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IM + | Popular online messenger

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IM +

Last update of the program in the header:2.05.2015

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Popular Internet messenger that can work with a wide variety of protocols: Yahoo !, GTalk, AIM, MySpace, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook, Skype. Chat with friends on different services. You may have several conversations at the same time. There is support for multiple accounts in one service. Stay connected in push notification mode and save battery power. In this mode, the IM + application itself does not work, but you continue to receive messages. In the dialogs you will see avatars and emoticons. Works recognition phone numbers, e-mail and Internet links in messages. If you click on the phone number, the dialer will start; if you click on the email address, the mail client will open.

Homepage: http://www.shapeservices.com/en/products/d...amp;platform=wp

Russian interface: Yes

im_pro_v3.2.0.0.xap (12.42 MB)
Previous versions:

Marketplace: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-RU/apps/86a...44-00237de2db9e

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... really with a bang!

Rep: (21)
Well, finally, now you can go to wp7)

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It works fine, Russian fonts are displayed normally, when the phone is turned off, messages arrive normally (in the active mode of the program), but ...
Of the minuses - the list of contacts is slowly scrolling and when returning from a conversation, the list is also loaded slowly, as I understand that the list and statuses are updated each time, in general, it is tolerable. And despite the fact that it’s worth a daw to work in the background and a tweak is introduced to close the application, if you leave it (without closing it), the ICQ is still disabled :(

Rep: (237)
Works great

anyway ICQ is turned off
Remarks are clear multitasking then no: friends:

Rep: (1082)
The cap of the topic is resigned.

Rep: (11)
Works ! : thank_you: smiles awesome of course

Rep: (0)
eats a lot of traffic?

Rep: (3)
Push settings are there, but it does not work. WTF

Rep: (1082)
Do not forget that this version
Lolmaker @ 06/16/2011, 23:35*

In the meantime, we are waiting for the official final version from the Marketplace

Rep: (82)
Of the minuses - the list of contacts is slowly scrolling and when returning from a conversation, the list is also loaded slowly, as I understand that the list and statuses are updated each time, in general, it is tolerable.

The point is the current implementation of Silverlight, and more specifically ListBox. In Mango correct.

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Until the mango is weakly usable, without work on the background it is hard)). IMHO: it's completely early to go completely to WP7, at least until the mango.
Although the mood in this matter is positive and good :)

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Um ... Is it a bug or something? I try to throw on the mob, writes Invalid XAP File ... and Application Deployment and XAPDeployX ... both swear ...

Rep: (1082)
SpyDude @ 06/18/2011, 13:49*
Is it a bug or something?

only you see.

Rep: (42)
Yes. This was my glitch. Restarted the computer and everything is ok.
In general, the prog is gorgeous!
Only here the brakes of the list are connected with the "smooth appearance" function ... A bit annoying, but on the whole everything is super! : happy:

Rep: (28)
half an hour of the test run - the flight is normal ...)) there are brakes of course, but at least I will remain available to the masses of people during the holidays ...)))

Rep: (15)
It works great, Push also works when the app is turned off.
A huge disadvantage that the battery kills 2 times faster. It was a terrible surprise yesterday that I used 20 minutes of ICQ on the force and noticed at 6 o'clock in the evening that my mobile phone was completely full. Usually it reaches the cut-off by midnight always.

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Released to the market for $ 10

Rep: (1082)
Marswind @ 06/20/2011, 16:38*
Released to the market for $ 10

Well, according to reviews, it's worth it. 300 rubles somewhere ...

Added normal screenshots, a link to the home page and a link to download from the Marketplace to the header

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Has anyone rocked ??

Rep: (23)
Does it work in the background or also as a promotional version reconnects after resuming from sleep mode?

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