ** [2,82%]
OCZ [ 63 ] ** [22,18%]
MyDigitalSSD [ 8 ] ** [2,82%]
Other [ 6 ] ** [2,11%]
Rate the quality of work
native SanDisk 32 GB - no complaints [ 77 ] ** [27,11%]
native SanDisk 32 GB - bugs, glitches [ 11 ] ** [3,87%]
native SanDisk 32 GB - slow [ 29 ] ** [10,21%]
native SanDisk 64 GB - no complaints [ 14 ] ** [4,93%]
native SanDisk 64 GB - bugs, glitches [ 1 ] ** [0,35%]
native SanDisk 64 GB - slow [ 2 ] ** [0,7%]
native Transcend 32 GB - no complaints [ 14 ] ** [4,93%]
native Transcend 32 GB - bugs, glitches [ 12 ] ** [4,23%]
native transcend 32 GB - slow [ 31 ] ** [10,92%]
native Transcend 64 GB - no complaints [ 6 ] ** [2,11%]
native Transcend 64 GB - bugs, glitches [ 1 ] ** [0,35%]
native Transcend 64 GB - slow [ 2 ] ** [0,7%]
Intel - no complaints [ 8 ] ** [2,82%]
Intel - bugs, glitches, slows down [ 1 ] ** [0,35%]
OCZ - no complaints [ 60 ] ** [21,13%]
OCZ - bugs, glitches [ 1 ] ** [0,35%]
OCZ - slows down [ 2 ] ** [0,7%]
MyDigitalSSD - no complaints [ 9 ] ** [3,17%]
MyDigitalSSD - errors, glitches [ 1 ] ** [0,35%]
MyDigitalSSD - brakes [ 2 ] ** [0,7%]
If you have another SSD
brakes [ 9 ] ** [3,17%]
bugs glitches [ 4 ] ** [1,41%]
I have the answers from the question above [ 214 ] ** [75,35%]
Total votes: 284

Rep: (252)
MSI WindPad 110W

Prime Erdes PAD NT1, MSI WindPad 110w, Onkyo TW2B-A31B7PH
Discussion | Upgrade and modification | MSI WindPad 110W - Android OS-x86 | Windows ( Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 ) | Selection of network equipment | Selection of components for BB | Problems with BB | Discussion flash drives | Antivirus | Network setup | Search software for PC | PC software catalog | Drivers | Discussion Ubuntu Linux | Hackintosh on PC | Smoker "Tehnotrepalki" | Ambulance laptop owners

