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Spotify Music | connection to the music service Spotify
Spotify Club
Is there a need for the "Spotify Club" for communication and free discussion of questions on Spotify that are not related to the main topic?
Yes of course. And to discuss a lot of what is needed is where, and the main topic is not littered. [ 509 ] ** [45,41%]
No, this is superfluous. Everything needs to be discussed here, and everything that is off topic, just cut. [ 278 ] ** [24,8%]
To the bulb. It is necessary to work, and not hang on the forums, shkolota! [ 334 ] ** [29,79%]
Total Votes: 1121

Rep: (416)
Spotify Music
Last update of the program in the header:13.08.2019

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Short description:
Connecting to the world's most popular streaming service - Spotify, which allows you to legally listen to music online.

Since Spotify is currently introducing a new interface and has not yet brought it to a general view, it can be very different for different users.
Some differences of the new and old interface

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What is Spotify?
Spotify is the very first streaming service that allows you to listen to music online without downloading it to your computer. In addition, it is present on many modern devices, including the Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems, and the Spotify Connect function allows users to use a number of entertainment systems. Users, using the search, can find artists, albums, playlists, labels. Among other things, the service allows users to create, edit and share their playlists with each other.

Why is the application unavailable on Google Play, and the site can not register?
The service is currently officially unavailable on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is due to the requirements of the right holders - for each country where music is available, the service must enter into many agreements.
In the near future, the official opening of the service in Russia is expected. Until this happens, you can connect and use the service using the account of another country. How to do this is described in detail in our FAQ.

Android required: 4.1+
Russian interface: Partially
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Homepage: https://www.spotify.com/
Google Play: https: //play.google.co…s? id = com.spotify.music

The topic is forbidden to set and search for families!
Links to instant messengers and social networks are also prohibited.

The topic is intended to discuss issues of the Spotify application on Android and applications and services that complement its work. Discusses the work of Spotify on other platforms, with the exception of iOS, which hasseparate topic. Also in the subject are discussed issues related to the registration and payment service.

All discussions are not related to issues of the topic (discussion of news, comparison of streaming services, sound quality, etc.) and discussions that do not carry any useful information, please leadSpotify Club .
Theme Rules
In the subject are allregulationsforum. When writing messages, be sure to follow them, especiallythis part. Messages violating the rules are deleted.

If you have any problems with the operation of the application, in your request for helpBe sure to specify the type of subscription (premium / free / mod) and the version of the application. It is very desirable to attach a screenshot.

Images and volumetric text of the requesthide under spoiler.

If you are in the subject for the first time, before asking a question -be sure to read the sectionsBasic conceptsandFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have been using Spotify for a long time and are interested in the Spotify service, but do not follow the topic very much and enter it only periodically before you find out or share any information -read the preliminary section news . Possible your information is already known to visitors of the topic. Messages with this information will be deleted.

If you know some useful information from your point of view that is clearly not enough for the topic - share it. Write a manual, review, just share the link.

If you are an active user of the topic and are very well versed in most of the issues discussed, help the newcomers. It is not necessary to question the elementary question in your opinion, to give a monosyllabic and not helpless hint that you know everything, but it does not. Either give a comprehensive answer, or if such an answer was in the subject - share a link to it. Or do not answer at all.

It is not necessary, if you saw that someone from users violates the rules of the forum, immediately write to him about it. Better use custom moderation buttonPicture. You can also write about this in person to the curator of the topic, or to the moderator via the buttonPicture. After some time, this message will be deleted.

Do not hesitate to express gratitude to the user who helped you. Only not by the response message “Thank you!”, But by raising your reputation. Useful posts can be marked with a button.Picture.
Posting updates
Dear Releasers!
We recommend using the tool to add software updates.The relizer.
In the first field -update type, for all programs except the stable, beta, or modified versions of the Spotify application, select the valueOther .
In the second field - we specifyversion number.
In third -the name of the programand in brackets briefly its purpose, if necessary. For example Spotify Stations (radio). For stable and beta versions, the name is indicated instead ofdate of releasein the format "from dd / mm / yy."
In the last field - if it is necessary list of changes, features, screenshots, etc., and himselfapplication file.

