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> Jasmine im | IM client for quick and easy communication, ICQ, QIP, VK, Jabber, etc.
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Jasmine IM download

Version: 5.5.2

Discussion | Skins and smilepacks for Jasmine IM | Jasmine im widget

Last update of the program in the header:05.10.2015
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Older versions
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Short description:
IM client for quick and easy communication, ICQ, QIP, VK, Jabber, etc.

The program is designed to communicate through instant messaging using ICQ, Mail.ru, Jabber (XMPP), Vkontakte, Ya.Online, QIP, Google Talk protocols.
It has a fairly small size, and all the essential functions on board.
  • Message exchange
  • User information
  • User Client Information
  • Sort contacts alphabetically
  • Work from under several accounts simultaneously
  • Full set of basic statuses (set without glitches, compatible with QIP's)
  • Extended statuses
  • xTraz extended status text
  • Profile Visibility
  • Contact Lists
  • Authorization
  • History storage
  • Realtime export history to a memory card (read only. Not subject to import)
  • Loading history when opening chat
  • Smilepacks from the memory card (any number of smiles. Smiles are static!)
  • Sound alert incoming message
  • Interface color scheme editor
  • And much more ...
Theme Rules (Required reading!
  • It is highly recommended that you read [/ b] Forum Rules .
  • Messages with questions about new versions of the program will be deleted without warning. (the answer is already saidhere)
  • Before you ask, usesearch by topic. Be sure to read the topic header - it contains useful information, especially for you.
  • Any feedback on the program is left togoogle play page. Similar messages in the thread will be deleted without warning.
  • When replying to a topic, try to formulate your question or answer so that it is understandable to the other forum participants. Attach to the message all the necessary information if you ask for help (screenshots, program version, describe the actions required to get the problem, etc.).
  • There is a discussion of the program itself (Jasmine IM) and nothing more.
  • If you answer someone or ask a specific user, first press the buttonAttached ImageorAttached Imageon this user's post.
  • If a forum member gave you good advice that helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant.
  • If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonPicture.

Frequently asked questions
Q: How to put other skins on Jasmine IM? And where to get them?
A: In the topic header there is a spoiler called “Ready Skins”, it contains all the types of program design currently available, the downloaded archive should be unpacked into the / sdcard / Jasmine / directory. If the archive contains the folder "Skin", then unzip this folder with a replacement. Otherwise, if the archive just a set of pictures / icons, then you need to unpack directly to the sdcard / Jasmine / Skin directory.

Q: How to install and where to get other smilepacks for Jasmine?
A: Take new smilepacks on the forumsavagemessiahzine.com(there are necessary links in the topic header)
Copy ready-made smilepacks to / sdcard / Jasmine / Smileys / (ATTENTION: From version 3.4 / 2, you need to copy without replacing the Smileys folder, but to this folder, otherwise the selection of smiles will not work). Smilies and select there the name of your smilies folder, then confirm the selection with the button at the bottom of the screen. All is ready.

Q: Where can I write wishes and suggestions to the author of the program?
О: Follow this link, you will understandhttp://jasmine.reformal.ru/

Q: How to disable notifications pop-up at the top right (“such is contact” online / offline, and message notifications)
A: Menu-Settings-Notifications, they need to remove the tick from the "Popup notifications."

Q: They write messages to me, but they don’t reach me, and I myself cannot send anyone what to do?
A: You just need to reconnect the "stuck" profile. Well, or Internet connection, if the problem is in it.

Q: I copied / in the version 3.4 / 2 smiles from version 3.3 (animated) but they are still without animation, what's the problem?
A: These versions are very outdated. Use at least 4.x.x + program versions.

Q: Is it possible to somehow make the contact with which I corresponded and he went out, was removed back into the list, and would not hang on top among those who are online?
О: Menu-Settings-Other settings, put a tick on the "Auto-close chat". Everything is working. If the contact wrote you a message, and went out, but you did not have time to read, then go into a correspondence with him, click the story, and read. (!!! ATTENTION !!! If the story is not saved, then read the messages in the case described by me above , you can not, so put at your discretion.)

Q: In Jasmine IM, my contacts are divided into groups (or vice versa), how can I do something like this so that contacts would be without groups, all in one column (or divided into groups).
A: Yes, you can. Menu-Settings-Contact list, tick or uncheck "Cast List". You can also make contacts in several columns, for this, you need to click on the option “Number of Columns” from the bottom and select the desired number.