Attached Image

Only one modification of MSI WindPad 110W is officially sold in Russia (9/10/2011): 32 GB SSD, 2 GB of RAM, no 3G.
Item Names:
SKU: 110W-012RU-GGZ0102G32DX7P
ERP: 9S7-N0E111-012
Seen serial numbers: 012RUK1107000xxx.
The Russian version may or may not have a soldered SIM-slot. A soldered slot is observed in instances with serial numbers less than 200 s or something (the exact boundary has not been clarified). These items are distinguished by the presence of an external large packaging box (on top of a small colorful one) and a cover-folder made of leatherette. In instances without a SIM slot, there is only one box, a small and included fabric bag-bag (a la suede). Apparently, initially some kind of “universal” specimens came to Russia, and then “specially Russian specimens” appeared.
Official information about leaving Ukraine (called MSI Ukraine):Yes, it will, but the dates are not set (27.09.2011).
Platform: AMD Brazos (AMD Fusion architecture).
Processor: AMD Dual Core Z-01 "Desna" 1 GHz (the same as the AMD C-50, but removed too much, so it consumes 6 watts instead of 9 watts)
Video subsystem (part of the platform): HD6250.
RAM: SO-DIMM DDR3 2/4 GB (you can change without any problems).
Screen: 10.1 ", 1280x800, IPS (not GorillaGlass, but there is no information that something worse).
Operating system: standard - Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows 7 Ultimate is fully installed. The Windows 8 Developer Preview works well, but with some bills. Linux works, but there are driver problems. There is no reliable information about the successful launch of Android x86, but there is a possibility (see below in the Software).
Screen sensor: capacitive, multitouch, 4 points.
Stylus: not included, styli are suitable for capacitive screens (the same as for iPhone / iPad, etc., like this, for example:Wacom Bamboo Stylus).
Dimensions, weight: 271x183x16 mm,~ 860 g(for reference: iPad 2: 241x186x9 mm, 610 g).
Battery: 31 Wh (2 cells).
USB: 2.0, 1 pc. (at the side).
Video output: miniHDMI
Drive: SSD mSATA 32/64 GB (you can easily change, it supports a larger amount - 80, 128 GB).
G-sensor: yes, locked by a switch.
Controls: 3 “functional” buttons on the face (Home, etc.), a rocker volume adjustment +/- on the end, an optical mini trackpad (a la Samsung Omnia) for “precise aiming”.
Docking station: stand with ports (see photo), it additionally has: USB-port, Ethernet-port, HDMI connector.
Webcams: 2 pcs., Rear and front of 1.3 MP.
Wi-Fi: b / g / n.
Bluetooth: 3.0 EDR.
Card reader: SD / SDHC (SDXC also work, people checked, i.e. 64 GB or more cards can be used).
3G: optional (as of 09/26/2011 there is no reliable information about the release of the 3G version in Russia);
GPS: is in some versions (in Russian - is), requires small dances with a tambourine to activate.
MiniPCIe slots: the slot used for 3G and GPS modules leaves some room for modification / upgrade.
SIM slot: available in 3G versions; in non-3G versions it is provided, but not all copies are decoupled, which limits the possibility of a simple upgrade by installing a miniPCIe-3G modem.
Battery life: up to 4-6 hours.
Power supply: 12 V, 1.5 A.
Power consumption and performance
About the differences between AMD C-50, C-60 and Z-01
About batteries in general and the difference between the batteries MSI 110W and Acer W50x
Pro power consumption from wpad.
About power from the automotive network 12V, Kulibin note. The voltage in the onboard network is very unstable. Do not be misled by the direct connection of car stereos and radios to it - their power supplies are designed for this. To charge the tablet, you need a car charger with a suitable power of 12 V.
Customization and valuable trivia what is disabled in the BIOS, what is the TPM

It is recommended to flash fresh (as of 9/10/2011)BIOS v1.06(improves the behavior of the touch buttons) andfirmware NB EC Firmware v4.12(i.e. NoteBook Embedded Controller firmware; first of all, it improves the behavior of the light sensor and the touch buttons).
Windows firmwareMSI Live Update 5does not work in Windows x64 (and 7, and 8).
BoardHow to update the BIOS and NB EC Firmwarefrom1806:
instruction+ need USB clave and USB hub
the battery is charged and the power is connected
we do everything according to the instructions, then we write 3 files with BIOS 1.06 (or later) on the flash drive, stick a hub in the hub of the keyboard, F11, and so on, reboot into DOS from the flash drive, BUT I have a flash drive called C, so some The moment I had to type "C:" on the keyboard and then "dir / w" then I saw the contents of my flash drive: AFUDOS and EN0E1AMS.106 and flash.bat, etc., we type flash.bat and the process goes.
then we reboot for the NB EC firmware: write 3 files to the flash drive with NB EC Firmware v4.12 (or later), and just like the BIOS was stitched, but instead we type ecall.bat and the process goes.

vaddy1aboutcreate bootable flash drive with FreeDOSrequired to update the BIOS firmware.
I'll try to help you download this disk image from dos proceed as described in this post using Ultraiso's prog:
We take the program UltraISO, it is on every corner in the internet hacked wallows. We insert your favorite flash drive into the computer, open the UltraISO program in the prog, the disk image with Windows that you previously downloaded from the Internet. We go to the menu UltraISO, which is called SELF-LOADING, and there we press the inscription WRITE AN IMAGE OF A HARD DISK. Pops up a window in which your flash drive is visible, click on the inscription WRITE. We go to smoke, and after 7 minutes, your boot flash drive with the seven is ready.
Only instead of the image with Windows you will open in ultra iso, the image of the disk with dos, by the link above.

