Why people using BlackBerry do not change the brand of the smartphone.

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Not a bad article about blackbury, which does not compare devices on the screen resolution, processor speed or memory, as is usually done.
It tells about the advantages of Blackberry as a whole as a device and service.


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Thank you: thank_you:
Klasna article: rolleyes:

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Article 5+, very clearly and concisely ....: thank_you:

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Here is another excerpt from one of the sites:

I was encouraged to write this essay for long-term participation in the same battles, both on one side of the barricades and on the other.

As an introduction

So, you are tired of the phones like everyone else, or something has become lacking in your current smartphone, or you just decided to check what kind of animal it is - BlackBerry. If you have not yet bought and are reading this opus, then you have every chance to either save money or be completely sure that you made the right choice. Both that and other result will be, if not strange, correct.

And it is necessary from the very beginning to understand that the BlackBerry is not a smartphone in the usual sense, but a terminal for accessing BIS / BES services (which will be discussed below) + a telephone. It will only work as stated by the manufacturer, and no more!

Decide what you want

Take a piece of paper or open notepad and break the sheet into two parts. Write to the left what you like on your phone, on the right what you don’t like and want to have. Have written? Wonderful!

Now, in front of each position, prioritize. This is important, it is not very, and it would just be desirable, but not fatal. The same thing in the “bad” column is just inconveniently done, it is not there at all, and this is absolutely the left thing, which is not the place for a smartphone.

Most likely, when you set priorities, a number of positions will move from the right to the left column or vice versa. This is normal, because the first step was spontaneous, your vision is “blurred” by advertising, stamps and hamsterism (collecting everything your hands reach). But the second step made you think - is it all so important to me?

Put the sheet aside and take a walk, leave it until the next day. It's time to start the third step. We take and begin to arrange in a different color the frequency of the planned use of this or that function, possibly scrolling through the head, HOW YOU WILL DO IT AND HOW FREQUENTLY. You can even pick up your current phone and imagine it most vividly. The result will surprise you - it turns out that you will use five to seven functions on your strength. The rest will be from inaction when a free minute appears.

Here you go. Your head has become a little cleaner, your thoughts are clearer - what, why and how important is it for you. That is, what really represents real value.


I am more than sure that words like “email” and “organizer management” did not appear in either the left or right column. Funny, yes? You did not even think about it and did not consider it a useful or necessary function in the phone. I think that such words as “convenience of input”, “cross-integration of functions”, “diversity of notifications” will appear far from everyone, if not among the most experienced ones. (retreat - if you have such words yet appeared, then you will most likely buy explosives)

But you are thinking about buying a phone EXACTLY WITH THESE FUNCTIONS. Although most initially wanted an iPhone / Android / Nokia, but with a BlackBerry icon. It is this discrepancy between the desired goal and the chosen device that gives rise to a huge bunch of primary complaints. It doesn’t matter that before that you already got a callus in the language about the need to connect BlackBerry branded services, about the fact that it’s a very convenient mail, about the sound quality, the quality of the keyboard ... You neatly put it all in a box with the inscription "maybe / ever / not really wanted to. "

The paradox is that these functions will become your main ones, and over time it will be difficult for you to imagine your life without them. Of course, if you still choose BlackBerry. What I strongly and strongly doubt for the majority of readers, because below I will begin to cut the truth of the uterus, cruel and bloody (oh, how!)

"Enemy" need to know in person

The main mistake of all novice drivers, leading to the first accident, is the constant desire to think for another. How many times have I heard from a sad driver inspecting the front bumper of his car and the rear stranger - "but I thought he would drive in a circle, and he did not go ...". Do not think out anything. You must clearly know everything about the subject of your choice.

1. BlackBerry without connecting branded plans - it's just an expensive, high-quality PHONE (call from a word). Calls, SMS, organizer. Excellent sound quality, ease of use with the organizer, notifications that none of the current devices on the market can boast of. EVERYTHING! Take it as a fact. An attempt to force him to do something else (access the Internet, download mail, start ICQ) will not give any qualitative result, but will only give rise to disappointments. But if you need a stylish phone with good sound and the price does not scare you - this is your choice.

Multimedia will be a bonus. Let's say the same podcasts and audiobooks. Useless camera, but it is. Don't bet on it. Do not think out!