After sending the message to the release,you cannot edit it , in order to avoid failure of post transfer to the header.

When publishing updates, please observe mutual respect. If you see that updates are consistently and regularly laid out by someone from the releasers, you should not arrange an arms race trying to post an update release a few hours earlier. Take the publication of updates not as a way to get some bonuses for yourself, but as an act of helping other forum users who for some reason cannot access the update in any other way.
Active users
Special thanks to the previous curators of the topic, whose work served as the basis for almost all the information on the topic's capsilya0103andEgor3!
Many thanks to all users of this topic who have taken and are actively participating in it!
Ilich Ramires, Intromix, Hersa, alllogin, Boris45, Alex0047, dimongad, Jetnavo, ssmedved, Termich, kustodiol, Kudinov27, BPaint, nanda kurai, mr_foxer, Solo53, serge_kononoff, rarina, Notrip, fiodoryth, Syberianphoenix, WoRG55, ApucToKpaTuK, trenisk

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Basic concepts
check in
How to register in Spotify?
You need to use an account of some other country.
To do this, you need to use a VPN, and the IP address will have to correspond to the selected Spotify region.

Which country to choose for registration? What is the difference?
From the choice of country account will depend on the cost of a premium subscription, if you plan to use it. The cheapest region is the Philippines. More recently, other regions have been added to it, but they are not popular.
Subscription price in different countries
Also in different countries the volume of the library is different. The largest in volume are such Western European countries as Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom.
More on the choice of the country will depend on the availability of national playlists in the recommendations on the main page.
More or less the average option for all criteria, was considered the United States. But lately this region has not been popular.
Opinion about choosing a country
Particularly noteworthy is India. . Not much because of the super low cost of a subscription, because Pay it from Russia until no methods have been found. How much due to the fact that in the free version all restrictions are removed in it, except the possibility of downloading tracks and switching to Very high quality. The price for this will be a music library cut by almost a third. You can say this is a good alternative to fashion.

Which VPN can be used to register a Philippine account:
Another free (broken) VPN with a large selection of countries
Instead of VPN, you can use free proxies:more

How to enter your username during registration? For some reason, the spot offers a random set of letters and numbers
Unfortunately, you cannot choose a name recently. You can enter the application by e-mail.

Registration Instructions

What is the difference between premium subscription bespatnoy?
The free version has several limitations:
  • It is necessary to rejoin your account every 14 days using a VPN with the IP address of the country specified in the profile (USA / Philippines / Sweden ...)
  • Audio and video ads that sometimes play between tracks.
  • No offline playback, i.e. constant Internet connection required
  • Very high quality music mode not available
  • It is not possible to play a specific track from the list of most playlists, only random shuffle playback
  • The limit on the number of skips during shuffle playback

If I activated the trial for 7 days, downloaded albums, then after the premium expires, the offline mode will not be available?
Will not be. It works only for the time of the active premium.

Attention! In Crimea VPN is required even with a premium subscription.

Payment methods

The best payment method is to bind to a Spotify bank card. It is impossible to link a card of the Russian bank directly, so you need to use the methods listed below

Linking a Russian card to a PayPal account country (using the example of the Philippines)
Attention! According to incompletely verified data, due to the changed security policy of the Philippine PayPal, the following method may not work.
Detailed guide: registration and premium payment via Yandex.Money (Egor3 mode)
(If payment for this guide does not go through, although you are sure that you have completed all the steps in the correct sequence, please contact PayPal technical support. If this does not help, try other payment methods or join a family)
Successful binding conditions

Great general guide on registration and payment of the Philippine account

Another alternative way

Translation from Russian to Philippine PayPal:
Instruction(ATTENTION, when using this method a large commission)