How to boot from USB flash using a USB keyboard with one USB socket (thanksNomak83behindfast):
- I connected the keyboard, the BIOS came in, turned off the preference for booting from the HDD, but leaving the boot enabled from different devices.
- turned off the device, pulled out the clave.
- stuck the USB drive and turning on the device it requests the drive (if it asks for confirmation of the download from the drive, press the touch button in the form of a circle)

In case of multiboot settings, etc .: before booting the OS (in BIOS mode), the "circle" button (O-Easy) - Enter, volume rocker - up-down cursor (it would be nice to check, maybe Escape is there?).
With the help of the programAutohotkey(Russian site) you can do small wonders, such as setting up non-standard functions on the few hardware buttons that are available on the device.
The names of the buttons (according to the Hot Virtual Keyboard (see in the Software)): "circle" (launching O-Easy) - MEDIA_39 (or scan code: SC127); "house" - Win + D; rocker vol +, vol- - Volume_Up, Volume_Down (thanksminimal448herehis post).
The program allows you to compile the script into an exe-file, which is obviously very convenient. Here, for example, a compiled script fromYura11001that assigns the "Escape" key to the "O-Easy" buttonfast): Attached fileO2Esc.exe(202.14 KB)
Yura11001: “I’ve installed O-Easy, but I’m not sure what will happen to it. And yet, an antivirus can swear on this exe.”
P.S. There is information that the codes of buttons on some systems may differ!

Turns off the system from standby mode when you touch the screen.
In the system, the screen sensor is represented as an input device, the same as a mouse and a mini trackpad. It is necessary to forbid the device to wake the system, like this:
Attached Image

Setting the reaction time of the touch buttons:
Control Panel ->Tablet PC Settings ->Others ->Pen and touch input ->Parameters pen.
Option to combat the loud buzzing vibra. The problem is in a poorly fixed vibration motor (located near the charging plug). We disassemble the device and with something we provide a pressing to the body (or disconnect it altogether).
Fight whitish colors on the screen when disconnecting from the charger. By default, Vari-Bright technology is included in the ATI graphics card software, designed to put the LCD panel of the screen in a more economical mode when using battery power. Those who are aware of LCD panel technology know that the more energy-efficient the panel mode (the lower the backlight and the higher the percentage of transmitted light), the worse the picture. So if you want to always see the real colors that the IPS panel is capable of, then you need to say goodbye to saving.
Path to settings: AMD Vision Control Center ->Power ->Powerplay ->In general, remove the bird from the option "Enable Vari-Bright" or move the slider to adjust the quality to "Maximize Quality" (thanksminimal448andzer66607).
amd vision control center will call CCC for short
To remove the effect of fading (whiteness) of the screen and get from this matrix all that it can do with improvised means:
1. Make the screen brightness the one you work with the most. This can be done using the O-Easy or mobility center.
2. Disable Vari-Bright in CCC ->power->powerplay uncheck enable Vari Bright option. Apply customization.
3. In CCC, open Desktop Management ->Desktop Color. If the sliders are locked, then click Reactivate AMD color controls.
Next open Personalization->screen ->Calibration colors. The wizard will open.
On the "Gamma Setup" screen you can see an example of what should work. It is necessary that the points do not stand out against the background of circles.
The next screen will be the gamma setting slider. Do not touch this slider! Gamma need to adjust from the CCC. (It will be a little inconvenient to position the settings window and the gamma picture window at the same time on the screen, but bear with it.)
It looks like this:
Attached Image

Click next to the screen brightness setting.
With an example, we read what should be and do exactly that (again using the Brightness slider in the CCC and in no case touch the other sliders for contrast or gamma)

On the Contrast Setting screen, repeat the procedure (in the CCC with the Contrast slider, without touching others)
After that, you can assume that the color setting of your screen is complete.
I managed
Gamma: 0.85
Brightness: 20
Contrast: 95

4. But there is the last step:
I recommend to calibrate the clearness of fonts (Clear Type) - personally I have a little washed out the boundaries of the letters, which was annoying.
I advise you to wipe the screen before the procedure
Personalization ->Screen ->ClearType text customization
In the wizard we follow the screens where you need to choose the best text variant in your opinion.
I set up ClearType 3 times until I achieved a good result.