Yes, and also to write calls in the background this device is not able and will not learn.

Remember, at the very beginning, I suggested that you fill out a leaf? Check your priorities.

2. You have connected BIS. What will it give you? E-mail, social networks, instant messengers of all stripes (text !!!), browser, news feeds, exchange rates, weather, podcasts, online navigation in Europe / America, maps. EVERYTHING. Point. And again - do not think out anything (for example, about VoIP and voice Skype). It is what it is. The rest, if it will be - a bonus that you did not count on.

3. You have connected BES and in your company / you personally have a BES server. This is full power. Combine items 1 and 2. Now we’ll add: access to the intranet, synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, notes with your server, the ability to do a lot of things with your phone remotely from the BES server (I will not write if this option is interesting - you will find information on BES server).

Everything. Everything. And once again - EVERYTHING! Do not count on the rest.

Forget everything you knew before

BlackBerry is a very unusual phone. With a stern disposition, asceticism and absolute dissimilarity to everything else. Drop your ideas about how the device MUST be, which are not really YOUR, but driven into your head by other companies, or based on your previous experience.

Accept one more statement, as a fact - functions, UI were not made as if from a ceiling. Everything has a certain meaning and a developed model of behavior. Try to penetrate into the logic of this device and life will become "raspberry melting in your mouth" ©. But the more you try to impose someone else’s style of work on this device, the more you will have discomfort from the fact that he cannot do something. It is better to take the time to understand it.

I will help you, I will give starting points:

+ BlackBerry is primarily text, a lot of text, text for any reason. Not a voice, not a photo, but a text. Your main means of communication will be e-mail, social networks and instant messenger.
+ BlackBerry is an organizer that is really possible to lead. Do not be lazy and read the documentation. The seeming simplicity hides the most convenient functions, without which then it is difficult to live.
+ Even the style of behavior will require a slightly different one. You begin to take seriously the workflow and storage of any information. The phrases "well, I will write all this to you in a letter" or "I understood everything, but write me a letter better" will begin to enter your life as soon as you realize that it is more productive to work this way.
+ You will change your view on the former "value" of SMS and will increasingly pay attention to e-mail

This is not a means of entertainment. This is a serious tool for the job. Start with this.

The only disadvantage of this tool is the absence of __ VoIP telephony. Surrogates are available, but it can be said that they are not.

Are you still here ?!

I tried so hard to dissuade you from mindless purchase, and are you still reading ?! Good. I will call you briefly pros and cons, and you will reconsider the leaflet that you filled out at the beginning and then you will make a decision.


+ Great phone. The quality of reception / transmission of sound and signal reception.
+ Excellent speakerphone. You want a conference, you want in a car without a headset ... The best there is.
+ High speed UI. Get used to it and other devices will seem like wild brakes to you.
+ Unique networking mechanism (BIS / BES)
+ The best organizer on the market
+ Work with mail (up to 10 boxes on the device, with tricks can be obtained more)
+ Notification systems such that you will not find on any smartphone
+ All applications are interconnected whenever possible, including third-party applications.
+ Excellent, if not the best screens for smartphones of its class (I'm talking about top models)
+ Keyboard ... extremely convenient for working with text
+ Always online mode for applications using BIS / BES connection


+ For normal work in the Internet it is necessary to connect BIS / BES
+ No navigation in the Russian Federation
+ No VoIP (consider that there is not, because what is - not functional)
+ There is no voice Skype (consider that there is not, because how to speak in the "radio" mode - yesterday's century)
+ No call recording
+ BIS / BES Internet can not be used except on the smartphone. Connect the laptop will not succeed
+ Third-party software in Russian is virtually absent (all from Russian in RIM)
+ Yandex.cards do not work via BIS / BES
+ The most delicious (PIM synchronization with MS Exchange, intranet access) only for BES users.


+ Do not think out better find out "there is no"
+ Something will have to sacrifice, but to get something in return. Evaluate in advance.
+ (crazy, but true) There is a desire to change your life, to become more organized - take a chance, and try. I manage it.

If my article has helped you not to buy explosives, but to make a choice in favor of another apparatus is good! You have not spent your time, nerves and money.

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Here is another usefulinfa.