Q: I downloaded new emoticons, did / everything as it was said, everything works, but only some small smilies, how can I fix it?
Oh yeah. Menu-Settings-Smilies, there is a column "Smile Scale".

Q: I would like to return the background image in the client, is it possible?
A: Go to Menu-Settings-Design, and tick the “Animated Wallpaper”, and then restart the client.

Q: Where can I download the latest version of Jasmine IM?
A: The latest version can be downloaded in the client theme onsavagemessiahzine.com, or if for some reason it is not there, then you can always find it on the main page of the official website of Jasmine IM.

Q: I downloaded the client, I can not figure out how to make it so that I would be visible for a certain list of contacts? (Visible for everyone, for contacts, etc.)
A: To the right of the “flower” in the bottom panel there is a little man circled in a circle. If you click, there will be several such men, circled in balls of different colors (purple, blue, green, etc.)
Green-Visible to all.
Violet-Visible for contact list only.
Yellow-Visible to all but the list of the unseeing.
Red (well, or slightly pink) - Visible only for contact sheet.
Blue-Invisible to all.
To make it work, you just need to click on the icon of one of these, depending on the one you need.
Just to add a contact to the list of those who see, ignore, and those who do not see, you must click and hold your finger on the desired contact, a window will appear with the options for this contact, it will say “Visibility”

Q: Is there a search mode for contacts in the city, nickname, age, etc.?
Oh yeah. Click on the flower in the bottom panel and select "More"

Q: I do not save the story, how can I do something to keep it alive?
A: You can, for this you need to click Menu-Settings-History. Then tick the option "Write history". You can also write a story from the phone to the memory card, with the ability to read it. To do this, in the same “History” you need to tick the option “Realtime export”.

Q: I cannot be added to the contact list in the Jasmine IM client, they tell me that they added me, but I do not see the contact that was added, what is the problem?
A: This is something like spam protection, let it write you a message, add it there.

Q: I downloaded the client, when I start writing a message, they are written with a capital letter, and so after each point, it’s not critical, but it’s unusual, how can I fix it?
A: You can. Menu-Settings-Chat. There is an option "Autoregister", it is at the very bottom, you remove the check mark on it, or if you want to return everything as before.

Q: There is such a thing, Jasmine IM client downloaded, everything works, I go in correspondence with the contact, I write him a message, he writes to me, and the nicknames in the correspondence are not displayed. How can I do something to display nicknames?
A: You can. Menu-Settings-Chat. Put a tick on "Nicky in the chat." Everything is working.

Q: The interlocutor in ICQ sees / does not see when I type the text, can this be removed / added?
Oh yeah. Menu-Settings-Chat. Put / remove a tick on the option "Notification of the set."

Q: How to delete chat history with a specific contact?
A: Press and hold your finger on the contact, a small window opens, click on the "Erase History" option.

Q: I want to copy the correspondence history to someone, how to do it?
A: Go to the chat window with the contact, click on the Menu-Mode Multitata, put a tick on the messages you want to copy.
If you do not see this message or it was written a long time ago, click on Menu-Full Message History, in the Full Message History, perform the same operation (“Menu-Mode Multicity”), and also tick the necessary messages.
Then press Menu again and select "Copy selected"

Q: Will there be more protocols for Jasmine IM?
A: I do not make any 100% promises about this.

Q: How to get rid of permanent online in ICQ, the code I have long gone?
A: Answerhere (Pseudo-on-line - an unpleasant phenomenon, the essence of which is that when we look into the client, we see - the network profile and contacts, too, but the connection to the server has long been disconnected and there is no data transfer.)

Q: Are there metacontacts in this client?
Oh no.

Q: How to fix sticking pop-up notifications on the edges of the screen?
A: Wait for the new version. There is no solution yet.

Q: What are the "achievements" in this program?
A: Look at this.here

If you do not put a version (message about the wrong signature), then you just need to delete the existing version and put a new one clean.

The system of push messages is not and will not be!

