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Rep: (11)
allXaoc @ 22.06.2011, 15:06*
At what brightness?

I measured the maximum brightness.

Tip-Topych @ 22.06.2011, 15:43*
If self-discharge, ie. bodies just lying idle and sits down 1% to 4 minutes, then it is obviously not normal, bring into service

This data ResultsBattery run down the dough in * # * # 3424 # * # * Instead of standby

Str0ps @ 22.06.2011, 15:48*
I protest 36 minutes as the charge was 79% and remained

This full-screen brightness?

Post has been editedinoj99 - 22.06.11, 14:54

Rep: (1)
inoj99 @ 22.06.2011, 14:50*
This full-screen brightness?

It is 91 ....
I've corrected within 40 minutes from 79% dropped to 70% ie 0.225%

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Reason for editing: + from inoj99

Rep: (191)
inoj99 @ 22.06.2011, 13:53*
There is a suspicion of battery marriage, but not sure

In addition to tests performed can recommendPowerTutor - a means of energy-consuming search prog. (It will be in the lead itself, following it - the most consuming)

Rep: (1)
Something I was scared, really I have, too, marriage (((
444 minutes of work is 7 hours on brightness 91 ... Kick

Rep: (11)
Str0ps @ 22.06.2011, 16:03*
Something I was scared, really I have, too, marriage (((
444 minutes of work is 7 hours on brightness 91 ... Kick

This is probably ok, this is not a standby mode, under which you will spend most of the time.

silsil111 @ 22.06.2011, 16:02*
I can recommend PowerTutor

Thank :)

Rep: (59)
To test: The brightness is 65 ... 56 minutes - 12%
When this was seen not linear: the same percentage can stand as much as 10 minutes, but then one minute to lose just 2%.

Brightness 255 ... 21 minutes - 8%

Post has been editedallXaoc - 22.06.11, 15:40
Reason for editing: test 2

Rep: (8)
i859 @ 22.06.2011, 16:34*
People! Who owns this unit please make a list of games that go without lags. Plus from provided me

I'm here with the man in the signature took almost all the right bend and gamesHTC Wildfire S - Discussion (Post # 7995156)I understand he wrote under the Wildfire, well and accordingly all come and Wildfire S.

Rep: (4)
I would recommend. Unless it is some of the same, but with a display 4 'and the percent of 1000MHz and the memory at a gig.
I do not put out of the Market, from this site, so these problems do not test. A market which is not convenient.
The sound is average. I hear normally. You can even zamorochitsya like ENT and. Record an audio file and test silent on what maximum distance possible to hear the numbers.
Accum average. I have already established with the use of keeping a day (like play)

Rep: (8)
Addi @ 22.06.2011, 16:26*
Whatever you have to replace the phone?

No. Long doubted WS or Desire S looking at Incredible -Price was not very critical, but nevertheless took the WS - I do not know how anyone for my size still played a major role. Several times dizayr held in his hands well, do not belong to the soul and all, plus metal case skolzkovat, especially in the summer sweating hands;) phone is heavy (relative) if almost reach out with one hand to keep your finger up the screen lock. But WS took it - it is! The rear lid pleasant, sensitive sensor, with one hand you can do with it, well, in the sense that all are doing with the phone: D. The screen is more to me, and is not needed, the speed also, the video I do not see him in the game a little dabble naturally novelties and 3D do not follow - dialer, reminder, rhymes, smotrelka Internet, etc. the most it.! Sens beyond praise, android drank very well after my then 1.6: D
However, the criteria are different, so God help you.

Rep: (17)
People, please. There is a suspicion of battery marriage, but not sure. Help assess the normal battery discharge rate.

For the purity of the experiment:
1. With one turn on the phone (without wireless connectivity and GPS), restart the WS.
2. Start Battery run down test * # * # 3424 # * # *
3. Start recording and wait at least 20 minutes for the statistics.
4. Estimate how many percent of the charge goes to the minute.

According to my measurements of 1% it takes about 4 minutes.
How are you ?

potestit 40 minutes, the brightness 94 is discharged by 14%, too much something: huh:

Rep: (8)
AAAlionnn @ 22.06.2011, 17:47*
potestit 40 minutes, the brightness 94 is discharged by 14%, too much something

OK, here weallXaoc above message about the same.
allXaoc @ 22.06.2011, 16:10*
Brightness 255 ... 21 minutes - 8%

255-100 Brightness%, about the same time turned, if count devoured 42 min 16% charge at 100% illumination, and you got at 94% 40% min-14.
Testit very lazy, I think the same thing will be. And like most of the average load, the battery holds a day.

Rep: (9)
Addi @ 22.06.2011, 16:26*
Are you satisfied with the possession of Wildfire S? Whatever you have to replace the phone?

1) More than.
2) For the money can be better, and is unlikely to be. If only trace. year. Also thought about buying Dizair C, but damn ... there's a lot more stocks .. broken pixels across very often, someone ZHPS otvalivaetsya..i so on. Here such is not present.

Addi @ 22.06.2011, 16:26*
problems with the installation of the Market, minor glitches in the calendar, sound, weak battery.

- do not have any problems with the installation of the convenience store. Put \ shake all applications through | Through connection |, only 1 time was jamb with resuming from a convenience store (more than a week ago), that's all.
- Calendar works fine, I do not know what problems there .. This is probably the only cases .. and not the fact that it's not his fault what happened.
- Sound in full poryadke..lichno I call it normal audible from the next room \ kitchen good.
- The battery is weak .. I do not even know I have a standby time up to 3-4 days holds, if a little use. Proven personally. An average of about 2 days. It all depends on how often you will be his juzat. In extreme cases, you can purchase a battery on 1500mAch from Muggia or NTSshnuyu 1450.