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First of all, the explosive for me is a post office. At work, it is necessary to respond to letters as quickly as possible.
In the second place - the time of work. Who would not say, and I personally (having tried a bunch of different smartphones from the android, windows and gnaws) felt lucky that now I do not need to carry with me another battery and charge each opportunity case.
In the third - this is the input. I thought it would not be convenient to clap in woolen gloves in the winter, but not. Super mute buttons give the full right to be called VV the most convenient.
There are many more advantages, it doesn't make sense to list everything.
By the way buy for toys. I see an expensive smartphone with a peak uh ... not that nonsense, how many not far-sighted. Many comrades for some reason are looking at the playability of the device and at accomplishing what it was intended for. For toys, you can buy a memory card for an extreme, many times better than any android is playing.

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Well, yes, BB is very useful for a business person, a system administrator ... :)
Only now the system administrator will not be able to log in promptly from his Cool VV to the server and fix the errors, and the business person can find the places of interest in an unfamiliar city, although not, he can take a suitcase of other devices with him. and putting out money for supposedly a service, but a normal person doesn’t need 1000 mailboxes, and if it is necessary, that is, forwarding services, picking up mail from other servers, having bought VV YOU HOSTAGE VV. A friend of mine used BB for 2 years and shouted that it was SUPER until I gave him 2 card GSMART, and showed how to set it up, and 2 BB flew into the trash, and GSMART is just smart on android. Without kobolin payment of any services and binding to the operator.

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Let's talk about the collapse and rise of Hollywood, not seeing a single picture.
Emotionally, but about nothing.

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try while in the car while driving, read (listen) sms or e-mail, and then immediately respond to dictate it, and smart converts it to text and sends SMS or e-mail. Without reasoning, just do IT on COOL BB. And on smart with android it is possible. Although BB is probably possible by paying for a service, BB for Businessmen who are willing to pay $ 100 for a tie when others around the corner buy the same for 10. And don’t have to use the convenient buttons in the gloves in the winter, you can just click on the headset and control the phone, dictate the text. Without reaching the phone

I just got people who bought explosives, and then not knowing what to do with it, the operator does not support the service, there is no necessary software, then ...

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kvant_v, well, the blackberry phone doesn’t fit your needs, so do not use it, especially why compare it with an android, you can’t explain to me how the android works, I know from my own experience, through the stump of a deck and with a constant refinement of the file, if you want to get a hobby then Yes, the android suits you, you’ll be constantly picking it, I myself have not been a “happy owner” of a lot of Android phones for a long time, with versions of the Android OS starting from 1.5 ending with 2.3.5, in this field I got good knowledge about android work, skills in eliminate the lack of flaws, and recognition on this forum in the circles of android drivers, since it helped a lot with their problems in the android, and in the bb there is no need to pick it, it immediately works
try being in the car, driving, read (listen to) sms or e-mail, and then immediately answer it for dictate

firstly, I’ll tell you softly, it’s not safe to answer text messages while driving and is prohibited by the rules of the road in many countries of the world, but nevertheless it’s realistic to do this, without extraneous software, all the tools are in the standard, how to do this is enough to read the instructions to the phone, secondly for listening to sms and mail there is a program it could be quietly downloaded for free from the store, and with reading it is even easier to receive any incoming messages, sms, e-mail, as soon as they arrive it immediately unfolds on the whole screen and this is the basis athletic functionality is implemented as standard in all firmware Blackberry.
I just got people who bought explosives, and then not knowing what to do with it, the operator does not support the service, then there is no necessary software, then.

Android owners also complain about the lack of software and the glitchiness of most third-party programs, and problems with communication, and if they got the blackberry owners, then you have a simple way out, do not pay attention to the forum section 4 pda about blackberry

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and if blackberry owners got it, then you have a simple way out, do not pay attention to the forum section 4 pda about blackberry

I agree completely and completely
I personally have been using bb for 2 years now and I really like it
a decent smartphone and, most importantly, easy to use, I wanted to find something right away and this is very important because you can’t say this about my android
Further: I also agree about the mail, if it does not even open to full screen, but the message icon is always clicked on the main screen and that’s all.
Further: on the android, I think I don’t have it at least until OS 2.3 inclusive
and about the program: 1) for bb there is a desktop manager through which almost all actions with bb are performed
2) there is a bbsak through which you can make a wipe and install it on your phone using jad

so if someone doesn’t like the blackberry as the respected dred78 said - just don’t look at this section on this forum
Thank you for your attention: D

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I will insert my 5 kopecks.

