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Gurk 2 | The 2nd part of the old school turn-based RPG

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Gurk 2
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version: 1.12

Last update of the game in the header:30.05.2014

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The first part was a great start, but there was no goal, only a dull killing enemies and knocking items from bosses. I killed her a week of time (too much dungeon was, that ran through all of them until I realized: a game without meaning). The second part pleased. Appeared quests, the NPC, music, sound, potions, each of the three classes you can choose a character, then a group of three heroes is: magician, archer, warrior; and select which character will be for each of the classes - it is yours. The game is made on the engine EBURP.
Sundry lay out the first part of the game.I'm lazy.

Russian interface: Not

Picture open cards with marks of important places
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List of the most powerful opponents
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List of all legendary items (all of these things can be knocked out of the monsters in the dungeon final boss - Daako)
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Fan-page of the game: http://www.omgheart.com/tag/gurk-ii/
questions on the passage of the decision: http://gurk-rpg.wikispaces.com/message/list/home
Game review on droidgamers.com
Homepage: http://larvalabs.com/
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.larvalabs.gurk2
Wanted place indicated in the picture
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Version 1.12: Gurk 2 (Post # 31834610)
Java-version of the first part of the game:http://larvalabs.com/gurk/ Attached filegurk 1 java.zip(60.71 Kb)
For the next part we go to this topic Gurk 3

Past versions

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Reason for editing: the name of the engine

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Some will say exactly that shit count, though I do not say it
And the game itself is somewhat similar to that

Post has been editeddarkside267 - 04.06.11, 20:12

Rep: (559)
it is a question or a statement? is missing the mark

Rep: (215)
Here is one such game is told as a bagel and called the name I do not remember

Rep: (12)
darkside267, : D

For milestones go. : Lol:

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And it requires a ARMv7?

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999 NEXO 999,
I bet a million dollars that the developer did not even think to do it under something special. Android version from 1.6. From some holes there armV7?

Post has been editedKyogre - 04.06.11, 20:32

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Do I understand correctly that the battle takes place in the text menu (such as "use health poition", "atack", "cast")?

Rep: (559)
rather no than yes: inscriptions in the fight here is not written, but the opponent is shown the health of the attack. The first screenshot is a fight 3 main characters are attacking Goblin.

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game SWINE! Played in the first, and now finally rushing!

Rep: (6)
Leave a couple of reviews on this game in English type "cool game", "great game", "gurk forever!", On the android market, just I want to part 3 :) VERY! Well, if you do not mind, support the ruble of developers, (I wanted them 300r. To send, but there is no web money pay :() game only costs $ 0.99

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and say no hopeless situations ........ :)

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Old School opty))

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If the version of the game from Market, then the game is to go on a small screen =)

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And who can tell something else like that -
simple, uncomplicated graphics; easy operation, and most important - step mode ???

Rep: (1)
I could be wrong, but the mechanics of D20 resembles something of ADnD type. : Good:

Rep: (0)
Thank you so much for the game. Obazhaet games. Tell me more of this type of game)

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The game is not too boring and monotonous

Rep: (8)
I went through 4 mission has opened the whole map, cleaned out the entire first continent, and the second continent not let me into the city, why, and what to do? Incidentally path of lava prevents go to the city on the right edge of the map: blush:, what to do?

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much too old school for me: lol:

Rep: (6)
There is an interesting autumn similar game Dweller.

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