For its price is very good device. Sens - a gasser, after he looked at the other ... even with all kinds of launcher, well, not that it does not.

2 bcspb

With regard to housing. That's be honest, I do not understand what could be hollivar when the machine before my eyes, and there is a metal upper part of the TOE. Black my device \ Taiwan.

Post has been editedTiote - 22.06.11, 17:51

Rep: (8)
Tiote @ 22.06.2011, 18:47*
Calendar works fine, I do not know what problems there .. This is probably the only cases .. and not the fact that it's not his fault what happened.

The case can also be a unit and not the fact that my fault happened, and that's the problemsuchOnly after XP should all return to their seats, I'm wrong?
The problem is partially solved when adding the first scheduled event, but after that has not yet been synchronized with Google.

Rep: (9)
SMART User @ 22.06.2011, 19:07*
The case can also be a unit and not the fact that my fault happened, but the problems here are only after XP should all return to their seats, I'm wrong?

I never claimed that it was your fault, but suggested that this could be) just possible that even nakosyachil, unwittingly. I have, if you read a little earlier, there was a problem with an overview of the widgets NTSshnyh..tozhe for no apparent reason appeared jamb. I do not know why but it seems to me that this is something I myself did .. accident (as it was a long time playing with ESprovodnikom suddenly cho deleted: lol:) but that still does not understand.
I made a Factory Reset (by saving data) - everything works fine.
Therefore, the idea is to help HR. To start still try to write in those support NTS, in an online chat. They will tell you what and how, if you do not help - told to do XP and all;)

Post has been editedTiote - 22.06.11, 18:25

Rep: (8)
Tiote @ 22.06.2011, 19:24*
to help XP

Yes, must of course, I do not argue, but that's what I did it for 5 days time 5 and the card overwrites times 5 and a telephone and a computer, somehow get by, but 20 minutes before reaching into the HTC Hub and zvuchok for sms download 80 KB potestit - and, once again injecting hung in the tray and one I know that in addition to XP (sixth), it does not remove, there you have it ... and of course no glitches.

Yes forgot, no I did not get an answer about the HTC tech support can not say anything, but on Saturday 18/06 in Navitel sent a request for re-registration of the license, then 2 more letters with the request to clarify the situation, today the end of the media drive as you want to Navitel very busy people.

Post has been editedSMART User - 22.06.11, 18:47

Rep: (9)
SMART User @ 22.06.2011, 19:41*
but 20 minutes before reaching into the HTC Hub and zvuchok for sms download 80 KB potestit - and, once again injecting hung in the tray and I know one thing that apart from XP (sixth), it does not remove, there you have it. .. And of course no glitches.

As it hung, that is, do not you hit or you hit, but the download icon hangs, it is not clear?
A button to clear the same menu, does not help to remove this badge ?.

That's be honest .. like it was not even once. Sometimes it zavistaet literally 10-15 seconds, no more, but after dokachivaet. I shook out a flashlight NTSshny, Notes, Tasks, updated clock widget NTSshnye and still something. All spool \ put \ work. Shake only through the through-connection, well, I do not see the meaning of what is to swing through the mob. Net when bezlimitka home.
Yet the support of online try ..
Navitel tp..eto have problems only theirs, to a subject is not the case in any way.

Rep: (8)
bcspb @ 16.06.2011, 14:00*
A problem with constant zakachknoy the same application of the Market

vovannk Date • 06.06.2011, 15:00
Clear the cache store.
Brushing should be like this: Menu->Settings->Applications->Application Management>All applications>Find a market and cleanse data.
You can avoid all the long shastanya of adjustment Set App 2 SD (there are in my signature). There will be all the easier to find a market->long tap->details->and also clear the data.
Perhaps it's a bug of the convenience store.

Just found the solution with the removal of permanent downloads of the same application from the Market, HTC Hub, HTC Sense and so on. Thanks created FAQ !!!
Brushing should be like this: Menu->Settings->Applications->Application Management>All applications>findDownload ManagerClear data button!
Five days a new phone, the five hard rezet with cleaning card and that's it!

As it hung, that is, do not you hit or you hit, but the download icon hangs
You hit the file, set to work. After a restart or shutdown notifications appear resuming icon, when clicked, it says "stopped pumping", when connecting Internet downloading is resumed, and so the circle. Two options - do not reboot or do not switch off the phone as described above. : Thank_you:

Post has been editedbcspb - 14.09.11, 18:21
Reason for editing: + from Sedin_A

Rep: (11)
People, and somebody tried to put on the WS something to likeBattery Monitor Widgetfor some reason it does not show the battery discharge current, although Disaer S and the first spark all showing normal. In what may be a school?

Post has been editedinoj99 - 22.06.11, 21:05

Rep: (18)
I have a problem: '- (The Music of the majority of the tracks that do not have their artwork assigned to one and the same from another album quite = (
I insert the USB into the phone I go to the Music folder, and then all the rules. And some tracks that I assigned myself the cover does not display them :(
Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, what is the solution found?

Rep: (9)
sapogova_nastya ,

If you use native proigryvatel..da this was too. I'm polzuyuusi (aka Cubed) music player. Once installed, you can download to your compositions all \ performers cover. The player will find himself in the internet on their artist name and all bude ok, the main thing that tags have been correctly signed. ;) Player type can be changed from an unusual scroll as a cube on a standard list \ tile (ie, displaying the cover) or in the form of plates - Morph Flow (also displays the cover). I have recently stands for a very nice and easy.

Post has been editedtsc - 23.06.11, 09:52
Reason for editing: + from sapogova_nastya

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