Skins and smilepacks
Installing smiles
Below are the usual koloboks of good quality and high resolution:
Attached fileKolobok49.zip(103.05 KB)

Addition to Jasmina (for versions below 3.3) for quick and easy addition of emoticons:here(Say thank youBOOM.vrn)

Ready options smilepacks:here
Ready skins
Build skins fromdjonart87 : HERE
Build skins fromEl_arch : HERE
Skin fromS.V.D. : HERE
Skin fromchizhika : HERE
Skin fromsllvv: HERE
Skin fromeduardo1331: HERE

Liked? Say thanks to the author of the skin;)

All Wishlist reserveHERE
Unsubscribe errorshere: (When creating a case, you need to write a version of the program and describe the actions required to obtain the problem.)
Program to view and export Jasmine history on computer
Configure different protocols based on XMPP
Configure Mail.Ru transport to work with Jasmine IM

Official site: http://jasmine.im/
Google Play: Market app removed

Download ( Android 2.1+ ):
Version: 5.5.2 Jasmine IM (Post by Alex6877 # 43434736)

Smilepakfromsataniq on Yandex Disk

Past versions
Version: 5.5.1 Attached fileJasmine_5.5.1.apk (1.9 MB)

Version: 5.5.0 Attached fileJasmine_5.5.0.apk (1.89 MB)

Version: 5.3.3 Attached fileJasmine_5.3.3.apk (1.43 MB)

Version: 5.3.2 Attached fileJasmine_5.3.2.apk (1.43 MB)

Version: 5.2.4 Attached fileJasmine_5.2.4.apk (1.39 MB)

Version: 5.0.3 Attached fileJasmine_5.0.3.apk (1.17 MB)

Version: 5.0.2 Attached fileJasmine_5.0.2.apk (1.17 MB)

Version: 5.0.1 Attached fileJasmine_5.0.1.apk (1.17 MB)

Version: 5.0.0 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1364404/Jasmine_IM_5.0.0.apk
version: 4.1.1 Attached fileJasmine_4.1.1.apk (1.35 MB)

Version: 4.0.11 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1208384/Jasmine_IM_4.0.11.apk
Version: 4.0.8 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1198384/Jasmine_4.0.8.apk
Version: 4.0.6 Attached fileJasmine.apk (1.27 MB)

3.4/2: Attached fileJasmine_3.4.2.apk(967.28 KB)

3.2/2: Attached fileJasmine.apk(772.1 KB)

3.2: Attached fileJasmine.apk(765.34 KB)

3.1: Attached fileJasmine.apk(672.85 KB)

Version with smiles | will not develop!)
Version: 3.3 Animated Smileys
Attached fileJasmine_Kolobok49_Animated.apk(1.06 MB)
(I highly recommend to put it clean)
Download: Version: 3.3 60 Animated Smileys byHardcorist
Attached fileJasmine_Kolobok_60.apk(1.04 MB)
Download: Version: 3.3 49 Animated HD Smileys & ICQ Standart Sound fromBlackICE.k8
Attached fileJasmine3.3_KOLOBOK_HD.apk(1.79 MB)
Android 2.0+
!: In assemblies with animated smilies, I allow you to replace the contents of the Assets and Drawable folders (with the exception of the program icon). You can also change the sound. ]

  • Reworked portrait mode on the tablets;
  • Added chat width adjustment on tablets;
  • Hiding conference participants;
  • Optional hide line with the conference topic;
  • Displays the status of the conference participants;
  • An attempt to reduce the omnipotent percentage of battery consumption;
  • Improved work with the widget;
  • Minor technical fixes;
  • Display the cause of the kick / ban from the conference;

I am grateful for the help in the implementation of the definition of clients in ICQ:
$ HR @ m
..: White936: ..

If the skin is not used, it is recommended to reset the color scheme.
Rollback is not possible due to the new history format!

  • Widget support. Widget available byreference;
  • DNS rezolving;
  • Limit the number of messages in the chat;
  • Bookmarks in Jabber;
  • Reconnection of conferences at the break of communication;
  • Working with history in Settings->Story;
  • Added new colors;
  • Password request at startup;
  • Overview of services in Jabber;
  • Full VCard management in Jabber;
  • Completely new ICQ client detection system;
  • External client packs for ICQ and Jabber;
  • Jabber command support;
  • A set of tools for administering Jabber-rooms;
  • Completely new job with links in posts;
  • Juick support;
  • Main menu and chat and contact list;
  • File transfer to Jabber;
  • Reworked connection support and break detection;
  • Added interface for tablets;
  • The crash of the application when viewing the VCard in Ezdova_Kot;
  • Reworked the icon in the notification panel;
  • Registration support on Jabber servers (transports);
  • Data Forms support in Jabber;
  • Selective shutdown of profiles;
  • Save reading position in chat rooms;
  • As well as many technical changes;