Install accelerometer support on clean windows fromzer66607(verbatim):In order for the screen flipping to work, you need to install O Easy from MSI;>msconfig in the autoload tab itself o easy can be removed and in order for the auto-flip to work there should be a daw in front of x100 ... something there, respectively, the whole thing should be fertilized by reloads and you will be happy.
On the subject it is impossible to load the operating system from the SD card, since the card reader driver is loaded only in Windows. BIOS does not see the card reader.
How to programmatically turn on / off GPS?, and, a little later,more about the same. By the way, draw, please, who figured out how things are going on with this issue on the latest firmware versions.
Tweaker for AMD APUbrazostweaker. Allows you to reduce the frequency and voltage of the processor core to reduce power consumption.Carefully We read the description so that there is no unnecessary trouble. Unfortunately, it does not allow to overclock the system, only to slow down.
There is such information on successful tweaks:
I was warming up the LinPak and Fourmark percents by the hour, right now I just work. Hang up - raise chevonibud:
P1, DIV: 0.8125 - 800 Mhz
P0, DIV: 0.8875 - 1000 Mhz
NB P1 DIV: 0.7375
NB P0 DIV: 0.7375
I have:
P1, VID: 0.8500
P0, VID: 0.9125
NB P1 VID: 0.7500
NB P0 VID: 0.7750

With such parameters does not hang. It was not possible to lower the maximum parameters (P0) to your values ​​- the system hangs even without a long-term load. But with the minimum, everything didn’t work out smoothly either, with a long-term idle system due to low NB P1, it hung, so I had to raise the voltage to the north bridge. It was possible, in principle, to test more thoroughly and lower the tension in some states, but decided not to suffer. There will be no tangible increase in battery life compared to the already achieved result. You are more fortunate, your stone is less gluttonous for energy

More fromivan4TAbout setting brazostweaker:
I configured the launch of the program as a service and everything works. I installed the program under the admin only for the administrator (so that other users would not be confused by the unknown icon in the start-up), then selected the parameters (VID), click apply, then click the Services ... button at the bottom of the window. A new window for configuring the service will appear, in which you need to put a gooseberry (daw) at the very top of the window. After that, the Update button will become active. Click Update and make sure that the settings (VID values) that we set are pulled to the left of it. After that, click Apply and close both windows of the program. Everything!

To check the installation of the service, you can go to the Control Panel - Administration - Services and find the newly configured service, the name of which, if not mistaken, coincides with the name of the program.

After the reboot, you can run the CPU-Z and make sure that the new parameters really work.

This gives an extra somewhere around 25 minutes of autonomous time with brightness at 40-45%, WI-FI enabled, without paging and with 4 GB of RAM.
You can simulate pressing the right mouse button by pressing with your finger and, without releasing, “tap” another finger next to it. Even in some games it works, but not in all (thanksdsvbm).
The optical joystick on the front panel is initially too sensitive. It is necessary to chop up its setting (in the same place, where the sensitivity of the mouse is regulated).
If you change the WiFi encryption type from TKIP to AES, you can get a speed increase of several times (fast, fast, fast).
Scrolling Opera pages with fingers, fromObesidian-step, fast.
Shift + F12 ->Buttons ->Browser: view. Pull the button "Text selection" in any panel.

This is a toggle button that has two modes:
1) text selection (default)
2) drag and drop (pan)

If you want all new pages to open with panning turned on, then enter into the address bar:
opera: config # UserPrefs | ScrollIsPan
put a tick, click "Save". Restart is not required.

Based on

Ways to deal with hangs when using an SD card reader:
Yura11001 @ 11/17/2011, 19:09*
The problem completely disappeared after installing Windows 8 x86, updating these Windows in the usual way through the update center and installing the Realtek 6.1.7601.39013 drivers. Windows 7 with the same drivers was hanging.
Windows 8 took from somewhere with a rutraker, Lite version, build 8102.

Vadab @ 11/17/2011, 20:31*
Firewood reinstalled. Posted somewhere before -MSI WindPad 110W (AMD Brazos) (Post # 9507979) ["Old firewood must be removed before installation, so that the system does not see the card, reboot and put these. In the course of this firewood will be more replenished than from MSI."] It hangs anyway, but now once a week, it happens a couple of times a day. There is no system. In short, it does not tighten now, as it used to hang 6 times in an hour. Although the card for 32 Gig shipable in full. The "Blue Death" has never been seen in the whole operation. System W7 Ultimate x86 Lite for ssd by Beetle (old).

