Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) in roaming | An article on Z1AppStore about how to optimize the costs of BIS

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Z1AppStore has published a review of the use cases of BIS while abroad:

The article will be useful for travelers, especially relevant during the holiday season :)

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I apologize for archeology, but the link is mervaya, and the question of the need to connect BIS is open.
what I have:
1. Krasnodar egg opsos
2. Connected Smart Package (Federal)
what I want to know:
1. How much do I need to connect the BIS package (+350 per month)?
2. Does BIS work without a smart tariff? those. Can I change the tariff to any other without the Internet?
questions arose because of elementary zhlobstvo for paying for unused services.
thanks to all. On the track the phone will arrive on Friday - I want to be fully armed: thank_you:

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* nacl_vbs
in my opinion, on
Blackberry z30

just need an Internet tariff (Smart), but BIS is not required

for BlackBerry devices10 OS does not need / does not make sense BIS

P.S. I looked at the date - I think the question is no longer relevant to you ... but I will not delete the post, let it be, maybe someone will need the info :-)

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* A.R.S,
Yes, really - just a connected internet is enough.
in general - I recommend! great machine for little money. tenacious, strong, beautiful, the network keeps well, the batteries are safely enough for a day with VERY active use, with the "more lies than calls" mode lasted for 3 days.

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