  • Added search in CL;
  • Added search by history;
  • Added new colors;
  • Fixed chat window;
  • Grinding on the little things;

  • Many technical amendments;
  • Added a set of statuses for Mail.ru protocol;
  • Storage of a roster for Mail.ru protocol;
  • Added reconnection for Mail.ru protocol;
  • Autostatus is embedded in all protocols;
  • Fixed scrolling in the contact list;
  • Added options for switching between screens in the contact list;
  • Fixed problems with the use of the skin;

  • Fixed the work of the account manager;
  • The core of the Jabber protocol has been improved;
  • Added English localization;
  • Completely redesigned contact list;
  • Added the ability to set up multiple columns in group mode;
  • Reworked chats (paging now everywhere);
  • The standard interface has been changed;
  • Added new colors to the color scheme editor;
  • Changed the structure of the status selection menu;
  • Identifying customers in Jabber;
  • The list of resources connected from a memory card has been expanded;
  • Added XML-console with syntax highlighting;
  • The ability to go to chat by clicking on the pop-up notification;
  • Added external passive anti-spam filter;
  • Added limit on attempts to pass antispam;
  • And a lot of little things ...;

  • GTalk domain fixes;
  • Facebook related fixes;
  • Added conference entry in QIP and GTalk profiles;
  • Other small fixes;

  • Fixed duplication of contacts MRIM;
  • Corrected account editing (create / edit);
  • Restored Google Talk;
  • Fixed display of Jabber status in profile group;
  • Fixed problem with using TLS / SSL on minor OS versions;
  • Other minor fixes seen after release;

  • Fixed reconnection;
  • Added TLS / SSL setting;
  • Other minor fixes seen after release;

  • New Jabber;
  • Jabber Conferences;
  • View profiles of VKontakte and similar profiles;
  • Work with a roaster in Jabber;
  • Mail.ru protocol;
  • All corrections and improvements;
More details:
  • Sort groups alphabetically
  • Fixed missing contact after adding
  • The anti-spam response principle has been reworked.
  • Added the ability to set your away-text (not to be confused with x-statuses)
  • Added the ability to include envelopes in chat
  • Reduced RAM in icons and avatars
  • Fixed a memory leak when opening a chat window.
  • Disabled time zone autocorrection
  • Slightly corrected autostatus
  • Fixed blackout in the chat window
  • Removed Smack library to work with other protocols.
  • Jabber (XMPP) protocol is implemented from scratch with all statuses
  • The most basic functionality of the Mail.ru protocol has been added (if possible (!) Will be developed)
  • Storing history for the Jabber protocol and its derivatives, as well as for Mail.ru
  • Added QIP profile
  • Gtalk profile added
  • Gtalk Unread Email Notification
  • The ability to preview the list of unread emails
  • Add Removing Jabber Protocol Contact Groups
  • Added setting the status text in Jabber
  • Sign up for a transport account on Jabber servers
  • Sending free SMS via Mail.ru account
  • Added the ability to select the old style input panel
  • Fixed crash when the screen is turned on (with active auto-status)
  • Ability to view a list of connected resources in Jabber
  • Fixed the use of the background skin in chat
  • Added conference support in Jabber
  • Added rooms are remembered in a local roster
  • Display connection progress for all protocols, not just ICQ
  • More convenient choice of background options in the settings
  • Added support for private correspondence in conferences
  • Corrected the application icon (check the display in the bar)
  • Changed chat style for conferences, added formatting to highlight topics and / me
  • Added viewing of the list of available rooms on the server with the ability to filter
  • Added the ability to scroll the conference topic with your finger
  • Added the ability to view the list of available conferences on the entered server
  • Autocomplete nickname in conference login window (taken from JID)
  • Added ability to view VCard in Jabber and all its derivatives
  • Added the ability to view the VCard from users in the conference
  • Corrected the default background for pop-ups (now the text in one line really takes one line)
  • Added notifications about the input and output of contacts for Jabber and its derivatives
  • When you click the protocol icons in the bottom panel are highlighted
  • Added another mode of scaling smiles
  • All work with profiles has been moved from the main menu to the status selector and is called More
  • Slightly redid the text entry notification system. I used to hang a pencil
  • Renamed some settings
  • Avresary avatars in Jabber to save memory + resize depends on the screen resolution (larger screen - sharper avatar)
  • Is the bottom panel hindering? Click the search button - the panel disappears, click again - it will appear
  • In chat rooms, the search button hides the top panel, freeing up space for correspondence.
  • Too lazy to go to the menu for a quote? grab the message of the palts and drag on the input field (incl. Drag & Drop in the chat settings)
  • Ability to change the ordering of profiles in the lower bar (see account management)
  • Avatars in all protocols
  • Well, as a bonus - the APK began to weigh less
  • Other minor fixes.

