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> Android vs other mobile OS | Compare Android with all other OS.
14.09.09, 22:00

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Android vs other mobile OS

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There is more and more controversy about what is better or what will be better.
Let's try to solve this issue by universal efforts, because truth arises in a dispute ...

I ask you to argue your choice, links to all sorts of information are welcome,: yes2:
empty non substantial content of posts - no
: beee:

Androyd new promising OS, the potential of which unfortunately is not yet fully realized.
WM - proven over the years, the popular OS, experiencing a "plastic surgery" (WM 6-7).

The theme was created to identify all the problems of these OS, their best moments.
Perhaps for someone it will be valuable information.

Previous survey
Perhaps somewhere already there was such a survey, I did not find it, if I apologize,)
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was ist das?

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Bely Oleg @ 06/12/19, 0:59*
Why, then, about the "kabzdets" speech start? From the series “Did not read, but condemn”?

"I did not understand the meaning, but I got into the topic"? : rofl:

A well-trained conscience never chews on its master.

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