Purchase Gift Code
The merchant portals sell Gift activation codes for premium subscriptions for various periods (from a month to a year). For example onhttps://www.mtcgame.com/en-RU/spotify/premiumorhttps://www.seagm.com/...ify-gift-card-malaysia.
The purchased code is entered on the profile page.https://www.spotify.com/redeem/and the subscription is renewed for a specified period. The code can be entered with an already active subscription. When activating several codes, the subscription period is summed up.
Recently, the number of sites selling Gift codes has decreased dramatically.
Be careful when buying codes for a price that is much lower than the real cost of a subscription. Look at the rating of the seller and the date of registration
About divorce on ebay - a subscription for 1000 years for 15 kopecks

MOL and Skrill:


If, after all, you don’t get any way to pay for the premium - try to usefamily subscription.
Family subscription
What is a family and how does it differ from a normal subscription?
A family account is designed so that members of one family living in the same house use the service cheaper than if they paid separately. At the same time, recommendations and playlists for all family members are separate and do not interfere in any way. Subscription in the family is full.

Family subscriptions are used by different people who are not actually relatives to save on payment.
But since this is a violation of the rules of the service, if detected, Spotify can disband the family. After that, all members are transferred back to the free version.

In Spotify, each family member has his own account. The head of the family can not at any time go under the profile of one of the family members, if he does not provide him with a username and password.
People in the family do not communicate with each other, only through separate channels for communication.

The use of a family account has such advantages as saving on subscription and the absence of the need for payment, and the difficulties associated with this - money is simply transferred to the family husband in a convenient form, and it takes care of all organizational issues. But there are also disadvantages - the risk of disbanding the family and the difficulty of finding a good family leader.

If you received an offer to join the family, you should not immediately accept it. Rate the reliability of the family driver by looking at its profile. Do not trust newly registered users, or have a small number of messages. Better to trustactive users of the topic.
And absolutely it is not necessary to accept dubious offers. Proceed from the real value of the family subscription, plus the possible amount needed by the family for family management.

Search and set of families IN THE TOPIC is prohibited!

Approximate procedure for creating families

About the collapse of families
The topic has information about the alleged reason for the collapse of families, when a letter is sent to family members asking them to confirm the index, and then throws everyone out (despite the fact that everyone has confirmed)

When your acc was added to the family, in the bowels of the acc, so to speak, they entered the family index. When creating an acc index in the browser, you can write, you can not write, it does not solve anything. After that, you left the family and created on the basis of your acc family with a new address and index, but the index registered in the bowels of the acc from the old family has not disappeared, it is stored on Spotify servers. The family will always fall apart due to the fact that the new index of family members does not coincide with the old index from the old family. Now it’s clear why the whole family was disbanded at once, and did not throw out one person who did not contribute the index. The problem is 100% in the maternal account.

It is enough for family members to confirm the address in the letter and wait for an answer.

Mod version
What gives the MOD version:
  • Unlimited scrolling tracks on the radio
  • Unlimited scrolling tracks in playlists, selections, your library
  • Rewind track
  • The ability to re-listen to the track
  • Ability to listen to the previous track
  • Visual ad blocking
  • Audio ad blocking
  • The ability to play music using Spotify Connect (works in most cases only on tablets, phones, PCs and TVs with Android TV)
  • Ability to select any track from the list
What the MOD version does NOT give:
  • Very high quality not available , even if the item with the choice of extreme sports is active, you will not get 320kbit / s (and this is something for which you should definitely buy premium)
  • You can not play music on the receiver / column via wifi
  • MOD version does not cancel the need to re-enter VPN every two weeks (premium solves the problem)
  • You can not download music, even if the download slider is active (music is cached and does not spend traffic again, but listening to it in the absence of a connection (for example, on an airplane) will not work, you need a premium for this).

Since the service prohibits the use of modified program clients,there is a risk of account blocking.
How to hide the mod from the lock (root, Xposed)

When using the MOD version, there may be failures and errors in the program. If stopping and then turning on the program, rebooting, or logging in doesn’t help, delete this version, clear the cache and set the earlier one.
It is also recommended to check the service on your phone by setting the off version of the application.