DriverAttached MB)

Vadab @ 11/17/2011, 20:31*
I had a successful experience

Yes, I confirm, on 7-ke, while the most optimal option for the card reader.
Upgrade and Expansion
Link to downloadMSI 110W video disassembly guidefrom the above Japanese review (120 MB). Delivered separately, in view of the high importance.
When disassembling, first of all remember: it is necessary to unscrew 6 screws (4 - under the plug-in rubber feet and 2 - next to the power socket) and not to lose the side buttons and switches (when disassembling, they can descend far "jump out").
About disassembling and replacing RAM fromvaddy1:
He carefully removed the even rubber legs from the back of the tablet, unscrewed the screws that were under them, unscrewed the two screws holding the tablet's power connector. Next, carefully remove the front cover of the tablet, on which the system board is mounted, for example, take a regular credit card and insert it into the slot between the front face cover of the tablet and the back, carefully move along the long side of the tablet, so that the plastic connectors of the cover, disengaged from the back cover. In the area of ​​the power connector at the bottom of the cover, you do not need to unhook it, because it will not come out until you release the entire long side of the tablet from above. Only after this is served, the entire front side up, you can get out the back cover with a power connector. Then, at the memory strip on the board, squeeze two metal clips on the sides, it immediately pops up a little forward. Pull it out, and instead of it, insert a new bar, inserting it into the connector and then pressing it with your back to the board, while the metal clips automatically snap into place. Assemble the tablet in the reverse order. Everything takes 15 minutes.


On the issue of (non) loss of warranty in case of an independent upgrade.
ATFAQ on the MSI forum(first post, 3 question):
"Question number 3 I want to independently change the memory on the laptop MSI.
But it is still under warranty. Will the warranty remain if we open the computer ourselves and unplug / damage the warranty label?
Answer: Breaking / damaging the seal does not mean refusing the warranty from the service center, so you can install the memory module yourself.
But! If, as a result of the upgrade, the boards, connectors and other components are damaged (mechanically, electrically, thermally, etc.), then the ASC may refuse warranty repairs and provide paid repairs, at which you will have to pay at least those components were damaged as a result of the upgrade. "

In general, if you do not spoil anything when upgrading, the warranty is preserved. By the way, on the subject of a seal no one saw. (Thankcorvin-08behindfast)
Description 11n + Bluetooth combo module used in the device:Qualcomm Atheros: SINGLE-BAND :: AR9002WB-1NGCD. Datasheet. (Thanksslxtbehindfast)
3G WWAN antenna, lot on eBay. Just for information, to make it clear what exactly is missing self-installed 3G-modem.
On the Tablet PC Review forum, people discuss that the native SSD is very slow compared to possible alternatives:I upgraded my Windpad with a $ 100 64gb MyDigitalSSD. It turns out that if you want the MSI 110W to work as it really can, then you need to change the SSD (although the question arises about the power consumption of the new SSD).
If you need 3G, but do not want to go inside the device: an overviewHuawei E5830 - Universal solution to problems with 3G access. Not cheap, but it distributes 3G over WiFi for anything.
With the release of the AMD C-60 processor, a jim-jams appeared on the possibility of replacing the Z-01 with it. Alas, the processor is soldered so that such an upgrade, to put it mildly, is difficult (not to mention the issues of BIOS support, etc.).
A promising topic is the use of a docking station connector for your needs. It has USB, HDMI and one more thing (see reviews).You just need to know the pinout and find the appropriate connector. Who has the information?
Colleaguewild_hogfor your Acer W500bought 08/12/2011 case-book with built-in keyboard. Obviously, this cover will also go to the MSI 110W. This is where a USB connection in the dock connector would be useful.
Just today I bought myself a book-like cover with a built-in keyboard. Photos attached.
The quality is normal, I did not notice any visible jambs, although it was made roughly, without any claims to finesse. If you put the tablet upside down, for access to USB, then one of the holes for blowing air is blocked by 80 percent. I took on the Savyolovsky market in Moscow for 1300 rubles. I did not find other options, except for foreign online stores. The sellers on Savyol all, as one, say that there are no covers for the subject yet.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Good stylus option (with a flat transparent tip):Adonit, post about this casefromfoxxxr. Branddemo video.
Pinout webcam connector fromObesidian-step, fast.
in general, we also have a standard pinout
MSICam connector USB plug
1 + black. MCI. ---- red YUSB +
2 d + brown. MCI. ---- white yusb d +
3 d- red. MCI. ---- green YUSB d-
4 - Orange MCI. ---- black YUSB -
just connected the camera to the computer determined.
Note: furtherObesidian-step describes his adventures with this USB port, since it does not behave as usual.