Diklaimer immediately - I use android and am not going to change. ;-) But ...

I bought yesterday's boss 9900. Twisted, looked. As a smartphone-communicator - sucks, merges android in all respects. And again, but ...

Working with text is amazing, phone functions are flawless implementation. 90% of this is of course the merit of the hardware keys, but the software was also impressed. I connected BIS, installed BESX. Just great. Quickly and clearly.

Summary is - a mobile terminal with very high-quality phone / sms / mail functions. But that's all. Do not try to want more from him, he is not for that.

P.S. And if we compare with android, then still with some HTC, and not with the poor G-SMART. And in matters of traffic and energy consumption, the android will remain in the span.

P.P.S. The TTS and STT functions for the Russian language are crookedly implemented everywhere. ;-) Play around at once.

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I repeat
I like him more than the droid
but it is possible because I use it not for games and other garbage but for scans and SMS (and also for intelligent programs)

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Well, according to sensible programs, the android will obviously go ahead. ;-) Books to read, GPS, search in nete, look at work (system administrator). These are all the prerogatives of the big screen. But this is also the main minus. Plus BB mainly comes from a very convenient hardware keyboard. And the android is deprived of this (in most cases). Therefore, long letters and SMS typing on my Disire S is a dreary lesson, but I personally do not need it. And the awesome minus of the android in the irrepressible consumption of traffic (but here it’s ambiguous, it’s just that the BB has a freebie when used correctly). Well, do not forget about battery life.

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Akstare @ 03/28/2012, 2:27*
Summary is - a mobile terminal with very high-quality phone / sms / mail functions.

and what else you need from the phone: D I do not agree that navigation and reading is not convenient, oddly enough, this and that is very convenient: D

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Well, you still prove to me that it is more convenient to read and watch maps from a 2.6-inch landscape screen than with a 3.7 portrait. Yes, and with the navigation software case pipe. Neither IGo nor Navitel, nor Garmin (offline).

And found another shortcoming of explosives, and very significant. VOIP, or rather its absence. Communication in the radio mode in 2012 is clearly very progressive.

And the clave has a couple of questions. Maybe I didn’t figure it out, but on all mobile phones a long press on the key prints an alternate character. Numbers, special characters, etc. Do BB have something wrong? I am bye today
The IP address printed slightly against the wall did not break it.

And the fact that nothing from a pure phone is necessary except calls / sms / mail, I agree. Only 2 points:

9900 explosives worth 800 bucks. Not weak for the phone

You can still call it a smartphone (it can install third-party programs), but the communicator no longer.

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akstare I don’t use maps, even before I didn’t use an android, I always used navigation programs, in bb I use ubinav very decent navigation, but yes, offline navigation isn’t in principle and this is a minus, but not critical for me, I’m using keys for typing shift and sim

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for dialing ip can be used ALT key

Posted 03/30/2012, 19:42:

bust and blackberry storm and protrusion, which have quite large screens

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and, again, useless BB scumbling, bought curve 8900 a couple of years ago, put it aside six months later, became too lazy to pay for the BIS service, bought WinMob6.5 - didn’t like it, it’s eating a battery, camera without autofocus (you need to photograph documents, for example a check), the mail is inconvenient, after I bought an android- with the battery the same story (charged up to 2 times a day), and without limit on the Internet as they say "Take off your pants" -together gave brother-in-law, after I bought WP7 there is an ambush - after updating to mango7.5 only names are loaded by mail attachments (the file itself does not open, wrote to the factory, the result is 0), I’m selling the result, and what's the point that the wheelbarrow has a big screen, the keyboard will jump out and overlap half the screen, and here I am again with my good-old curve. As the brother-in-law told me- Buy yourself a netbook and a modem, do not torture yourself like that. But hosh, gamay, gamay on the console. Like this

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There are Andromeda and Vinfo. For entertainment the most is that charging is always always near you. Then, do not forget that the BB is for the corp segment. And this controllability and security. The fact that she is in Russia through the ass is not a problem of the Blackberry.

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