An alternative to the mod version may be the official version.indian account, which already has all the mod functionality.
SFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
How to install the application on Android
At the moment, the application is not available in the Russian PlayMarket. Current versions can be downloaded in the appropriate section of the header (it is recommended to install a stable version).
Or useway to install via PlayMarket with auto-update option
In this case, you can subscribe tobeta or alpha testing

How to change account country?
With an active subscription or family, you can not change the country! Wait for the end of the subscription.
You need to log into your account through a VPN or proxy of the country to which you want to go. The choice itself is in the Edit Profile
If you want to change the country before the end of the subscription - contact the support service.

I can not log in to Spotify. Produces an error - 14 days
It appears only in the free version, or if you use the mod.
You need to log in again, but with the included VPN of the country in which your account is registered. If it doesn't work with one VPN, try another.
Be sure to check whether your IP address has changed. For example onhttps://2ip.ru/
Verified VPN (Android)
Detailed guide from vladib13
You can also bypass the restriction on the US account using the service Portaller:more

Why is the volume of music in Spotifay lower than in other programs?
Due to the normalization of sound (bringing all tracks to the same volume). Try to disable it in the application settings.

What is the quality of music in the service?
In the mobile application and on the PC, the format is usedOgg vorbis. Low - 24kbit / s, Normal - 96kbit / s, High - 160kbit / s, Very high (Premium) - 320kbit / s. In the AAC Web Player 128kbit / s and AAC 256kbit / s (Premium).

How to download music in mp3 format?
Officially, there is no way, and even if you moved the Download slider, the music is stored in encrypted form. You cannot decode music from this view to mp3.
But you can use applications and services that download Spotify playlists from third-party sources.
1) Telegram bot
2) Spotify downloader
3) AlltoMP3

How to find out the deadline for payment?
On your account profile pagehttps://www.spotify.com/account/overview/
Because in the family the payment period is visible only to the grower, family members can calculate it from the date of the previous payment in paragraphReceipts

How to set a sleep timer?
In the new interface design, in the context menu (three points in the upper right corner) of the track being played.
In the old design to put any third-party from google play
» Useful

Version: (x64) from 12/08/19 (Boris45)
Version: (arm) from 12/08/19 (Bedmit)

Past versions
Version: (x64) from 01/08/2019 (Boris45)
Version: (arm) 1/08/19 (Bedmit)
Version: 25/07/19 (Boris45)
Version: from 07/22/19 (Boris45)
Version: from 07/16/19 (Boris45)
Version: dated 07/08/2019 (Boris45)
Version: dated 07/02/2019 (Boris45)
Version: dated 06/25/2019 (Boris45)
Version: dated 06/18/2019 (Boris45)
Version: dated 06/10/2019 (Boris45)
Version: dated 05/31/2019 (Boris45)

Version Archive

Beta versions:
Version: from 08/18/19 (Mortmael)

Useful additions

Latest news
31.07.19 Again Russian language in a mobile applicationandon screenshots in the Microsoft Store

Post has been editediMiKED - 19.08.19, 19:37
Reason for editing: Update: beta of 08/18/19

Rep: (1)
* Akuli4,
Thank you, disabling the equalizer helped, but the sound became very bland and boring. If the ability to use third-party equalizers on the android without root rights?

Rep: (416)
N1k3 @ 08.20.19, 16:59*
third-party equalizers without root rights

Innumerablehttps: //www.google.com... equalizer#fpstate=aig
True IMHO without changing drivers (which is impossible without root), they all leave much to be desired.

Rep: (635)
* n1k3 IMHOall devices (phones) with any standard equalizers sound disgusting to me. Samsung and Huawei / Honor sounds great with viperFX
Mac / hack sounds perfect with boom 2

Rep: (120)
* Yingmu * Bedmit , yes, indeed, I do not have libraries in the installed apk ...

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (416)
* Mortmael ,
The exact same story with SS happenedSpotify Music (Post Bedmit # 87979199)
I wonder what will now be in the stable version?

The legs of this story, as I understand it, grow from hereSpotify Music (Post Bedmit # 87428088)It turns out the GP sees that I have these libraries and gives everything else, without them.