The successful experience in many respects, the acquisition and sticker protective film Skinomi TechSkin fromvlesun: fastand discussion below.
HUAWEI EM680 Full Modem 3G / GPS Modem Manual (GOBI 3000) fromfoxxxr (fast). This modem can be purchased separately for our tablet. Staffing is a completely different modem.
To fully use the modem you need:
PS I give the links, because I have nowhere to download the finished kit.
1. put the native drivers that came with the modem
2. put the program uniextract161
3. Download sony Firmware Driver QCFOTH-00249071-0042 and unpack it with uniextract. Otherwise, it will not settle. It is also suitable for x86 / x64 (do not believe the description on the site)
3.1 install it by running TEMPEXEFOLDER \ Gobi_Firmware_Setup.exe
4. Download sony AT & T Communication Manager A3AWLW-00249597-0042
unpack it with uniextract and install AT & T_Communication_Manager.msi

This Comm manager allows you to turn the board on and off, make a connection, change the type of network and operator.
But turning off the board in it is very inconvenient, so I made a shortcut to the program "GobiAllPowerSwitcher.exe OFF" (642.07 kilobytes) Downloads: 0
I already put the right library in this program.
Her description can be found here.
If it is run without parameters, it simply turns the board's power on or off.

Firmware install is not required, because it will make Sonevsky Firmware Driver.
I have been using this bundle for a week on MSI 110w - everything is stable.

For the really harsh Kulibin with completely gone mad hands:"DIY Charger for PSP"(a lot of pictures). The power plug on the PSP is the same as on our subject. 99% of the article is about the independent production of just the plug itself from improvised means.
It’s a totally geeky adventure, but some lovers of tormenting Windows might be interested or valuable:Installing Windows 7 on USB storage and / or virtual disk VHD @ Habrahabr
For the most desperate - a complete analysis of the tablet "on the cogs", here is also information about the USB output from the dock connectorMSI WindPad 110W (AMD Brazos) (Post # 10429485)
Lean about connectorMSI WindPad 110W - Upgrade and Modification (Post # 10018578)
Experience to increase the number of USB on the tablet:MSI WindPad 110W - Upgrade and Modification (Post # 10440274)
Full analysis to cogsMSI WindPad 110W - Upgrade and Modification (Post # 10429485)

Success stories (i.e. "success stories"):
Small solidfromMrGrey on the MSI forum:
The recipe how I made candy from this pill

Having bought it one of the first in Russia, I left reviews with a description of mostly device flaws. Having put my hands, in a few months I can only describe the merits.

Namely, what was done:

- flash BIOS to version 1.06 (improves the work with hardware buttons), the illumination sensor firmware has been replaced;

- increased the amount of RAM from 2Gb to 4Gb SODIMM DDR3;

- Replaced SSD disk with 120Gb (c 32Gb), installed OCZ Nocti 120Gb NOC-MSATA-120G, the index in Win x64 changed from 5.9 to 7.8, reading speed is 230Mb / s to AIDA64;

- Windows 8 build operating system, optimized for sensory input, is installed, drivers built into the system and from Win7 x64 came up (wireless interfaces are controlled via o-easy, the driver for Win8 did not go from the MSI bluetooth website, took version from an Internet (;

- Added SDXC class 10 64Gb Transcend card as a file manager in an empty SD slot

Disadvantages: the total cost of solving a tall
Advantages: after the above operations, the tablet was transformed intodream tablet with Win system .

RS: A pair of folding supports were also added to the kit for installation on a flat surface (it wasn’t done without manual modification) and a protective bag over the shoulder for carrying.

Experience a safe gameFlatout full screen 1280x800 using touchscreen from Yura11001 : fast , fast , fast .

Old hat, before combining those

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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While this 110w will be released it will be easier to take on a new processor. I myself really wanted to take ace, but decided to wait for a new platform from amd at 28 nm. those. process.
By the way, I read somewhere that msi 110w acc. at 4200 m. amp.

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While this 110w will be released it will be easier to take on a new processor. I myself really wanted to take ace, but decided to wait for a new platform from amd at 28 nm. those. process.