- Fixed a shortage of cropped lines on Android 1.6;
- Fixed autostatus: now restores the current status, not "Online";
- The background of the status selector and popup notifications by default is black and gray;
- Optimization of work with packages. A slight decrease in RAM usage;
- Accelerated animation scrolling open chat;
- The standard ICQ ping is replaced by the active ping (set a period of at least 60 seconds);
- Slightly improved reconnection in a dream;
- The password entry limit is removed by 8 characters (check the message about the password invalid);
- The status text under the contacts is again not limited by the number of lines;
- Smile can now be inserted in the middle of the sentence;
- Added new HTTP authentication method (check Connection Limit error);
- Fixed the problem of disappearing nicks in the chat window after a status request;
- Added display of avatars in the contact list;
- Changed the message input panel;
- Added automatic appearance of the keyboard after selecting smiles (if autocontrol is enabled);
- Preview smiles immediately after selecting directly in the input field;
- Corrected the message delivery indication (now everything depends on the recipient’s receipt);
- New system of sending notifications about printing;
- Slightly changed screensaver;
- Reworked the file transfer panel style;
- Fixed crashes when trying to select a file;
- Accelerated and optimized loading icons preview images;
- Dimensions when transferring files are displayed more correctly;
- Removed the defect associated with negative percentages when transferring files;
- Aligned smiles in the selection window. There should be no more problems leaving the screen;
- Support for animated smiley and smiley;
- 4 options for scaling smiles;
- Displaying avatars in the contact list;
- Manual update avatars of all contacts of the profile;
- Fixed realtime export history: now always displays the time and date of the message;
- Fixed sorting in the list of cast;
- Disconnecting the profile from the network with any error is disabled;
- Slightly fixed disassembly of the roster requested from the server;
- After receiving the files, all files are displayed in the list: they can be opened by tapping them;
- Reading the actual time of sending offline messages;
- Experimentally: auto-adjustment of the time zone depending on the system settings;
- Added the ability to edit the basic information of the questionnaire;
- Slightly changed data transmission system;
- Reworked download history, now there is no freeze when you open the full history;
- Added scrolling content in the add contact window;
- Redrawn the icon of the incoming message;
- Added background for the number of messages in the contact list;
- Ability to add a contact without leaving the contact search window;
- Add, delete and rename groups;
- Added quoting and copying only the text of the message;
- Login by E-Mail;

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as a person who has been testing for a week now I post my screenshots and the smile pack itself is manually assembled from various :)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached fileSmilyes.rar(210.22 KB)

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Great ICQ client.

Only goldsmiths are able to appreciate gold.
15.06.11, 03:21
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Enough to add an account only .. connect to the server, throws it out of the computer .. and the client issues an application stop

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Logs are always accepted;)

Who has what happened - unsubscribe, do not torment. Of course, your feedback on the problem will be much more useful if you attach a log to the message.

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Jasmine im
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15.06.11, 03:53

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It looks beautiful!
And how to put the sound on the incoming? there is a jackdaw that sounds are included, but nothing comes!
15.06.11, 04:03
invoke-virtual {p0}, Ljava /savagemessiahzine.com;->getForum () Ljava / forum;

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Make the multimedia volume on full, check and accept the message

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I did not find how to put an absolutely black background everywhere in the program;
The green bar for delivering messages to qip 2005 remains green, even when the contact has gone off-line;
On most devices, animated emoticons whose algorithm you have invented are working. Is it possible to make them optional ?;
a group of "open chats" as it were, but as if it were not. especially if the groups are hidden (in the client that was taken as the basis such a group has always been, since it is ugly that after the completed dialogue the contact that went offline needs to hang in the top of the list above green flowers);
There is no opportunity to see and set an avatar;
when you press a finger on the contact list and scroll through it, some contacts are highlighted (highlighted), with the first one taken from the middle and the last one in half. graphic glitch;
In general, this is a good start, but as for me (the others do not know whether they will agree or not), it would be possible to leave everything as it was in the modification at all, adding just this
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 03:50*
-Full set of basic statuses (set without glitches, compatible with QIP's)

and normal viewing / recording history
have a nice day

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I had one tester. . . He also had a problem when entering. . . Only then it turned out that he had about 30 contacts in all, and the roster contains 338 units. 2/5 of the roster was ignored (I did not observe the contacts themselves), the rest is similar to phantoms. . . In general, after cleaning (well, polishing the program) everything worked

