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Inotia3: Children of Carnia | [RPG] RPG by Com2uS

Rep: (3261)
Inotia3: Children of Carnia
Version: 1.4.5
Genre: RPG

Last update of the game in the header:27.03.2017

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What would it take to change the destiny of a warrior?
Big Adventure! Inotia 3: Children of Carnia!
The inevitable path predetermined by fate for Carnia children. Distant and epic adventure! The Chronicles of Inotia III! The new legend is about to begin on Inotia continent.
During the ritual of age to Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village, accidentally fall unusual gloves. And the adventure, and the cause which served as the gloves will strike their imaginations ... Lucio and Ameli realize soon that in front of them waiting for an unusual fate. The fate of selected warriors ... like thousands of years before them. Will those who are born to be a warrior happy in the end?

original description
Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure!

What would it take to change warrior's destiny?
The Big Adventure! Inotia3: Children of Carnia!

An inevitable fate has lain before the children of Carnia. The far greatest epic adventure! The Chronicles of Inotia 3! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia.

"With the coming of age ritual ahead, Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village happen to be acquiring guntlets, and the adventure stirred up by these guntlets leads to a consequence that is a way beyond their imaginations ... Lucio and Ameli realize soon that they have extraordinary destinies lain before them ... Warriors' predestined fates have been lasted for thousands of years already ... Will those of who are born to be warriors be happy after all? "

вШЕ Features вШЕ

1) Organized Party System
A Party Battle System, where you get to combine 6 classes to construct your own party! You can control each character separately and enhance their skills and stats however you like. Through a story mode, you can not only obtain various characters, but also hire mercenaries with items. Personalize each character by equipping a variety of clothing, weapons and defense weapons.

2) Touching Story in an Enormous Scale
A way far better and more enormous in scale than its previous sequel, the story line of Inotia III, traveling past and present time back and forth, is solid and constructed in detail that you will not be able to take your eyes off the game . A whole lot of unique minor casts will make their appearance throughout the story, and the main character's itinerary is delineated on 130+ maps. 230 of not-to-be-underestimated quests with various themes are enough to testify the Inotia III's distinctive way of engrossing users.

3) Various updates are so on the way!

4) This game is supported in English, and French.

5) It's Universal and will run on your Android Device.



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- Inotia3: Children of Carnia
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- Hormerun Battle 3D
- World of Tunes
- Crazy Hotdog

Google Play: https: //play.google.co....global.android.common
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Russian interface: Unknown

Version 1.4.5 Mod Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Post vutak # 54144385)
The use of modifications of the game users are at your own risk. Complaints related to the performance of the game after the application of modifications will not be considered.

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version of Mod

Rep: (146)
that for it ?? screenshots of the game in the studio: rolleyes:

Rep: (516)
Is ported? At last.

Rep: (381)

Zenon party, hope to launch at least

market approved: D

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Rep: (226)
basically the same as that of Zeno but posimpotichnee, almost eye-pleasing)

Rep: (153)
cache that need it?

Rep: (3261)
hohohoho @ 07.07.2011, 22:02*
cache that need it?


Rep: (25)
komtus shake it well .. :-)

Post has been editedAndrey X8 - 07.07.11, 21:06

Rep: (50)
Is there a Russian?

Rep: (215)
Of course not, and will not be

Rep: (381)

& ^ # $ ^ $ Inet. not during zalagal

Post has been editedDark_Eyes - 07.07.11, 21:07

Rep: (146)
time on iphone 2G running game, means and ARM6 processors earn, if not altered developed specifically for its arm7

Rep: (226)
Lexeres :),
Well, if the Market Requirements 1.6+ android is likely arm6 initially supported as well

the way to the Market is free

Post has been editedMEDBEDkin - 07.07.11, 21:09

Rep: (50)
darkside267 @ 07.07.2011, 22:06*
Of course not, and will not be

It is a pity :( on screen like a good game ((

Rep: (381)
so if the market Kathir, then what's the 7

Rep: (50)
Put the screens of the game who have downloaded.

Rep: (381)
in the SETUP selection graphics have until flew on mediums with shtatchnoy rate, well in podlagivaet menu

Rep: (226)
yes just as Zeno looks at the video look even))

once max graphics set - standards goes. however there is no exit button again in the game)

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Rep: (146)
MEDBEDkin @ 07.07.2011, 20:25*
once max graphics set - standards goes. however there is no exit button again in the game)

It was like a day today))

Rep: (226)
Lexeres :),
Yes Useful second game - you can see the developers do not even think of that one who wants to get out of the game))

Rep: (381)
Well, something like this, sorry

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