IMHO, so you can wait until retirement. ;)
It's one thing to wait for 110W, which, like the W500, was announced at the beginning of the year. And to be able to choose from at least two options on the market.
Another thing is to wait for the release of the device on the new 28-nm platform. Were there any announcements of tablets on it? If I missed something, then the case, of course, takes a different turn. :)

By the way, I read somewhere that msi 110w acc. at 4200 m. amp.

Figs will understand them. Ultimately, only the watt-hour indicator describes the capacity accurately.
To assess the actual capacity specified in ampere-hours, you need to know more battery voltage (car always measure ampere-hours, but there is a predetermined voltage: 12 or 24). Marketing people usually don’t know about it and it’s unclear what our ears are.
Similarly, with the "number of battery cells" - it is only with the "classic" cylindrical cells all more or less unambiguously, and even those of different capacity are.

In any case, the 110W battery is not less than the W500. And the processor, if AMD Z-01 is there, is more economical.

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The Russian-language page of the device was found on the MSI website, something I did not find it yesterday:
MSI Russia - Laptops - WindPad 110W
It pleases - at least in Russia, the tablet will definitely be officially.

But the Ukrainian site MSI does not even have its own section for laptops - football is in English.<_<

P.S. Gee-gee-gee:
Chipset ......................... no
Audio ............................ no
Power Management ..... no
Dimension ..................... no

The specification looks even more enchanting than the English. The English "N / A", depending on the context, may mean "not applicable", "inaccessible" and simply "no data". In general, the English language is clear that the specification is incomplete.
But in Russian everything turned out specifically - a device without a chipset, without sound, without energy management and without physical dimensions. : D
Well, I hope that these are only "writers" mistakes. ;)

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Pre-order on MSI WindPad 110W 10-Inch Tablet Computer
"Technical Details" seems to have been drunk on Friday night. : D

50 USD more expensive than the Acer Iconia Tab W500. :(

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If MSI WindPad 110W is still on an AMD Z-01 processor, not a C-50 (like the Acer W500), then according to CPU World:
AMD C-50
AMD Z-01
tablet processor will consume 1.5 times less energy: 6 watts instead of 9 watts.
True, it is difficult to say how much the battery life will increase significantly, since the processor is far from the only power consumer in the system.
Second moment: C-50 craftsmenlearned how to overclock. Z-01 is “colder”, which means it can be overclocked / stronger. When used in the desktop mode - just wonderful.
UPD: learned only to change the core voltage and slow down to 800 MHz. Overclocking - for now.

And on Overcklocers.ruwrotemore about the "vibration feedback function when working with a virtual keyboard." It is interesting.

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And I read somewhere that the AMD Z-01 will be slightly weaker than the C - 50, just because of its low power consumption, there are some functions that are turned off, and knowing that C - 50 is not a fountain part of the CPU, I think that better wait for the tests.
At the expense of AMD wichita at 28 - nm. those. percent they promised to start shipping to customers by the end of the year.

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Excuse me, I confused C -50 and C -30, it seems he is weaker, but about Z-01 it’s generally deaf - no information. Even a review of the tablet is nowhere, hoya it seems to be sold already. Strange.

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ansfer23 @ 07/27/2011, 18:42*
he seems to be selling already

Why sobsno?
Now only pre-orders are coming. The official start of real sales - from August 1.

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Kirr77 @ 07.28.2011, 16:11*
Why sobsno? Now only pre-orders are coming. The official start of real sales - from August 1.

Well then, okay. I just wonder what kind of performance CpU has. In the video on youtube, they show everything except the system performance index, which is built into Windows. Atzera was 2.7 - 2.8. How much will MSI give you?

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Z-01 has the same performance as the Acer - 2.8

3G GPS modem supplied optional. The GPS module will be inside.

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And where does the data actually come from? Although 2.8 is a crush, the asus tablet on a Windows mobile Intel i5 at 1.3 Hz is three times more productive than amd, but the truth is that there is a UG graphics. Yes, the price is twice as much.