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The message delivery bar in qip 2005 remains green, even when the contact has gone off-line;

This is not only in QIP2005. This is actually a report that the message reached the ICQ server.
animated emoticons whose algorithm you have invented - work. Is it possible to make them optional ?;

Pampering . . Put the lowest priority. You need a long battery life
the group "open chats" as it were, but as it were not

She is, always has been and will be
the contact that went offline remains hanging in the top of the list above the green flowers

What if they forgot / did not have time to send something? Search all roster? Optional will.
PS In the Agent, everything was the same
when "closing the chat" the contact returns to its place, but the group (when turned on) remains hanging;

Do not quite understand. What a group?
There is no opportunity to see and set an avatar;

For communication, mega is necessary. . . ;) At least you first need to debug the work, and then we will think about the pictures
some contacts are highlighted (highlighted), the first one taken from the middle and the last one in half. graphic glitch;

Never watched, and none of the testers, too. . .

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Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
This is not only in QIP2005. This is actually a report that the message reached the ICQ server.

did not quite understand, please explain. delivery reports to the interlocutor will be?
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
Pampering . . Put the lowest priority. You need a long battery life

yes, but by making animated smilies in a modification, you became a celebrity) they were clear, beautiful and beautifully displayed on my device without lags. I would very much like to see this possibility in the final version optional (at least at the level of copying them to the card for those who want it)
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
She is, always has been and will be

In general, the contact that went offline hangs at the very top of the list above the green flowers, until you click "close chat" on it. somehow ugly. can divide as it was before
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
Do not quite understand. What a group?

sorry, already erased. typed too much
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
For communication, mega is necessary. . . ;) At least you first need to debug the work, and then we will think about the pictures

I agree. "necessary" almost like an eye. just a wish)
Ivansuper @ 06/15/2011, 05:14*
Never watched, and none of the testers, too. . .

In win, on which I tested contacts very little. in the vertical mode there is nothing to scroll through, and in the horizontal one everything is as described. I press with my finger, some contacts are highlighted with stripes, and the latter is so half full. it's true

yes and no antispam yet

p.s. Anyways, I want to say something. I have not used your modifications. never had a chance. Only tested as new versions came out of interest. I did not use it for the reason that the author of the program made a curve history saving algorithm. Version 14.5 version was brought to perfection. unless additional statuses were incompatible with qip and, for obvious reasons, the story was written poorly. and now there will again be a 100-page topic, where envelopes will be demanded, as in a queue and all that ;-)

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Nifiga did not understand how to make smiles to work

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15.06.11, 05:23
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at first glance a great customer.
IMHO load it with any crap is not worth it. there are animated smilies. Status shows and enough. the main thing is stable work and small consumption of battery and phone resources
15.06.11, 06:21
the truth is somewhere near...

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Please write in more detail how and where to install smiles. I read what is written under the spoiler, did the same - smiles do not appear

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And you do not plan to add other protocols? Or is it difficult?
I understand that there would have to deal with one protocol and make a really worthy (excellent) functional program. At this time, the sea leaves.
But still,))) you never know, we can have such plans.
In particular, interested in Jabber

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15.06.11, 06:38
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Nelsson @ 06/15/2011, 07:51*
Nifiga did not understand how to make smiles to work

I also did not see smiles.Everything solved the problem.
Only now there remains the same problem that the client was in sleep mode, the client loses connection.
On 2G, by the way, it seems to be holding the connection.

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Gorgeous. Sat from the early versions of Meil.Ru Mod on the works of the author.

We will test :)

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15.06.11, 06:49
hiding from the sun

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Smilies put at:
sdcard / Jasmine / Smileys
Put the files themselves, not the folder.

Smiles in the second post

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You can instead of the flower in the notifications to put the current status, and when typing why it slows down a little. and everything is super!

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when trying to connect, crashes with a process error, after which the application does not open. SGS2
15.06.11, 07:13

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and where to get the sound? smiles set, earned. and where to look for sounds?

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