Post has been editedBedmit - Yesterday, 19:28

Rep: (19)
Ilya0103 @ 08.20.19, 18:22*
all devices (phones) with any standard equalizers sound disgusting to me.

So it’s a natural sound, and all kinds of wipers artificially improve it, and it turns out synthetics, I don’t use anything like that in principle. You need to use at least normal headphones, not to mention the DAC, at worst, high-quality music

Rep: (24)
Maybe someone knows how you can see the playlist versions for a certain time.
Somewhere a year and a half ago on a repeat I listened to the All Out 80's playlist. He didn’t add any of the compositions to himself, and then he suddenly radically updated, all the tracks were replaced with new ones, nothing was left of the old one. Actually, he is like that today.

The question is, can I somehow see its contents a year and a half ago? Thank.

Actually, I found a partial wayhttp: //web.archive.org...37i9dQZF1DX4UtSsGT1Sbe
but there are only 30 tracks :(

Post has been editedchernaya_molnia - Yesterday, 20:41

Rep: (44)
* chernaya_molnia
No, of course: rofl: how do you imagine this?

Rep: (416)
* chernaya_molnia ,
As far as I know, nothing.
This is exactly what Spoty’s feature is - dynamic, constantly changing playlists.
But if you liked some version of it, you need to copy all the tracks into a separate playlist. Or manually, or with the help of some programs.

Rep: (24)
* Bedmit,
Now then I know :)

Rep: (56)
Please tell me why on Samsung there is a "preview" button, and on Redmi just "Play"?
Attached Image

Attached Image

The versions are the same

Post has been editedAlexandr0712 - Yesterday, 20:54

Rep: (416)
* Alexandr0712 ,
Most likely the matter is not in different phones, but in different design of playlists. Spoti practices this.
For the purity of the experiment, you need to compare the same playlist, on the same account.

Rep: (1)
* chernaya_molnia here, including what last.fm is for :)

No, of course, how do you imagine this?

By the way, there is nothing funny here. The Spotify API documentation features snapshot_id for playlists. A snapshot is a snapshot, or a cast of something. It is possible that spotify stores the history of playlists in its database. This is necessary for technical reasons - to resolve conflicts when jointly editing playlists. It also works for example Google Docs. Only ordinary users spotting these versions do not need them and therefore they cannot be accessed through the API, but technically it is quite possible.

Post has been editedTakeOneDoor - Yesterday 22:14

Rep: (44)
* TakeOneDoor,
If there is no access via api, then how is it technically possible? I do not understand you

Rep: (1)
* orbitrus,
I have in mind the theoretical possibility of implementing this functionality.
A database is the core of any application. If some desired feature does not fit into the data model and the storage method, then this feature is practically not feasible. Or its implementation will eat a huge amount of resources and can break much more, which is almost the same thing.
But we’ll implement viewing the history of playlists (provided that my guesses about the data device in spotify are correct), but practically no one needs it. Therefore, this is not in the API. If a million users today signed up for such a feature request, they probably would have implemented it.

Rep: (24)
* TakeOneDoor , in my post I attached a link where you can view the web page of the playlist with snapshots at different times :)

Rep: (3)
Hello. The latest version of the mod, the girlfriend in the application does not have these short videos instead of covers. What to do? (Cache was cleaning)

Rep: (1)

And why is everyone so dragging on the music of the 80s? I have this least favorite decade. Rock is not the same; electronics is not the same. And metal flourished in the 90s too. Only in niche directions was there something interesting then. And the mainstream was sugary. Rick Astley is the quintessence of this sugary 80s sound. In short, for me, the 60-70s is like antiquity, the 90s Renaissance, and the 80s ... Well, you understand :)

Rep: (11)
* Bedmit,
As a fan of not installing Google Apps firmware, I can advise youYalp Store, it unloads the APK without any problems. Alas, now I am not testing this, forsold outthere is no more time for firmware-flashing, and I use the Play Market, but you can check, in theory it should work.

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