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ansfer23 @ 07/29/2011, 16:52*
Although 2.8 - it is very melodious

Do not worry much.
The processor is important, of course. But, in practice, everything is much more dependent on the performance of the system for "pumping" data. Of course, if we are not talking about video transcoding (without APU optimization).
In general, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, fast SSD and modern internal platform architecture uh ... level the weakness of the processor. And when software developers add warning and APU-optimization will be used more and more often, it will be generally good, just as it once was with support for SSE-optimization.

By the way, the possibility of expanding RAM up to 4 GB, IMHO, is the main and very serious advantage of MSI 110W over Acer W500 / 501.

P.S. Oftopik. I wonder what will come up with optimize further? First there were mathematical coprocessors, the use of which accelerated mathematics by an order of magnitude in general, then SSE-optimizations for mat. operations with data arrays, now here is the APU-optimization for graphics and video. Where to go? Maybe the development will go wide, there will be a microkernel with hardware support for .Net / Flash / Java bytecodes? ;)

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Fresh video: Exclusive MSI WindPad 110W Unboxing and Hands On
A brief video review of the pre-sale sample from was posted on July 25th.

One can hope that this is exactly what will go on sale (not counting the purely conventional packaging).
M-yes. There were hopes that the design even slightly "mock-up", but oh well.

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And where does the data actually come from? Although 2.8 is a crush, the asus tablet on a Windows mobile Intel i5 at 1.3 Hz is three times more productive than amd, but the truth is that there is a UG graphics. Yes, the price is twice as much.

Data from Windows, darling;)
But seriously - holding it in his hands. It is a normal unit. Works smartly. Much faster than my netbook.
What about performance ... 2.8 is not enough for what? Surf in the internet? There, in principle, no matter what processor. Flush eats without problems, there are no brakes with video up to 720p at all, and 1080 lays only a little bit at a random sample of video time (video slightly artifits somewhere around half a second, then all the rules)

Word, Excel - everything is a bundle (except for a slightly brake keyboard, but here there are already complaints about small-scale ones). But the photoshop everyones on it - this is a perversion: rofl:

ZY Yes, and it keeps the charge decently for the Windows-unit - at maximum load - almost 3 hours, in the economical - 6 hours and 15 minutes lasted ...

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Do you not know what configuration will be for Russia? Just as far as I know, we should have the poorest of 2 gig. oz and 32 gig ssd.

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And most importantly - who will be the distributor, in which networks to search at first?
Has anyone heard from any network in Russia announcements or something like that.

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ansfer23 @ 07/31/2011, 16:38*
As far as I know, we should have the poorest 2 gig. ram and 32 gig ssd

Here ispointson the Russian MSI forum, a certain lady from the administration said exactly this (although she also turned the screen around 1366x768, but I think you can still believe the rest).
So, it seems, it will be possible to look for a buyer in advance for a used DDR3 2GB bar and a used miniSATA SSD 32 GB. :)
However, it’s still a hotstsa and a 3G-GPS module to buy ... And as if this whole upgrade was not more expensive than ordering a normally stuffed foreign model (especially, there is no keyboard, with Russification there are no issues, unlike laptops;)). If MSI has a worldwide warranty, then in general it would be cool.

P.S. Well, this tehnomanderzh unhealthy. :) After all, tomorrow official sales will begin - you just have to wait another week or two and almost everything will become clear.

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Well, they are unlikely to appear right today, but within 10-15 days they should already be available for sale ...
For Russia, the first installments will be only with WiFi. 2/32. In principle, for such a con, it works quite normally. I would even say good :)
I still remember the brakes on the Samsung UMPCs :). Compared to them, this beast is a beast machine ...

for 3G and GPS is not yet clear - exactly the opportunity is in them, but when they get to the Russian Federation / Ukraine is still unknown.

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The device went on sale. So far, the sane has been found only catalog, such as Yandex Market). Magazy themselves have not yet been indexed by search engines, probably.
What is significant, there are only two models:"110W-232G, Wi-Fi (00N0E1-SKU1)" and "110W-232U, Wi-Fi + 3G (00N0E1-SKU2)" .
Both models have 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB SSD. And not a word about the docking station. Hm

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And I'm still interested in the question - how will the ssd drive behave and how much is enough for it? Just on desktop computers, if you do not remove the swap file from it and something else, it fails in half a year. But on desktop computers you can transfer all this crap to a hard drive, and then it will not work. Question to the experts - how it is implemented on tablets - netbooks with ssd.

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